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Here are some great decorating ideas for your home.......
--------Home Bars --------Dens --------Kitchens --------Garage --------Home Theaters --------Bathrooms --------

So......What is so special about old ads?

How would you creatively decorate your home or business? How would you avoid doing the same old thing that everyone else is doing? You can be unique and turn any room into a nostalgic, creative and one of a kind creations.

With the recent growth of vintage nostalgia and collectibles, a new trend in decorating includes the collecting and display of vintage magazine ads. Many people use these vintage ads to decorate almost any room in the house. Here are a few examples:

Colorful full page ads seem to spark the most interest although there are some really classic black and white ads. These ads from days gone by contain some truly classic looks that you just do not see today. Before the advent of computer graphics, most of these ads required an artist rendering, the likes of which are rarely used today. The attention to detail in the artwork of many of these ads is simply amazing.

More than the classic looks, they provide a glimpse into a different time as well as how society viewed the world. For example, many of the cigarette ads from the 1940s to the 1950s feature prominent actors, actresses and sports figures. This is something you would never see in todays PC (Politically Correct) world.

At the other end of the spectrum, many of these past ads portray American life at home. An ad for Campbells soup features a brother and sister coming in out of the cold to find Mom with two steaming hot bowls of soup. Families eating meals together, traveling together and just plain being together are more examples of how times have changed.

This trend lead me to start collecting and eventually selling these classic ads. I have heard some really great ideas. Many of these ads adorn home bars, garages and playrooms. The best story to date is a customer that was going to wallpaper their bathroom with vintage soap and perfume ads. Truly creative!

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