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J Kellogg History

J. Kellogg
James Kellogg (born 1792 in MA) of Amherst, MA made planes starting in 1835 at Eli Disckinson's faucet shop in Nuttingville, part of Amherst.

He was part of Kellogg, Fox and Washburn in 1839, of Kellogg and Fox from 1839-40 and of J Kellogg and Son from 1865-67, otherwise he worked alone.

In 1839 he moved from S. Amherst to that part of Amherst on Belchertown Rd then became known as Kelloggville where he erected two factories, one wood and one brick. James Kellogg was listed in the 1849 New England Mercantile Union directory as a plane manufacturer from Amherst.

One smoother made by S Hastings is overstamped by J. Kellogg B imprint.

His son William Kellogg continued to use this imprint after his father retired in 1867. During the same period from 1835-67 he also operated a mercantile store.

The 1850 industrial census noted that he employed 14 hands, used water power and producted $12,000 worth of tools.

He was listed in the 1860 general census as a manufacturer using 15,000 feet of beech, water power and eight hands to product $8,000 worth of tools.

In 1886 the mill dam gave way and operations ceased.

The A and C imprints are earlier than the B imprint.

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