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Shown below is a list of all ads. Note that although sold ads are included for refrence, some may be missing their images

1896-10 1896 Ad Murcotte Chocolates Ceylon Tea Southern Pacific Railway
1908-004 1908 Ad Santa FE railroad The California Railroad
1910-029 1910 Ad Bausch and Lomb Zeiss Tessar Lens Rochester NY AND The Fox Typewriter
1920-013 1920 Ad Chalmers motor car with hotspot and rams horn AND Waltham Clocks
1925-8 1925 Ad Ivory Soap How Beauty Baffled the Marquis AND Knapp Electric Toys
1926-144 1926 Ad Eastman Kodak Children AND Willy's Knight 70 Auto
1926-128 1926 Ad P & F Corbin Hardware Corbin Locks are good locks
1926-194 1926 Ad Valentine's Valspar Varnish Clear and colors
1928-15 1928 Ad Heinz Oven Baked Beans Heinz 57
1965-20012 1965 Ad Savings and Loan Association. 2 out of 5 homes
1930-5 1930 Ad Grape Nuts Cereal More vigor per spoonful
1947-114 1947 Ad Venus Pens Compare the pen and the price
1939-1009 1939 Ad Hall Automotive Testing and reconditioning equipment. Hall leakmeter
1940-3002 1940 Ad Style Eez Womens Clothing Win $500 complete wardrobe
------SOLD------- 1941-23 1941 Ad GM Diesel Power Burlington Rail Electro Motive Division
1949-77 1949 Ad Roblee Shoes Spring Roundup 2 page ad
------SOLD------- 1942-23 1942 Ad Western Ammunition AND Dupont Explosives sporting powders
------SOLD------- 1943-25 1943 Ad Dole Hawaiin Pineapple half page ad
1943-17 1943 Ad Swan Soap From Nursery to Dishpan. Baby
1944-12 1944 Ad Gruen Watches Buy War Bonds
1945-28 1945 Ad GM Diesel Power 4 aces poker hand
1945-4005 1945 Ad Pepsodent toothpaste with Irium
------SOLD------- 1946-102 1946 Ad 7-up Seven Up Freshen up Carnival theme
1946-39 1946 Ad Chesterfield Cigarettes New York City ABC
------SOLD------- 1946-24 1946 Ad How the Green Giant was born. Excellent ad.
------SOLD------- 1946-144 1946 Ad Olympic Radio Tru Base Mrs Jack Benny
------SOLD------- 1946-37 1946 Ad Stinson Voyager Airplane plane
------SOLD------- 1947-136 1947 Ad DuBarry Richard Hudnut Lipstick Treasure Stick
1947-168 1947 Ad Camel Cigarettes Don Whitfield Speedboats
------SOLD------- 1947-89 1947 Ad General Squeegee Tire Beach Theme
1947-44 1947 Ad Movie Crossfire Robert Young Mitchum Ryan
1947-59 1947 Ad Pontiac A fine car made finer
1947-134 1947 Ad Texaco Fire Chief Gas Gasoline The Texas Company
------SOLD------- 1949-9 1949 Ad Acushnet Golf Balls 1/2 page Merry Christmas
1949-89 1949 Ad Futuramic Oldsmobile The new Thrill Hydra Matic Drive
1949-34 1949 Ad Pabst Blue Ribbon Charles Laughton
------SOLD------- 1949-56 1949 Ad Whitmans chocolate sample bouquet
1950-136 1950 Ad Black Flag Aerosol insect killer insecticide
------SOLD------- 1950-37 1950 Ad Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cone with Curl 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1950-160 1950 Ad Florida Oranges Juice AND Watchmakers of Switzerland
------SOLD------- 1950-72 1950 Ad Horrocks Ibbotson Fishing Casting Line
1950-100037 1950 Ad Mayfield 4 Star Clothes Tailored at Mayfield
1950-100047 1950 Ad Old Gold cigarettes For a treat instead of a treatment light an Old Gold
1950-10001 1950 Ad Ritz Crackers Nabisco. Iced tea theme
1950-100034 1950 Ad Texaco Havoline Motor Oil Custom Made Fishing Theme
1950-54 1950 Ad Whitman's Chocolate Sampler Bob Hope
------SOLD------- 1952-30 1952 Ad 7 UP "The Fresh Up family Drink"
1952-83 1952 Ad Distinguished Desoto Car Fine Engineering 2 page
1952-85 1952 Ad Kellogg's Rice Krispies Snap Crackle and Pop characters
1952-91 1952 Ad Puss 'n Boots Cat Food Kittens Cats
1952-176 1952 Ad VanHeusen Mens Dress Shirts Century Won't wrinkle ever
1953-53 1953 Ad Black and White Scotch Terriers Forget Something? 1/2 pg
------SOLD------- 1953-89 1953 Ad Gates Gloves Eldorado AND Rolfs Wallets 5th Ave NY NY
1953-155 1953 Ad Old Crow Whisky Daniel Webster visits James Crow's Distillery
------SOLD------- 1953-82 1953 Ad St Thomas Wallets AND Eastman Kodak Camera Cameras
------SOLD------- 1954-30 1954 Ad Campbells Brand New Grand New Onion Soup
1954-40001 1954 Ad Milky Way candy bar Big League baseball theme
------SOLD------- 1955-22 1955 Ad Brach's Chocolate covered cherries
1956-28 1956 Ad Ballantine Ale. That's Ale Brother Time Out
1956-65 1956 Ad Green Giant Peas Lovin' Touch for any meal
1956-6 1956 Ad Ronson Lighters Love at first light
1957-4006 1957 Ad '58 Ford. Nothing newer in the world
------SOLD------- 1957-90 1957 Ad Bufferin Aspirin Arthur Godfrey
1957-40 1957 Ad Ford low cost way to live like royalty
------SOLD------- 1957-15 1957 Ad Johnson Evinrude Outboard Marine Boat
1957-30009 1957 Ad Oxco whisk brush. Does your car have this whisk?
1957-30043 1957 Ad Sealy Mattress The best value in sleep at any price
------SOLD------- 1957-4019 1957 Ad Watkins Mni Vite Saves up to 15 cents per cow per day
1950-265 1950 Ad A & P Supermarkets Grocery Store Walking down the aisle again
1958-97 1958 Ad Esso Research Let it spray New plastics
1958-126 1958 Ad Morton Salt Indian Theme Morton Salt Girl
1958-7 1958 Ad Schlitz Beer Hunting theme
1950-44 1950 Ad Carter Carbureter More miles per dollar
1959-8010 1959 Ad Dekalb layers chicken roosters. Reduced feed costs, high egg production strong shells more
------SOLD------- 1959-147 1959 Ad Kraft Carcker Barrel cheese Old time cheddar
1959-128 1959 Ad Ronson Vara Flame Cigarette lighter Lights for months
1960-47 1960 Ad Arrow Dress Shirts AND Automatic Electric Army theme
1960-24 1960 Ad Masonite Corporation Cherry Grains wood paneling
1961-37 1961 Ad Black and White Scotch Scotty dogs Friends
------SOLD------- 1961-60 1961 Ad Federal Ammunition Hunting Duck Theme
1950-22 1950 Ad Conoco Motor Oil Shooting the Chute
1961-5 1961 Ad Renault Caravelle Car Top Secret
1961-39 1961 Ad Wide Lite How to light a plant Keep lights outside
1962-32 1962 Ad I.W. Harper Kentucky Bourbon Gold Medal
1962-33 1962 Ad Wolfschmidt's Vodka Beau Brommell
------SOLD------- 1964-8007 1964 Ad Bamberger's Dept Store. Imported Spring collection
1964-8039 1964 Ad Dromoland Castle Ireland Pine Tree Point Club AND Algonquin The coach house
1964-8032 1964 Ad Mc Millen Inc Furniture Green lacquer stools
1964-8025 1964 Ad Real Estate. Thos Cook Greenwich Conn. Ladd & Nichols Newhall Associates Olive Braden
------SOLD------- 1965-34 1965 Ad New York Life Board of directors list and photo Ad
------SOLD------- 1966-12 1966 Ad Viceroy Cigarettes The taste that's right
1967-2 1967 Ad Schlitz Beer High Society Woman
1968-9002 1968 Ad Arm and Hammer Put a little muscle in your washer
------SOLD------- 1968-52 1968 Ad Channel Master Color Vector TV antenna Dealer list 1/2 pg
1968-167 1968 Ad Delco Energizer Car Battery Zap Starting 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1968-158 1968 Ad Gleem Super action toothpaste w Coupon for Free Sheaffer pen
1968-202 1968 Ad Lucky Filters cigarettes You don't have to light it to like it
------SOLD------- 1968-43 1968 Ad Pepsi cola Taste that beats the others cold Beach theme
------SOLD------- 1968-97 1968 Ad Sprite Soda AND Nabisco Rice Cream Flakes w Coupon
1968-84 1968 Ad Wheel Horse Lawn Mower Tractors Lifers
------SOLD------- 1969-10 1969 Ad Brunswick Pool Table "Beware of. & Joy Perfume Paris
------SOLD------- 1969-44 1969 Ad Chevy Impala OJ Simpson & Coke Coca Cola 1pg 2ads back to back
1969-90031 1969 Ad Ford Cortina. Go window shopping
1950-153 1950 Ad Eversharp Magic Feed Pen You write better
1969-11001 1969 Ad Old Crow Bourbon An American Holiday tradition
1969-76 1969 Ad Volkswagen Bus No other station wagon carry this tune
------SOLD------- 1942-17 1942 Ad International Sterline Courthip Minuet Serenity Royal Danish Enchantress Spring Glory 1810 Prelude
------SOLD------- 1970-88 1970 Ad Delta Tire corporation Premium 178 belted
------SOLD------- 1970-114 1970 Ad Dr Pepper Americas most misunderstood soft drink 2pg
------SOLD------- 1970-97 1970 Ad Dr Pepper Americas most misunderstood soft drink SKIP THE DOUBLE AVON
1970-8011 1970 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Makes your pictures count
1970-8016 1970 Ad Festival at Ford's theater. Andy Williams, Henry Mancini
1970-36 1970 Ad Fiat 850 Fastback car ad
1970-9009 1970 Ad Fleischmanns Preferred whiskey. The preferred gift
1970-6 1970 Ad Florida Orange Juice Anita Bryant Vitamin C
1970-22 1970 Ad Ford Mustang Survival of the fittest No. 1 Sporty Car
------SOLD------- 1970-103 1970 Ad Ford Pinto Ford Rides again
1970-108 1970 Ad Ford Pinto Put a little kick on your life Horse 2pg ad
1970-116 1970 Ad Ford Station Wagon Magic Doorgate 2 1/2 page ad
1970-111 1970 Ad Ford Torino The Ford that gives you better ideas 2pg
1970-92 1970 Ad Genesee Beer Beer Field Farm theme
1970-75 1970 Ad Genesee Beer Like a trip to snow country
------SOLD------- 1970-8007 1970 Ad Genesee beer. So good its out of sight
------SOLD------- 1970-8002 1970 Ad Heineken Beer Tastes tremendous
------SOLD------- 1970-30 1970 Ad Heineken Beer Tastes tremendous
------SOLD------- 1970-96 1970 Ad Heineken Beer Tastes Tremendous
1970-77 1970 Ad Heineken Beer Tastes Tremendous not putting words
------SOLD------- 1970-82 1970 Ad Hi C Grape Drink The Sensible Drink
1970-5 1970 Ad Hi C Grape Sensible Drink
------SOLD------- 1970-39 1970 Ad Cessna plane airplane $5 Whenever you're ready
1970-1 1970 Ad Chevrolet Caprice. Picnic Scene
------SOLD------- 1970-115 1970 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Chevelle Line 2 page ad
1970-68 1970 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Monte Carlo All cars in Monte Carlo's field
1970-112 1970 Ad Chevrolet Chevy New Camaro 3 page ad
------SOLD------- 1970-109 1970 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Vega 25 MPG New little Vega
1970-24 1970 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Monte Carlo $3,123 More car
------SOLD------- 1970-8 1970 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Pickup Washing it when others washed up
------SOLD------- 1970-56 1970 Ad Chevy Impala High resale value Chevy # 1
1970-59 1970 Ad chrysler Marine Makes it happen captain
------SOLD------- 1970-57 1970 Ad Chrysler Marine AND Genesee Beer
1970-32 1970 Ad Chrysler Marine Outboard Boat Motor Fastbacks
------SOLD------- 1970-28 1970 Ad Chrysler Marine Outboard Boat Motor makes it happen
1970-8014 1970 Ad Coca Cola Coke Christmas Fire theme
------SOLD------- 1970-3 1970 Ad Coke "For the taste of your life, It's the real thing"
------SOLD------- 1970-41 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing baseball theme
1970-31 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Cab Cabbie Theme
------SOLD------- 1956-22 1956 Ad Old Taylor Bourbon Presentation Decanter
------SOLD------- 1970-47 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Father Daughter theme 2pg
1970-45 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Guitar theme 2pg
------SOLD------- 1956-47 1956 Ad Oldsmobile Golden Rocket 88 2pg
1970-16 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Mistletoe theme
1970-26 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Office Theme
1970-38 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Red, white blue ribbon
------SOLD------- 1970-12 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Schoolbook theme
1970-42 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Sun theme
------SOLD------- 1944-2 1944 Ad Lockheed Aircraft Plane Nazi Swastika
------SOLD------- 1970-9 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Water theme
------SOLD------- 1970-67 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola Real Thing Real life calls for real taste
------SOLD------- 1970-29 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola The new look Raquel Welch TV
------SOLD------- 1970-35 1970 Ad Coleco above ground swimming pools Dealer list
1950-100018 1950 Ad FTD floral delivery Send flowers by wire to your Valentine's day.
------SOLD------- 1970-9004 1970 Ad Craig cassette recorders Control ear pollution
1970-14 1970 Ad Hickory Farms Cheeseball Holiday theme 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1944-14 1944 Ad NBC TV Television Charlie McCarthy
------SOLD------- 1945-7 1945 Ad Nabisco Shredded Wheat Girl in pigtails
------SOLD------- 1946-69 1946 Ad US Steel Terrier Dog Little Girl
------SOLD------- 1949-39 1949 Ad Movie The Pride of the Yankees Gary Cooper
------SOLD------- 1944-5 1944 Ad Studebaker Seabee War theme
------SOLD------- 1945-21 1945 Ad TWA Airline Adventure in Contentment
------SOLD------- 1952-3 1952 Ad Whitmans Chocolates William Holden
------SOLD------- 1953-70 1953 Ad Union Oil Co of California gas Gasoline prices higher
------SOLD------- 1964-24 1964 Ad Butterworth Farms NJ Real Estate Executive Homes
------SOLD------- 1970-18 1970 Ad Campbells Tomato Soup Bushel of tomato's
------SOLD------- 1970-23 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Ice Cube theme
------SOLD------- 1955-10 1955 Ad Celanese Arnel Fiber Women in nightgowns
1908-009 1908 Ad The Colonia Hotel Columbia SC South Caroline L.H Bingham Manager
1954-5003 1954 Ad New RCA Estate Ranges. Oven Stoves Space King
1950-226 1950 Ad Kleenex Tissues Little Lu Lu Oh say can you see
1955-2002 1955 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Stylish Wagons by Chevrolet. Station Wagons
1955-2005 1955 Ad Orangeburg Root proof pipe. Men who know building
1955-2008 1955 Ad Molle brushless shaves Shaving cream Sheer luxury
1955-2013 1955 Ad Heublein Paul Henried and Burl Ives on the care and consideration of guests
1955-2015 1955 Ad Early Times Whiskey. Picture of Kentucky on a lazy afternoon
1950-100050 1950 Ad Parke Davis & Co. Do you know these symbols
1955-2028 1955 Ad Calvert Whiskey. Calvert satisfies like no other whiskey
------SOLD------- 1955-2029 1955 Ad Lustre Cr�me shampoo. Debbie Reynolds from movie The Tender Trap
1955-2030 1955 Ad Canadian Club Whiskey Portugese duel castle theme
1955-2031 1955 Ad Champion Spark Plugs. Dick Pope Cypress Gardens Winter Haven Florida Boat racing theme
1955-2032 1955 Ad Cadillac Brings out the best in a man. Sculptor art theme
1955-2033 1955 Ad Restfoam rubber cushioning. The label to look for
1955-2034 1955 Ad Seagrams 7 Whiskey Premium by which the finest American Whiskey is judged
1950-27 1950 Ad Sergeants dog care products Scotty Dog 1/4 pg
1955-2036 1955 Ad Gaines dog food. First canned good enough to be called Gaines
1955-2037 1955 Ad Chevrolet Chevy OK used cars. Buy her the world with a fence around it
1965-8 1965 Ad Schlitz Real Gusto. Ski Lesson
1977-62 1977 Ad Kellogg's Sugar Smacks Not just made for fun
1977-25 1977 Ad Kodak Ektasound Moviedeck projector
1977-57 1977 Ad Kodak On camera microphone Ektasound movie cameras
1977-39 1977 Ad Kodak Tele-Instamatic 708 camera less than $96
1977-35 1977 Ad Kodak Trimlite 28 and 38 Cameras Automatic Camera in my pocket
1977-31 1977 Ad Kodak XL movie camera Works in low light
1977-32 1977 Ad Lincoln Versailles An investment in engineering
1977-43 1977 Ad New 1977 1/2 Toyota Corona Beauty-Full
1977-21 1977 Ad Olds Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Station Wagon
1977-54 1977 Ad Olds Oldsmobile Delta 88 The right way to design a family car
1977-48 1977 Ad olds Oldsmobile Delta 88 Ten things will happen
1965-3015 1965 Ad The American Heart fund. General Dwight D Eisenhower
1966-15 1966 Ad Lady Scott Bathroom tissue New Collection
1977-61 1977 Ad The 1978 Plymouth Volare Wagon has America singing
1967-90004 1967 Ad Howard Johnson's Win trips to the 1968 Olympics
1977-15 1977 Ad Toyota Corolla Liftback The sports carwagon
1977-64 1977 Ad Toyota new 1977 1/2 You got it
1977-46 1977 Ad Toyota Trucks Tough Choice You got it
1977-53 1977 Ad Toyota Trucks You haulers You got it
------SOLD------- 1977-70 1977 Ad VISA Why BankAmericard now named VISA Credit Card Services
1967-10003 1967 Ad IDS investments For $20 you can become part owner of 120 US Corporations
------SOLD------- 1955-77 Ad 1955 AlCan Aluminum AND Nutrilite Vitamins
------SOLD------- 1955-74 Ad 1955 Anaconda Metals Cable keeps coal mining
------SOLD------- 1955-80 Ad 1955 Bendix Westinghouse Clarence Garrett Freightlines
------SOLD------- 1955-69 Ad 1955 Cadillac For the finest days of your life Wedding theme
------SOLD------- 1955-71 Ad 1955 Caterpillar construction AND Alcoa Caracas
------SOLD------- 1955-83 Ad 1955 Cessna 180 Airplane Plane Helps company grow
1967-90003 1967 Ad Marlboro New longhorns New 100's
1967-10001 1967 Ad Reef mouthwash Breathtaking offer
1955-81 Ad 1955 General Telephone System Tradition of Service
1955-2018 1955 Ad Seagrams 7 Whiskey. Sure as the beauty of our American Autumn
1972-2 1972 Ad AT&T Bell Telephone Vehicle repair
1957-4013 1957 Ad Dekalb Chix Dekalb 101 and 111. Dekalb Associate hatchery
1972-11 1972 Ad BelAir Menthol Cigarettes Timex Watch offer
1972-1 1972 Ad Chrysler Newport Royal Arthur Godfrey
------SOLD------- 1972-8 1972 Ad Doral Cigarettes Stars in the silents
1972-12 1972 Ad Hiram Walker Cordials Pour a present
------SOLD------- 1972-9 1972 Ad L & M Filter King Cigarettes L&M moment
1972-14 1972 Ad Lucky Ten Cigarettes Lotta Taste
1972-16 1972 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Christmas outdoor theme 2 PG
------SOLD------- 1972-3 1972 Ad New Holland Tractor "just born"
1972-15 1972 Ad Old Gold cigarettes Sailboat theme
1972-4 1972 Ad Pete n Tillie Movie Walter Matthau Carol Burnett
1972-13 1972 Ad Raleigh Cigarettes Milder Moment
1971-10 1972 Ad Silva Thins Cigarettes Less Tar than most kings
1972-17 1972 Ad True Value Spring Value Days 4 pg ad
1950-111 1950 Ad The Watchmakers of Switzerland
1974-013 1974 Ad Bell Telephone Corp. Bill Russell. You can't miss when you put 'em through yourself
1974-002 1974 Ad Interwoven Socks Peter Duchin makes beautiful music
1974-011 1974 Ad Jack Daniels Charcoal Mellowed Whiskey
1974-001 1974 Ad Johnnie Walker Red Scotch Bob really knows how to throw a party
1950-100045 1950 Ad TWA Airlines First or fiftieth you'll be glad you chose TWA
1974-016 1974 Ad L & M Cigarettes Wide Open Flavor. Forest theme, bare chested male
1974-005 1974 Ad MGB Automobile Think of it as a well coordinated athlete
1950-137 1950 Ad White Star Luggage Looks expensive but isn't CUT TIGHT LEFT SIDE
1974-010 1974 Ad Phelps Dodge Corporation Mrs Brown means the world to Morenci
1974-006 1974 Ad Rolex Watches. AJ Foyt. One second Mr Foyt
1974-007 1974 Ad Smirnoff Vodka The sunstroke
1974-008 1974 Ad The Audi 100LS. Drive a difference car each day of the week
1974-003 1974 Ad The Fox by Audi. Automobile. Leaves the pack behind
1951-14 1951 Ad Mobil Oil 2pg around the world
1974-018 1974 Ad Union 76 Oil Company. Fischer and Krueger getting new oil from old wells
1974-017 1974 Ad Volkswagen The $4,000 Dasher. It's worth it
1990-042 1990 ad Smith Corona Personal computers. Power tools for the mind. Two page
1990-043 1990 ad Russell Athletic. Just another square who stayed in school. Graduation cap
1990-045 1990 ad Buick Lesabre Symbol for quality in America
1990-046 1990 ad Dodge Minivan. New built in child seats
1990-047 1990 ad Amway Find the environmental activist.
1990-048 1990 ad Amtrak. All aboard. Beautiful mountain scene
1990-049 1990 ad Bucks cigarettes Flaunt your Bucks
1990-050 1990 ad O'Douls Odouls Non alcoholic brew
1990-051 1990 ad Franklin Mint Corvette Sting Ray
1990-052 1990 ad Movie Mr and Mrs Bridge Paul Newman Joanne Woodward
1990-053 1990 ad Salem Cigarettes. The Refreshest
1990-054 1990 ad Kahlua and Cream Everything it touches turns delicious
1990-055 1990 ad Natures Course Dog Food. Concerned about pesticides in your dog's food
1990-056 1990 ad Amway We're your neighbors.
1990-057 1990 ad Haggar clothing. A feel for America. Father son baseball
1990-058 1990 ad Stolichnaya Cristall A class of vodka you never knew existed
1990-059 1990 ad Bugle Boy Company Few things will make you want to take them off
1990-060 1990 ad Johnson and Johnson. AcuVue First disposable contact lens
1990-061 1990 ad Jack Daniels Whiskey. Smooth sippin' Tennessee whiskey
1990-062 1990 ad Gumout Injector cleaner and carb cleaner Quit Stalling
1990-063 1990 ad Degree antiperspirant. Bosses office now note.
1990-064 1990 ad Jeep Eagle America's favorite places John Denver, Olivia Newton John, Cliff Blake, Louis Gossett Jr.
1990-065 1990 ad Misty Cigarettes Todays slims at a very slim price
1990-066 1990 ad California Almonds Greg LeMond Cycling theme
1990-067 1990 ad Marlboro Cigarettes. Merry Christmas from Marlboro Country Two page
1990-069 1990 ad Radio Shack Special holiday gift ideas
1990-070 1990 ad Mastercard They'll cost up to 25% less if you buy them with Mastercard
1990-071 1990 ad Panasonic SC-CH7 compact stereo. Sleek sophisticated. Black cat
1990-072 1990 ad Jose Hess The man's diamond
1990-073 1990 ad Parker Insignia pen. Donald Trump signature
1990-074 1990 ad Energizer batteries. Energizer bunny Desert scene
1990-075 1990 ad Hyundai Elantra Here's one bill you won't have to pay
1990-076 1990 ad Salon Selectives from Helen Curtis Like you just stepped out of a salon
1990-077 1990 ad Buick 1992 Regal Sedan. Power One more good reason to clmb into a Regal
1990-078 1990 ad AT&T Westin Hotels help improve your comfort level
1990-079 1990 ad Duracell batteries. Waterfall scene runs like it's on Duracell
1990-080 1990 ad Mitsubishi Eclipse The word is getting around.
1990-081 1990 ad Bailey's Irish Cream Let it flow
1990-082 1990 ad Smith Corona Typewriters Word Processing Power tools for the mind
1990-083 1990 ad Travel Ad. Great Barrington Massachusetts Ski Butternut
1990-084 1990 ad Amway Find the environmental activist. And you thought you knew us
1990-085 1990 ad Nordic Sport We didn't invent a machine, we invented a sport
1990-086 1990 ad Bailey's Irish Cream Let it flow
1990-088 1990 ad Diet Coke Coca Cola Katarina Witt Ice Skating theme
1990-089 1990 ad Rayovac We put a lot of energy into our batteries
1990-090 1990 ad Amway Find the environmental activist. And you thought you knew us
1990-091 1990 ad Smirnoff Vodka Home is where you find it. Couple on couch
1990-092 1990 ad Smirnoff Vodka Home is where you find it. Friends theme
1990-093 1990 ad Smirnoff Vodka Home is where you find it. Dog on couch theme
1990-094 1990 ad Pentax PZ-10 Camera. The first power zoom SLR
1990-095 1990 ad Camel cigarettes. King of the Roadies. Camel Cash. Joe Camel
1988-029 1988 ad Kahlua and Cream. Everything it touches tastes delicious
1988-030 1988 ad Casio electronic keyboard. Many thank you notes to come
1988-031 1988 ad Minolta Dual camera. The great double feature. Two built in lenses
1988-032 1988 ad Nordica ski boots. Reach a new high.
1988-033 1988 ad Windsor Canadian Whiskey. He went for the Windsor
1988-034 1988 ad Maxell recording tapes. Delivers higher performance. Man in chair Classic wind blown two page ad
1988-035 1988 ad Canon Color Laser copier. For people who see the same thing differently
1988-036 1988 ad Kodak Colorwatch film system. Bill Cosby
1988-037 1988 ad Marlboro cigarettes. Cowboy theme
1988-038 1988 ad Maxell recording tapes. Delivers higher performance. Man in chair Classic wind blown two page ad
1988-039 1988 ad Tasters Choice coffee. Introducing a coffee breakthrough
1988-040 1988 ad Schwinn Medallion. Exercise bike
1988-041 1988 ad Ford Festiva Welcome to a new kind of Ford on the street . Two page ad
1988-042 1988 ad Magnavox Digital VCR. Tom and Dick Smothers brothers
1988-043 1988 ad The Prudential Insurance. You can direct the peformance of your life
1988-044 1988 ad Buick Regal. There's nothing like it on the American road
1988-045 1988 ad Dodge Shadow. It's gotta be a Dodge
1988-046 1988 ad National Rifle Association. NRA Charleton Heston. I'm the NRA
1988-047 1988 ad AC Delco. If it doesn't say AC Delco, it doesn't go in my car. Chuck Yaeger
1988-048 1988 ad Oldsmobile Quad 4 Cutlass Calais.
1988-049 1988 ad FILA Athletic footwear. Unmatched on or off the court. Tennis theme
1988-050 1988 ad Smith Corona Typewriter word processor. Now your English mistakes are history
1988-051 1988 ad St. Croix travel ad. Good morning America. Sailboat theme
1988-052 1988 ad Honda Come ride with us. Combination of 3 different motorcycle ads
1988-053 1988 ad Fancy Feast cat food. We've made significant gains over other cat foods
1988-054 1988 ad Toyota Corolla. A new dimension of style and comfort
1988-055 1988 ad Jockey Women's underwear. Just Jockey for her. The Broadway Emporium Capwell
1988-056 1988 ad Nissan. Personality. Nissan has it. Two page ad
1988-057 1988 ad USO TNN Tough acts to follow AND Hershey's Skor candy bar
1988-058 1988 ad Schwinn Bicycles. Remember your first Scwinn AND FILA Athletic footwear
1988-059 1988 ad InterPlak electric toothbrush. A sophisticated weapon in the war against plaque
1988-060 1988 ad Phillips 66 oil gas stations. The Eagle has landed
1988-061 1988 ad Parker Pens. Few gifts inspire as many handwritten thank you letters
1988-062 1988 ad Duracell batteries. Flashlight test
1991-007 1991 ad Bull Durham Cigarettes. A fistful of flavor
1991-008 1991 ad Bugle Boy Clothing. Few things will make you want to take them off
1991-009 1991 ad Kodak Eastman Kodak Company. A professional isn't expensive
1991-010 1991 ad Mazda You've arrived, you've brought the whole family
1991-011 1991 ad Corning glasses. Protecting your eyes without moving a muscle
1991-012 1991 ad Pentax cameras. Preserve your world
1991-013 1991 ad Jerzees clothing. Eighty nine years of practice
1991-014 1991 ad Parker Insignia Pen. Bernadette Peters
1991-015 1991 ad The Man's Diamond. When a woman likes a man
1991-016 1991 ad Salon Selectives. Like you just stepped out of a salon
1991-017 1991 ad Smith Corona Personal Computers. Power tools for the mind. Two page ad
1991-018 1991 ad Allstate insurance. A subtle reminder
1991-019 1991 ad Bugle Boy Clothing. Few things will make you want to take them off
1991-020 1991 ad Tourism. Texas Visit a country where good times come in waves
1991-021 1991 ad US Army National Guard. Where we're going is no surprise once you see where we've been
1991-022 1991 ad Seregeti sunglasses.
1991-023 1991 ad Hyundai Scoupe As you can see we've changed more than our slogan.
1991-024 1991 ad Stolichnaya Crystal Vodka A class of vodka you never knew existed
1991-025 1991 ad Chrysler Corporation Rediscover America. Statue of liberty theme
1991-026 1991 ad Visa Peformance bicycle�.and they don't take American Express
1991-027 1991 ad Century 21 Real Estate. Winners never quit
1991-028 1991 ad Toyota Corolla Does uncommon things commonly well
1991-029 1991 ad Met Life Insurance. Retire in style.
1991-030 1991 ad DelMonte Canned Mixed Fruit. Student Aid
1991-031 1991 ad Gumout Gas Treatment. Regane
1991-032 1991 ad Bugle Boy Clothing. Few things will make you want to take them off
1991-033 1991 ad Marlboro Medium Cigarettes. Cowboy theme Two page ad
1991-034 1991 ad Phillips Petroleum 66 School teacher theme
1991-035 1991 ad Hyundai Scoupe As you can see we've changed more than our slogan.
1991-036 1991 ad Zales Jewelers. The mans diamond.
1991-037 1991 ad Bailey's Irish Cream The Bailey's Dream Shake
1991-038 1991 ad Natalie Cole sings 22 Nat King Cole Classics. Unforgettable
1991-039 1991 ad Movie. Son of the Morning Star Gary Cole Rosanna Arquette
1991-040 1991 ad State Farm Insurance. Insures your home.
1991-041 1991 ad Jack Daniels Whiskey. Smooth sippin
1991-042 1991 ad Visa Peformance bicycle�.and they don't take American Express
1991-043 1991 ad Buick. The 1991 four door Regal. The imports are getting nervous
1991-044 1991 ad Bailey's Irish Cream. Bailey's and coffee
1991-045 1991 ad Firemens Fund Insurance. We insure good news
1991-046 1991 ad Winston Cigarettes. An instinct for quality.
1991-047 1991 ad Delmonte Canned Mixed Fruit. What foils the candy
1991-048 1991 ad Smith Corona Word processor. The only correction system that hands out perfect sentences
1991-049 1991 ad State Farm Insurance Sells Life Insurance
1991-050 1991 ad State Farm Insurance Sells Life Insurance
1991-051 1991 ad Pentax Cameras. Genius with super IQ captures cow who jumped over the moon.
1991-052 1991 ad Toyota Corolla Does uncommon things commonly well
1991-053 1991 ad NYSE New York Stock Exchange. How important is the individual investor.
1991-054 1991 ad US Armed forces. Stand up, stand out. American Eagle theme
1991-055 1991 ad Celestial Seasonings Tea. Spearmint. Bear theme
1991-056 1991 ad Canon EOS Rebel camera. Because no one else sees things your way
1991-057 1991 ad Baileys Irish cream. Bailey's and coffee
1991-058 1991 ad Movie. Awakenings. Robert Deniro Robin Williams
1991-059 1991 ad Camel New Ultra Lights Cigarettes. Joe Camel.
1991-060 1991 ad Smith Corona word processors. The most famous line in writing
1991-061 1991 ad TransAmerica Insurance. When it comes to your financial needs. Two page ad
1991-062 1991 ad Chrysler Jeep Cherokee Limited. Due to recent improvements we ask that you excuse our dust
1991-063 1991 ad Toyota 4Runner The only 4 wheel drive to have in this neck of the woods
1991-064 1991 ad Chevrolet Chevy Lumina Sedan. The heartbeat of America Two page ad
1991-065 1991 ad Kodak film. Show your true colors
1991-066 1991 ad Coleman lanterns An unbelievable true story
1991-067 1991 ad Mazda MPV4WD. Notice how the mother carries her young
1991-068 1991 ad Mitsubishi Eclipse Spectacular in both the heavens and on the road
1991-069 1991 ad Minolta Maxxum 8000i Accept no limitations
1952-5028 1952 Ad The Home Insurance Co. Sold me peace of mind.
1952-5029 1952 Ad Vigoro EndoWeed EndoPest Make your lawn and garden pretty as a picture
1952-5030 1952 Ad Arrow Mens Sports shirts. You just cant top an Arrow Shirt
1952-5031 1952 Ad It pays to own a Mercury. So much beauty for your money
1952-5032 1952 Ad Zenith Portable Radios. 6 Brilliant new reasons
1952-5033 1952 Ad US Royal Tires. Totally new silence. Totally new styling
1952-5034 1952 Ad Spalding Dot Golf Balls. Dead to the pin
1952-5035 1952 Ad Chevrolet Chevy. Sensible reasons to why its more fun to own a Chevrolet
1952-5036 1952 Ad BF Goodrich Industrial Products. Kids pool and water hose
1952-5037 1952 Ad Nor East Mens Suits. You have arrived
1952-5038 1952 Ad Sieberling tires. 21,800 pounds at 125 MPH. Plane theme
1952-5039 1952 Ad West Bend kitchen appliances
1952-5040 1952 Ad Black and Decker Tools. Right at home on the job
1952-5041 1952 Ad Car Plate Auto Wax. Hard rub waxes can't beat
1952-5042 1952 Ad Chevrolet Trucks. Your savings start early and never stop
1952-5043 1952 Ad TWA Airlines Who says it�s a mans world. Fly TWA
1952-5044 1952 Ad American Blower In an oil refinery the BTU is king
1952-5045 1952 Ad Ansco film. Your summer vacation
1952-5046 1952 Ad Double Bubble Gum. Frank H Fleer Co.
1952-5047 1952 Ad Mutual of Omaha over $1,000,000 a week paid out in benefits in 1951
1952-5048 1952 Ad Atlantic Bond Paper All star Zane Grey
1952-5049 1952 Ad Great American Group of Insurance Companies. Trustworthiness
1952-5050 1952 Ad Association of American Railroads. A tale of two roads
1952-5051 1952 Ad Texas and Pacific Railway. Have faith in God In ourselves In our fellow man
1952-5052 1952 Ad Eastern Corporation Atlantic Bond paper. A well balanced paper. Seal theme
1952-5053 1952 Ad Incabloc Watch will resist shocks best AND Starrett hacksaw, bandsaw blades
1952-5054 1952 Ad A.B. Dick Modern Mimeographing
1952-5055 1952 Ad Rutland Patching Plaster. Mix with water
1952-5056 1952 Ad Capehart portable radio. Capehart Farnsworth Corporation
1952-5057 1952 Ad Allstate Insurance Company. You re in good hands. Founded by Sears
1952-5058 1952 Ad Shaler Rislone for all your engines.
1952-5059 1952 Ad Black and Decker Tools. Give him the gift he wants
1952-5060 1952 Ad Di-Nocotea Cigarette holder
1952-5061 1952 Ad Jewelers Best Watch Bands. Lord Chesterfield
1957-30023 1957 Ad Dr. Wests germ fighting toothbrush
1957-5010 1957 Ad Edgeworth Cooler Smoking Polar bear theme
1957-36 1957 Ad Esterbrook Pens What does your handwriting reveal
1957-12 1957 Ad Goodyear New Crown Neolite Soles
1957-14 1957 Ad Hertz Rent A Car Drive it as your own
1953-11001 1953 Ad Kroehler living room chair and ottoman
1953-11002 1953 Ad Mercury From tryout to trade in
1953-11003 1953 Ad Eastman acetate fiber Color enduring chromespun
1953-11004 1953 Ad CBS Columbia Full fidelity TV
1953-11005 1953 Ad Sunny Brook Kentucky Whiskey
1953-11006 1953 Ad Community Silverplate. She loves community and she wants the whole service
1953-11007 1953 Ad Lane Cedar Chests. Ann Blyth agrees.
1953-11008 1953 Ad AC Sparkplugs Stutz Bearcat to Buick Wildcat
1953-11009 1953 Ad Ford Cars. Its worth more always
1953-11010 1953 Ad Puss N Boots Cat Food. Life balance in whole fish
1953-11011 1953 Ad Four Roses Blended Whiskey.
1953-11012 1953 Ad The Travelers Insurance Co. Hospital bed theme
1953-11013 1953 Ad Bellows Partners Choice. Partners had 53 whiskeys to choose from
1953-11014 1953 Ad Lustre Cr�me Shampoo. Jeane Crain. 4 out of 5 top Hollywood stars
1953-11015 1953 Ad Cannon combspun percale sheets. Cannon fitted sheets
1953-11016 1953 Ad Kentucky Tavern gift decanter Bourbon.
1953-11017 1953 Ad Old Crow Kentucky Whiskey. James Crow ships a barrel
1953-11018 1953 Ad Old Fitzgerald whiskey Diamond decanter.
1953-11019 1953 Ad Colgate Palmolive Vaseline Toiletries. Save money buy giant sizes
1953-11020 1953 Ad champion spark plugs. Tom Cahill says Finest auto engine in world is no better than its weakest spark plug
1953-11021 1953 Ad Schenley Reserve whiskey in decanter
1953-11022 1953 Ad Ritz Crackers. Great eating Ritz n Tomato Soup
1953-11023 1953 Ad John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company
1957-4008 1957 Ad Hy-Line 934-A White egg layer. Desmoines Iowa. Pace maker for profit
1953-11024 1953 Ad Florida Oranges for the vitamin C you need every day
1953-11025 1953 Ad Rockwood Chocolate. Even in the dark you would know this chocolate
1953-11026 1953 Ad Servel automatic ice maker makes ice cubes without trays
1953-11027 1953 Ad Johnsons Pride furniture polish. New economy size
1953-11028 1953 Ad Pall Mall Cigarettes. Guard against throat scratch
1953-11029 1953 Ad Necchi sewing machine. All you have to do do is watch
1953-11030 1953 Ad General Motors We split a sunbeam 30 ways.
1953-11031 1953 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes. Hunting dog theme. Pointers
1953-11032 1953 Ad Hallmark Cards Christmas Cards Albums.
1953-11033 1953 Ad Sunny Brook Kentucky Whiskey. The call is for Sunny Brook
1953-11034 1953 Ad Dutch Cleanser Golden when wet, cleans faster.
1953-11035 1953 Ad Community Silverplate. Serving tray free. 55 piece service for 8
1953-11036 1953 Ad Pall Mall Cigarettes. Let your throat enjoy smooth smoking. Horse riding theme
1953-11037 1953 Ad S & W Glace cake mix. Makes a holiday
1953-11038 1953 Ad Marshall Falls Co. new tiara pillbox hat.
1953-11039 1953 Ad G Washingtons instant coffee. A perfect cup every time.
1957-6006 1957 Ad International Nickel Corporation Inco Nickel The copters are coming
1953-11041 1953 Ad Stevens Utica Mohawk Sheets. Biggest sheet values in town
1953-11042 1953 Ad Saginaw Power Steeering. Wherever you turn
------SOLD------- 1953-11043 1953 Ad Chesterfield cigarettes. The best for you. Ed Sullivan.
1953-11044 1953 Ad Emerson 21 inch television. Space saving cabinet
1953-11045 1953 Ad Beer and Ale. Americas beverage of moderation
1953-11046 1953 Ad Kelloggs Corn Flakes. 1953 competition for ads from kids
1953-11047 1953 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Camera. Seconds to snap, years to enjoy
1953-11048 1953 Ad Early Times Kentucky Bourbon. River Boat steamship theme
1953-11049 1953 Ad Greyhound Bus Lines. One sure way to save todays driving problems
1953-11050 1953 Ad Olds Oldsmobile 98. Rocket Engine. The new classic
1953-11051 1953 Ad Crosley Shelvador Refrigerator. Automatic defrosting
1953-11052 1953 Ad Guide headlamps. Autronic eye. Lowers then raises the beam
1953-11053 1953 Ad A & P Supermarkets AP coffee. Gracious goodness
1953-11054 1953 Ad Samsonite luggage natural alligator finish
1953-11055 1953 Ad Community Silverplate Shes in love and she loves
1953-11056 1953 Ad Nash Airflytes. Why buy just half a fine car
1953-11057 1953 Ad Camel Cigarettes. Baseball. Big League choice.
1953-11058 1953 Ad Pall Mall Cigarettes. Guard against throat scratch
------SOLD------- 1953-11060 1953 Ad Ford Cars. Safest place to put your new car dollars.
1953-11061 1953 Ad Hercules Powder Company. Saucy Walker The most wanted doll in the world.
1953-11062 1953 Ad Betsy McCall Doll. Bakelite vinyl resins.
1953-11063 1953 Ad Easy Off Oven Cleaner AND GlasSpray silicone glass cleaner
1953-11064 1953 Ad Spun Lo Panties. Pennies saved Pennies earned
1953-11065 1953 Ad Adolphs Meat Tenderizer. Makes all meat tender
1953-11066 1953 Ad Western Union Telegraph. Wonderful way to brighten the day
1953-11067 1953 Ad Stevens Twist Twill. Dependable rugged work clothes and sportswear
1953-11068 1953 Ad Pablum baby cereal. Mixed, Rice, Barley, Oatmeal
1953-11069 1953 Ad Motorola Radio Extended tone speaker
1953-11070 1953 Ad New York Stock Exchange. Women who own shares in American corporation
1953-11071 1953 Ad Kiwi Shoe Polish AND Tissot Watches. Masculine styling
1953-11072 1953 Ad International Sterling. I solved my biggest hostess problem
1953-11073 1953 Ad Victorian Coronation Chair. By appointment to her majesty
1953-11074 1953 Ad Johnny Mop cleans toilet bowl todays way
------SOLD------- 1953-11075 1953 Ad New Johnsons Cotton Buds. Baby theme
1953-11076 1953 Ad Pard Dog Food. Curry Comb Brush offer
1953-11077 1953 Ad Counselor Scales. Friend to all the family
1953-11078 1953 Ad Champion Spark Plugs. 100.31 MPH for 7 days and 7 nights
1953-11079 1953 Ad Johnson Carper Fashion Trend Bedroom furniture. I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez
1953-11080 1953 Ad Lovable bras. Holdiay for straps
1953-11081 1953 Ad After Six Tuxedos. Tony Martin
1953-11082 1953 Ad Atlantic Bond Business Paper. Ted Williams Baseball Star
1953-11083 1953 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes. Crowning Treat. Dennis James. 2 Page Ad
1953-11084 1953 Ad NY Stock Exchange. Investors leave the nation richer than they found it 2 Page Ad
1953-11085 1953 Ad The 51 Plymouth. Big Bright Beautiful 2 Page Ad
1953-11086 1953 Ad The 1953 Studebaker. The new American Car 2 Page Ad
1953-11087 1953 Ad The new Packard Clipper. The news that got around fast 2 Page Ad
1972-2001 1972 Ad New York State. And you thought you knew New York
1972-2002 1972 Ad They tell it like it is. Accutron by Bulova Watches
1972-2003 1972 Ad Bulova Watches. Caravelle Watches
1972-2004 1972 Ad Bulova Watches. The diamond starburst collection
1972-2005 1972 Ad Mr. Sunshine Baked goods. Great American sleeping bag offer
1972-2006 1972 Ad Kool Cigarettes. Sailboat theme and offer
1972-2007 1972 Ad Canadian tourism board. Canada this summer
1972-2008 1972 Ad Canadian Mist Whiskey. Canada at its best
1972-2009 1972 Ad White Horse Whiskey. Christmas Reindeer theme
1972-2010 1972 Ad Black Velvet Whiskey. Wrap someone you love in Black Velvet
1972-2011 1972 Ad DUBARRY�..SKIP AD
1972-2012 1972 Ad Four Roses Premium Whiskey. The taste that underwhelms
1972-2013 1972 Ad Seagrams 7 Crown Whiskey. Christmas holiday theme
1972-2014 1972 Ad U.S. Navy. 1919 to 1972. Be someone special. 2 page ad
1972-2015 1972 Ad Honda Motorcycles. Sons and motorcycles 2 page ad
1967-10004 1967 Ad Sentry Collar. Lets sleeping dogs sleep
1967-8004 1967 Ad Sprite Indianapolis 500 sweepstakes
1967-10002 1967 Ad Standard Oil Co of California Halfback at Notre Dame
1967-8008 1967 Ad USPS US Postal Service HELP Zip Codes
1967-10 1967 Ad Weyerhaeuser Bear Cubs AND Southwestern Life
1968-2 1968 Ad Lufthansa Germany Oktoberfest & Dr Scholls
1968-6 1968 Ad New Jersey Boardwalk Dept Conservation Economic Dev
1968-29 1968 Ad 2pg New Jersey NJ Promotional ad View from space
1968-126 1968 Ad A to Z Rental Center Borrow an Easier life 1/2 page
1968-162 1968 Ad American Oil Company with mail in coupon
1957-30010 1957 Ad Koppers Cow Feed. Cow cafeteria
1957-106 1957 Ad Lifesavers Pep O Mint Between meal treat
1957-26 1957 Ad Longine Worlds most honored watch
1957-74 1957 Ad Marlboro Woman and Military men 2 pg
1957-6007 1957 Ad Maryland Casualty Co Strictly for the birds. Scarecrow theme
1928-24 1928 Ad Graham Paige Motor Cars
1928-43 1928 Ad Hammermill Bond Cover Paper
1913-009 1913 Ad Buffalo Lithia Springs Water AND J M Huber Printing inks
1913-017 1913 Ad Crystal Domino Sugar AND Reeco Water systems
1913-010 1913 Ad Everstick invisible rubber AND Hinds Cream for chapping
1913-008 1913 Ad The Howard Watch Co
1913-007 1913 Ad The Waverly Car Co The Waverly electric silent Limousine
1920-036 1920 Ad Associated Advertising Clubs 16th annual convention Advertising How and Now
1920-015 1920 Ad Atlas Portland Cement Co New York, NY
1920-028 1920 Ad Old Colony trust Co Boston
1920-045 1920 Ad Peabody Houghteling Co Chicago Eight Percent First preferred Stock
1920-006 1920 Ad Pneuvac Company Electric Sweeper Vac AND Columbia Grafanola
1920-037 1920 Ad Stromberg Carburetor AND Checona Evans CH Evans and Sons
1920-027 1920 Ad The Irish linen society Belfast Ireland
1920-031 1920 Ad The National City Company Sow your money carefully
1920-007 1920 Ad Warren's printing papers AND Bausch and Lomb Optical Co
1920-040 1920 Ad William R Compton Co Government and Municipal bonds
1926-21 1926 Ad Burroughs Corporation Adding Bookkeeping Machines
1926-83 1926 Ad Chateau Frontenac Quebec Canada Old Quebec
1926-112 1926 Ad Columbia University Home Study AND OshKosh Trunks AND CUNARD LINE�.
1926-168 1926 Ad Community Plate Silver King Albert Princess of Denmark Baroness Huard Duchess of Rutland Mrs O.H. P. Belmont
1926-10 1926 Ad Conn Band Instruments Who's the populate boy?
1926-108 1926 Ad Copper and Brass Research Screen Baby sleeping
1926-35 1926 Ad Keystone Copper Steel AND Bannister Shoes
1926-170 1926 Ad Kotex Feminine Pads Hygiene Mother Daughter
1926-187 1926 Ad Simplex Flexies shoes AND Heywood Wakefield Baby Stroller
1926-79 1926 Ad Southern Railway System Industrialism in the Piedmont
1926-33 1926 Ad Southern Railway system Towers of Industry serves south
1926-179 1926 Ad Spencer Corsets AND Onyx Hosiery Pointex
1926-146 1926 Ad St Petersburg Florida Vacation ad The sunshine City
1926-84 1926 Ad The Howard Watch Co The Keystone Watch Case Co
1926-61 1926 Ad The new Stutz motor car with safety chassis
1926-80 1926 Ad Thos Cook and Son Cruises SS Franconia SS Homeric
1955-78 Ad 1955 Mallory To sew a fast seam in steel by the mile
1955-82 Ad 1955 Mead Bond Papers AND WR Grace Stock offering
1955-67 Ad 1955 Western Brass Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp
1955-2042 1955 Ad Ayds weight loss diet supplement. Lose weight Mrs Bob Hope
1955-2043 1955 Ad Mitchell Room Air conditioner 354,708 cooling units per hour
1955-2045 1955 Ad Realist Camera. Stereo Realist. The camera that sees with two eyes
1955-2046 1955 Ad Owens Illinois Continental Hostess Sets by Libby Glass
1958-10003 1958 Ad LeCoultre Master Mariner watch. For men who command
1958-10005 1958 Ad Inco Nickel. Easier to clean oven. Woman cleaning oven theme
1958-10012 1958 Ad Sears typewriter. America's lowest price portable.
1958-10013 1958 Ad Shinola shoe polish. Once a week shoe shine lasts 7 days
1958-10018 1958 Ad Members of the New York Stock Exchange. Happy to present Bill Dempster
1958-10019 1958 Ad Members of the New York Stock Exchange. What Margie doesn't know about Pa
1958-10023 1958 Ad Culligan Soft Water Systems. Mrs America 1959 Mrs Helen Giesse Cleveland Ohio
1958-10028 1958 Ad Culligan Soft Water Systems 90 second soft water washing opens Grandma's eyes
1958-10032 1958 Ad Visual Impact national analysts. Visual Impact.
1958-10035 1958 Ad CBS Radio network. Are just two sides of the question enough
1958-10036 1958 Ad Bowling Ball. Curtis circulation company
------SOLD------- 1958-10039 1958 Ad Blue Cross Blue Shield Pair of ads. Doctor Approval
1958-10042 1958 Ad Venus velvet ball pencil. Crossed the pen and pencil
1958-10044 1958 Ad The State of New York. The City. View of NY Skyline
1958-10048 1958 Ad Warren's Printing papers make a good impression.You're judged by your desk.
------SOLD------- 1958-10050 1958 Ad New York Life. Should your child be a mathematician. Very old computer theme.
1958-10051 1958 Ad Nicholson File company. Try them now. For home, for industry
1958-10052 1958 Ad Columbia Records. This page is worth $10. High Fidelity records
1958-10062 1958 Ad CBS Radio Network. Is just the top of the news enough?
1958-10063 1958 Ad VM Stereo. Thevoice of music. Superior stereo
1958-10066 1958 Ad CBS Radio Network. Are just two shades of opinion enough?
1958-10067 1958 Ad RCA Victor Album Club. Belafonte, Perry Como, South Pacific, Victory at Sea
1958-10069 1958 Ad CBS Radio Network. Are just two sides of the question enough?
1959-9002 1959 Ad SOS dish cleaning pads. You finish faster
1959-9003 1959 Ad Radio Broadcasting System Inc. More news, sports, special events
1959-9005 1959 Ad Vernell's Butter Mints. Kids love 'em and they're good for them
1959-9009 1959 Ad Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco A new experience in pipe smoking
1959-9010 1959 Ad Rybutrol's Vita Minder Easy way to remember vitamins at mealtime
1959-9011 1959 Ad Chapstick For chapped cracked lips
1959-9013 1959 Ad Employers Mutual of Wausau Wausau Story. Curling Lassies with brooms
1959-9017 1959 Ad Nova Scotia Where Cape Smoky guards a vacation paradise
1959-9020 1959 Ad American Fore Loyalty Group. It takes know how. High steel construction worker
1959-9023 1959 Ad Pennsylvania Motor Oil AND Alvin of Alvin and the chipmunks
1959-9024 1959 Ad Douglas Aircraft. The fastest way to get there is to fly
1959-9028 1959 Ad Edgeworth fine tobaccos. Christmas theme
1959-9031 1959 Ad Bostitch Stapling. Shows metal fabricator how to increase production
1959-9032 1959 Ad Arvin 7 transistor portable Radios.
1960-5003 1960 Ad Vi Aspirin More effective way to fight a cold
1960-5005 1960 Ad Top Value Stamps. Care for your baby free
1960-5006 1960 Ad Sunkist Oranges. The meat of a fresh orange.
1960-5007 1960 Ad Alka Seltzer Liquid Pain Reliever
1960-5008 1960 Ad Williams Shoes Wake up your spring wardrobe
1961-10003 1961 Ad General Electric GE. Space capsule for sale
------SOLD------- 1961-10006 1961 Ad Johnson & Johnson Micrin mouthwash
1961-10007 1961 Ad Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary The gift of words
1961-10008 1961 Ad Caravelle. Sold and serviced by Douglas Aircraft. Designed by Sud aviation
1961-10018 1961 Ad Members of the New York Stock Exchange. The smart way to buy stocks and bonds today
------SOLD------- 1961-10020 1961 Ad Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Makes your care our concern
1971-30 1971 Ad GM Eldorado Calais Sedan and Coupe
1971-2013 1971 Ad Barton's QT Whiskey. The new quiet taste in whiskey
1957-6004 1957 Ad Meeker 66 Meeker Peeker Billfold Tony Curtis
1971-34 1971 Ad Benson and Hedges 100's Cigarettes Favorite break
1971-32 1971 Ad Cadillac for 1972 Sedan DeVille
1971-35 1971 Ad Camel Talls Cigarettes A brand new 100 worth walk
1971-2004 1971 Ad Campbells Soups. How do you handle a hungry man
1971-2007 1971 Ad Canadian Mist Whiskey. Canada at its best
1971-6 1971 Ad Chevrolet 2 pages full 1972 line of vehicles
1943-4012 1943 Ad United States Rubber Co. Gaytees. Frozen feet can't fight
1971-20 1971 Ad Ford Gran Torino 3 page Ad Glider Plane theme
1971-5 1971 Ad Ford Mercury Cougar XR-7
1971-38 1971 Ad Friskies Dog food - Cat food 10 cent coupon
1971-36 1971 Ad Kent Cigarettes Cards 'n Kent Cards theme
1971-2016 1971 Ad Kodak XL Movie Camera and Ektachrome160 movie film
1971-9 1971 Ad Kool Cigarettes Filter Kings Waterfall
1971-2006 1971 Ad Lancers imported white wine, Vinho Branco, crisp, dry
------SOLD------- 1971-2012 1971 Ad Lark Cigarettes. Hot air balloon theme.
1971-2005 1971 Ad LA-Z-BOY Loungers Even Scrooge would be happy. ACT Allied Chemical Technology
------SOLD------- 1971-2 1971 Ad Master Charge Marine Midland Santa theme
1971-21 1971 Ad Mercury Marquis Brougham Chauffeur theme
------SOLD------- 1971-2015 1971 Ad MetaFrame Living World Aquariums. Dealer list ad
1971-2003 1971 Ad Mutual of Omaha Insurance. Three way protection
1944-5001 1944 Ad ER Squibb and Sons. Jumping docs cut Marine casualties. War theme
1971-33 1971 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes Filters It's flavor I'm after
1971-37 1971 Ad Pall Mall Filter King Cigarettes
1971-31 1971 Ad Philip Morriss Multifilter Cigarette Horse theme
1944-7 1944 Ad Eversharp Pen Pens Give the finest
1971-2008 1971 Ad Presto appliances. Gift ideas for people with no idea
1971-2002 1971 Ad Prudential Insurance Company. Our policy protects the whole family
1971-2011 1971 Ad Saab 99E Automobile. Two cars built in Sweden
------SOLD------- 1971-18 1971 Ad The '72 Olds Delta 88 Oldsmobile Mountain theme
------SOLD------- 1971-19 1971 Ad Vantage Cigarettes Full flavor Low tar - nicotene
1970-52 1970 Ad Hickory Farms Have a ball over the holidays 1/2 page
1970-9008 1970 Ad Hiram Walker Imperial blended whiskey
1970-8005 1970 Ad Huffy Bicycles Bikes Open a door of adventure for your son
------SOLD------- 1970-8012 1970 Ad Inglenook wine We have more reputation than we have wine
1970-8006 1970 Ad J and B Scotch Jingle Bells Christmas theme
------SOLD------- 1970-65 1970 Ad John Wayne Duke Duke's grand tour of Southern California
1970-9007 1970 Ad Johnnie Walker Red Scotch Give the luck of the Scotch
1970-2 1970 Ad Kahlua "Discover the treasures of Mexico"
1944-9 1944 Ad Shell Research Exit Anopheles
1970-8013 1970 Ad Kool Cigarettes Fire alarm box theme In case of hot taste break open
1970-8018 1970 Ad L & M Filter kings Cigarettes Relax Unwind
1970-9012 1970 Ad Lark Cigarettes. Stop smogging.
1970-89 1970 Ad Louisville Nashville Railroad Prime Industrial Sites
1945-5013 1945 Ad Alleghany Ludlum Steel Co. Largest producer of stainless steel
------SOLD------- 1945-37 1945 Ad Bendix The Crucible of War First in creative engineering
1945-45 1945 Ad Farnsworth Television Radio Co Capehart and Farnsworth Bernard Lamotte Art
1970-8010 1970 Ad Marlboro cigarettes Come to Marlboro country
1970-8021 1970 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Merry Christmas from Marlboro Beautiful mountain horse scene
------SOLD------- 1970-84 1970 Ad Maryland 100s Cigarettes Made for menthol
1970-8020 1970 Ad Maryland 100's Cigarettes Made for menthol blend AND Seagrams 7 Whiskey
------SOLD------- 1970-54 1970 Ad Mass Mutual Life Ins Upstate NY agents Rochester Syracuse Albany
1970-61 1970 Ad Mattel toys 6 pg spread Barbie Seuss Hot Wheels More
1970-107 1970 Ad Mercury Comet 71 The better small car 2pg ad
1970-8015 1970 Ad Mercury Montego Better ideas make better cars
------SOLD------- 1970-93 1970 Ad Nabisco snacks crackers Dr Seuss Book offer
------SOLD------- 1970-8004 1970 Ad New Leaf Cigarettes It gives you a tingle
------SOLD------- 1970-80 1970 Ad New York State Assembly Republican Message
1970-9010 1970 Ad Old Grand-Dad bourbon. The good stuff.
------SOLD------- 1970-8022 1970 Ad Olds Oldsmobile Cutlass Why buy Cutlass S instead of Cutlass Supreme
------SOLD------- 1970-91 1970 Ad Ortho Delfen Contraceptive Foam Every Child 1/4 pg
------SOLD------- 1970-11 1970 Ad Project Hope An extraordinary ship Hike for Hope
------SOLD------- 1970-71 1970 Ad Psssssst Instant shampoo Spray Brush Go 2 pg
1970-85 1970 Ad Pure Florida Orange Juice Anita Bryant Coupon
1970-27 1970 Ad Raleigh Bicycles Bike Try our American family tour
1970-81 1970 Ad Ray O Vac Batteries No battery has 9 lives
------SOLD------- 1970-9006 1970 Ad Rock as its played by Skil Craft. Kids learning games
1970-106 1970 Ad Schaefer beer Sept 3 1842 First 5 gallons 2pg
------SOLD------- 1970-4 1970 Ad Schlitz Beer 2 pg Sailboat theme Great Ad
------SOLD------- 1970-20 1970 Ad Schlitz Beer Only go around once in life Sailing theme
1970-25 1970 Ad Schlitz Beer Only go around once in life Sailing theme #2
1955-2016 1955 Ad Post SugarCrisp Cereal. Finest flavor in the field
1970-87 1970 Ad Scripto lighters Cigarette lighter Scripto lets you
1970-98 1970 Ad Scripto lighters Vu Tane Helmets Men on the moon
1970-8019 1970 Ad Seagrams 100 Pipers Whiskey A man must feel for his scotch what he feels for his woman
1945-4024 1945 Ad Goodyear Aircraft Will the next queen of the seas be airborne? Zeppelin
1970-9015 1970 Ad Shasta Cola and mixers. Great soft drinks
1970-104 1970 Ad Shell Gas Gasoline Deer Fawn 3 weeks may be dead
1970-83 1970 Ad Shell Gas Gasoline No service station is an island
1945-5025 1945 Ad Hit of the month club. Alan Ladd as Lucky Jordan. Star Spangled Rhythm
1945-24 1945 Ad International Harvester War theme
1970-101 1970 Ad Squirt the semi soft drink at semi soft price w coupon 1/2 pg
1970-34 1970 Ad Stanley tools tool Hammer 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1970-55 1970 Ad Taylor We uncomplicate wine New York State Wine
1945-5024 1945 Ad Management and Labor pull together in Connecticut
------SOLD------- 1970-99 1970 Ad There's something about an Aqua Velva Man Scratch Sniff
------SOLD------- 1970-58 1970 Ad Toro Lawnmowers tractors Cut your grass with a little class
------SOLD------- 1970-8017 1970 Ad Toyota Most cars under $1,800 are for people under 6 feet
------SOLD------- 1970-10 1970 Ad Utica Club Beer Where to find love in Utica
------SOLD------- 1970-60 1970 Ad Utica Club Beer Where to find love in Utica
1945-4015 1945 Ad Orange Crush Soda AND Walk Over shoes
------SOLD------- 1970-50 1970 Ad Volkswagen For 1970 we improved left side rear window
1970-8008 1970 Ad Zippo lighters Brighten someone's Christmas
1970-17 1970 Ad Zippo Lighters lighter Brighten someones Christmas
1977-38 1977 Ad Caterpillar There are no simple solutions Trucks make city driving miserable
1977-4 1977 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Caprice Now that's more like it
1977-12 1977 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Monte Carlo Personal Original Affordable
1977-58 1977 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Monte Carlo See what's new in a Chevrolet today
1977-51 1977 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Chevette A lot more Chevette for a lot less money
1977-27 1977 Ad Chevy Chevrolet more things you want in a station wagon
1957-4016 1957 Ad New Holland First in Grassland Farming
1977-10 1977 Ad Chrysler 1977 Newport A lot of Chrysler for the money
1977-36 1977 Ad Coke Coca Cola Beach theme AND Chevy Chevrolet Monte Carlo
1957-4005 1957 Ad New Idea Farmsing shredders spreaders
1977-24 1977 Ad Datsun 200-SX A sporty car with everything but sports car price
1977-7 1977 Ad Datsun 810 with 240-Z engine Datsun Saves
1977-11 1977 Ad DeBeers Diamonds A diamond is forever
1957-69 1957 Ad Pan American Airlines Uncle Sam's your skipper
1977-13 1977 Ad Dodge Aspen Meet the believers
1977-23 1977 Ad Dodge Van 6 Reasons why number one maker of van vehicles
1957-45 1957 Ad Parker 61 pens Unlike any in this world
1977-42 1977 Ad Exxon Energy for a strong America All this power to work
1977-72 1977 Ad Exxon Energy for a strong America Burning high sulfur coal
1977-63 1977 Ad FMC Consumer Products Bolens mulching mower
1977-17 1977 Ad Ford Granada German engineers rated both cars Mercedes
1977-47 1977 Ad Ford Lincoln Continental Judge any luxury car by this standard
1977-69 1977 Ad Ford LTD has size of Cadillac priced like Chevrolet
1977-45 1977 Ad GMC Motorhomes The showplace that goes places
1977-5 1977 Ad GMC Motorhomes The showplace that goes places
1957-30006 1957 Ad Pennzoil Motor Oil. This is all I need to know about engines
1957-9 1957 Ad Philco Bendix Duomatic Washer Dryer combo
1957-35 1957 Ad Phillips Milk of Magnesia New addition
1977-26 1977 Ad GTE General Telephone Phone Co Phone Co and lightbulbs
1977-6 1977 Ad GTE General Telephone Phone Co Phone Co and lightbulbs
1977-40 1977 Ad Honda Accord and Civic CVCC 5 speed The three June Honda's
1947-53 1947 Ad Western Union Telegram
------SOLD------- 1949-32 1949 Ad Studebaker Auto Car The Stand Out
------SOLD------- 1949-32 1956 Ad Schenley Whiskey Skyline decanter
1947-73 1947 Ad Wurlizter Jukebox Music Tone and Beauty
1976-5 1976 Ad Beechcraft Airplanes Plane Expand your holiday horizons
1976-3 1976 Ad First National City Travelers Checks David Niven
1976-12 1976 Ad Ford Thunderbird Completely new for 1977 at $5,434 hard to believe
1949-20 1949 Ad Burroughs Corporation 100 in Arithmetic
1976-7 1976 Ad Holiday Inn American Express Best surprise is no surprise
1955-2011 1955 Ad Peak Antifreeze Beat engine rust with new improved Peak
1976-8 1976 Ad Olds Oldsmobile Delta 88 Ten things that will happen
1949-81 1949 Ad Champion Spark Plugs Ice skating theme
1955-2012 1955 Ad Shell X-100 Motor Oil Premium. Get 5 - 10 more horsepower
1949-108 1949 Ad Coty Creamy Lipstick Smooth easy to apply never smears
1976-1 1976 Ad Toyota Corolla A new generation Quality you asked for it
1977-66 1977 Ad 1977 Cadillac Tremendous Acceptance Yacht theme
1977-56 1977 Ad 1978 Dodge Diplomat Station Wagon
1949-63 1949 Ad Durkee's Yellow Oleomargarine Millions are enjoying
1949-29 1949 Ad Esquire boot polish Kitten theme
1949-109 1949 Ad Eversharp Schick Injector Razor The Schick '66 Stroned
1977-16 1977 Ad Beechcraft Airplanes Plane Adventure Guide
1977-34 1977 Ad Beechcraft Airplanes Plane Adventure Guide Awaken the explorer in you
1977-1 1977 Ad Beechcraft Airplanes Plane Free adventure kit expand horizons
1977-65 1977 Ad Beechcraft Airplanes Plane Pour it on in style
1977-59 1977 Ad Beechcraft Airplanes Put your company name on the map faster
1949-84 1949 Ad Forstmann Woolen Company Passaic Black Stripe
1977-60 1977 Ad BMW The ultimate driving machine Wouldn't be laughed off Nurburgring
1949-69 1949 Ad Fritos Corn Chips AND Dependable Champion Spark Plugs
1977-50 1977 Ad Buick Station Wagons Wanted more cargo space buy a truck
1977-68 1977 Ad Cadillac 1977 Isn't easy to improve but we did
1977-71 1977 Ad Cadillac 1978 Behind the great name a Great car.
1977-9 1977 Ad Cadillac Leave it to Cadillac to lead the way
1945-4002 1945 Ad Ron Merito Puerto Rican Rum Mountain rum
------SOLD------- 1955-70 Ad 1955 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe V8 100 Million dollar look
------SOLD------- 1952-1 1952 Ad Western Electric - AUCTION CANCELLED - PAGE DAMAGED
------SOLD------- 1968-133 1968 Ad Art Institute of Pittsburgh Ft Lauderdale High School Grads 1/2 pg
1968-23 1968 Ad AT&T Telephone Family Scene
1968-175 1968 Ad AT&T Trimline Phone Telephone Jeweled woman
1968-10014 1968 Ad Autolite Spark Plugs Racing car theme
1968-143 1968 Ad Ballantine XXX Triple X ale Diving lighthouse theme
------SOLD------- 1945-27 1945 Ad United Airlines Coast to Coast
1968-188 1968 Ad Belforte Benrus Watches It took a good company
1968-9004 1968 Ad Best Western Hotels Vacation fun when the sun goes down
1968-10022 1968 Ad Best Western Motels. Two ways to rest assured on business trips
1968-10005 1968 Ad Betty Crocker Cantong Dinner New dinner for eating out in
1968-151 1968 Ad Birds Eye foods Get that Quarterback Gabriel Sayers Grabowski
------SOLD------- 1968-116 1968 Ad Boeing 737 TwinJet Airplane plane jet
1968-21 1968 Ad Bolens Lawn Mower Golfer Arnold Palmer
------SOLD------- 1968-37 1968 Ad Budweiser King of Beers Great ad Looks exactly like bottle label
1945-41 1945 Ad Westclox Electric Clock Big Ben
1968-9005 1968 Ad Cadillac Hotel St Regis
1968-4 1968 Ad Cadillac Sedan DeVille "Command Performance"
1946-29 1946 Ad Barcalo Mfg Buffalo NY Barcaloafer
------SOLD------- 1968-1 1968 Ad Campbell's Soup Can Bag offer
1968-9010 1968 Ad Campbells Soup Chicken Noodle Two stocks are better thane one
------SOLD------- 1968-71 1968 Ad Campbells Soup Kid have a bowl 3 page LARGE AD
1968-49 1968 Ad Campbells Tomato Soup Kids Hippie theme
1946-9 1946 Ad Champion Spark Plugs. Race Drivers
1946-57 1946 Ad Goodyear Don't stay first 1915 and 1946
1968-154 1968 Ad Candy Cupboard Chocolates 38 reasons shouldn't have 1/2 pg
1946-140 1946 Ad Jarman Shoes Leisuals Shoes for men
------SOLD------- 1968-18 1968 Ad Celanese Fortrel Blazer Jacket Arnold Palmer Golf 1/2 pg
1968-149 1968 Ad Cessna Airplane plan If I can fly you can fly $5 first lesson
------SOLD------- 1968-59 1968 Ad Cessna Plane Airplane Fastback hardtop 150 MPH 1/2 pg
1968-62 1968 Ad Cessna Plane Airplane If I can fly, you can fly 1/2 pg #2
1968-65 1968 Ad Cessna Plane Airplane If I can fly, you can fly 1/2 pg #3
------SOLD------- 1968-56 1968 Ad Cessna Plane Airplane If I can fly, you can fly Woman 1/2 pg
------SOLD------- 1968-10011 1968 Ad Champale Champagne So much like champagne hard for us to know which is which
1968-10015 1968 Ad Charmglow Grills On the Roks with a twist
1968-198 1968 Ad Chesterfield 101 Cigarettes A silly millimeter longer
------SOLD------- 1968-168 1968 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Camao SS and Corvette Any 2 cars 2pg
------SOLD------- 1968-107 1968 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Pickup meant to be womanhandled
------SOLD------- 1968-16 1968 Ad Chevrolet Job Tamer Pickup Trucks
------SOLD------- 1968-166 1968 Ad Chevrolet Sports Dept Impala Nova Camaro 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1968-68 1968 Ad Chevy Chevelle Concentrated Chevrolet Just add gas 2pg
------SOLD------- 1968-70 1968 Ad Chevy Chevelle SS 396 Most popular car in its field 2pg
1968-134 1968 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Job Tamer Best Camper pickup
1968-130 1968 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Job Tamer Best pickup money can buy
1968-9033 1968 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Nova Long hood, short price
------SOLD------- 1968-10002 1968 Ad Chiquita Banana Seal Deal Picnic basket theme
1968-11002 1968 Ad Chrysler Airtemp thermostate For fast relief
1968-95 1968 Ad Chrysler New Yorker 4 door hard top
1968-100 1968 Ad Chrysler Sport Suburban Wagon Looks and Engineering
1968-93 1968 Ad Chrysler Town and Country Station Wagon 3 seat
1968-201 1968 Ad Clairol Psssssst instant shampoo Cleans hair fast
1968-127 1968 Ad Coca Cola Coke Cans One Way Bottles Scooter theme
------SOLD------- 1968-19 1968 Ad Coca Cola Remember your last bottle of coke
1968-53 1968 Ad Coke Coca Cola Christmas decoration collectible theme
1968-67 1968 Ad Coke Coca Cola Give my your hot thirsty weary 2pg
1968-34 1968 Ad Coke Coca Cola Things go better bottle camping theme
1968-41 1968 Ad Coke Coca Cola Things go better bottle fishing theme
1968-38 1968 Ad Coke Coca Cola Things go better bottle hiking theme
1968-42 1968 Ad Coke Coca Cola Things go better bottle Kite flying theme
1968-44 1968 Ad Coke Coca Cola Things go better bottle Roller Coaster Theme
1968-96 1968 Ad Coke Coca Cola Things go better fountain glass Football
1968-51 1968 Ad Col Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC Holiday theme
1957-67 1957 Ad Polaroid Land Camera Snap it and see it.
1949-13 1949 Ad GE General Electric Certified Lamps
1968-10032 1968 Ad Crest Toothpaste Now only 26 flavors behind Howard Johnsons
1968-9018 1968 Ad Datsun The big Datsun difference Value car of the year
1968-204 1968 Ad Diners Club Fugazy Travel The beginning
------SOLD------- 1968-12 1968 Ad Dodge Charger RT Hot Looking Car!
------SOLD------- 1968-86 1968 Ad Dodge Fever Dodge Dart Swinger For the swinger at heart
1968-91 1968 Ad Dodge Tradesman Van Puts your business on wheels
1968-10006 1968 Ad Downtowner Rowntowner Motor Inns Wherever you find a phone
1946-108 1946 Ad P & H Harnischfeger Welding AND Columbia Records
1968-193 1968 Ad Duo Funabout Motor boat Duo Boats
1968-192 1968 Ad El Producto Cigars A giant step backwards
1968-10027 1968 Ad El Producto Cigars The cigar flavor you fondly remember
------SOLD------- 1968-164 1968 Ad Erector Sets Build yourself a great little kid
1968-9012 1968 Ad Fiat 124 Sports Coupe Match this price
------SOLD------- 1968-120 1968 Ad Ford 1968 Ford XL Quiet strong beautiful Great road car
1968-9029 1968 Ad Ford camping van Cramming 21 campers
1968-10009 1968 Ad Ford Club Wagon Try cramming 12 campers into a standard wagon
1968-174 1968 Ad Ford Lincoln Mercury Continental Mark III 2 page ad
------SOLD------- 1968-169 1968 Ad Ford LTD 3 page Introducing
------SOLD------- 1968-88 1968 Ad Ford Mach 1 Mustang Get a Mustang Now 2 page ad
------SOLD------- 1968-32 1968 Ad Ford Mustang and Coca Cola Tiffany Lamp theme
------SOLD------- 1968-9034 1968 Ad Ford Mustang Now on Sale See the light
1968-9006 1968 Ad Ford Mustang Only Mustang makes it happen
------SOLD------- 1968-22 1968 Ad Ford Torino More car than 16 higher priced rivals
------SOLD------- 1968-148 1968 Ad Franks Red Hot Sauce Willie Mays Free trip to World Series 1/4 pg
------SOLD------- 1968-15 1968 Ad Frito Bandito Wanted poster Very cool
------SOLD------- 1968-39 1968 Ad Fritos Frito Bandito Wanted Poster lookalike
------SOLD------- 1968-117 1968 Ad General Electric GE Peter Max Clocks 1 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1968-172 1968 Ad General Motors GM Line For less than $2,700 a lot to offer 2pg
1968-9019 1968 Ad General Telephone and Electronics Most small towns are great unless you have a heart attack
1968-9030 1968 Ad Genesee Beer A little more exciting Model on can
1968-152 1968 Ad Genesee Beer Rochester Keep America Beautiful
------SOLD------- 1968-10024 1968 Ad Gilbey's Distilled London Dry Gin. Frosty bottle
1968-45 1968 Ad Glaspar Motor Boats Boat Strength of blue water safety
1968-10028 1968 Ad GM General Motors Camaro SS and Firebird
1968-10030 1968 Ad GM General Motors two big reasons people like GM
1957-30044 1957 Ad RCA Victor Records. Melachrino is mood music. Magoo is mad music
1957-81 1957 Ad Red Cap Ale Most Unusual Ale 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1968-194 1968 Ad Hahn Eclipse Pow-R-Pro Rotary mowers
1968-197 1968 Ad Heineken Beer Imported Tastes tremendous
------SOLD------- 1968-61 1968 Ad Honeywell automation computer tax return theme
------SOLD------- 1968-11001 1968 Ad Hooker Chemical 3,000 feet beneath the soil of Belgium
------SOLD------- 1968-200 1968 Ad Hostess Wonder Bread and Fruit Pies more filling than crust
------SOLD------- 1968-85 1968 Ad Huffy Bicycles Bikes 5 speed rail dragster steering wheel
------SOLD------- 1968-58 1968 Ad Huffy Bike Bicycle The Huffy Wheel with Drag Brakes
1968-10019 1968 Ad Huffy Lawnmowers Riding and push mowers
1968-10016 1968 Ad Hunts Catsup only sends winners to the showers
1957-125 1957 Ad Scripto Pens and Pencils Broadway star at your local stores
1957-57 1957 Ad Sears Bathroom remodeling Retro Pink colors
1968-131 1968 Ad Jello Pudding Newest flavor Chocolate Have a spoonful
1968-17 1968 Ad John Deere Weekend Freedom Machines 1
1968-20 1968 Ad John Deere Weekend Freedom Machines 2
1968-10008 1968 Ad Johnny Walker Red Scotch. All scotches are good
------SOLD------- 1968-10004 1968 Ad Johnny Walker Red Scotch. The world's best seller
1968-9003 1968 Ad Kayak Mfg Kayak Pools Rochester Buffalo NY
------SOLD------- 1968-60 1968 Ad Kayak Mfg Swimming Pool pools Rochester Buffalo NY 1/2 pg
1968-13 1968 Ad Kentucky Fried Chicken Jerry Lewis Telethon
1957-113 1957 Ad Shakespeare fishing reels and rods Push button
1957-4015 1957 Ad Tops Super Permalube Motor Oil For your power equipment
------SOLD------- 1968-123 1968 Ad Kodak Film Eastman Kodak Easter Sunday Any Sunday
1968-206 1968 Ad L & M Cigarettes Never interrupt and L&M smoker
------SOLD------- 1968-50 1968 Ad Lego Legos the thoughtful toy Imagination carried away
1968-69 1968 Ad Lincoln Mercury Cougar Continental Accent 2pg
1968-161 1968 Ad Lincoln Mercury Marquis AND Mattell tipee toes
1968-106 1968 Ad Lincoln Mercury Montego
1968-9015 1968 Ad Listerine Stubborn Kills germs
1968-187 1968 Ad Lucky Filters cigarettes You don't have to light it to like it
1968-142 1968 Ad Ludlow indoor outdoor carpet Child painting theme
1968-184 1968 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Come to where the flavor is
1968-153 1968 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Marlboro Country AND Chiquita Banana
1968-137 1968 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Marlboro Country Horse theme
1968-118 1968 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Marlboro Country Where the flavor is
1968-157 1968 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Marlboro Country Young Foal Horse theme
1968-9022 1968 Ad Mass Mutual Life Insurance dealer listing
1968-101 1968 Ad Mayflower Movers moving $1,000,000 difference
------SOLD------- 1968-48 1968 Ad McCullough Chainsaw A fetching gift idea Dog Theme
------SOLD------- 1968-139 1968 Ad Millers Beer Millers makes it right Golfers Golf theme
------SOLD------- 1968-109 1968 Ad Miss America Contest by Toni Photos of all contestants 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1968-36 1968 Ad Movie Barbarella Jane Fonda Marcel Marceau
1968-55 1968 Ad Movie Where were you when lights went out Doris Day
1968-178 1968 Ad Nabisco Oreo Cookies The ever lovin' spoonful
1968-205 1968 Ad Nabisco Snacks Mister Salty Cheese Nips Tid Bit
------SOLD------- 1968-209 1968 Ad Nationwide insurance Agent listing Northeast NY CT Pa
------SOLD------- 1968-9031 1968 Ad Negro City Training programs for negroes
------SOLD------- 1968-136 1968 Ad Nestle's Chocolate Crunch Bar Nestle's makes the very best
------SOLD------- 1968-35 1968 Ad Nestle's Chocolate Crunch Bar The very best
------SOLD------- 1968-40 1968 Ad Nestle's Chocolate Flavor Makes The very best TINY TEAR MIDDLE LEFT
------SOLD------- 1968-140 1968 Ad Nestle's Chocolate Triple Decker Bar Makes the very best
1968-111 1968 Ad New York Telephone Rotary Phone Gift of Gab 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1968-160 1968 Ad Nine Flags Cologne AND Coleman camping gear Christmas
------SOLD------- 1968-203 1968 Ad Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail rocks are here
1968-9014 1968 Ad Olds a youngmobile If you can try one and not buy one
------SOLD------- 1968-128 1968 Ad Olds Delmont 88 Youngmobile from Oldsmobile
1968-92 1968 Ad Oldsmobile Olds Delta 88 Royale Bold and Beautiful
------SOLD------- 1968-11003 1968 Ad Olympia Beer At Tumwater we brew for moments like this.AND Peugeot auto
1968-155 1968 Ad Oregon Chainsaw All about using chainsaws
1968-145 1968 Ad Owens Corning Fiberglass Insulation New construction
------SOLD------- 1968-144 1968 Ad Pepsi Cola Soda Pop AND Travel Lodge Hotel
1968-125 1968 Ad Pepsi Cola Soda Pop Beats the others cold
1952-4001 1952 Ad Lewyt Vacuum Cleaner No dust bag to empty
1952-4002 1952 Ad West Ben Appliances Christmas shopping early
1952-4003 1952 Ad Hudson Hornet Hudson Wasp Twin H Power
1957-30001 1957 Ad Union Oil co of California. Morley Barnard. Service separates the boys from the minutemen
1946-174 1946 Ad Pennsylvania Railroad Good Providers Farm theme
1952-4006 1952 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes We play it from the fairway. Golf theme.
1952-4007 1952 Ad Sealtest Ice Cream Only the finest pure cream
1952-4008 1952 Ad Westclox Clocks and watches. A good time had by all
1952-4009 1952 Ad Chesterfield Cigarettes Janice Carter and Jack Buetel The Half Breed Movie. RKO pictures smoke shop
1946-11 1946 Ad Royal Portable Typewriter Graduation gift
1952-4011 1952 Ad The Texas Company Texaco 50 years Freedom to grow
1952-4012 1952 Ad Caterpillar Tractor Bulldozer Model Toys. The Chas WM Doepke Company Rossmoyne Ohio
1952-4013 1952 Ad Camel Cigarettes. Linda Darnell. Camels agree with your throat
1952-4014 1952 Ad The Hilton Hotel Chicago. Building layout cutaway
1952-4015 1952 Ad Campbells Soup. Soup for lunch baseball theme
1952-4016 1952 Ad Schlitz Beer. If you like beer, you'll love Schlitz
1952-4017 1952 Ad Ballantine Beer A.J. Cronin. How would you put a glass of Ballantine ale into words
1953-10001 1953 Ad DeBeers Consolidated Mines A diamond is forever. Bride theme
1953-10002 1953 Ad Pepsi Cola Refreshes without filling
1946-32 1946 Ad Telechron electric clocks
1953-10004 1953 Ad Chevy Chevrolet. See more Chevrolets than any other car
1953-10005 1953 Ad Chatham Purrey Blanket Warmer than blankets nearly twice the price
------SOLD------- 1953-10006 1953 Ad Va Camp's Pork and Beans. The joy of good eating
1946-121 1946 Ad Waterman's Pens Ink AND Dupont Radiator cleaner
1953-10008 1953 Ad Eastman Kodak Company 65th Anniversary show of Kodak snapshot cameras
1953-10011 1953 Ad Dodge Easter parade of power packed beauties. Automobiles Cars
1953-10012 1953 Ad General Motors automobiles Cars Winning combination of 1953
1954-5001 1954 Ad Purolator Oil Filter Make your car run longer last longer
1954-5002 1954 Ad General Tire Two powerful NY Harbor Tugs couldn't break General Nygen
1968-9028 1968 Ad Pepsi Cola The taste that beats the others cold
1957-70 1957 Ad Webcor Reel to Reel recorders
1958-68 1958 Ad 2pg Florida Vacation promotional ad
------SOLD------- 1968-9023 1968 Ad Pontiac Catalina Wide Track Waiting to pick up where you left off
1968-10018 1968 Ad Pontiac Catalina. Wide track driving
------SOLD------- 1968-147 1968 Ad Pontiac Firebird 400 Wide Track Helicopter theme
1968-31 1968 Ad Pontiac GTO Wide Track The Great One
------SOLD------- 1968-9017 1968 Ad Pontiac GTO Wide Track The great one
1968-150 1968 Ad Pontiac Lemans Wide Track Once you've tried wide tracking
------SOLD------- 1968-14 1968 Ad Pontiac Wide Track Grand Prix
------SOLD------- 1968-99 1968 Ad Presidential Physical Fitness Award All America Team
1958-61 1958 Ad 2pg Samsonite Luggage keeps its looks
------SOLD------- 1968-64 1968 Ad Project Hope Medical Ship Hike for Hope
1968-210 1968 Ad Psssssst Instant Shampoo by Clairol 2 PG ad
1968-110 1968 Ad Revell Model Railroad Spoil Him Wabash railroad 2pg
1968-105 1968 Ad Ronson Lighters Assortment of many different types
1958-6 1958 Ad AC Spark Plugs Patti Page
1958-49 1958 Ad Admiral TV Hi Fidelity with Remote control
1958-18 1958 Ad Admiral TV with Wireless remote control
1968-10025 1968 Ad Saab automobile It does things other small cars shouldn't do
------SOLD------- 1968-9027 1968 Ad Savings and Loan Association. Want a second income that goes on and on
1968-9035 1968 Ad Schaefers beer In 1842 American beer drinkers discovered gold
------SOLD------- 1955-2021 1955 Ad Association of American Railroads. Am I for competition, Yes
1968-146 1968 Ad Schmidt's light beer 16 ounce can Make it a double header
1968-165 1968 Ad Schmidt's light beer It only takes one to convince you 2 pg
1968-9032 1968 Ad Schmidts light beer One beautiful beer
1968-11008 1968 Ad Shell Gasoline Where's a good spot for a service station
1968-121 1968 Ad Sinclair Oil Double Dino Dollars with Coupon - Game Card
1968-10001 1968 Ad Smirnoff Vodka The Smirnoff Blizzard Fresca
------SOLD------- 1968-9013 1968 Ad Spec T Sore throats come three ways
1968-190 1968 Ad Sperry Rand Remington cordless shaver coupon
1968-195 1968 Ad Stuckey's Restaurant Stores division Peanut Brittle
1968-10017 1968 Ad Swan Garden hose $1,000,000 lucky number sweepstakes
1968-182 1968 Ad Swanson fried chicken dinner TV dinner No place like home
------SOLD------- 1968-9026 1968 Ad Swanson TV dinner Frozen 3 course Dinners
1968-10010 1968 Ad Taylor Champagne Today you don't need a rule book
1968-11004 1968 Ad The Advertising Council. United Way agencies Peanuts theme
------SOLD------- 1968-181 1968 Ad The new book of knowledge encyclopedia
------SOLD------- 1968-77 1968 Ad Thermos don�t leave home without us
------SOLD------- 1968-82 1968 Ad Toro Lawnmowers OR Niagara Mohawk and Ryan Homes EXPLAIN 2PAGE and 2 ADS
------SOLD------- 1968-9 1968 Ad Toyota Corolla $1, 666
1968-186 1968 Ad Travelodge Hotel How do you avoid expensive motels
------SOLD------- 1968-191 1968 Ad Travelodge Hotel What do you do in a motel room?
------SOLD------- 1968-132 1968 Ad United Airlines Fly the friendly skies Get away from it all
------SOLD------- 1968-87 1968 Ad United States Post Office USPS Snail Mail Zip Codes
------SOLD------- 1968-54 1968 Ad University of Rochester Medical Center Nurse 1/2 page
1958-13 1958 Ad Allis Chalmers Tractor Navajo Dam
1947-143 1947 Ad Art Carved Rings by Wood Wedding Rings
1968-80 1968 Ad Utica Mutual Insurance Fire scene
1968-9007 1968 Ad Viceroy Cigarettes Now makes Viceroy longs
1968-199 1968 Ad Viceroy Filter Cigarettes Horse theme Goes the distance
------SOLD------- 1968-73 1968 Ad Volkswagen for people who refuse to drive Volkswagens
1968-76 1968 Ad Volkswagen Now a car with a computer in it
------SOLD------- 1968-75 1968 Ad Volkswagen VW announces air conditioning
1968-104 1968 Ad Volkswagon VW Wagon A surprise in every box
------SOLD------- 1968-208 1968 Ad Vote for Joseph Y. Resnick for US Senator Fighting liberal
1968-57 1968 Ad VW Volkswagon Bus Beans theme
------SOLD------- 1968-63 1968 Ad VW Volkswagon Bus Superwagon Superman theme
------SOLD------- 1968-10026 1968 Ad VW Volkswagon The no shift shift
1968-189 1968 Ad Waltham watches The bare facts Little girl
------SOLD------- 1968-129 1968 Ad Warners Bra and Girdle If nature didn't Warners will
1958-109 1958 Ad Avon Calling Preview of Christmas Gifts Fragrance news
1968-10020 1968 Ad Warners bras. If nature didn't, Warners will
1958-92 1958 Ad Caterpillar Road Construction Equipment I hate this trip
1968-156 1968 Ad Wind Song Perfume Prince Matchabelli
1968-9025 1968 Ad Winston Cigarettes Flavor fun with Winston Beach theme
1968-185 1968 Ad Winston super kings cigarettes It's how you make it long
1968-135 1968 Ad Wonder Bread and Hostess Fruit Pies
1968-102 1968 Ad Year of the great Pontiac Breakaway Lemans
1968-124 1968 Ad York Air Borg Warner AND Jockey Briefs Underwear
1958-173 1958 Ad Delco Car radio All new for '59 Transistor car radios that are portable
1968-47 1968 Ad Zippo Zippo's beautiful Christmas Lights Lighters lighter
1969-4 1969 Ad Virgin Beaches Tourism St Croix, St John, St Thomas
1969-75 1969 Ad 1970 Mercury Cougar Where wild meets elegant
1969-122 1969 Ad 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT Password for Action 2pg
1969-121 1969 Ad 1970 Mercury Montego Action and Luxury 2pg ad
------SOLD------- 1969-22 1969 Ad 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado Ultimate Luxury car
1969-90037 1969 Ad Admiral duplex refrigerator. Closes its door automatically
------SOLD------- 1969-52 1969 Ad Advertising council Smokey the Bear Prevent Forest fires
------SOLD------- 1969-129 1969 Ad Alcoa Aluminum The Big sound Soft drink cans bottles 2pg
------SOLD------- 1969-110 1969 Ad American Express Card The new Money Burn Money
------SOLD------- 1969-86 1969 Ad American Express Cards The New Money Plane theme
1969-116 1969 Ad American Express DON'T USE�..TOO DIRTY�
1969-133 1969 Ad Antique Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
1958-15 1958 Ad Gem Push Button razor $1.00
1969-153 1969 Ad Austin American Automobile. Like to thank all those that made possible
1958-90 1958 Ad New England Mutual Life John Clymer Art
1958-121 1958 Ad New Sarong Two Girdle Beach Scene
1958-129 1958 Ad Norge Dispensomatic Washer Dispenses automatically
1969-10007 1969 Ad Baughman Soltac Salt Activator Up to 75% faster
------SOLD------- 1969-10027 1969 Ad Bethlehem Steel. News about structural sizes shapes. New ASTM A6-68A.
1969-90039 1969 Ad Black and White Scotch For people who know the difference
------SOLD------- 1969-41 1969 Ad Black Label Beer in Tankard Can A new look
------SOLD------- 1969-10034 1969 Ad BLH Austin Western Rollers Reverse direction without scuffing surface
------SOLD------- 1969-90036 1969 Ad Blue Shield Health insurance. Talk to your kid about drugs
------SOLD------- 1969-85 1969 Ad Brunswick Pool Table Shootout at 315 Poplar Drive
1969-90023 1969 Ad Brunswick pool tables. Beware of the man with his own pool table
1969-11005 1969 Ad Brunswick pool tables. Package deal for pool shooters
1969-15 1969 Ad Budweiser We're back after work stoppage Eagle
1969-152 1969 Ad Buick Open Kadett The mini brute Elephant theme
1969-7 1969 Ad Cadillac 1970 Fleetwood & Crown Russe Vodka
1949-91 1949 Ad Jarman shotes for Men Look smarter feel better
1949-92 1949 Ad Jolene Shoes Yvonne De Carlo Calamity Jane
1949-1 1949 Ad Lifesavers 5 flavor hits Bullseye target theme
1969-157 1969 Ad Campbells Stout hearted soups Hotdog bean Stockpot
1949-101 1949 Ad Little Lulu Kleenex Tissues America's favorites
1949-61 1949 Ad Neolite Soles shoes Twice the wear from all 6 pair
1949-4 1949 Ad Nickel industry Rockwell like image
1969-45 1969 Ad Cessna Plane Airplane $5 buys first lesson Aerial shot 1/2 pg
1969-21 1969 Ad Cessna Plane Airplane $5 buys your first lesson 1/2 pg
1969-51 1969 Ad Cessna plane airplane $5 first lesson Aerial Theme
1969-24 1969 Ad Cessna Plane Airplane I can fly, you can fly 1/2 pg
1969-136 1969 Ad Chanel No 5 Perfume
1969-126 1969 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Caprice Takes the fun out of being rich 2pg
1969-127 1969 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Chevelle Appeals to 2 age groups 2pg
------SOLD------- 1969-10026 1969 Ad Chevrolet Chevy fleetside pickup trucks come in 3 sizes
1969-94 1969 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Impala Can't buy a cheap Chevy
1969-105 1969 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Impala Luxury car leaves more money
1969-97 1969 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Nova Deport your import
------SOLD------- 1969-118 1969 Ad Chevrolet Chevy SS 396 Self resistance will self destruct
1969-156 1969 Ad Chevrolet Impala Luxury car leaves you more.
------SOLD------- 1969-38 1969 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Camaro SS Squeezes the competition
------SOLD------- 1969-62 1969 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Camaro SS Younger Generation
1969-23 1969 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Chevelle appeals to two age groups
1969-66 1969 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Our Tough One 2pg
1969-67 1969 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Monte Carlo Our New One 2pg
------SOLD------- 1969-35 1969 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Pickup Styling Ride toughness
1969-90009 1969 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Red Tag sale. Check your dealer with his prices down.
1969-90005 1969 Ad Chevy pickup trucks. Compare toughness and econonmy
1958-195 1958 Ad Parker 61 Capillary Pens Takes the guesswork out of giving
------SOLD------- 1969-92 1969 Ad Chrysler Newport The affordable dream
1969-61 1969 Ad Chrysler Newport Your next car the possible dream
------SOLD------- 1969-29 1969 Ad Coca Cola Face Uncle Sam with a coke in your hand Taxes
1969-28 1969 Ad Coke Coca Cola Foul Weather Friend
------SOLD------- 1969-59 1969 Ad Coke Coca Cola Real Thing Real life Classic Car & Motorcycle
1969-90025 1969 Ad Coke Coca Cola Real thing. Christmas tree theme
------SOLD------- 1969-37 1969 Ad Coke Coca Cola Relieve Spring Fever
1969-39 1969 Ad Coke Coca Cola See you at the beach
1969-47 1969 Ad Coke Coca Cola The bottle that launched 100 Summers
1969-34 1969 Ad Coke Coca Cola Thirsty and refreshed. Refreshed is better
1969-33 1969 Ad Coke Coca Cola You who are about to thirst, we salute you
1969-109 1969 Ad Coleco Above Ground Pool $599 and coupon
1969-150 1969 Ad Colorfast shampoo by Clairol Washing instructions
1969-11002 1969 Ad Craftsman variable speed drill
1969-90021 1969 Ad Craftsman Variable speed hand drill. Look again
1969-90016 1969 Ad Crest Toothpaste. The Astronaut dental program
1949-45 1949 Ad Prince Albert Tobacco 1
1969-10029 1969 Ad DeBeers Diamonds Now you can run over major Deegan more safely
------SOLD------- 1969-90015 1969 Ad Delmonte foods. Congratulations Neil, Buzz and Mike. Apollo
1947-175 1947 Ad Gaby Greaseless suntan lotion Mother Daughter theme
------SOLD------- 1969-8 1969 Ad Dodge Adventurer Sportruck Don Knotts
------SOLD------- 1969-50 1969 Ad Dodge Challenger Watch it. Dodge material
------SOLD------- 1969-164 1969 Ad Dodge Trailblazer Sweepstakes Booklet
------SOLD------- 1969-93 1969 Ad Dodge White hat special Coronet Dodge Fever
------SOLD------- 1969-17 1969 Ad Dog n Suds Restaurant Car hop service Generation gap 1/2 pg
1969-161 1969 Ad Downtowner Rowntowner Motor Inns Hotel Motel You do the traveling
1969-10032 1969 Ad Ductile Iron Pipe. Super pipe
1952-32 1952 Ad Capital Airlines "Husband and Wife with Baby" & Lewyt
------SOLD------- 1969-43 1969 Ad Fiat 124 Spider $3,240 Abstract themed ad
1969-96 1969 Ad Fiat 124 Sport Coupe $2,940 Abstract looking ad
------SOLD------- 1969-69 1969 Ad Ford Mach 1 Mustangs Mustang 2 page
1969-90018 1969 Ad Ford Maverick Torino Still $1995. Lowest price hardtop in its class
------SOLD------- 1969-68 1969 Ad Ford Torino Cobra Jet 428 The hard way easy 2 pg
1969-125 1969 Ad Ford Torino Cobra Jet 428 The hard way easy 2pg
1969-25 1969 Ad Ford Torino Cobra Wins Daytona 500
1969-120 1969 Ad Ford Torino V8 Cobra Jet 428 Born Winner 2pg ad
------SOLD------- 1969-90006 1969 Ad Ford Trucks. Need a second car? How about 2 1/2
1969-90007 1969 Ad Ford's Cortina The car that speaks for itself in plain English
1947-106 1947 Ad Orange Crush Pop Soda
1969-90011 1969 Ad Fruit of the loom underwear. Back to school shopping
------SOLD------- 1969-11008 1969 Ad Garrard automatic turntable from London
1920-021 1920 Ad Earl & Wilson Soft Collars AND Hercules Powder Co Mixing house crew
------SOLD------- 1969-115 1969 Ad Genesee Beer Fyfe and Drum Beer
1969-79 1969 Ad Genesee Beer New cool Blue Pack
1969-90022 1969 Ad Genesee beer. Head waters. Everything to bring you better beer
1969-11022 1969 Ad George Dickel Sour Mash Whiskey. Jack Daniels
1969-90029 1969 Ad Gilbey's Vodka Break out the frosty bottle.
1969-6 1969 Ad GM 1970 Buick "Something to believe in"
1969-155 1969 Ad Gorham Original design silverware Wish you could trade
1969-11013 1969 Ad Hammond Organ Sing and dance together and be joyous
1969-134 1969 Ad Hiram Walker Cordials Pour a present
1969-132 1969 Ad Hiram Walker Imperial Blended Whiskey
------SOLD------- 1969-160 1969 Ad Holiday Inn Gulf Oil You're number 1
1969-11019 1969 Ad Hoover appliances. Ho Ho Hoover Christmas Santa theme
------SOLD------- 1969-40 1969 Ad IBM The Questers Lunar landing theme
1969-90008 1969 Ad Iroquois Gas Some Western New Yorkers will go anywhere to beat the heat
1969-90027 1969 Ad Iroquois Gas Some Western New Yorkers will go anywhere to beat the heat
1969-104 1969 Ad John Deere Tractor Freedom Machine Lawn mower
1969-10008 1969 Ad John Deere With the JD644 he's on easy street
1920-029 1920 Ad Haddon Hall Atlantic City Beach and Boardwalk Leeds and Lippincot
1969-90034 1969 Ad Keds Knockabouts Sneakers Shoes. A dressy sneaker or a casual shoe
1969-90035 1969 Ad Kelly Springfield tires. Brute. Double the mileage
1910-013 1910 Ad Columbia Grafanola Elite AND Leo Slezak as Rhadames in Aida National Phonograph Co
1969-11015 1969 Ad Lady Sunbeam mist and sauna hair dryer. Powertools for girls
1969-11010 1969 Ad Lark Cigarettes Gas trap filter
1910-019 1910 Ad The Starr Piano Co AND William Knabe and Co Pianos
1969-11003 1969 Ad Manhattan shirts Santas helpers select permanent press cotton
------SOLD------- 1969-101 1969 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Come to where the flavor is Country
------SOLD------- 1969-111 1969 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Come to where the flavor is Country
------SOLD------- 1969-119 1969 Ad Master Charge Card Christmas Store theme Teddy Bear 2pg
------SOLD------- 1969-13 1969 Ad Mastercard 2pg Winter Christmas theme VERY COOL
------SOLD------- 1969-71 1969 Ad Mattel toys 4 1/2 pg spread. Models, dolls, space theme, rocket theme
------SOLD------- 1969-83 1969 Ad Max Factor Blush A Bye Babies Lipstick more
------SOLD------- 1969-20 1969 Ad McDonalds Hamburgers 100% beef
------SOLD------- 1969-53 1969 Ad McDonald's introduces the Big Mac Meal disguised
1969-46 1969 Ad McDonald's Jimmy's mother knows hamburgers 100% beef
1969-10023 1969 Ad McGraw Edison. Styled lighting brightens things
1969-100 1969 Ad Mercury Marquis Most dramatic styling since Mark III
1969-163 1969 Ad Miss Clairol Chestnut Brown Hair Color. Does she or doesn't she
------SOLD------- 1969-65 1969 Ad Movie Sweet Charity Shirley MacLaine Sammy Davis Jr.
1969-63 1969 Ad Movie The Lost Man Sidney Poitier
------SOLD------- 1969-30 1969 Ad Movie Where Eagles Dare Richard Burton Clint Eastwood
1969-64 1969 Ad Movie Winning Paul Newman Joanne Woodward Wagner
1969-90028 1969 Ad Nationwide Insurance Dealer listing. Pat on the back
1969-10018 1969 Ad Neptune water meters A penny a year lost the order
1969-151 1969 Ad New York Life Insurance Let us help you build a cradle of security
1969-90001 1969 Ad New York Life Insurance. Funds for college
------SOLD------- 1969-117 1969 Ad New York Telephone June is happy talk time 2pg
------SOLD------- 1969-124 1969 Ad New York Telephone Trimline Rotary wall phone 2pg
1929-28 1929 Ad Vermont Marble Cemetary Headstones
------SOLD------- 1969-128 1969 Ad North American Rockwell Hatteras Yacht Boat 2pg
1931-11 1931 Ad Storrs Harrison Co Gardening AND Schlings Seeds AND Joseph Harris Co Seeds
1969-87 1969 Ad Oldmobile Olds Toronado What does Toronado offer lady?
------SOLD------- 1969-2 1969 Ad Oldsmobile Cutlass Old Computer Theme
1969-98 1969 Ad Oldsmobile Olds Cutlass S Wild blue yonder
------SOLD------- 1969-54 1969 Ad Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser All Family Escape Machine
1942-5001 1941 Ad Scripto Quality Leads Pencils Color leads
1969-114 1969 Ad Parliament Cigarettes Bird Hunting Theme
1944-56 1944 Ad USF&G Fire Corporation Helped cut personnel losses
1955-42 1955 Ad Medico Filter Pipes
------SOLD------- 1969-49 1969 Ad Plymouth 1970 Barracuda We have a car for you
1969-55 1969 Ad Plymouth 1970 Sport Fury Our newest model
1969-91 1969 Ad Plymouth Duster Cartoon ad
1958-140 1958 Ad Allis Chalmers Nuclear Fusion Power Test Track
1969-102 1969 Ad Pontiac Bonneville 428 V8 standard Break Away
------SOLD------- 1969-158 1969 Ad Pontiac Firebird A sports car that rides as good as it looks
1969-27 1969 Ad Pontiac Firebird Desert dune buggy theme
------SOLD------- 1969-26 1969 Ad Pontiac Grand Prix Desert theme cactus
1969-123 1969 Ad Pontiac GTO Move over mountain New GTO 2pg ad
------SOLD------- 1969-95 1969 Ad Pontiac GTO Offical Car of the US ski team
1959-141 1959 Ad AC Spark Plugs Performance out of this world
1969-11007 1969 Ad Presto appliances. The hinting season
1969-154 1969 Ad Purina Chuck Wagon Dog Food Tender Juicy Chunks
1969-32 1969 Ad Raleigh Bicycles American Family knows most about riding
1969-74 1969 Ad Raleigh Bicycles Bike Ride out the generation gap 1/2 pg
1969-112 1969 Ad Ramada Inn Roadside Hotels with coupon
1969-11011 1969 Ad Roi Tan Cigars A 5 cent bargain right under your nose
1969-90004 1969 Ad Ronson lighters The him to her, her to him lighters
1969-3 1969 Ad San Diego Tourism & Toastmaster appliances
------SOLD------- 1969-10025 1969 Ad Sanitary Hydraulics. Reduce striping costs. Mark rite
1961-80036 1961 Ad Manhattan menswear and Sony. For good living and good giving
------SOLD------- 1969-82 1969 Ad Schaefer beer Thomas Jefferson trying to brew beer
1965-32 1965 Ad Flying A Service A face only a motorist could love
1969-11014 1969 Ad Schenley Reserve whiskey Joy. What do you expect from an 8 year old on Christmas
1969-10003 1969 Ad Scotch Lane Tape. Have you tried pavement marking by the roll
1969-56 1969 Ad Ski-doo snowmobile Go one better
------SOLD------- 1969-80 1969 Ad Smirnoff Johnny Carson Fresca St Bernard
1969-10015 1969 Ad Smith air compressors Airforce the rugged breed
------SOLD------- 1969-36 1969 Ad Smokey Bear Charcoal Briquets Real Hickory
1958-19 1958 Ad Royal Futura Portable Typewriter
1969-10004 1969 Ad Spencer Hartford Sewage Systems. In sewage plants throughout the land
1969-113 1969 Ad Sports Illustrated How can you catch O.J. OJ Simpson
1969-90024 1969 Ad Squirt soft drink. Nothing half way about the semi soft drink
1958-139 1958 Ad Sperry Remington Rand Statesman typewriter
1958-128 1958 Ad Squibb Manufacturing Chemists to the medical profession
1969-90017 1969 Ad Tampax Tampons
------SOLD------- 1969-99 1969 Ad Tang Orange Drink Space theme Coupon 12 cents off
------SOLD------- 1969-90040 1969 Ad The 1970 Ford. We interrupt this magazine
1958-181 1958 Ad Sunbeam toasters Radiant Control Star performer
------SOLD------- 1969-108 1969 Ad The friendly skies of United Airlines Crew ad
1958-134 1958 Ad The watchmakers of Switzerland Baseball theme
1969-10016 1969 Ad The home insurance company St Cloud Florida lands a prize catch
1969-103 1969 Ad The Penn Mutal Life Insurance Co Agent list
1959-74 1959 Ad Alka Seltzer Speedy Character AND Caterpillar Equipment New Haven Ct
1959-132 1959 Ad Allen Bradley Quality motor control Industrial timing problem
1959-150 1959 Ad Allen Bradley Quality motor control Rugged reliable control units
1969-90002 1969 Ad Tiparillo Cigars. Swap your next empty cigarette pack
1959-24 1959 Ad Automatic Electric AE Making ideas work automatically
1969-90014 1969 Ad Toyota 0-60 in 16 seconds. Still tops 90
1969-9 1969 Ad Toyota Corona 0-60 in 16 Seconds
1969-90030 1969 Ad Toyota Corona. A very moving experience
1969-90026 1969 Ad Toyota Corona. Meticulous workmanship
1959-14 1959 Ad Caterpillar Construction Equipment Nations challenge
1959-49 1959 Ad Caterpillar Tractors Graders Enginers Others pray for rain
1969-162 1969 Ad True Value Hardware Lawn and Garden Values
1916-002 1916 Ad Pierce Arrow Auto Company Buffalo NY
1920-044 1920 Ad JP Morgan Co Drexel & Co, Philadelphia; Morgan Grenfell Co, London; Morgan, Harjes & Co, Paris AND First bank of Boston
1925-21 1925 Ad Keds Sneakers AND American Flyers Mfg Contest
1969-90003 1969 Ad Volkswagen VW Ever wonder who buys them?
------SOLD------- 1969-90038 1969 Ad Volkswagen VW When they are looking up to you are they really looking down at you
1969-90010 1969 Ad Volkswagen VW. Ugly but gets you here. Lunar Module landing theme
------SOLD------- 1969-107 1969 Ad VW Volkswagen Our car the movie star
1969-11020 1969 Ad Water Pik Oral Hygiene appliance. Ask your dentist
1926-17 1926 Ad Elgin Watch Santa AND Grebe SynchroPhase
1926-192 1926 Ad Phoenix Hosiery Three Sixty Eight 368
1926-20 1926 Ad Remington Typewriters A Gift for Everybody
1969-10001 1969 Ad Wide-lite mercury vapor lighting. Colored Dulcolax
------SOLD------- 1969-72 1969 Ad Wink - Volkswagen AND Diamond ad Paul Davis Art
1969-57 1969 Ad Zippo lighters Zippo's flaming beauties. Lighter Christmas
1970-70 1970 Ad 1971 Cutlas S and Cutlas Supreme 2 page ad
1970-110 1970 Ad 1971 Mercury Cougar Better Ideas Better Cars 2pg
1970-66 1970 Ad Allis Chalmers Great outdoor escape contest Lawnmower
1970-72 1970 Ad American Motors Gremlin Uncle Sam theme
------SOLD------- 1970-94 1970 Ad America's Railroads World Trade Center Twin Towers
------SOLD------- 1970-102 1970 Ad Amway Corporation You can clean without phosphates
1970-9014 1970 Ad Audi automobile. 1971 and 1933 Audi
------SOLD------- 1970-76 1970 Ad Audi In Germany this car sold out.
1970-78 1970 Ad Bacardi Rum Coca Cola Coke Fresca A Bacardi party
------SOLD------- 1970-95 1970 Ad Bank Americard All you need Payphone Theme
1970-90 1970 Ad Bank Americard It's all you need Almost Bubble Gum
------SOLD------- 1970-9002 1970 Ad Beefeater Gin The gift of excellence. Identifiable Excellence
------SOLD------- 1970-15 1970 Ad Bernzomatic blow Torches Torch Christmas theme
------SOLD------- 1970-8009 1970 Ad Bernzomatic torches. Mrs Claus Christmas theme
1970-9005 1970 Ad Black Velvet Imported Canadian Whiskey Nobody beats our drum for Christmas
------SOLD------- 1970-13 1970 Ad Budweiser Beer John Wayne TV special
1970-62 1970 Ad Budweiser Beer Piano theme Great looking ad 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1970-69 1970 Ad Buick Light your fire Skylark Custom Sport Coupe
------SOLD------- 1970-53 1970 Ad Cadillac Change mind 11 times Cadillac for 1970
1970-46 1970 Ad Cadillac for 1971 The new look of leadership 2pg
------SOLD------- 1960-11 1960 Ad New York Belmont Plaza Albert Pick Hotel 3/4 pg
1926-104 1926 Ad Waterman's Fountain Pen Full fisted and smaller holder
1960-30 1960 Ad Old Spice Shulton Deodorant cologne shampoo
1960-1 1960 Ad Pontiac Wide Track AND Calvert Reserve
1960-28 1960 Ad Rambler Auto 4 door hardtop and American
------SOLD------- 1960-52 1960 Ad Republic Steel Comfort from dry oil wells
1909-007 1909 Ad Mennen's Borated Talcum Toilet Powder AND Best and Co Children's clothing
------SOLD------- 1960-60 1960 Ad Robert Hall Clothing Easter Family theme
1909-017 1909 Ad The Locomobile Company of America NY Philadelphia Boston
------SOLD------- 1960-4 1960 Ad S & H Green Stamps
1960-38 1960 Ad Salem Cigarettes Menthol Springtime outdoor theme
------SOLD------- 1960-32 1960 Ad Schlitz Beer Beach Cookout theme half quart cans
1960-42 1960 Ad Schlitz Beer Home Tree Planting Theme
1910-021 1910 Ad Baker Electric Cars AND Steinway and Son's Pianos
1928-30 1928 Ad Remington Rand Business Services Manpower 2 pg
1960-34 1960 Ad Sinclair Power-X and H-C Gasoline Gas Sweepstakes
1960-40 1960 Ad Waytex sandwich bags and wax paper wraps
------SOLD------- 1960-3 1960 Ad Western Electric Telephone AND Lark Studebaker
------SOLD------- 1961-136 1961 Ad '62 Chevy Jobmaster Trucks High Torque power
------SOLD------- 1961-14 1961 Ad After Six Tuxedo Clothing menswear
------SOLD------- 1961-24 1961 Ad Albert Pick hotels hotel
------SOLD------- 1961-7 1961 Ad Amstel of Amsterdam Beer and KLM Airlines
------SOLD------- 1961-20 1961 Ad Amstel of Amsterdam Beer and KLM Airlines No 2
------SOLD------- 1961-18 1961 Ad APECO copymaker copier New hi speed has everything
1961-16 1961 Ad Avianca Airlines Plane Jet Fastest to Columbia RETAKE PICTURE
1961-53 1961 Ad Baby Ruth Sailor Theme "The candy bar that's Tops"
1961-19 1961 Ad Balsa Hotel Acapulco Mexico City 1/2 pg
1961-85 1961 Ad Bank of American Travelers Checques Checks
1961-51 1961 Ad Bell Telephone "Home for Thanksgiving"
1961-87 1961 Ad Bell Telephone System Baby Theme
------SOLD------- 1961-68 1961 Ad Beretta Shotgun Hunting Perfect day in the field 1/2 pg
1961-8 1961 Ad Bermuda Tourism Beach and Golf theme
------SOLD------- 1961-36 1961 Ad Black and White Scotch Scotty dogs Color ad Holidays
------SOLD------- 1961-152 1961 Ad BOAC Airlines World leaders in jet travel
1961-80002 1961 Ad Bourbon Supreme. Rare American Bourbon
------SOLD------- 1961-97 1961 Ad Brach's Chocolate Covered Cherries Taste as good as look
1961-120 1961 Ad Buick Advanced Thrust Flattens Hills like it flattens the floor
1961-80029 1961 Ad Capital Stereos and phonographs. Stereo at its finest
1961-23 1961 Ad Carlsberg Beer Quaffmanship Traveling Quaffer
------SOLD------- 1961-94 1961 Ad Carnation Friskies Dog Food St Bernard
1961-80028 1961 Ad Catalina menswear. Boat theme. Seafaring man
------SOLD------- 1961-80030 1961 Ad Catalina menswear. Boat theme. Seafaring man
1961-35 1961 Ad Champ hats Head in the right direction 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1961-2 1961 Ad Chanel No 5 Perfume Every woman wants
1961-57 1961 Ad Chevrolet 2 pg Biscayne, Impala, Corvette, Belair, Nomad
1961-91 1961 Ad Chevrolet Chevy '61 Corvair Lakewood Monza 500
1961-101 1961 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Biscayne Impala Chevy II
------SOLD------- 1961-86 1961 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Jet smooth Impala Convertible Parkwood
1961-6 1961 Ad Chevrolet Nothing likes to pack up and go like a Chevy
------SOLD------- 1961-4 1961 Ad Chevy Corvair Coupe Station and Sports Wagon
1961-134 1961 Ad Chrysler '62 Features the new full size 300. High performance sports series
1961-47 1961 Ad Chrysler Plymouth Turnpikes
------SOLD------- 1961-155 1961 Ad Citroen Automobile a car is a must in Europe AND Starcraft boats
1961-80012 1961 Ad Citroen The worlds most comfortable car. A car is a must in Europe
------SOLD------- 1961-65 1961 Ad Colt Arms Blue and Gray Cival War Gun
1961-17 1961 Ad Colt Firearms Gun Civil War Collectors Centennial Army 1/4 pg
1961-80024 1961 Ad Cutty Sark blended Scots Whiskey From Scotland's best
1961-9004 1961 Ad Cutty Sark Whiskey. Scotlands best
1961-80018 1961 Ad Dacron by Dupont mens clothing Varsity town clothes
1961-80 1961 Ad Daisy 1894 Rifle Like Winchester 94 AND 62 Corvair
------SOLD------- 1961-80022 1961 Ad Dan River wash and wear cottons. At home anywhere in the world
1961-22 1961 Ad DeKuyper Cordials Cr�me De Menthe 3/4 pg
------SOLD------- 1961-33 1961 Ad Dobbs Hats Biscayne Blue
1961-34 1961 Ad Dobbs Hats Finest handwoven straws from around world
------SOLD------- 1961-135 1961 Ad Esso Gas Gasoline Humble Energy Volcano theme
1961-89 1961 Ad Evinrude motor Boat engine outboard Quieter
1961-156 1961 Ad Ford Thunderbird Formal Gown theme Thunderbird Country
1961-80017 1961 Ad Fortrel by Celanese Mens clothing
1961-56 1961 Ad General Motors Cadillac Winter Scene with Deer 2 pg
1961-127 1961 Ad Gilbey's Vodka Smart Smooth Spirited Purple theme
1959-151 1959 Ad Dumont Collector Series Television TV Where only Dumont Will do
1961-80025 1961 Ad Grace Cruise line Casual cruises
1961-15 1961 Ad Great Western America's largest selling champagne
1929-10 1929 Ad Burroughs Accounting Machine Adding Machine Company
1961-21 1961 Ad Haig and Haig 5 star whiskey Quality runs in the family
1929-9 1929 Ad The National City Company Invest today for tomorrow
------SOLD------- 1961-80005 1961 Ad Hart Schaffner and Marx Mens clothing. Bulldog theme
1961-80034 1961 Ad Healthknit mens underwear. Swing to the value line.
------SOLD------- 1961-52 1961 Ad Heinz Ketchup with Golf legend Arnold Palmer
1961-9002 1961 Ad Helbros Watches Wrap this around you wrist
1961-80014 1961 Ad Home Lines cruise ships Queen Frederica and Stella Maris
1961-9003 1961 Ad Hotel Janpath New Delhi India Most centrally situated
------SOLD------- 1961-88 1961 Ad International Harvester Trucks Rocket missile carrier
1961-12 1961 Ad Interwoven Socks Ban Lon Keep you 2 feet ahead
1930-1019 1930 Ad Reading cut nails. Cut from solid plate AND Bennet Bonded fireplace
1961-67 1961 Ad Ithaca Gun Co Deerslayer Shotgun Hunting
------SOLD------- 1961-80021 1961 Ad Jantzen mens wear. Fatherly advice from Jantzen. AND Tropi Flex by Creslan mens clothes
------SOLD------- 1961-150 1961 Ad Japan Airlines DC 80 Jet Courier
------SOLD------- 1961-3 1961 Ad Kings Men Cologne Fathers day
------SOLD------- 1961-78 1961 Ad Klein's Sporting Goods Marlin Ruger Browning Fleetwood Matador
1961-32 1961 Ad Knox Hats Airborne Straws
1961-31 1961 Ad Knox Hats Tom n Jerry Get a Tom n Jerry Mug
1961-80006 1961 Ad Kuppenheimer clothes What you can't see is the fine fit
1961-128 1961 Ad Look at Plymouth now. Forward Flair design.
1931-10 1931 Ad Burpee's Seeds AND Wayside Gardens AND Dreer's Garden Book
------SOLD------- 1961-27 1961 Ad Lot of 3 Trig Deodorant ads Bloodhound desert island
------SOLD------- 1961-28 1961 Ad Lot of 4 WOR TV and Radio ads
------SOLD------- 1961-26 1961 Ad Lot of 5 Lanvin Perfume Ads Arpege My Sin more
------SOLD------- 1961-96 1961 Ad Maidenform Bra Arabesque New bra I dreamed
1961-99 1961 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Filtered with unfiltered taste
1961-80019 1961 Ad Marlboro mens clothing. Fifth Ave NY NY. Slipover with Arnel triacetate
1961-9005 1961 Ad Mexico Dept of tourism. Which one would you choose
1961-80001 1961 Ad Miller Beer What makes this beer so sparkling clear
1961-79 1961 Ad Mossberg 500 12 gauge Shotgun Best Value
1961-137 1961 Ad Movie The devil at 4 Oclock Spencer Tracy Frank Sinatra
1961-80015 1961 Ad Multiple travel ads: Hotel Navarro, Arawak, Hotel Algiers, Silver Seas
------SOLD------- 1961-80010 1961 Ad Multiple travel ads: Jena Restaurant, Paul Tubmans Penthouse club, Embers, Mario's Villa D'Este Borghese
1934-4 1934 Ad NRA Postal Shooting Matches Remington Ammo
------SOLD------- 1961-74 1961 Ad Noble 70 410 Pump Shotgun AND Model K Weaver Scopes
1961-80033 1961 Ad Now is the time to get your boat. List of boats�.may not be an ad
1961-92 1961 Ad Oasis Cigarettes Tobacco Forgotten Flavor
1961-48 1961 Ad Oldsmobile "roomy" as all outdoors
1961-49 1961 Ad Oldsmobile 88 & Early Times Bourbon
1961-93 1961 Ad Oldsmobile F85 every inch an Oldsmobile
1961-80003 1961 Ad Oldsmobile Olds Starfire. Adventure in motoring excitement
1961-131 1961 Ad Oldsmobile Starfire An Oldsmobile original
------SOLD------- 1961-64 1961 Ad Olin Corp Winchester Shotgun Gun Hunting
1961-63 1961 Ad Olin Corp Winchester Shotgun Shell
------SOLD------- 1961-11 1961 Ad Omega Watches Tomorrow they graduate
1961-42 1961 Ad Oxford house Chicago and Hotel Lexington 1/8 page ads
1961-124 1961 Ad Pall Mall Cigarettes Good looking Good tasting
1961-41 1961 Ad Palm Beach Towers and Oxford House Chicago 1/8 pg ads
1937-1003 1937 Ad Thermoid Custom Built brake lining sets Trenton NJ
1961-80020 1961 Ad Pao Pluma tailored by Sagner. Pacific. Mens clothing. Ride out the heat waves
1961-82 196110 Ad Model 1894 Daisy BB Gun Spittin image of Winchester Model 94
1961-100 1961 Ad Philip Morris King Size Commander Cigarette
1961-55 1961 Ad Pontiac Bonneville Wide Track 2 pg
1961-129 1961 Ad Pontiac Wide Track How to stop staring at other peoples Pontiac
------SOLD------- 1961-80007 1961 Ad Porto Ped air cushion shoes. Stand up for comfort
1961-25 1961 Ad RCA Victor Records Perry Como Nipper 1/4 page
------SOLD------- 1961-40 1961 Ad Real Estate Cape Coral Florida Get in the swim 1/8th page
------SOLD------- 1961-69 1961 Ad Remington Gun 3 pg foldout & shallow water ducks
------SOLD------- 1961-44 1961 Ad Rent vacation home Port St Lucie Country Club 1/2 pg
1941-19 1941 Ad Pullman Rail Car Military AND Stromberg Carlson FM Radio
1961-10 1961 Ad Ronson Varaflame lighter. Great color ad
------SOLD------- 1961-50 1961 Ad S & H Green Stamps "America's Most valuable stamps"
1961-80009 1961 Ad Sabena Travel. Europe Boeing Caravelle
------SOLD------- 1961-1 1961 Ad Sands Hotel Las Vegas Frank Sinatra Come fly with me
1961-75 1961 Ad Sauer Shotguns Shooters Bible Stoeger Arms Corp
1961-66 1961 Ad Savage Model 24 Shotgun Hunting theme
1961-61 1961 Ad Savage Rifle Rifles Hunting Hunter Theme 1/2 pg
1961-121 1961 Ad Schlitz Beer His name was Joe Joseph Schlitz
1961-80016 1961 Ad Schlitz Beer. Move up to Schlitz. Discover the difference AND Truval Mens shirts Crystal checks
------SOLD------- 1961-80004 1961 Ad Schlitz Beer. Move up to Schlitz. Enjoy the difference
1961-95 1961 Ad Schrafft's Candy Valentines Lark Giveaway
------SOLD------- 1961-9 1961 Ad Scripto Vu lighter Let's you know when fuel is low
1961-123 1961 Ad Seagram's 7 Crown Blended Whiskey Football theme
1941-48 1941 Ad Pullman Rail cars Military AND Greyhound Bus lines Mountains
1961-70 1961 Ad Shooting preserves 8 pg pamphlet 1961-62
1961-130 1961 Ad Smirnoff Vodka Take a holiday Cruise ship theme
1961-73 1961 Ad Smith Wesson .22 Center fire Magnum Handgun Gun SOME BROWNING size is 4 3/4 x 7 3/4
1942-5005 1941 Ad Saturday Evening Post. Your vote can help win this war
1941-5 1941 Ad Schlitz Head of the table 2pg
------SOLD------- 1961-43 1961 Ad Stardust Hotel Las Vegas Le Lido de Paris 1/8 pg ad
1961-30 1961 Ad Stetson Hats Straws in the summer style wind
------SOLD------- 1961-29 1961 Ad Stetson Hats The London Taper in Thunder Blue
1961-133 1961 Ad The 1962 Mercury's The best looking buy for the big car man
1961-153 1961 Ad Trojan boats Cruisers Sport Fisherman Tops them all
1961-154 1961 Ad United Gas Corporation More to do in the Gulf South
------SOLD------- 1961-80013 1961 Ad Varig mens suits. Tailored for a quick jetaway
1961-90 1961 Ad Vista Dome California Zephyr Railroad car
------SOLD------- 1961-62 1961 Ad Weatherby .300 Magnum Hunting Rifle
1961-46 1961 Ad Western Electric Telephone
1961-122 1961 Ad Western Electric Telephone New electron tube
1961-80027 1961 Ad White Horse Scotch Hospitality began with White House
1961-125 1961 Ad Whitman's Chocolate Candy Sampler Calendar Holiday Theme
1916-004 1916 Ad DuPont Fabrikoid Company Rayntite Material
1961-13 1961 Ad Yorktown cologne 1781 for men
1962-58 1962 Ad 1963 Compact Dodge Dart You'll hardly be able to contain yourselves
1962-66 1962 Ad 1963 Tempest Automobile Exploding the myth that cars have to be expensive to look at
1962-64 1962 Ad '63 Chevrolet Trucks Work tested on the Slam Bang Baja Run
1962-62 1962 Ad 7Up soda pop. Coupe Buffet Foods more fun with this fresh clean taste
1916-006 1916 Ad Velvet Joe Pipe Tobacco Leggett Myers
1962-63 1962 Ad All new All beautiful All Rambler
1916-007 1916 Ad Listerine Antiseptic. Deodorant cooling after bath solution
------SOLD------- 1962-20 1962 Ad Arrow Dress shirts Paddock Club Tabber Snap Collar
1962-53 1962 Ad Arrow Stapler World's greatest name in stapling
------SOLD------- 1962-2 1962 Ad Aurora Model Motoring Scale Cars
------SOLD------- 1962-24 1962 Ad Ballantine Ale Alec Cushing A manlier brew
1962-37 1962 Ad Benruss Watches Elegance Little watch love a lot
1962-8009 1962 Ad Borden's Chocolate milk and ice cream. Pipeline to Holland
1962-61 1962 Ad Borden's Lifeline Milk Knitting theme Elsie cow AND American LDO Super Premium Motor oil
1962-65 1962 Ad Buick Riviera A new point of view in American Automobiles
1962-31 1962 Ad Calvert Reserve Whiskey Delicious Festive Decanter
1962-50 1962 Ad Chef Boy Ar Dee Pizza Now 2 great pizzas
1962-25 1962 Ad Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Spaghetti Dinner A meal in a minute
1962-27 1962 Ad Chesterfield King Cigarettes 21 Great tobacco's
1962-17 1962 Ad Chevy Impala Go Jet Smooth Travel in luxury 2 page
1916-008 1916 Ad Great Western Champagne Tareyton London Cigarettes Old Overholt Rye Universal Landers Frary and Clark
1962-7007 1962 Ad Dixie Cup Kids help themselves with Dixie Cup dispenser
1962-8001 1962 Ad Equitable Life Insurance. Look ahead
1962-34 1962 Ad Fleischmann's Whiskey Gin Vodka AND Marlboro Cigarettes
1962-51 1962 Ad Florida Fresh frozen Orange Juice 10 cent coupon
1962-8 1962 Ad Ford 2 pg Station Wagons
1962-4 1962 Ad General Telephone GTE Rotary Dial Snow theme
1962-59 1962 Ad GMC Trucks V-6 truck power in a pickup Only GMC has it
1962-8005 1962 Ad Hane's runless stockings. She saved it all on sheerloc
1962-28 1962 Ad Hiram Walker's Cordials The night before Christmas
1962-7002 1962 Ad Hush Puppies Shoes�A mery Christmas to all AND Royal Crown RC Cola The difference comes through
1962-7010 1962 Ad Jack Frost Cane Sugar Turn coffee into dessert
1962-8003 1962 Ad Jewels by Trifari. Pins under $15. One is $2,900
1962-12 1962 Ad Kemper Insurance 50 years AND Mercury Meteor Auto
------SOLD------- 1962-3 1962 Ad Kenner Toys Erector set and Projectors
1962-57 1962 Ad Kool Aid Drink A party in every pitcher
------SOLD------- 1962-5 1962 Ad Kool Aid Grape Boat Ship theme
------SOLD------- 1962-8007 1962 Ad Lavish her with fame Perfum De Corday
------SOLD------- 1962-55 1962 Ad Mercury Meteor Country Cruiser Station Wagon Glamour
1962-16 1962 Ad Millers Falls Tools AND Plumb F-57 Hammer BOTH 1/4 PAGE
------SOLD------- 1962-6 1962 Ad Movie Jumbo Doris Day Jimmy Durante
------SOLD------- 1962-8004 1962 Ad New Schick Petite Salon Hair dryer. Fastes home hair dryer
1962-23 1962 Ad Newport Cigarettes Refreshes whiel you smoke
1962-26 1962 Ad Old Grand-Dad 100 proof head of the bourbon family
1962-7005 1962 Ad Olds Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass Styled to start you wishing
1962-14 1962 Ad Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass Styled to start you wishing
1962-10 1962 Ad Oldsmobile Joy of driving meets pride of ownership
1962-67 1962 Ad Oldsmobile Olds F85 Automobile Exciting new blend of beauty and action
1962-7009 1962 Ad Planters Peanuts Something no one ever ate�just one
------SOLD------- 1962-56 1962 Ad Plymouth '63 Plymouth's on the move
1962-7003 1962 Ad Pontiac Grand Prix Sharing Its beauty with a lot of spectators
------SOLD------- 1962-38 1962 Ad Portland Cement Association Concrete has strength
1962-1 1962 Ad Rambler Car Auto Station Wagon
1930-1001 1930 Ad The formica insulation company. A store front designed with formica
1962-13 1962 Ad Ronson Varaflame Gas Lighters Turn flame up
1962-22 1962 Ad Sanka Coffee Blend of world's finest coffees
------SOLD------- 1962-35 1962 Ad Schenley Reserve Hallmark Decanter Holiday ad
1962-7004 1962 Ad Schlitz Beer Real Gusto in a light beer Brewed with pride
------SOLD------- 1962-15 1962 Ad Schlitz Beer Some day all beer cans will open this easy
1962-21 1962 Ad Smirnoff Vodka It leaves you breathless
1962-29 1962 Ad Smirnoff Vodka Woman wrapped as gift with bow
------SOLD------- 1962-11 1962 Ad Tupperware containers What's left stays right
------SOLD------- 1962-7001 1962 Ad VW Volkswagon. Why do we put such big wheels on our little car?
1962-36 1962 Ad Western Electric Telephone Phone A billionth part
1962-30 1962 Ad Whitman's Chocolate Sample Rates a kiss
1959-8003 1959 Ad Funk's Hybrid. Funks G The corn that wins when you weigh and compare
1962-7 1962 Ad Zippo Lighter The lighters that work Christmas theme
1962-7006 1962 Ad Zippo lighters Christmas shopping guide to Zippos
1963-017 1963 Ad Bell Telephone Systems. Up to date communication services
1963-013 1963 Ad Budweiser Beer. Pool table theme. Saturday afternoon
------SOLD------- 1963-007 1963 Ad Bulova Accutron watches. Why you should wear.
1963-005 1963 Ad Chevy Chevrolet 1964 Corvair. New Power for easier ups and downs
1963-002 1963 Ad Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance. The blue chip company
1959-8005 1959 Ad Master Mix Feeds. The business man in the blue denim suit. McMillen Feed Mills Fort Wayne Indiana
1963-006 1963 Ad Holiday Inn 17,000,000 travelers Wherever you travel
1959-56 1959 Ad New England Mutual Life Farm Theme John Clymer Art
1959-143 1959 Ad Pittsburgh Plate Glass Twindow Insulating Glass
1963-009 1963 Ad Piper Aircraft. Plane. Picture of a satisfied man
1963-001 1963 Ad Pontiac Grand Prix. Your pulse rate goes up
1959-91 1959 Ad Portland Cement Ass'n Michigan Interstate 75 highway
1959-95 1959 Ad Pure High HP Purelube motor oil Modern measuring stick
1963-010 1963 Ad The 1964 Plymouth. Get up and go Plymouth
1963-008 1963 Ad The Middle South Utilities System. The changing middle south
1963-012 1963 Ad Travel Lodge Motel Why worry about inconvenient locations
1963-003 1963 Ad United Gas Corporation. Vacation now in the Gulf South AND the 1964 Rambler
1964-9020 1964 Ad 1965 Cadillac So new So right So obviously Cadillac
1964-37 1964 Ad 1965 Chrysler Plymouth Fury Beach Theme
------SOLD------- 1964-9019 1964 Ad 1965 Chrysler The most beautiful Chrysler ever built
1964-40 1964 Ad 1965 Pontiac Tempest & Pontiac Quick wide tracks 2pg
1964-9012 1964 Ad 65 Buick Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick
1964-9018 1964 Ad 65 Oldsmobile Never seen a luxurious 88 before
1964-8016 1964 Ad 7 Up 7up Worlds preview with festive foods
1964-8023 1964 Ad Abercrombie and Fitch. A salute to New Jersey from a happy resident
1959-142 1959 Ad Rival Can-O-Mat Can opener The best all around gift
1964-29 1964 Ad Arrow Staple Gun Every purpose every price range
1964-8036 1964 Ad Bailey banks and Biddle Jewelry Royal Doulton AND Vera Hicks Old Drover Inn Ira Krex Antiques
1964-8008 1964 Ad Bamberger's Dept Store. Fashion is a fine art. Dog theme
1964-62 1964 Ad Bamberger's New Jersey Fashion Ad Saga Spring Fur
1955-2023 1955 Ad American Standard Hot water heat baseboard heating system
------SOLD------- 1964-49 1964 Ad Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Ad Leslie Morris design
1959-130 1959 Ad Samsonite Streamlite luggage Triple Strength
1964-9 1964 Ad Bermuda tourism & India Tourism
------SOLD------- 1964-8034 1964 Ad BOAC Do Europe in style Rail Safari AND Dromoland Castle Ireland Restaurant Passy Alpine Tourist Commission
1964-35 1964 Ad Buick Car Auto Changed a lot this year
1955-2024 1955 Ad MONY Mutual of New York. For young marrieds on the way up.
------SOLD------- 1964-4 1964 Ad Cadillac & Ballantine's
1964-44 1964 Ad Cadillac Looking at the world through cadillac windshield
1955-2025 1955 Ad Holeproof socks. Long wearing soft spun argyles
------SOLD------- 1964-8022 1964 Ad Caley and Lord NY New York. Fashion
1964-8001 1964 Ad Cannon Royal family of home fashions. Reigning beauties
------SOLD------- 1964-56 1964 Ad Canoe Perfume by Dana Nautical Flag Theme
1931-8 1931 Ad Doubleday Doran Publishing Margaret Kennedy The fool of the family
1964-61 1964 Ad Chanel No 5 Most treasured name in perfume
1964-59 1964 Ad Chant D'Aromes Guerlain Perfume
------SOLD------- 1964-31 1964 Ad Chevrolet 1965 Chevelle 101 changes
1964-9005 1964 Ad Chevy Chevrolet 65 Chevelle Beautiful Shape AND 65 Corvair Knock off your chair
1964-9006 1964 Ad Chevy Chevrolet 65 Chevrolet Everything over under and around
1964-9004 1964 Ad Chevy Chevrolet 65 Chevy II Most powerful tightwad in town
1964-63 1964 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Chevelle The inside story 2 PG ad
1964-9008 1964 Ad Chrysler 65 Dodge Coronet Hot new
1964-12 1964 Ad Chrysler Imperial & Jewels by Trifari
1964-5 1964 Ad Chrysler Imperial & Tia Maria Liqueur
1964-9016 1964 Ad Chrysler The incomparable Imperial
1931-7 1931 Ad Kernerator Incinerator AND Cadwell No 10 valve
1931-9 1931 Ad Peterson Henderson Co Seeds 1931 Seed Catalog AND Sutton Seeds
1964-8033 1964 Ad Continental Hotel Chicago Sun Valley The perfect vacation
1931-5 1931 Ad Portland Cement Co Chicago What should I expect of the home I build
1959-11 1959 Ad Timken Bearings Paul Bunyan Logging truck theme
1964-8018 1964 Ad Distinguished Resorts Whiteface Inn Edgewater Gulf Hotel Halekuylani Lucayan Beach
1964-38 1964 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Rochester NY Christmas theme
1964-8009 1964 Ad Elizabeth Arden perfume. Memoire Cherie
------SOLD------- 1964-9014 1964 Ad Emphasis on the NBC radio network. Exciting Enlightening
------SOLD------- 1964-16 1964 Ad ESSO Humble refining Engine Cold Test
------SOLD------- 1964-55 1964 Ad Estee Lauder's Re-Nutriv Swiss Strawberry lipstick AND The President Hotel Hong Kong Robert M Souers GM
------SOLD------- 1964-57 1964 Ad Estee Lauder's Re-Nutriv tropic tangerine lipstick
1959-54 1959 Ad W.D. Allen Sprinklers Bellwood Ill, NYC Gene Sarazen
1964-19 1964 Ad Ford 500 XL Solid, Silent, Super Torque
1964-8017 1964 Ad Ford Comet automobile Announcing the Comet Cyclone
1964-9013 1964 Ad Ford Econoline Van. Extra power for tough jobs
1964-8014 1964 Ad Ford means better built. Squeaks and rattles are strangers.
1964-9017 1964 Ad Ford Mustand and Galaxie 500. Best year yet for Ford
1964-2 1964 Ad Ford Thunderbird & Shalimar Guerlain Cologne
1964-33 1964 Ad General Motors Proved all around 1965 GM cars 2pg
1964-28 1964 Ad GMC Truck Handi Van What are you waiting for?
1959-122 1959 Ad Watkins Vitamins Vacation sweepstakes Northwest Airlines
1964-8005 1964 Ad Gorham Sterling Silver. Candelabra
1964-1 1964 Ad Greenbriar Resort & Moore McCormick Cruise Lines
------SOLD------- 1964-45 1964 Ad Greenwich Ct Real Estate Round Hill Club Cleveland Arnold Ladd Nichols more CHECK IF 2 PAGES OR ONE
1960-51 1960 Ad Band Aid New Extra Large Plastic Strips Baseball mitt
1960-39 1960 Ad Federal Mogul Service Bearings Grandmas car
1964-8011 1964 Ad I.W. Harper whiskey. A great tradition in every glass
1964-8020 1964 Ad In Greece you can wine and dine like a gourmet for just $3
1964-7 1964 Ad Italian Cruise Line & Mexico Tourism
1960-8 1960 Ad Florsheim Shoes Pleasure and leisure
1964-8045 1964 Ad Jean D Albret Ecusson Perfume
1960-6 1960 Ad Lanvin My Sin Black cat theme
1964-8043 1964 Ad Kittinger Furniture McMillen Furniture
1964-13 1964 Ad Kool Aid pirates theme & Winston Cigarettes
1964-8002 1964 Ad Lincoln Continental automobiles. Take a second look
1964-46 1964 Ad Lost Tree Village Palm Beach Florida 2 pages with other Real estateas well
1969-135 1969 Ad KLAC 57 Metromedia Los Angeles California
1964-36 1964 Ad Mercury Comet for More beautiful for 1965
1964-8047 1964 Ad Mercury outboard marine motors
------SOLD------- 1964-9007 1964 Ad Mexico Tourism Hearts are gay in Mexico
------SOLD------- 1964-39 1964 Ad Mobil high energy gasoline gas Service station theme
------SOLD------- 1964-32 1964 Ad Moen Faucet Moenique Quite a handle
------SOLD------- 1964-51 1964 Ad Montaldo's Fashion Ad AND Lord & Taylor Fashion ad
1960-62 1960 Ad Life Savers Lifesavers Pep O Mint Onion Theme
1940-16 1940 Ad Squibb Dental Cream Exhilarating action Milk of Magnesia
1964-9003 1964 Ad Nicholson Tools Files Tool quality Nicholson
1964-8010 1964 Ad Old Fitzgerald Whiskey. Whats so special about this name?
1964-26 1964 Ad Oldsmobile 98 LS Luxury Sedan New air of elegance
1964-18 1964 Ad Oldsmobile F-85 Winter theme
1964-43 1964 Ad Oldsmobile Olds Vista Cruiser Station Wagon
1964-58 1964 Ad Oxford Bone China New importance of Oxford
------SOLD------- 1964-9002 1964 Ad Paul Masson Wine. Why does the host get the first glass of wine
1964-8013 1964 Ad Pontiac As handsome as a Grand Prixs outside
------SOLD------- 1964-17 1964 Ad Pontiac Tempest Wagon & Camel Cigarettes
------SOLD------- 1964-54 1964 Ad Pontiac Wide Track Bonneville Outdoor caf� theme
1940-2007 1940 Ad Wausau Motor Parts Co. Wausau Oil Savr Piston rings
1940-3007 1940 Ad Woodbury Facial. Cholly Knickerbocker
1964-8030 1964 Ad Real Estate Bermuda Tuckers Town LiLo Somerset Kitson Co Gutteridge
1964-8027 1964 Ad Real Estate Connecticut Frank Cole William Pitt New Canaan Mrs Paul Lundy Camino Gardens Florida Mt Kisco NY Lady Cora II Rockport Yacht Supply
1964-8040 1964 Ad Real Estate Connecticut Newhill Olive Braden Kelly Homes Kenneth Ives AND Clarke Cushing Wheeler Sparre Agency
1964-8041 1964 Ad Real Estate Honolulu Earl Thacker Bel Air California St Croix Virgin Islands Bermuda Gilmour Evans
1964-8028 1964 Ad Real Estate Santa Barbara Carriage Hill Rancho Del Ciervo Sandcliff Mount Armour Stevens Co Polly P McGavok
1964-8029 1964 Ad Real Estate Virginia Gilnockie Canning Land Winslow Williams Eugene F Oconnor Maryland Canterbury Chesapeake Estates
1964-8042 1964 Ad Real Estate Virginia Stevens Co White Plains Springfield AND Talbot County Maryland Bartlett Quarry Farm WC Pinkard Tidewater
------SOLD------- 1964-8026 1964 Ad Real Estate. Kenneth Ives William Hats Jr. New Milford AND Watch Hill Rhode Island LJ Tucker Blue Spruce Acres
------SOLD------- 1964-60 1964 Ad Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion ad Hunting Shotgun theme
1964-8038 1964 Ad Savoy Hilton Hotel Fifth Ave St Regis Hotel
1964-8019 1964 Ad See Italy First Italian State Tourist office
1964-8024 1964 Ad Sherle Wagner Fixtures Some People know how to live
1928-12 1928 Ad Sheaffer's Pens Pencils Scrip Worlds applause
1964-52 1964 Ad St Moritz Hotel New York City Caf� De La Paix and Rumpelmayer's
------SOLD------- 1964-48 1964 Ad Stanley Korshak Fashion George Stavropoulos design
1964-8 1964 Ad Swedish American Cruise Line "Gripsholm" "Kungsholm"
------SOLD------- 1964-27 1964 Ad The 1965 Ford XL 3 history making investments
1928-47 1928 Ad Watson Stabilizers Smooth as stabilized motoring
1964-6 1964 Ad United States Cruise Line & Virginia Tourism
1964-23 1964 Ad Virginia Real Estate Silver Brook Summerdean Gilnockie Canning Land Co
1964-8004 1964 Ad White Owl New Yorker Cigars New York skyline
1965-25 1965 Ad '65 Pontiac Grand Prix Who has second best car?
1965-2 1965 Ad Bell Telephone Bell Systems & Frigidaire Washers
1965-20004 1965 Ad Bilco Basement Doors. Look for this quality feature in your new home
1965-3024 1965 Ad Buick Riviera Who cares if people think you're younger
------SOLD------- 1965-14 1965 Ad Caravelle Division of Bulova Watch heart theme Very Red
------SOLD------- 1965-20017 1965 Ad Carling Black Label Beer. More flavor in your life
------SOLD------- 1965-12 1965 Ad Carlsberg Beer 6 pack & DeBeers Diamond is forever
1965-20009 1965 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Corvair Universal appeal
1965-35 1965 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Trucks Workpower Long strong line 2 PG
------SOLD------- 1965-3020 1965 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Grrrrrr8
1965-23 1965 Ad Chevy Corvair Chevrolet Unusual Car for people�
------SOLD------- 1965-4 1965 Ad Chrysler Dodge Monaco "Join the Dodge Revolution"
1965-15 1965 Ad Chrysler Plymouth Station Wagons "Roaring 65's"
------SOLD------- 1965-17 1965 Ad Coca Cola "Things go better with Coke"
1965-20019 1965 Ad Cutty Sark blended Scots Whiskey
1965-20018 1965 Ad Dodge Polara Long on looks. High society theme AND Bell System Rotary dial telephones
1965-3012 1965 Ad Dr Pepper Soda Pop Hot Winter warmer
1965-3019 1965 Ad Firestone tires The Firestone Nylon 500
1965-20005 1965 Ad Flying A Gas Stations We should worry about spring?
------SOLD------- 1965-20006 1965 Ad Ford Econoline Vans Economy and Giant Economy sizes
------SOLD------- 1965-20011 1965 Ad Ford Falcon The savings go on and on
------SOLD------- 1965-1 1965 Ad Ford Galaxy 500 XL
------SOLD------- 1965-7 1965 Ad Ford Mustang "Bernard was born a loser"
------SOLD------- 1935-7 1935 Ad Champion Spark Plugs Vitally important
1935-9 1935 Ad McQuay Norris Super C Piston Rings
1937-1007 1937 Ad Bendix Feragen Chassis Dynamometer New Junior Model
------SOLD------- 1965-3011 1965 Ad Half and Half Cigarettes Great new taste Pipe tobacco in a filter cigarette
1965-30 1965 Ad Half and Half Cigarettes Pipe tobacco in a filter cigarette
------SOLD------- 1965-16 1965 Ad Honda 4 Stroke Moped 200 miles per gallon
1965-13 1965 Ad Huffy Bicycles mens, womens, childrens
1965-3003 1965 Ad Hunts Catsup Ketchup Hickory flavor Pizza flavor
1965-20001 1965 Ad Hunts Hickory and Pizza flavored Catsup Ketchup
1937-1006 1937 Ad Clawson and Bales Inc. C & B Rods AND Burd High Speed Piston Rings
1965-20008 1965 Ad Investors life insurance Built on four cornerstones
1965-3001 1965 Ad IW Harper Bourbon It's always a pleasure
1965-20002 1965 Ad Jeep Wagoneer V8 Vigilante Turbo Hydra Matic
------SOLD------- 1965-3002 1965 Ad Johnny Walker Red Scotch All together new
1965-3010 1965 Ad Kellogg's Corn Flakes Hawaiin theme
1965-3006 1965 Ad Kodak Eastman Kodak Co. Take any favorite snapshot
1965-3009 1965 Ad Lincoln National Life Insurance A lincoln penny
1965-20016 1965 Ad Lincoln National Life Insurance. Money slips away. Penny theme.
1965-24 1965 Ad Lucky Strike Cigarettes New Filters put taste back
1965-6 1965 Ad Mercury Comet 100,000 mile durability champion
1965-3016 1965 Ad Mercury Comet automobile Drove 3 Comets from top to bottom of world.
1965-36 1965 Ad Mercury Comet Big Beautiful performance champion 2 PG
1965-20015 1965 Ad Millers High Life Beer Sparkling flavorful distinctive The champagne of bottled beer
1937-1001 1937 Ad Sealed Power Piston Rings. Warning to motorists dealer ad
1965-26 1965 Ad Movie Those Calloways Brian Keith Vera Miles
1965-3022 1965 Ad Nabisco Cookies Open 'em up and say�.ahhhh
1965-3007 1965 Ad Nestle Cocoa mix. An exciting new chocolate drink
------SOLD------- 1965-3004 1965 Ad New England Life Were you born in 1940
1965-3023 1965 Ad New Ford Falcon 3 speed cruise O matic
1965-28 1965 Ad Newport Cigarettes Tastes Fresher
1965-29 1965 Ad Newport Cigarettes Tastes Fresher Sailboat theme
1965-27 1965 Ad Old Charter Kentucky's Finest Bourbon 7 10 yrs old
1965-20013 1965 Ad Olds Oldsmobile 442. Ken Venturi Bobby Nichols golf theme
1965-5 1965 Ad Oldsmobile 442 Rocket Action & Chef Boy Ardee Pizza
------SOLD------- 1965-18 1965 Ad Parke Davis Lots of drugs in this ad
------SOLD------- 1965-3 1965 Ad Pontiac Bonneville Wide Track
------SOLD------- 1965-11 1965 Ad Pontiac Bonneville Wide track & Savings - Loan Assoc
------SOLD------- 1965-33 1965 Ad Quaker Oats Cooks in 1 minute Stood on your head
1965-20014 1965 Ad Rambler Ambassador Luxury convertible. The sensible spectaculars
------SOLD------- 1965-9 1965 Ad Rexall Drug Store. 1 1/2 pg ad
1965-19 1965 Ad Royal Crown RC Cola Jockey
1929-30 1929 Ad Coyne Electrical School Chicago Mail order coupon
1929-27 1929 Ad Galion Cryptorium After 6,000 years
1965-3021 1965 Ad Sears Hotline to Santa Claus Rotary dial telephone Red
1965-3005 1965 Ad Tareyton Cigarettes. Rather switch than fight. Dummy with black eye
------SOLD------- 1965-20010 1965 Ad Texaco Touring atlas by Rand McNally. Only Texaco has it
1929-6 1929 Ad GF Allsteel Office Equipment Company Desks Files Safes Shelves
------SOLD------- 1965-10 1965 Ad Volkswagen VW bus Microbus
------SOLD------- 1965-3018 1965 Ad When this circuit takes your job. Train now for tomorrows jobs
1965-20003 1965 Ad Whitman's chocolate sampler. Candy lovers have dedicated spies at Whitmans
1965-31 1965 Ad Yuban Coffee Handsome new jar and can
1966-16 1966 Ad Anderson Windows Windowalls Build fun into home
1966-3 1966 Ad Buick Open Kadett. 2 car family in 1 car budget
------SOLD------- 1966-6 1966 Ad Canada Dry Ginger Ale 2 pg GREAT AD
1966-10 1966 Ad Cessna Airplane Plane Fly for $5
------SOLD------- 1966-5 1966 Ad Esso Astronaut Tiger in your tank Man on moon 2 pg
1929-12 1929 Ad Northern Pacific Rail Line Visit Yellowstone Park
1966-14 1966 Ad Pall Mall Cigarettes Long on flavor
------SOLD------- 1966-17 1966 Ad Plaza 8 Underwear A wild under whiimsy is happening MAY NOT BE AN AD
1966-13 1966 Ad PPG Pittsburgh Plate Glass Stars in the windows
1966-1 1966 Ad Skippy Peanut Butter "Are you a top grade Nut Nut?"
1966-4 1966 Ad Swank jewelry & GM Safety comes first
1966-11 1966 Ad Tempo Cigarettes I've changed too
1966-2 1966 Ad Western Electric Telephone. Part of Bell System
------SOLD------- 1967-4 1967 Ad 7 UP Wet and Wild & Marlboro Cigarettes new 100's
1967-10009 1967 Ad ATT We invented the solar battery but brought you the wrong phone
1967-8009 1967 Ad Body by Fisher Lots of Lock
1967-8013 1967 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Camaro Pacesetter sale. Official Pace car AND Nestles Quik Chocolate
1967-8007 1967 Ad Chrysler Simca Families swing two cars
1967-1 1967 Ad Coke Coca Cola "Taste you never get tired of"
1967-8006 1967 Ad Dodge Trucks Camping More homes than the average subdivision
1967-8012 1967 Ad Dreyfus Fund Inc Nutual investment fund Lion Theme
1967-8011 1967 Ad Fiat Americas sweetheart King of the road feeling
1967-3 1967 Ad Fig Newton Nabisco Cookie
------SOLD------- 1967-8005 1967 Ad Ford Fairlane GT Show your stripes
------SOLD------- 1967-8 1967 Ad GM Buick GS-340 The mini priced GS-400
1967-10006 1967 Ad GTE General Telephone and Electronics Crime and vandalism
------SOLD------- 1967-6 1967 Ad Harley Davidson Motorcycle Beyond 3d with H D
------SOLD------- 1967-7 1967 Ad Hatteras 41 ft Boat 2pg AND Carrols Club Burger 1/2 pg
------SOLD------- 1967-11 1967 Ad Hires root beer High times for Hires Crystal Zodiac Goblets 2 pg
1929-14 1929 Ad Vermont Marble Cemetary Headstones Monuments
1967-90001 1967 Ad Hunts Tomato Catsup grocery bag theme
1930-1007 1930 Ad Adamston Flat Glass co. Clarksburg West Virginia. Clear Vision.
1930-1005 1930 Ad Portland Cement Association. Monolithic Concrete. Morgan Adams Building Los Angeles
1967-8002 1967 Ad Mercury Cougar Dan Gurney Special. Specially priced for a limited time
1967-10012 1967 Ad National Football League NFL 1967 training table foods and booklet
1967-90006 1967 Ad Naugahyde. The Nauga is ugly but his vinyl hide is beautiful
1967-10010 1967 Ad Nestles chocolate crunch bar Makes the very best
1967-10011 1967 Ad Pall Mall Cigarettes The 7 minute cigarette Tortoise theme
1967-10005 1967 Ad Phase III Deodorant bath soap bar
1967-90002 1967 Ad Pittsburgh Paints Wallhide paint. You pay for 3 quarts, the 4th is on us
1967-8003 1967 Ad Planters Peanutes Armour Franks Elephant Theme
1967-10007 1967 Ad Plymouth Fury Station Wagons Out to win you over
1990-005 1990 ad Haagen Dazs Ice cream The artful Nutt
1967-90005 1967 Ad Schaeffer Beer Working on this thirst for 3 hours. Golf theme. Great background
1957-6012 1957 Ad Buick Century The beautiful buy. Handle with confidence
1957-30022 1957 Ad Canada Dry Ginger ale and tonic. Good evening, Good morning
------SOLD------- 1957-4002 1957 Ad Caterpillar Cat diesel tractors. Improves soil for better yields
------SOLD------- 1957-91 1957 Ad Chase and Sanborn Cofee half page
1957-30013 1957 Ad Chase and Sanborn Coffee 93rd Anniversary special
1957-82 1957 Ad Chase Sanborn Coffee Linkletter Ford 2pg
------SOLD------- 1957-134 1957 Ad Chevrolet Chevy full of spunk Totem Pole theme AND Spud Cigarettes
------SOLD------- 1957-23 1957 Ad Chevrolet Light touch driving
------SOLD------- 1957-2 1957 Ad Chris Craft Showboats Beautiful Boats
1957-110 1957 Ad Chrysler Imperial Car captured a nation overnight
------SOLD------- 1957-77 1957 Ad Chrysler The switch is on 2 pg
1957-5-004 1957 Ad Corby's whiskey Whatever the occasion. Golf theme
1957-98 1957 Ad Crane Bath Plumbing fixtures Remodel with the finest
1957-30033 1957 Ad Dash laundry detergent. Team your automatic washer with Dash
1957-4007 1957 Ad De Laval Separator Milker Cow to Can, Pail Type
1957-4012 1957 Ad De Laval Separator. Suspended milker. De Laval has it.
1909-020 1909 Ad Velvet Grip hose supporters AND Berkshire Hills Sanitorium alcohol treatment center
------SOLD------- 1957-6 1957 Ad Delco Original Equipment Car Battery Tulip
1957-100 1957 Ad Dictaphone Time Master Dictabelt Record
------SOLD------- 1957-84 1957 Ad Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils
1957-112 1957 Ad Dodge Swept Wing design Special kind of magic
------SOLD------- 1957-48 1957 Ad Dr. Pepper The Friendly Pepper Upper Clown theme half page
1910-023 1910 Ad Anheuser Busch Co Malt Nutrine Bloom of Health AND JL Mott Iron Works Bath Tubs
1957-133 1957 Ad DuBouchett Cordials Liquor
1957-5008 1957 Ad Etiquet Deodorants Why pay more. Half price sale
1957-128 1957 Ad F.W. Woolworth Co Woolworths Revell Authentic kits USAF planes
1957-99 1957 Ad Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
1957-85 1957 Ad Firestone Truck Tires More miles you go
1957-30002 1957 Ad Ford Adventures in motion Setting the pace on the american road
1957-132 1957 Ad Ford Auto Automobile Car Low cost way to live like royalty
1957-4010 1957 Ad Ford Farming. Ford mounted corn pickers Up to $6.25 more from every acre
------SOLD------- 1957-87 1957 Ad Ford No Wagon like Ford, Inner Wagon
1957-28 1957 Ad Ford Set your family 2 Ford free
1957-80 1957 Ad Ford The big new kind of Ford 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1957-30035 1957 Ad Formfit bras and undergarments. For the figure that makes the most out of fashion
1957-30005 1957 Ad Formfit bras. Your figured defined in fashions terms
------SOLD------- 1957-16 1957 Ad Four Roses Bourbon Time works wonders
1957-30016 1957 Ad Franco American Italian style spaghetti and meatballs
------SOLD------- 1957-5006 1957 Ad Franco American Italian style spaghetti with meatballs
------SOLD------- 1957-4 1957 Ad French's Garlic Salt Seasoning
1957-25 1957 Ad French's Mustard Easter Dinner
1957-1 1957 Ad Gilbey's Vodka All America Welcomes
1957-30034 1957 Ad Gilbey's Vodka. Only the clear smooth heart of vodka is good enough for Gilbey's
1957-6011 1957 Ad GM Diesel power Unloads cars 1/3 faster. Crane theme
1957-30028 1957 Ad Gold Seal flooring. Choose from 173 fresh new faces of Gold Seal tile
1926-123 1926 Ad Weyerhaeuser Forest Products Complete home plans $15
1957-6002 1957 Ad Great Northern Railroad Western Star
1957-30017 1957 Ad Guild wines. And for dessert, fruit, cheese and Guild wine
1957-20 1957 Ad Hanes Stockings Mermaid theme
1957-30027 1957 Ad Hanes underwear. Two winning pairs
1927-6 1927 Ad Air Mail Flying Toy Racer Very cool ad for a vintage collectible toy
1927-9 1927 Ad Montgomery Ward Quality first the Low Price
1957-30019 1957 Ad Imperial whiskey by Hiram Walker. Knowledgeable people buy Imperial
------SOLD------- 1957-127 1957 Ad Indian River Estates Florida at Fort Pierce Florida
1957-30008 1957 Ad Iron Fireman Central heating and cooling units
------SOLD------- 1957-6009 1957 Ad ITT International telephone and telegraph Coolerator Air conditioner
------SOLD------- 1957-65 1957 Ad Jarman shoes Portraits in leather
1957-78 1957 Ad JC Penney's Girls in dresses 2 pg
1957-4018 1957 Ad Jeep FC-170 New forward control Jeep saves more time and money on farm jobs
1957-39 1957 Ad Jello Sing a song of sixpence
1957-4011 1957 Ad John Deere. New 6 row equipment. Farming spreads its wings
------SOLD------- 1957-105 1957 Ad Johnson and Johnson Band Aid Faster Healing 1/2 pg
------SOLD------- 1957-104 1957 Ad Johnson and Johnson Band Aid Super Stick 1/2 pg
1969-11012 1969 Ad Sea and Ski Lipsaver. Lime for chapped lips
1970-7 1970 Ad Coleman Skiroule snowmobile Built to stay on top
1970-33 1970 Ad Converse Sneakers Running shoes How about you?
1967-10008 1967 Ad Union Carbide Captain Zip Sled for water. Put zzzip in your family
1967-8010 1967 Ad Union Electric St Louis sports baseball football
1954-5005 1954 Ad Westclox Clocks Fresh and colorful as spring
1955-2017 1955 Ad Railway express agency. Safe, Swift, Sure
------SOLD------- 1967-5 1967 Ad Wood Butte Knit Very GREEN & Win Al Hirt - Hair Spray
1968-5 1968 Ad Foster Grant sunglasses Raquel Welch Bandolero movie
------SOLD------- 1968-3 1968 Ad Fritos "Frito Bandito" Wanted Poster
1955-2035 1955 Ad Tangee Lipsticks for the woman alive
------SOLD------- 1968-7 1968 Ad Nestles Quik Chocolate Milk & MONY Financial
1977-20 1977 Ad J Osawa Co Ltd Mamiya Camera M645 BHMC
------SOLD------- 1968-10 1968 Ad Texaco Sky Chief Gasoline Jack Benny
1968-108 1968 Ad 1969 Buick Electra 225 Owners keep selling cars for us
------SOLD------- 1968-46 1968 Ad 1969 Buick Skylark Wouldn't you rather have a Buick
1968-94 1968 Ad 1969 Chevrolet Chevy Pickup Truck
1968-113 1968 Ad 1969 Ford LTD 2 door hardtop 2 pg ad Horse theme
------SOLD------- 1968-66 1968 Ad 1969 Ford Torino Darlington Riverside Daytona 2pg
1968-33 1968 Ad 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix Build a car like this
------SOLD------- 1968-24 1968 Ad 2pg Chevy Camaro Corvette HOT AD!
1968-26 1968 Ad 2pg Chevy Chevelle Camaro more.
1968-25 1968 Ad 2pg Ford XL Fastbacks See the light
1968-27 1968 Ad 2pg GM Cars GTO Corvette 442 and more
1977-41 1977 Ad Japan airlines The most orient for your dollar
1968-28 1968 Ad 2pg Schaefer Beer Mugs Every glass�
1968-10013 1968 Ad 68 Ford Quiet Strong Beautiful A great road car
1977-22 1977 Ad Phillips 66 Petroleum The north sea drill for oil
1968-10023 1968 Ad American gas association. Keep your cool over a hot grill
1968-9008 1968 Ad American Oil Co Gas Lets play showdown
------SOLD------- 1968-78 1968 Ad American Standard Fixtures The wild one
1968-9024 1968 Ad American Standard plumbing The wild one AND Boeing 737 Twinjet
------SOLD------- 1968-119 1968 Ad Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Suggstion Box
------SOLD------- 1957-41 1957 Ad Johnson Outboard boat motors Marine
1957-30003 1957 Ad Kaiser Aluminum Dome First of its kind.
1957-5002 1957 Ad Kellogs Special K Protein. Concentrated high protein food
------SOLD------- 1957-89 1957 Ad Kodak Film Big as life pictures
1960-48 1960 Ad Lifesavers Five Flavor Spinning Wheel theme Winning flavor
------SOLD------- 1957-29 1957 Ad Kroehler Starfire Group couch and loveseat furniture
------SOLD------- 1957-18 1957 Ad Lawn Boy Lawnmowers Pleasure packed
1952-7 1952 Ad Firestone Christmas Toyland 2 pg ad
------SOLD------- 1957-61 1957 Ad Lipton Tea Everything brightens up
1957-6008 1957 Ad Listerine Antiseptic Tested treatment for infectious dandruff
1952-16 1952 Ad GE Ultra Vision TV Lucy and Desi
1957-30007 1957 Ad Lord and Lady Elgin watches Personality styled. Inside and out the most
1957-30024 1957 Ad Manhattan Span mens dress shirts. Span collar wardrobe
1952-148 1952 Ad Lederle Laboratories The Virus World Final frontier
1957-44 1957 Ad Mars Candy Bar the 3 flavor candy bar
1952-77 1952 Ad Lifesavers 5 flavor Think of something pleasant
1957-30004 1957 Ad McGregor Drizzler Jacket Coat America's jacket of champions
1957-117 1957 Ad McGregor Sportswear Kirk Douglas Charlton Heston
1952-86 1952 Ad Misson Orange Beverage Pop California Jackpot HALF PAGE
1957-50 1957 Ad Mercedes Benz Going to Europe? Half page
------SOLD------- 1957-60 1957 Ad Mobiloil Mobil Oil Wake up your winter weary car
1957-31 1957 Ad Movie Funny Face Audrey Hepburn Fred Astaire
1957-30032 1957 Ad Movie Suez. NTA film network. Tyrone Power, Loretta Young
1957-30011 1957 Ad Naturflex bras girdles. Don't pay more
1957-30026 1957 Ad Nescafe instant coffee. Satisfy your coffee hunger
1952-60 1952 Ad Mobil oil Mobiloil S.S. United States Why accept less?
------SOLD------- 1957-5005 1957 Ad New Lady Kenmore washer. Sears.
------SOLD------- 1957-102 1957 Ad New York Stock Exchange Circle of Friends
------SOLD------- 1957-62 1957 Ad Norge Clothing washer with dispenser wheel
1957-30012 1957 Ad Old Granddad bourbon whiskey They speak for themselves
------SOLD------- 1957-21 1957 Ad Oldsmobile Starfire 98 Lucky You
1957-6010 1957 Ad Orangeburg Pipes and fittings. Rustproof and water tight
------SOLD------- 1957-126 1957 Ad Otarian Inc Hearing Aids Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt Hard of hearing
------SOLD------- 1957-68 1957 Ad Palm Beach Mens Clothing Springweave
1916-009 1916 Ad Arrow Collars and Perrier natural table water
------SOLD------- 1926-4001 1926 Ad Tiffany and Co. Jewelry Diamonds and other precious stones
------SOLD------- 1957-92 1957 Ad Pennsylvania Motor Oil Still finest
------SOLD------- 1926-4001 1926 Ad Travel. Salt Lake City. Center of scenic America
------SOLD------- 1957-49 1957 Ad Pepto Bismal Arthur Godfrey half page
1926-4002 1926 Ad Brambach Baby Grand Piano. Investment in happiness
1957-32 1957 Ad Philip Morris Cigarettes natural smoke
1926-4003 1926 Ad Krementz Co Moore Push Pins Whiting Adam Brushes
1957-4003 1957 Ad Plymouth Ahead for keeps
1957-116 1957 Ad Plymouth Fury V-800 engine Marriage theme
1957-73 1957 Ad Plymouth Last car cost $6,000 2pg
1926-4004 1926 Ad Speakman showers and fixtures. 57 years in the plumbing industry
1957-135 1957 Ad Pontiac Automobile Car turning a trend into a stampede Cowboy Theme
1957-43 1957 Ad Pontiac Wherever there's youth and fun
1957-24 1957 Ad Pontiac Writing history by the mile Pool theme
1957-114 1957 Ad Post 40% Raisin Bran Bran Flakes Life is swell Dick Sargent Art
1957-53 1957 Ad Post Grape Nuts Cereal Kid doing chinup
1957-72 1957 Ad Post Toasties Corn Flakes
------SOLD------- 1957-66 1957 Ad Q-Tips Warning to Grownups Baby with gun
1926-4005 1926 Ad The Hoover Vacuum. Beats as it sweeps.
------SOLD------- 1957-96 1957 Ad Real Estate Florida Indian River Estates 1/2 pg
------SOLD------- 1957-30048 1957 Ad Rexall Drug 7 lucky sale. Every price a reduced price
1957-88 1957 Ad Salem Cigarettes Smoke refreshed
------SOLD------- 1957-27 1957 Ad Sarong Girdle Dress up day!
------SOLD------- 1957-30045 1957 Ad Schenley Whiskey Elegance�it's clearly finer
1957-93 1957 Ad Schlitz Beer Schlitznic in the park Picnic theme
------SOLD------- 1957-79 1957 Ad Schlitz Life is Wonderful Schlitzerland 2 pg
1957-51 1957 Ad Scotch Tape. Scottish plaid theme half page
------SOLD------- 1957-55 1957 Ad Scotts Lawn Seed Choose the kind of lawn�
1957-30039 1957 Ad Seagram's Golden Gin The golden touch of hospitality
1957-5 1957 Ad Sealtest Banana Strawberry Ice Cream
1977-14 1977 Ad Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 Camera Decide for youself
1952-155 1952 Ad Neolite Soles Resoled shoes Step on it
1957-103 1957 Ad Simoniz Vista Auto Car Past Wax
1957-47 1957 Ad Skil Portable Tools 4 Sparkling new tools half page
1957-30030 1957 Ad Smirnoff Vodka. Driest of the dry. Pyramid theme
1957-30037 1957 Ad Smirnoff Vodka. Smoothest of the smooth
1957-30021 1957 Ad Sports Illustrated Baseball 1957
------SOLD------- 1957-6001 1957 Ad Spudnuts Doughnuts Franchise
------SOLD------- 1957-4014 1957 Ad Steckley's new genetic giant Hybrid Sorghums. Steckley Hybrid Corn Co
1957-37 1957 Ad Stokely Van Camp Canned Vegetables
------SOLD------- 1957-4009 1957 Ad Studebaker Packard Transtars. Heavy Duty loads and lightweigh prices
------SOLD------- 1957-17 1957 Ad Swanson Frozen Fruit Pies Cherry, lots of cherries
1957-30018 1957 Ad Tareyton Filter tip cigarettes. Mildness makes the difference
1957-71 1957 Ad The Mighty Chrysler Grand Slam
1957-6013 1957 Ad The Travelers Insurance Co. Mortgage quote - Mortgage protection How to have a mortgage on your home without worry
------SOLD------- 1957-58 1957 Ad The wines of California Promotional ad
1909-027 1909 Ad Royal Baby Plate Co Harper's letter of endorsement for advertising
1957-13 1957 Ad Toro Power Handle Mower Lawn Equipment
1957-6003 1957 Ad Trane Air conditioning and heating. La Crosse, Wisconsin 60 MPH Gale
1957-6005 1957 Ad Tropical ACB Primer Stops Rust before it starts
------SOLD------- 1957-30014 1957 Ad Tycora Sweaters and socks. The feeling is great in Tycora
------SOLD------- 1957-22 1957 Ad United Fruit Company Peel a banana
1957-5007 1957 Ad United Fruit Company. Havabanana. Wholesome and then some
------SOLD------- 1957-30041 1957 Ad United Van Lines Bette Somers Malone. Free help on your moving problems
1957-101 1957 Ad United Van Lines Sanitized Vans Bette Somers Malone
------SOLD------- 1957-97 1957 Ad Van Heusen Shirts Jerry Lewis 6 hours & 121 Jokes later
1957-30036 1957 Ad Veto Deodorant. Because you are the very breath he breathes
1957-19 1957 Ad Veto Womens Deodorant the air he breathes
1957-131 1957 Ad Viceroy Cigarettes Golfer Cary Middlecoff Smoothest taste
1957-109 1957 Ad Vista Car wax by Simoniz Paste Wax 57 Ford fender
1957-59 1957 Ad Walkers Whiskey Cartoon Society theme
1957-30042 1957 Ad Warners Sta flat Sonnet girdles
1926-111 1926 Ad Rand McNally and Co Maps You need only look
1957-30040 1957 Ad Weldwood luxurious Birch wood paneling. How to brighten a bedroom
1957-4017 1957 Ad Western Super X Xpert Shotgun shells
------SOLD------- 1957-30038 1957 Ad Western Union Telegram. Bernard Gimbel
------SOLD------- 1957-30 1957 Ad Westinghouse Frost Free Freezer
------SOLD------- 1958-74 1958 Ad 59 Dodge Everything Great 3 pg ad
------SOLD------- 1958-189 1958 Ad L & M Cigarettes Less tars more taste Puff by puff
1958-87 1958 Ad 1959 Dodge with Swing out seat
------SOLD------- 1958-11 1958 Ad 1959 Plymouth Station Wagon
------SOLD------- 1958-72 1958 Ad 2pg American Airlines wonderful way to vacation
------SOLD------- 1958-67 1958 Ad 2pg Cape Coral Florida Bottom half of 2pg
------SOLD------- 1958-71 1958 Ad 2pg Chevrolet Chevy Trucks Task Force 59
------SOLD------- 1958-55 1958 Ad 2pg Chevy Trucks and El Camino
1958-66 1958 Ad 2pg Chrysler New 59 Lion Hearted
------SOLD------- 1958-69 1958 Ad 2pg Dodge Truck for 1959
1926-82 1926 Ad Raymond Whitcomb Cruises Midnight Sun - Round the world
------SOLD------- 1958-60 1958 Ad 2pg GMC Truck America's ablest trucks
------SOLD------- 1958-70 1958 Ad 2pg International Truck Metro Mite
1958-63 1958 Ad 2pg International Trucks Least to own
------SOLD------- 1958-62 1958 Ad 2pg Johnson Dynautical boat motors
1958-58 1958 Ad 2pg Masonite Homes Dealer list
------SOLD------- 1958-56 1958 Ad 2pg Medallion Home Electric Ronald Reagan
------SOLD------- 1958-57 1958 Ad 2pg Pendleton Wool Sportswear
1958-64 1958 Ad 2pg Pontiac Number one road car
------SOLD------- 1958-65 1958 Ad 2pg Real Estate Port Charlotte Florida
1926-29 1926 Ad RCA Radiola AND Raymond Whitcomb Cruises West Indies
1958-17 1958 Ad 7Up 7 Up College Theme Fresh, clean
------SOLD------- 1958-25 1958 Ad ABC Television TV Ozzie Harriet Donna Reed
1958-177 1958 Ad AC auto filters Arm Mississippi to Cheek Oklahoma
------SOLD------- 1958-172 1958 Ad AC Oil filters Auto care started with AC Change Oil and filter
1926-141 1926 Ad RCA Radiola AND Raymond Whitcomb Cruise Co Mediterranean
1958-3 1958 Ad Allied Moving Company Dependable 1/3 pg
1958-48 1958 Ad Allied Moving Cross country Ducks 1/3 pg
1926-102 1926 Ad Remington Typewriters A machine for every purpose
1958-34 1958 Ad American Standard Bathroom fixtures
1958-88 1958 Ad Announcing new 1959 Desoto
1958-41 1958 Ad Automatic Electric Rotary Dial Wall Phone
1958-171 1958 Ad Avisco Cellophane Second only to nature
1926-89 1926 Ad Rock of Ages Boutwell Milne Varnum 1st Congregational Church Dedicated in 1806 Bennington Vt
1958-77 1958 Ad Bell Telephone System A bedroom extension Pink Rotary Phone
1958-183 1958 Ad Bicycle playing cards Choice of the great Charles Goren and Helen Sobel
------SOLD------- 1958-45 1958 Ad Bicycle Playing Cards Excitement in the cards
1958-52 1958 Ad Bicycle Playing Cards Excitement in the cards
------SOLD------- 1958-141 1958 Ad Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards Congress Cards
1958-35 1958 Ad Black and Decker Auto Polisher 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1958-5 1958 Ad Boeing 707 and 720 Airplane Plane
------SOLD------- 1958-114 1958 Ad Borden's milk Cow theme Mothers give their children
------SOLD------- 1958-23 1958 Ad Budweiser Beer Man and Woman
------SOLD------- 1958-20 1958 Ad Budweiser Beer Where there's life
------SOLD------- 1958-40 1958 Ad Canadian Pacific Railroad Banff Lake Louise
1958-113 1958 Ad Carters sleepwear childrens pajamas Way we go to bed
1926-90 1926 Ad Rock of Ages Boutwell Milne Varnum First Church Lenox Mass Built in 0805
1958-147 1958 Ad Chase Sanborn instant coffee Arthur Godfrey AND The 1959 Chevrolet
------SOLD------- 1958-111 1958 Ad Chef Boy Ar Dee Pizza Pie Mix Snacktime in minutes
1958-198 1958 Ad Chevy Chevrolet '59 All new all over again
------SOLD------- 1958-86 1958 Ad Chevy Nothings new like Chevy 1959 Impala
------SOLD------- 1958-1 1958 Ad Chevy Trucks Truck No job too tough 2pg
1958-112 1958 Ad Chun King Chow Mein Menu Magic Bazaar
1958-33 1958 Ad Coca Cola Coke Corvette Sign of all ages
------SOLD------- 1958-151 1958 Ad Coke Coca Cola Soda shop counter theme
1958-174 1958 Ad Cyanamid Melmac dinnerware, plates, etc
1958-78 1958 Ad Dorothy Gray Lipstick Apple on a Stick
1958-91 1958 Ad Douglas DC-8 Jet liner Airplane Plane Look Up
1958-96 1958 Ad Douglas DC-8 Jet liner Airplane Plane The stratosphere
------SOLD------- 1958-54 1958 Ad Dupont Cellphane Ooh that candy looks good
1958-150 1958 Ad Esso research Butyl and the beach a new combination
1958-80 1958 Ad Esso Research From Oil comes a new way to go steady
1958-10 1958 Ad Eveready Battery and Flashlight Magnetic
------SOLD------- 1958-103 1958 Ad French Flair Loose powder captured in a compact
1958-93 1958 Ad General Telephone Areas that are growing Tampa Florida
1958-31 1958 Ad General Telephone Electronic Secretary Phone
------SOLD------- 1958-193 1958 Ad General Telephone Phones Our roots go deep
------SOLD------- 1958-194 1958 Ad GM Detroit Diesel Jimmy Diesel Diamond T
------SOLD------- 1958-42 1958 Ad Gulf Gas Station Gulfpride
------SOLD------- 1958-14 1958 Ad Gulf Gas Station New Gulf Crest
------SOLD------- 1958-152 1958 Ad Gulf Gulfpride Select Motor Oil Service Station theme
1958-89 1958 Ad Gulf New Gulf Crest Gas Great new Idea
------SOLD------- 1958-84 1958 Ad Gulf New Gulf Crest Gasoline Gas Station
------SOLD------- 1958-154 1958 Ad Gulf Service Station Gulfpride Select Motor Oil 2pg
------SOLD------- 1958-39 1958 Ad Hallmark Cards Fathers Day theme
------SOLD------- 1958-8 1958 Ad Hallmark Cards When you care�.
------SOLD------- 1958-175 1958 Ad Hanes Mens Underwear For comfort and wear at price more than fair
1958-185 1958 Ad Hit Parade Cigarettes America's best filter
1958-192 1958 Ad Hit Parade Cigarettes America's best filter
1958-187 1958 Ad Hit Parade Cigarettes Pleasure up your smoking
1958-95 1958 Ad International Harvester American Trucking Industry
1958-107 1958 Ad International Sterling Silverware Silver
1958-94 1958 Ad Interwoven socks Keep your skipper cool Fathers day
1958-85 1958 Ad John Hancock Life Insurance George Gershwin
1958-176 1958 Ad Kan Kil Bug spray by Colgate 25 cent coupon roaches, ants, flies
1958-170 1958 Ad Karo Syrup Pancakes and baby bear theme
1958-179 1958 Ad Karo Syrup Wonder how they make it so good Bee theme
------SOLD------- 1958-133 1958 Ad Kelloggs Cereal Variety pack Breakfast baseball theme
1958-184 1958 Ad Kelly Tires Explorer Worry free all winter long
------SOLD------- 1958-53 1958 Ad Koehler Bathroom fixtures Pink
1958-108 1958 Ad Kraft Cheese slices Really rich cheese flavor
1958-136 1958 Ad Kraft Jellies and Preserves Recipes 2 pg
1958-146 1958 Ad L & M Cigarettes Amanda Blake Jim Arness Gunsmoke
------SOLD------- 1958-119 1958 Ad Lady Buxton thin fold womens wallet
1958-145 1958 Ad Marsettes caramel chocolate by Mars made in candyland
------SOLD------- 1958-82 1958 Ad Miller High Life The champagne of bottled beer
------SOLD------- 1958-130 1958 Ad Movie Vertigo James Stewart Kim Novak Hitchcock
1958-196 1958 Ad National Car Rentals New '59 Ford's More driving pleasure
1958-135 1958 Ad Nesbitts Orange Soda Finest soft drink ever made
1958-38 1958 Ad New England Life Insurance City Scene
1928-10 1928 Ad Ingersoll Alarm Clock AND Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet
1928-58 1928 Ad Libbey Owens Glass AND Swan Pens
1958-105 1958 Ad New Silver Flower Community Silverware Silver
1958-102 1958 Ad New Yardley Bond Street Spray Mist Perfume
1928-28 1928 Ad Libby's Sweet Pickles Grown from Pedigreed seeds
------SOLD------- 1958-144 1958 Ad Oasis menthol Cigarettes Big O Smokes rings around
1958-186 1958 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes new spin filters Test for taste
------SOLD------- 1958-12 1958 Ad Olds Oldsmobile for 1959 Linear Look
1958-153 1958 Ad Oldsmobile for '59 Ninety eight 98 sport sedan
------SOLD------- 1958-50 1958 Ad Owens Motorboats boats $100-Mo 1/2 pg
1958-190 1958 Ad Pall Mall Cigarettes Satisfying flavor Friendly to your taste
1958-44 1958 Ad Penney's Towncraft Plaid Shirts
1958-47 1958 Ad Pepsi cola refreshes without filling
1958-125 1958 Ad Pepsi Cola Soda Bright Halloween costume theme
1958-73 1958 Ad Philco Television TV's 3 page ad
------SOLD------- 1958-26 1958 Ad Phillies Panatella Cigars Duo Pak
1958-22 1958 Ad Pine Fresh Dutch Cleanser
------SOLD------- 1958-32 1958 Ad Ponderosa Pine Windows woodwork
1958-4 1958 Ad Pontiac Gorgeous new way to save
1958-30 1958 Ad Prestone Anti Freeze Double Guaranteed
------SOLD------- 1958-182 1958 Ad Raleigh Filter Tip Cigarettes Packed tip down
------SOLD------- 1958-197 1958 Ad Raleigh Filter Tip Cigarettes Packed tip down
------SOLD------- 1958-27 1958 Ad Real Estate Port Charlotte Florida
------SOLD------- 1958-148 1958 Ad Real Estate Port Charlotte Florida Life of your dreams
1958-123 1958 Ad Red Cross Shoes have walking heels will travel
1958-43 1958 Ad Regina Floor Polisher and Scrubber
1958-143 1958 Ad Robert Hall Clothing Women's and Child clothing
1958-142 1958 Ad Ronson electric shaver Arthur Godfrey
1958-132 1958 Ad Ronson lighter New Varaflame adjustable lighters
1925-1 1925 Ad Meccano Erector set Jackie Coogan Child Actor
1958-28 1958 Ad Santa Fe Railroad Fun to ride
------SOLD------- 1958-24 1958 Ad Schlitz Beer Mountain Theme Move Up
------SOLD------- 1958-178 1958 Ad Sealtest Old Fashioned Peach Ice Cream
------SOLD------- 1958-37 1958 Ad Sears Tower Triple lens 8mm camera
------SOLD------- 1958-191 1958 Ad Seiberling Tires Sealed Aire tires
------SOLD------- 1958-29 1958 Ad Shell Premium Motor Oil
------SOLD------- 1958-46 1958 Ad Shell Premium Motor Oil X-100 3 oils in 1
------SOLD------- 1958-81 1958 Ad Shell X-100 premium motor oil Saves you gasoline
1958-115 1958 Ad Simoniz floor wax Childproof Children
1958-188 1958 Ad SOS cleaning pads Interwoven to holds its shape
1958-106 1958 Ad Special Community Silver Flower Silverware
1925-9 1925 Ad Parker Duofold Duette Lady Duofold and Duofold Jr
1926-159 1926 Ad Barcley Custom Corsets Fifth Ave NY 1/4 page
1958-149 1958 Ad Squirt fresh fruit flavor soda pop Never an afterthirst HALF PAGE
------SOLD------- 1958-124 1958 Ad Sta Flo Beauty Starch Spring flower theme
------SOLD------- 1958-9 1958 Ad Stanley Router $62.50 Tool Tools
------SOLD------- 1958-36 1958 Ad Stanley Tool Assorted tools Father and Son
------SOLD------- 1958-122 1958 Ad Star-Kist Tuna Real Good Meat from the Sea
1958-110 1958 Ad Stokely Van Camp Ketchup and Tomatoes
1958-2 1958 Ad Studebaker Lark Car Auto
1926-189 1926 Ad Eaton's Social Stationary Decko Vellum
1958-104 1958 Ad Syracuse China Plates Dishes AND The 1959 Buick
1958-99 1958 Ad Texaco Gas Gasoline Trips safer fun economical 2 pg
1958-75 1958 Ad The car Buick 59 2 sided 2pg Electra, more
------SOLD------- 1958-120 1958 Ad Tussy Liquid Pearl skin moisturizer
1958-51 1958 Ad Union Pacific Railroad Relax in Luxury 3/4 pg
------SOLD------- 1958-127 1958 Ad United Fruit Company Eat a Banana
------SOLD------- 1958-180 1958 Ad Watkins Vitamins Even better than an apple a day
------SOLD------- 1958-21 1958 Ad Western Electric Rotary Dial Wall phone
1958-131 1958 Ad Western Electric Telephone Store for your town
------SOLD------- 1958-16 1958 Ad Winchester Shotgun 12 different 3/4 pg
------SOLD------- 1958-118 1958 Ad Woodbury Makeup AND Warners Girdles
1959-35 1959 Ad 7 Up Pop Soda Fresh clean taste
------SOLD------- 1959-13 1959 Ad A&P Supermarket Grocery 100th Birthday celebration
1959-1 1959 Ad AC Spark Plugs Bing Crosby Golf Theme
1926-14 1926 Ad Eversharp and Wahl Pen Gifts Santa would choose 1/2 pg
1926-122 1926 Ad Frigidaire Electric Refrigeration Product of General Motors
1926-201 1926 Ad H.W. Gossard Co Womens undergarments Hosiery 2 Page
1959-75 1959 Ad American Tourister Luggage Tri Taper Sureglide locks
1959-8008 1959 Ad Armstrong tractor tires. Big Bite tires work more acres per hour
1926-13 1926 Ad Parker Duofold Pen AND Longines Watch
1959-5 1959 Ad Automatic Electric Rotary Dial Phone Green
------SOLD------- 1959-124 1959 Ad Avis Car Rental Corporate travel plan
------SOLD------- 1959-8 1959 Ad Bell Telephone Phone Draw the family
------SOLD------- 1959-149 1959 Ad Bell Telephone System Kitchen Extension Phone
------SOLD------- 1959-78 1959 Ad Bell Telephone System Kitchen Wall mount rotary phone Red
------SOLD------- 1959-80 1959 Ad Black and Decker Power Tools Saw sander more
1959-92 1959 Ad Bug Free Gardens Malathion Insecticides by Cyanamid
------SOLD------- 1959-58 1959 Ad Buick LeSabre Invicta Electra Clean Winged Style
1959-48 1959 Ad Bulova Sea King Watch Watches
1959-88 1959 Ad Bulova watches Proud of that Bulova difference
1959-20 1959 Ad Cadillac Best Synonym for quality Waldorf Astoria
1959-87 1959 Ad Camel Cigarettes Lawman on ABC TV theme
1926-103 1926 Ad Parker Duofold Pens Black Tipped Lacquer red
------SOLD------- 1959-125 1959 Ad Chesterfield King Cigarettes Men of America Freighter Crew
------SOLD------- 1959-145 1959 Ad Chevrolet Chevy As fine a car as anyone would want
------SOLD------- 1959-6 1959 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Be happy with this car.
1959-70 1959 Ad Chevron Gas Station Calso New Signs
1959-10 1959 Ad Chris Craft Boat Boats 1/4 page
1959-139 1959 Ad Chrysler Automobiles Car Revel in Chrysler Roominess AND L & M Cigarettes Monkey theme
1959-90 1959 Ad Chrysler TorqueFlite transmission Exciting Escape
1959-60 1959 Ad Coca Cola Coke Pop Pause that refreshes Sailing theme
1959-72 1959 Ad Coca Cola Coke Pop Santa Toddler AND Chevron Gasoline
1959-79 1959 Ad Coca Cola Coke Spring Pause that refreshes
1959-4 1959 Ad Cushman 780 Truckster 1/4 page
1959-27 1959 Ad Cushman Super Eagle Pacemaker Truckster Scooters
1959-21 1959 Ad Dashing 59 Dodge Truck The truck with the most
1959-98 1959 Ad DeBeers Diamonds A diamond is forever Leona Wood art
1959-138 1959 Ad Dial Soap Like People? You'll like Dial Soap
1959-134 1959 Ad Dial Soap Not a worry in the world Aren't you glad you use Dial Soap
1959-100 1959 Ad Douglas DC-8 Airplane plane Modern jetliner
1910-030 1910 Ad The Steinway Pianola Piano Aeolian Co 4 page foldout ad
1959-22 1959 Ad Dutch Boy Nalplex Paint Marvelous acrylic plastic
1959-148 1959 Ad Ekco kitchen items Flint Knives The perfect gifts
1959-46 1959 Ad Esso Research Movie photo film theme
1959-144 1959 Ad Ethyl Gasoline Gas Your car makes any map a magic circle
1959-34 1959 Ad Evinrude Outboard Boat Motors 2 months vacation play
1959-45 1959 Ad Ford Station Wagon Country Sedan with Camper
1959-29 1959 Ad Ford Station Wagons Hot air balloon theme
1959-68 1959 Ad Four Roses Whiskey British Bulldog Theme Fathers Day
1959-8009 1959 Ad Gehl's clean cut. A battery of swinging knives short cuts shredding costs
1959-67 1959 Ad General Mills Pontiac Sweepstakes Wheaties Kix Trix more
------SOLD------- 1959-33 1959 Ad General Motors GM Rochester Carburetors
1959-62 1959 Ad General Telephone GTE Main St Rotary Phone
1959-3 1959 Ad General Telephone Rotary Dial Phone Red
1959-131 1959 Ad GM Body by Fisher Resists the years beautifully
------SOLD------- 1959-30 1959 Ad GTE General Telephone Electronics Oranges Theme
------SOLD------- 1959-19 1959 Ad Gulf Oil Corporation Glasses theme Adjusting vision
------SOLD------- 1959-47 1959 Ad Gulf Oil Gulfoil Good sight on a dark night
------SOLD------- 1959-121 1959 Ad Hertz Rental Cars Rent it here leave it there
1959-89 1959 Ad Hoover vacuum cleaners Give her a lift
------SOLD------- 1959-8001 1959 Ad International Harvester Trucks Harvest time or any time
------SOLD------- 1959-82 1959 Ad International Trucks Pickup to 10 wheelers Nice
1959-66 1959 Ad Jacobsen Lawnmower Mower Estate 24 Golf Theme 2/3 pg
------SOLD------- 1959-28 1959 Ad Jarman Shoes AND Camel Cigarettes The Lawman
1959-8006 1959 Ad Jeep 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles. Lowest iniital cost and highest resale value
1959-8002 1959 Ad John Deere Tractor Open the door to greater farm profits
------SOLD------- 1959-52 1959 Ad Johnson Sea Horse Boat Motor Dynautical Design
1959-93 1959 Ad Johnson Sea Horse Dynautical Design Boat motor
------SOLD------- 1959-2 1959 Ad Johnson Sea Horse Outboard Boat
1959-38 1959 Ad Johnson Seahorse Boat Motor Dynautical Design
1959-140 1959 Ad Land O Lakes Butter sunrise on the farm
------SOLD------- 1959-73 1959 Ad Lennox heating and air conditioning Father Daughter theme
------SOLD------- 1959-152 1959 Ad Libbey Owens Ford Thermopane Windows Bird watchers
1959-137 1959 Ad Lifesavers Candy Pep O Mint There's bound to be a hole in it
------SOLD------- 1959-51 1959 Ad Lucky Strike Cigarettes Fire Tower Bald Mountain Va AND Vauxhall Car
1959-136 1959 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Better Makin's More filter more flavor
1959-42 1959 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Better Makin's More flavor filter
1959-126 1959 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes secret in Marlboro Recipe AND Borden's Cherry Tart Ice Cream
1959-65 1959 Ad Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Norman Rockwell Art
1959-36 1959 Ad Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Rockwell Art
1959-127 1959 Ad Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co
1959-99 1959 Ad Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Rockwell Art
1910-028 1910 Ad Neostyle Co Self Inking copy machine
1959-153 1959 Ad New England Mutual Life
1910-007 1910 Ad Pond's Extract improves the lather
------SOLD------- 1959-64 1959 Ad Oldsmobile GM Ninety Eight Convertible Coupe Beach theme
1959-123 1959 Ad Pall Mall Cigarettes all thru the year Satisfying flavor
------SOLD------- 1959-81 1959 Ad Pall Mall Cigarettes Fine Tobacco Colorful
------SOLD------- 1959-61 1959 Ad Parker 61 Capillary Pen Norman Rockwell Art
1959-37 1959 Ad Pepsi Cola Smart Debonair Poodles High Class Theme
------SOLD------- 1959-40 1959 Ad Philadelphia Electric Company parallels Philly's growth
1910-002 1910 Ad Swift Premium Bacon Swift and Company
------SOLD------- 1959-69 1959 Ad Plymouth Sport Fury Hialeah Horse Race Theme
------SOLD------- 1959-44 1959 Ad Pontiac Bonneville Americas number one road car
1990-006 1990 ad Kahlua Everything it touches turns delicious
------SOLD------- 1959-55 1959 Ad Portland Cement Assoc Bob Hope Interstate 35 Owatonna, Minn
------SOLD------- 1959-31 1959 Ad PURE Oil Gas Station Theme Thornton Art
1959-94 1959 Ad Rambler auto American and Station wagon Best of both
1959-77 1959 Ad Remington Roll A Matic Shaver Bing Crosby Santa Theme
1959-76 1959 Ad Renault Dauphine Le Car Auto French Theme
1959-120 1959 Ad Republic Steel Sky high rebars Building materials
1920-041 1920 Ad Hornblower and Weeks A national investment service
1959-57 1959 Ad Royal Crown RC Cola Soda Pop Painters Theme
------SOLD------- 1959-32 1959 Ad Salem Cigarettes Refreshes your taste
1920-026 1920 Ad National Bank of Commerce Industry is International AND Mercantile Trust Co Arkansas Road bonds
------SOLD------- 1959-97 1959 Ad Schaefer Beer All around Record Music theme
1959-63 1959 Ad Schlitz Beer Good Living Golf Theme
1959-25 1959 Ad Schlitz Beer Move up to quality Ski mountain theme
1959-7 1959 Ad Schlitz Beer Winter Ski Theme
1959-133 1959 Ad Sheaffers Skripsert fountain pen Loads like a rifle
------SOLD------- 1959-129 1959 Ad Singer Sewing Centers Sewing machines
1959-41 1959 Ad Springfield Riding Mower Tractor Mowing Fun
------SOLD------- 1959-8004 1959 Ad Steckley Hybrid Corn Co. Genetic Giant Brachytic Dwarf Hybrid Corn
1959-53 1959 Ad Tecumseh Lauson Power Products Mower engines
1959-146 1959 Ad Tecumseh Products Lavson sure start wind up starter
1959-8007 1959 Ad Terramycin for Mastitis. Get back to milking for money.
1959-83 1959 Ad Texaco Gas Benny Goodman Swing into Spring
------SOLD------- 1959-26 1959 Ad Timken Bearings Better Ness Pig Palace
1910-012 1910 Ad Columbia double disc records Campanari AND new Victor Records by Homer
------SOLD------- 1959-39 1959 Ad Union Pacific Railroad Ronald Reagan
1959-43 1959 Ad Universal Coffeematic coffee maker year after year
1959-23 1959 Ad Viceroy Cigarettes A thinking mans filter
1959-50 1959 Ad Weherhaeuser Timber Company Bear Cubs
------SOLD------- 1959-84 1959 Ad Western Auto Golden 50th Anniversary Sale
------SOLD------- 1959-59 1959 Ad Western Electric Rotary Telephone Bell System
------SOLD------- 1959-15 1959 Ad Western Electric Rotary Telephone Phone Blue
------SOLD------- 1959-71 1959 Ad Wheaties Esther Williams Swimming Pool Sweepstakes Bob Richards
------SOLD------- 1959-135 1959 Ad Wix oil filters presciption filter for your car
1959-96 1959 Ad Yuba Power Products Shop Smith Mark 5 wood working tool 5 X 10
------SOLD------- 1959-9 1959 Ad Zenith Television TV Stereophonic Sound
1960-27 1960 Ad Acrilon NorthCool Luxury suits and sports wear 2 pg
1960-26 1960 Ad Aladdin Ready cut homes 115 designs from $3,000
1960-59 1960 Ad American Standard Bathroom fixtures pink BOTTOM RAGGED
1960-19 1960 Ad American Standard Plumbing Bathroom fixtures
1947-132 1947 Ad Pan American World Airways Airline Latin America Clipper
------SOLD------- 1960-22 1960 Ad Bell Telephone System A friendship ring
------SOLD------- 1960-9 1960 Ad Biscayne Blvd Bayfront Hotels Miami Metro
------SOLD------- 1960-43 1960 Ad Black and Decker Tools Drills 50 years of progress
------SOLD------- 1960-10 1960 Ad Borgward Borg Ward AND Americana Hotel and Miami Beach
1960-50 1960 Ad Budweiser Beer Pick a Pair Smart way to buy Bud
1960-45 1960 Ad Buick Turbine Drive 60 Beach Boat Theme
------SOLD------- 1960-37 1960 Ad Buick Turbine Drive 60 Yacht boat theme
1960-56 1960 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Impala Convertible Horse Theme
------SOLD------- 1960-44 1960 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Kingswood Station Wagon
1960-21 1960 Ad Chevy Impala Nobody likes you like Chevrolet
1960-12 1960 Ad Chicago Imperial Hotels
1960-63 1960 Ad Colorizer Associates Paints in 1322 colors
1960-17 1960 Ad Cupioni Rayon Bemberg McGregor Mens Golf theme
------SOLD------- 1960-14 1960 Ad Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whiskey Sailboat theme
1960-13 1960 Ad Dobbs Hats On Top.. Smoky new color for 60
1960-35 1960 Ad Dodge Trucks U-Haul AND Allison Truck Transmissions
1960-18 1960 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Automatic 35 mm camera
1960-46 1960 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Midget Brownie Starmite Camera
1947-174 1947 Ad Parke Davis Pharmaceuticals Research Epilepsy theme
1960-36 1960 Ad Flintkote building products Ogdon Home raised value AND New Ford Falcon Wagons Alice in Wonderland
1920-030 1920 Ad Chandler Six motor car Cleveland Ohio AND Columbia Storage Batteries
1960-5 1960 Ad Ford Falcon 2 pg with Fairy Tale Characters
1960-61 1960 Ad Gold Bond Silentex Ceiling tiles
1960-7 1960 Ad Hats Neiman Marcus AND Saks Fifth Avenue
1960-2 1960 Ad International Trucks Diesels weigh less
1960-25 1960 Ad Kentile Tile Floors AND Northrup King Seeds
1960-23 1960 Ad Kirsch drapery hardware for windows Bonus of beauty
------SOLD------- 1960-15 1960 Ad Knox Hats Town and Country colors The Sportsman
------SOLD------- 1960-41 1960 Ad Lennox Air Cond - Heating AND Coca Cola Coke Ice theme
------SOLD------- 1920-001 1920 Ad Estey Piano Company NY Family theme
1920-025 1920 Ad Guaranty trust Co of New York
------SOLD------- 1960-53 1960 Ad Maryland Club Coffee Richer than the worlds richest
------SOLD------- 1952-11 1952 Ad Dixon Anadale Ticonderoga Pencils
1952-69 1952 Ad Dodge As tasteful and colorful as your own home
------SOLD------- 1952-13 1952 Ad Dodge Trucks "Work like this calls for a Dodge"
1952-112 1952 Ad Eaton 2 Speed truck axles Lifesavers for trucks
1952-114 1952 Ad Eljer Lustrous beauty Bathroom fixtures white
1952-157 1952 Ad Ethyl Gasoline Gas Tomcat Tomcod Cat and fish theme
------SOLD------- 1952-15 1952 Ad Florida Grapefruit promotional ad
1952-35 1952 Ad Florida Oranges "Florida orange juice every day"
1952-179 1952 Ad Florida Oranges This much Florida Orange Juice each day
1952-6 1952 Ad Ford Cars and Trucks
1952-28 1952 Ad Ford Trucking "14% more gas savings"
1952-98 1952 Ad General Electric Bulbs Li'l Abner Cartoon theme
------SOLD------- 1952-99 1952 Ad General Electric Jet Engines Bomber Listing and photos Convair B-36; North American F-86 Sabre; Boeing B-47 Stratojet; Republic XF-91; North American B-45 Tornado; F-86-D; Martin XG-51
1952-71 1952 Ad Gibson Wedding and Anniversary cards
1952-88 1952 Ad Girard Perregaux Gyromatic Watches Self winding HALF PAGE
1952-74 1952 Ad Gould National Batteries Battery Mr Big
1952-58 1952 Ad Green Giant Sweet Peas Valentine should be tender
1952-21 1952 Ad Hamilton Watches "America's Most Wanted Watch"
1952-18 1952 Ad Hamilton Watches Christmas Ad "express your love"
1952-110 1952 Ad Hart Schaffner & Marx Men's Dress Suits Thesis on tweeds
1952-107 1952 Ad Henry J Vagabond Auto Car American Sports Car
1952-162 1952 Ad Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes Discriminating People Boat Tuxedo Dressy theme
------SOLD------- 1952-149 1952 Ad Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes Discriminating People Boxer Dog theme
1952-70 1952 Ad Hoover vacuum cleaner Suction alone can't get dirt out
------SOLD------- 1952-51 1952 Ad Hunts Tomato Catsup Ketchup Burger and Fries
1952-147 1952 Ad Hunt's Tomato catsup Ketchup Burger and waffle fries
------SOLD------- 1952-44 1952 Ad IBM Electric Typewriters touch and go
------SOLD------- 1952-82 1952 Ad International Harvester Refrigerators 2 page
------SOLD------- 1952-29 1952 Ad International Trucks Light Duty Class
1952-64 1952 Ad Interwoven socks Back to Class 1/2 page
1952-160 1952 Ad Jello Jell-o Now's the time for Jello Scottish theme Scotty dog
------SOLD------- 1952-142 1952 Ad Jello Jell-o Now's the time for Jello Woman in bathing suit exercising
1952-31 1952 Ad Kelly Tires Part of "pictures of America Series" & Sylvania
1952-96 1952 Ad King Whiskey Brown-Forman Distillers King of blends
1952-166 1952 Ad Kool-Aid by the pitcherful buy six packages and save
1952-141 1952 Ad Champion Spark Plugs Indianapolis 500 Theme Troy Ruttman
------SOLD------- 1952-178 1952 Ad Lee Tires A costly pinch Lee road hazard guaranty
1952-158 1952 Ad Lee Tires Every Extra except cost Got Cat's Eyes
------SOLD------- 1952-90 1952 Ad Lee work clothes Best value, best made, best known
1952-169 1952 Ad Lester Betsy Ross Spinet Piano
1952-46 1952 Ad Libby's Pineapple Juice Hawaii Plantations
1952-65 1952 Ad Conoco Continental Oil Co War theme Sea Going truck
1952-108 1952 Ad Lincoln car Makes your driving as modern as your living
1952-171 1952 Ad Lucky Strike Cigarettes Taste Better Be Hapy Go Lucky
1952-146 1952 Ad Maidenform Bra I dreamed I opened the World Series
------SOLD------- 1952-62 1952 Ad Mass Mutual Life Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving Grace
------SOLD------- 1952-154 1952 Ad McGregor Clothing Sport shirts
------SOLD------- 1952-73 1952 Ad Meadow Gold Ice Cream Springtime chocolate revel
------SOLD------- 1952-10 1952 Ad Michigan Tourism Ad "One wonderful Vacation"
1952-109 1952 Ad Crucible Steel Co Pittsburgh PA Art to special steel
1947-32 1947 Ad Nabisco Shredded Wheat Lucky Day
1952-102 1952 Ad Movie Affair in Trinidad Rita Hayworth Glenn Ford HALF PAGE
1952-56 1952 Ad Movie Sailor Beware Dean Martin Jerry Lewis
1952-170 1952 Ad Nash Automobiles Auto Car As though it were built for you alone
1947-187 1947 Ad National Guard of the United States Dwight Eisenhower
1952-159 1952 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes For a treat Terrier dog theme
------SOLD------- 1952-187 1952 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes Treat instead of treatment
------SOLD------- 1952-140 1952 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes Western Woman Theme Cowboys
------SOLD------- 1952-22 1952 Ad Oldsmobile 160 HP "Rocket Action" & Wisconsin Tourism
------SOLD------- 1952-103 1952 Ad Oldsmobile Rocket Super 88 160 Horsepower
------SOLD------- 1952-81 1952 Ad Packard Car Built to outlast them all 2 page
------SOLD------- 1952-182 1952 Ad Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co Independence Square Philadelphia
------SOLD------- 1952-19 1952 Ad Phillip Morris Cigarettes Lucy and Desi
1947-125 1947 Ad GE General Electric Lamps Stay brighter longer
------SOLD------- 1952-27 1952 Ad Pontiac "You Can't Beat a Pontiac" & Campbells Soup
1952-92 1952 Ad Pyrex Ware Corning Glass Works Flameware Skillet
1947-146 1947 Ad General Electric Personal Radio Model 140
1952-40 1952 Ad REO Motors Eager Beaver Gold Comet Truck Trucks
1952-167 1952 Ad Rexall Mid summer sale List of different sale items
------SOLD------- 1952-172 1952 Ad Ritz Crackers Nothing tastes as good as a Ritz
1952-89 1952 Ad Robert Hall Clothing 10th Anniversary Celebration
------SOLD------- 1952-37 1952 Ad Rock Island Railroad. "Your Railroad". 2 page beautiful ad
1952-156 1952 Ad Samson foldaway furniture card table and chairs America's living styles
1952-153 1952 Ad Schlitz Beer If you like beer, you'll love Schlitz
------SOLD------- 1952-150 1952 Ad Sealtest Prestige Ice Cream America's Favorite
1952-144 1952 Ad Sealtest Prestige Ice Cream White glove theme
------SOLD------- 1952-163 1952 Ad Silex Coffeemaker 64 instead of 40 cups
1947-65 1947 Ad Kaywoodie Tobacco Pipe Western Roundup
1947-133 1947 Ad Lockheed Constellation Aircraft Colorful Mexico Art
1952-80 1952 Ad Stanley tools 923 Brace No. 5 Jack Plane and more 1/4 pg
1952-185 1952 Ad Studebaker Automobile Car Steps out ahead in style
1952-174 1952 Ad Swiss watches Time is the art of the Swiss
------SOLD------- 1952-45 1952 Ad Sylvania Radio TV Tubes Jane Russell 1/2 page
1952-68 1952 Ad Tables reserved for Ballantine Ale Expect wonderfully different
------SOLD------- 1952-25 1952 Ad Texaco Fire-Chief. Firemans boot with Dalmation Puppies
1952-181 1952 Ad Texaco Havoline Motor Oil The Texas Company Basketball and Hockey theme
1952-34 1952 Ad Texaco Sky Chief Gasoline Packs Punch & Sealtest Ice Cream
------SOLD------- 1952-49 1952 Ad Texaco Skychief Gas Gasoline Volatane control
1952-152 1952 Ad Texaco The Texas Company Marfak Chassis lubrication
1955-2027 1955 Ad Shell X-100 Motor Oil Premium. Get 5 - 10 more horsepower. Railroad theme
1952-95 1952 Ad The Texas Company Texaco Sky Chief Packs Punch
1952-14 1952 Ad Allis Chalmers Farm theme
1952-186 1952 Ad Tide dishwashing soap Cuts grease like no soap can
1952-183 1952 Ad TWA Airlines Plane Airplane Here today ,there today, home today Father returning home
------SOLD------- 1952-53 1952 Ad Uncle Sam Conrad Hilton Hotel America On it's Knees
1952-42 1952 Ad Van Camp's Pork Beans Stokely's Pickle Chips
1952-55 1952 Ad Van Camp's Pork Beans Stokely's Sugar Peas
1952-97 1952 Ad Van Heusen Century Dress Shirts Won't wrinkle ever
1947-205 1947 Ad British Overseas Airway Corp Tail of two cities
1952-94 1952 Ad Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer AND Cadillac Jewel theme
1952-57 1952 Ad Welch's Cocanut bar James O Welch Company
1952-168 1952 Ad Western Electric Telephone Telecom Don't Breathe
1952-145 1952 Ad Western Electric Telephone Telecom Fiber cabling theme
1952-87 1952 Ad Westinghouse Light Bulbs Schoolhouse theme
------SOLD------- 1952-100 1952 Ad Westmore Hollywood Cosmetics Tru Glo Susan Hayward
------SOLD------- 1952-59 1952 Ad Wheaties Beb Feller Baseball Theme 2 page
------SOLD------- 1952-20 1952 Ad White Mustang Power specialized trucks & John Hancock Ins
1952-105 1952 Ad Whitman's Chocolates Elizabeth Taylor Liz Valentines
------SOLD------- 1952-93 1952 Ad World Book Encyclopedia Alice found a new Wonderland
------SOLD------- 1953-33 1953 Ad A&P Food stores Eight Oclock coffee
------SOLD------- 1953-40 1953 Ad Reddi Whip Pumpkin Pie
------SOLD------- 1953-3 1953 Ad 7 UP Bowling scene & AP Supermarkets
------SOLD------- 1953-15 1953 Ad 7 UP The All family drink
------SOLD------- 1953-58 1953 Ad Adler Sewing Machine 93 years unsurpassed workmanship 1/4 pg
------SOLD------- 1953-85 1953 Ad After Six Tuxedo Tony Martin ..for the time of your life
------SOLD------- 1953-84 1953 Ad Airex spin fishing tackle Set a sportsmans heart spinning 1/2 pg
1953-49 1953 Ad Allied Van Lines Moving Movers
------SOLD------- 1953-17 1953 Ad AMF Roadmaster Bicycle & General Electric Vacuum
1947-109 1947 Ad Decca Records Jolson Crosby Burl Ives Mills Brothers
1953-163 1953 Ad Armstrong Rhino Flex Premium Tires 700% more gripping edges
1953-130 1953 Ad Arrow dress shirts for Valentines day
1953-117 1953 Ad Atlas Batteries Tires and accessories Auto Parts
1953-115 1953 Ad Auto-Lite auto parts-service Roy Rogers Ride Trigger
1953-151 1953 Ad Auto-Lite spark plugs Batteries, etc 1 of 3 cars equipped with Auto-Lite
1947-50 1947 Ad Fruehauf Trailers Dairy Depot on Wheels
------SOLD------- 1953-22 1953 Ad Ballantine Ale Beer Windows that look in�
1953-39 1953 Ad Ballantine Beer Bowling alley theme
------SOLD------- 1953-134 1953 Ad Bardahl Add to motor oil Sealed for protection
------SOLD------- 1953-2 1953 Ad Beechnut Gum & General Electric
------SOLD------- 1953-157 1953 Ad Bib Baby Juices Meeting of the Bib 3
------SOLD------- 1953-54 1953 Ad Black and White Scotch Terriers They sure love us 1/2 pg
------SOLD------- 1953-139 1953 Ad Boeing America's first Production B-52 Plane USAF
1953-124 1953 Ad Bohn Aluminum and Brass Corp AND Coke Coca Cola
------SOLD------- 1953-122 1953 Ad Brown Co Cellulose Berlin New Hampshire La Tuque Quebec
1953-103 1953 Ad Buck Skein Joe all wool shirts Cold weather comfort
------SOLD------- 1953-11 1953 Ad Budweiser Beer & Admiral TV
1953-126 1953 Ad Buick Roadmaster Custom Built Convertible newest V8 2PG
1953-34 1953 Ad Buxton Wallets You get so much more
1953-161 1953 Ad Calvert Whiskey Compare Calvert AND Camel Cigarettes Maureen Ohara
------SOLD------- 1953-60 1953 Ad Campbell School days are soup days
1953-57 1953 Ad Campbells Cream of Chicken Soup Cream is Rich
1953-98 1953 Ad Canada Dry classics set the pace Horse race theme
------SOLD------- 1953-19 1953 Ad Canada Dry Win a pup Cockers, beagles, boxers
1953-64 1953 Ad Capri Portable Phonograph Bob Hope 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1953-28 1953 Ad Champs hats lightweight. Each season is right.
1953-93 1953 Ad Chanel No 5 Most treasured name in perfume
------SOLD------- 1953-41 1953 Ad Chevrolet OK Used Car Tag theme
------SOLD------- 1953-125 1953 Ad Chevy Trucks on the job On the farm and in the city 2 PG
1953-113 1953 Ad Chrysler Windsor New Yorker Imperial Every day is richer
------SOLD------- 1953-77 1953 Ad City club shoes Your bucks best gift
------SOLD------- 1953-167 1953 Ad Clarabell the clown talking T-shirt Howdy doody
------SOLD------- 1953-1001 1953 Ad Clinton Chainsaw and motor & Morton Salt
------SOLD------- 1953-7 1953 Ad Coffee Emmett Kelly with and without makeup
------SOLD------- 1953-27 1953 Ad Crosley VIP clock radio
1953-136 1953 Ad DeSoto Full power steering See what's happened to motoring
1953-138 1953 Ad Detroit Harvester Moto Mower Lawnmower Reel type
1953-119 1953 Ad Douglas Airlines Airplane Largest builder of aircraft planes
1953-154 1953 Ad Eastman Kodak Acetate fiber. A wonderful Chromspun world
1953-153 1953 Ad Electrolux Vacuum cleaners The cleaner you never have to empty
1953-168 1953 Ad Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Roto Matic Easy action swivel top
------SOLD------- 1953-166 1953 Ad Eversharp Ventura Pens This pen burps Baby theme
1953-46 1953 Ad Ford Two Ford's a must
1953-100 1953 Ad Grant's Scotch 8 - 12 year old Stirling Castle
------SOLD------- 1953-76 1953 Ad Guerlain Perfume No other gift give greater pleasure
------SOLD------- 1953-162 1953 Ad Hammond Chord Organ New Musical Miracle
------SOLD------- 1953-99 1953 Ad Hansen Gloves the man's always right
------SOLD------- 1953-4 1953 Ad Hasbro Mr-Mrs Potato Head & Honeywell thermostate
1953-24 1953 Ad Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes Discriminating people
------SOLD------- 1953-14 1953 Ad Howard Johnsons & Seagrams 7
------SOLD------- 1953-120 1953 Ad Hudson Jet Car Automobile Hudson Hornet and Wasp
------SOLD------- 1953-29 1953 Ad I.W. Harper Whiskey. Finest money can buy
1953-104 1953 Ad Jayson Shirts Sportswear and Pajamas Reserved for the man
------SOLD------- 1953-75 1953 Ad Jean Patou Joy Perfume �the costliest in the world
1953-150 1953 Ad Jello Jell-o Now's the time for Jello Maid leaving theme
1953-96 1953 Ad Keepsake Diamond Rings Your Keepsake Forever
------SOLD------- 1953-101 1953 Ad Kentucky Tavern Bourbon Gift Decanter
1953-6 1953 Ad Kleenex Tissue Arthur Godfrey Little LuLu & Celanese
------SOLD------- 1953-73 1953 Ad Knox Hat Gift Certificate Christmas Theme Santa
1953-165 1953 Ad Kounty Kissed Peas New Pack's In
------SOLD------- 1953-30 1953 Ad Lane Cedar Chest Christmas Dreams
------SOLD------- 1953-92 1953 Ad Lanvin Perfume Arpege Best Paris has to offer
------SOLD------- 1953-78 1953 Ad Lee hats New all the way through hat
------SOLD------- 1953-59 1953 Ad Lee Tires Double Guarantee
------SOLD------- 1953-42 1953 Ad Lionel Trains A one track mind
1953-63 1953 Ad Lionel Trains A One Track Mind 1/2 page
1953-160 1953 Ad Lucky Strike Cigarettes Cleaner fresher smoother
1953-20 1953 Ad McCulloch Chainsaw The way to saw wood
1953-123 1953 Ad McQuay Norris Leak Proof Piston Rings Chrome Control
------SOLD------- 1953-107 1953 Ad Mele Musical Jewelry box Perfect Gift
1953-37 1953 Ad Milky Way Candy Bar Football theme
------SOLD------- 1953-31 1953 Ad Mobil Mobilgas economy gasoline
------SOLD------- 1953-152 1953 Ad Mobil Mobilgas Winterproof before too late Anti freeze
------SOLD------- 1953-109 1953 Ad Mystic River Sales Miniature Cars for Kids Caterpiller More 1/4 pg
------SOLD------- 1953-56 1953 Ad Nescafe Finish Jackies Jingle contest Jackie Gleason
1953-61 1953 Ad Oakes Consumer Catalogs Toys Santa 2pg Toy Catalog
1953-105 1953 Ad Old Charter Straight Bourbon Whiskey Gift Decanter
1953-21 1953 Ad Old Fitzgerald Whiskey The Diamond Decanter
1953-159 1953 Ad Olds Oldsmobile Packed with power Loaded with looks
1953-156 1953 Ad Olds Oldsmobile Summer Classic auto car automobiles
1953-50 1953 Ad Olin Solinite Leakproof battery Magic
------SOLD------- 1953-13 1953 Ad Pabst Blue Ribbon Fishing theme
1953-10 1953 Ad Packard Car
1977-8 1977 Ad The Jimmy Carter Gold inaugural medal
1955-85 Ad 1955 Air Express How Norton makes the sparks fly
------SOLD------- 1953-86 1953 Ad Peerless Camera and Gifts Lexington Ave New York NY
1953-9 1953 Ad Pepsi Cola AND 1953 Ford Miracle Ride of the American Road
------SOLD------- 1953-108 1953 Ad Pflueger fishing reels Supreme reel 1/4 pg
1955-73 Ad 1955 Clark Equipment moves mountains of rock rubble
------SOLD------- 1953-43 1953 Ad Philco TV Television Deep Dimension 2 pg
1953-116 1953 Ad Phillip Morris Cigarettes Lucille Lucy Ball
------SOLD------- 1953-8 1953 Ad Plymouth & MobilGas
1955-86 Ad 1955 Douglas Air - Allied Chemical OR Continental Can Co
------SOLD------- 1953-12 1953 Ad Popsicle Orange
1972-7 1972 Ad BankAmericard Think of it as money
1953-74 1953 Ad Prince Gardner Wallets and Key holders
1974-004 1974 Ad American Electric Power System. Environmentalists before it became popular
------SOLD------- 1953-158 1953 Ad RC Royal Crown Cola Pop Soda Makes you feel like new
------SOLD------- 1953-140 1953 Ad Red Goose Grace Walker John C Roberts Shoes
------SOLD------- 1953-132 1953 Ad Rice Chex Wheat Chex Good morning to you
------SOLD------- 1953-5 1953 Ad Rice Krispies Howdy Doody & Stomberg Carlson
------SOLD------- 1953-16 1953 Ad Ritz Crackers "The new Ritz" & GE B-47 Bomber
1953-55 1953 Ad Roadmaster Bicycle Bike Luxury Liner with roadometer 1/2 page
1974-012 1974 Ad Kelly Girl Temp services. Mary Jo Jones sends her best
------SOLD------- 1953-118 1953 Ad Saginaw Power Steering AND Purolator Oil filters
1926-4006 1926 Ad The Hoover Vacuum. Positive agitation
------SOLD------- 1953-83 1953 Ad Schrade Walden pocket knives Every knife a masterpiece
------SOLD------- 1953-88 1953 Ad Skamps Shoes AND Webcor Tape recorder
------SOLD------- 1953-36 1953 Ad Smirnoff Vodka Driest of the dry
------SOLD------- 1953-25 1953 Ad Sophie Mae Peanut Brittle Isn't sticky
1953-65 1953 Ad Stratolounger Lucy and Desi I Love Lucy 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1953-135 1953 Ad Studebaker New American Car European Look
1953-23 1953 Ad Texaco PT Anti Freeze Panda skating
------SOLD------- 1953-38 1953 Ad Texaco Sky Chief Gasoline Gas More punch
1953-68 1953 Ad The National Board of Fire Underwriters
------SOLD------- 1953-80 1953 Ad TWA Airlines Airplane Plane ..go a long way Not gone long
1974-014 1974 Ad Pagosa in Colorado The 26,000 acre living room
1953-137 1953 Ad Van Heusen Century Summer Shirts Danny Kaye
------SOLD------- 1953-97 1953 Ad Vat 69 Scotch A light mild scotch Sports theme
1946-26 1946 Ad United States Rubber company Keds sneakers
------SOLD------- 1953-69 1953 Ad Warner's Bras Girdles Corsettes Warner Wonderful
1953-45 1953 Ad Watch Makers of Switzerland Rockwell picture
1946-163 1946 Ad US Steel Father Son Gardening Theme Puppy
1953-66 1953 Ad Westminster Match Box Socks Bob Hope 1/2 page
1953-110 1953 Ad White Horse Scotch Horse Striking looking ad! 2pg
1953-129 1953 Ad Whitman's Chocolate Sample Elizabeth Taylor Liz
------SOLD------- 1953-131 1953 Ad Woolworth's Array of Toiletries 'neath the mistletoe
1953-81 1953 Ads Marlin beach Hotel apts Hotel Algiers Argentina Air
------SOLD------- 1954-1 1954 Ad AMF Junior Bicycles & Magic Chef Range Partial pages
1954-16 1954 Ad 7 Up & Johnson Sea Horse Outboard Boat Motors
------SOLD------- 1954-34 1954 Ad Acme Cowboy Boots Play is more fun 3/4 page
1954-67 1954 Ad Aero Willys Auto Kaiser Willys sales
1946-138 1946 Ad Veedol Motor Oil nightmare to Horselaugh
1946-86 1946 Ad Vitalis and the 60 second workout
1954-59 1954 Ad American Standard Bathroom fixtures Blue
------SOLD------- 1954-40 1954 Ad Atlas Tires Your best deal in Miles
1954-9 1954 Ad Bakelite swimming pool & Argus Camera
------SOLD------- 1954-52 1954 Ad Belmont Clothes VIP Mens Suits Inspired original
------SOLD------- 1954-5 1954 Ad Blatz Beer & Coca Cola
1954-71 1954 Ad Body by Fisher on GM cars Ocean Theme 2PG
------SOLD------- 1954-3 1954 Ad Briggs and Stratton 4 cycle Engines
1954-64 1954 Ad Briggs Beautyware Coral bathroom fixtures
1946-145 1946 Ad Wearever Zenith Pen AND Fram Oil Filters
------SOLD------- 1954-11 1954 Ad Capital Airlines Woman in swimsuit & Westinghouse
------SOLD------- 1954-50 1954 Ad Catalina swim suits swimsuits
------SOLD------- 1954-47 1954 Ad Chevy Corvette Chevrolet Automative Fashions Boat theme
1954-4 1954 Ad Chris Craft Boats & Heubleins Cocktails
------SOLD------- 1954-39 1954 Ad Dairy Queen Tribute to Free Enterprise 2 pg franchise listing
------SOLD------- 1954-40006 1954 Ad Delsey Kleenex Product and toilet tissue. Fine firm and soft
1954-24 1954 Ad Delta Woodworking Power Saw Save Money every day
------SOLD------- 1954-32 1954 Ad Desoto Automatic Style Safety Performance
1954-69 1954 Ad Dutch Boy Paint Live Colorfully
1954-40004 1954 Ad Duz laundy soap Duz a wash like no detergent can
1954-60 1954 Ad Ethyl Antiknock compound Gas Gasoline
1954-19 1954 Ad Ethyl Gasoline Indians driving car & Bactine
1954-25 1954 Ad Eureka Cannister Vacuum Cleaner
1954-66 1954 Ad Eversharp Ventura Pens Burps before drinks
1954-45 1954 Ad Florida Tourism Vacation promotional ad
1946-22 1946 Ad Wyeth Inc. She conquered Cancer Too
1946-16 1946 Ad Yello Bole Smoking Pipe
1954-58 1954 Ad Hudson Auto Hornets Wasps Jets
1947-201 1947 Ad General Electric Portable radios Monica Lewis
1947-214 1947 Ad Admiral Thin Man portable radio Baby Theme
1954-35 1954 Ad Irwin No 23 Micro Dial wood boring bit
1954-61 1954 Ad Jell-O Excellent Leopard Art theme
1954-68 1954 Ad Jockey underwear At ease feeling
------SOLD------- 1954-26 1954 Ad Johnson and Johnson Band Aid Super stick
1954-31 1954 Ad Johnson and Johnson Band Aid Super stick
------SOLD------- 1954-41 1954 Ad Kaiser Aluminum Bauxite Alumina Rod and Bar 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1954-37 1954 Ad Keystone Capri 8mm Movie Camera
------SOLD------- 1954-54 1954 Ad King and Queen of Hearts by Weldon Pajamas
------SOLD------- 1954-2 1954 Ad Le Coultre Watches and Clocks
------SOLD------- 1954-10 1954 Ad Life Savers Pep O Mint Winter Scene & Barcalounger
1954-40005 1954 Ad Lucky Cigarettes Luckies taste better. Noted Texan designer Lilly Dache
1954-40003 1954 Ad Lux toilet soap Luscious is the word for Greer Garson's complexion
1954-40010 1954 Ad Maidenform bra. I dreamed I was a jack in the box
1954-29 1954 Ad Mobilgas Mobil Power Compound Top Octane
1946-114 1946 Ad Philco 1213 Radio Phonograph Chippendale design
------SOLD------- 1954-40002 1954 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes For a treat instead of a treatment
1954-17 1954 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes with Parakeets
------SOLD------- 1954-8 1954 Ad Pitney Bowes Postage Meter & New Mexico Tourism
------SOLD------- 1954-57 1954 Ad Pontiac Star Chief 4 dr Wedding Theme
------SOLD------- 1954-21 1954 Ad REO Lawn Mowers Motors 2 pg Kids theme very colorful
------SOLD------- 1954-33 1954 Ad Rheem Coppermatic Hot Water Heater Plumbing 1/2 pg
1954-40009 1954 Ad Rice and Wheat Chex Cereal. There is a difference in cereals
1954-40011 1954 Ad Rinso Soap White or blue The choice dear lady is up to you
1954-70 1954 Ad Santa Fe Railroad Freight Cars Progress pays
------SOLD------- 1954-28 1954 Ad Seiberling Tires Cruel spike test
1946-88 1946 Ad Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company A little extra charm
------SOLD------- 1954-42 1954 Ad Spalding Golf Clubs Bobby Jones Memo on golf 1/2 pg
1954-40008 1954 Ad Sunshine Cheez It Cheese cracker. Good any time
------SOLD------- 1954-6 1954 Ad Texaco Fire - Chief Gasoline Dalmation puppies
------SOLD------- 1954-18 1954 Ad Texaco Sky Chief super charged with Petrox
1954-53 1954 Ad The Irish Linen Guild Mens clothing
------SOLD------- 1954-40007 1954 Ad Tootsie rolls Tasty chocolate long lasting. Tootsie pops
1954-46 1954 Ad TWA Airlines Airplane Plane Signs of a good time to fly
------SOLD------- 1954-23 1954 Ad Utica Tools Armored for longer wear. Wrench 1/2 pg
1946-42 1946 Ad Prestone Anti Freeze Spring and Fall
1954-12 1954 Ad Watkins Imitation Vanilla & Coke Coca Cola
------SOLD------- 1954-62 1954 Ad Wilson Golf Clubs How to choose
------SOLD------- 1955-48 1955 Ad 2pg The best Buick yet.Now on display
------SOLD------- 1955-31 1955 Ad 7 UP Nothing does it like 7 UP
------SOLD------- 1955-101 1955 Ad American Trucking Industry Serve everybody
------SOLD------- 1955-27 1955 Ad Beer industry. Beer belongs, enjoy it
------SOLD------- 1955-39 1955 Ad Bell Telepone System. Baby face
1955-1 1955 Ad Bendix Super fast Dryer
------SOLD------- 1955-41 1955 Ad Black and Decker Drill Fixkit
1955-54 1955 Ad Black and Decker FixKit Drill All home jobs 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1955-4 1955 Ad Blue Bell Dungarees Jeans
------SOLD------- 1955-20 1955 Ad Body by Fisher 56 Buick Century
------SOLD------- 1955-16 1955 Ad Browning Shotguns Lifelong posessions half pg
------SOLD------- 1955-47 1955 Ad Cadillac Full Color 2 pg Eldorado and Sedan De Ville
------SOLD------- 1955-91 1955 Ad Cadillac International Dignitary theme
------SOLD------- 1955-57 1955 Ad Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup Once a day every day
------SOLD------- 1955-62 1955 Ad Campbells Kids Toy catalog 4 1/2 page with dealers list
1955-2026 1955 Ad DeBeers Consolidated Mine A diamond is forever. Herbert Saslow Art
------SOLD------- 1955-46 1955 Ad Chris Craft Showboat Boat 2pg
1955-8 1955 Ad Chrysler Pushbutton Powerflite
------SOLD------- 1955-24 1955 Ad Coke Coca Cola Pause that refreshes
1955-56 1955 Ad DC 7 Douglas Air Airplane Baby theme Getting there faster
------SOLD------- 1955-13 1955 Ad Dekuyper cr�me de menthe half page
------SOLD------- 1955-37 1955 Ad Delco Delcomatic Garage door operator
1955-94 1955 Ad Fairbanks Morse Lawnmower mower
------SOLD------- 1955-49 1955 Ad Ford 202 hp Thunderbird Y 8 engine 2pg
1955-5 1955 Ad Gaines First Canned dog food
------SOLD------- 1955-98 1955 Ad Garret Corporation and TWA Airlines
1955-32 1955 Ad Gleem Toothpaste Picnic Theme
1955-105 1955 Ad GMAC Time Payment plan Baby theme
1955-43 1955 Ad Goodyear 2 pg Tubeless tires
1955-102 1955 Ad Hart Schaffner & Marx Dress Clothing Suits
1955-96 1955 Ad Hertz Auto Rental Sky Harbor Phoenix AZ
1955-17 1955 Ad I W Harper Longfellow Bourbon
------SOLD------- 1955-92 1955 Ad J&L Steel Jones & Laughlin Open cans
------SOLD------- 1955-21 1955 Ad Jarman Shoes
------SOLD------- 1955-58 1955 Ad Jello Jell-o Pudding Pink pudding ad
------SOLD------- 1955-61 1955 Ad Jello Look Pink Pudding New Strawberry flavor
------SOLD------- 1955-2 1955 Ad Karo Syrup Telegram Frontier Scout
------SOLD------- 1955-60 1955 Ad Kirby Vacuum Welcome your Kirby Man 1/2 page
1946-90 1946 Ad Parker Quink Ink Danny Kaye Kayo's Pen troubles 1/2 pg
1955-18 1955 Ad Lincoln Continental Mark II with Champion plugs
------SOLD------- 1955-63 1955 Ad Lincoln for 1956 Car Auto The finest in the fine car field
1955-14 1955 Ad Longines Watches Worlds most honored half page
------SOLD------- 1955-34 1955 Ad Lovable Bras Feel like a millionaire
1955-38 1955 Ad Marlboro new filter cigarette from Philip Morris
1974-009 1974 Ad The Roadrunners World Hockey Association. We're in Gordie Howe's league now
1974-015 1974 Ad US Army. Join the people who've joined the army
1953-11040 1953 Ad Lane Cedar Chest. DON�T USE�HALF OF TWO PAGE
1971-2009 1971 Ad Bayer Aspirin Proven the best quality aspirin
1955-45 1955 Ad Mercury 2pg The Big Mercury
1955-25 1955 Ad Minute Maid Orange Juice
1955-89 1955 Ad Mobiloil Mobil Oil Boosts Gas Mileage
1955-103 1955 Ad Movie Tight Spot Ginger Rogers Ed Robinson
1955-50 1955 Ad Oldsmobiles Ninety Eight Deluxe 2pg
1955-59 1955 Ad Orangeburg root proof pipe Building Trades
1955-55 1955 Ad Pep O Mint Lifesavers Social Success? Only a little pull
1971-2010 1971 Ad Craig radios. The little radio who ate batteries
------SOLD------- 1955-30 1955 Ad Planters Peanuts product line
1955-9 1955 Ad Pyrex Dinnerware
------SOLD------- 1955-23 1955 Ad Raytheon TV Repairman Western Theme
------SOLD------- 1955-97 1955 Ad RCA Radio Corp and TWA Airlines Constellations
1971-2001 1971 Ad National Association for Retarded Children. Look into a retarded childs eyes
------SOLD------- 1955-51 1955 Ad Robert Hall Clothing 200th Store Sale 2pg
1955-90 1955 Ad Schrafft's Chocolates Mothers Day theme
1955-52 1955 Ad Sealtest Western Almond Ice Cream 2pg
1955-11 1955 Ad Sentinel Watches 365 days a year
1955-36 1955 Ad Sentinel Watches Trust your Sentinel
1955-95 1955 Ad Spalding golf clubs Bobby Jones Synchro dyned
1955-7 1955 Ad Starlac Real milk nourishment
1955-28 1955 Ad Studebaker sets the pace
1971-3 1971 Ad Ponderosa Steak House "Have a lovely Day"
------SOLD------- 1955-106 1955 Ad TWA Super G Constellations Airplane Plane
1955-104 1955 Ad Universal Rundle Bathroom fixtures
------SOLD------- 1955-26 1955 Ad US Steel homes Personalized Coronados
1955-3 1955 Ad Vermont Maid Syrup Maple Sugar
1971-2014 1971 Ad Swedish Army Officers Coat offer. $29.95
1955-35 1955 Ad Warners merry widow. Simply wicked
1955-88 1955 Ad Whitmans Chocolate sampler Mothers day
1956-45 1956 Ad 2 pg The new Pontiac Surprise package of 1957
1970-8003 1970 Ad Killington Vermont VT Nobody was born on skis
1956-30044 1956 Ad Alcoa Aluminum. Make your home cooler and more beautiful
1956-41 1956 Ad Ballantine Ale Beer That's Ale Brother Curl your hand
1956-17 1956 Ad Ballantine Ale. That's Ale Brother
1956-10 1956 Ad Bell Telephone A world of reassurance
1956-2 1956 Ad Bell Telephone Calling to Brighten your day
1956-55 1956 Ad Black and White Scotch Terriers Special Care
1956-37 1956 Ad Brach's Candy Burgundy Great Art
------SOLD------- 1956-58 1956 Ad Brach's Milk Chocolate Peanuts Finest real chocolate
1956-73 1956 Ad Browning Shotguns Triple Choice Tailored for you
------SOLD------- 1956-52 1956 Ad Budweiser Beer Political Theme Democrat Republican 2pg
1956-90 1956 Ad Bushnell Binoculars AND Mossberg 200 Shotgun
1956-72 1956 Ad Bushnell Hunting Rifle Scopes Dealer Listing
1956-31 1956 Ad Cadillac Formal Gown and Tux theme
1956-61 1956 Ad Campbells Soup Kids 5 pg Toy Catalog Listing
1956-4007 1956 Ad Campbell's Vegetable Soup. Eating with the eye makes food taste better
1970-79 1970 Ad Marine Midland Master Charge Can't have her face
1946-105 1946 Ad Kendall Motor Oil 2,000 miles. Hoover Dam
1956-30039 1956 Ad Chef Boy Ar Dee Spaghetti Dinner The secret of real Italian style
1946-141 1946 Ad Kendall Motor Oil 2000 mile oil Empire State Bldg
1946-151 1946 Ad Monterey Tobacco Pipes Mission Briar
1956-30045 1956 Ad Crosley refrigerators New freezer refrigerator combinations
1956-85 1956 Ad Crosman Pellet guns Pellguns 22 caliber
1956-76 1956 Ad Dakin Gun Company Double Barrel
1946-142 1946 Ad Nat'l Confectioners Assoc AND Hastings Piston Rings
1956-69 1956 Ad DeBeers Diamonds A diamond is forever Pierre Ino art
1956-40 1956 Ad Desoto Drive a Desoto before you decide
------SOLD------- 1956-30030 1956 Ad Dorothy Gray Masque Frappe Cosmetics
1956-87 1956 Ad Dupont Peters High Velocity ammunition Fox Pheasant
1954-5004 1954 Ad 1954 Studebaker Get a far advanced Studebaker Pride of driving
1956-4 1956 Ad Farberware Stainless Steel Cookware Holiday Glamour
1956-79 1956 Ad Flaigs Lodge Millville PA Ajack Shotguns Rifles
1956-84 1956 Ad FN Deluxe Mauser Rifle AND Ithaca Gun Co Featherlight
1956-30028 1956 Ad Four roses whiskey Gift will warm any man's heart. Snowman
------SOLD------- 1956-4005 1956 Ad French's mustard Does something wonderful for hot dogs
1956-44 1956 Ad French's Mustard Ham Sandwich
------SOLD------- 1956-33 1956 Ad Friskies dog food Pet shop puppies theme
1956-29 1956 Ad Glidden Spred Paint One coat
1970-105 1970 Ad Marine Midland Master Charge Can't have her face #2
1956-21 1956 Ad Heublein Cordials Why wait for company
------SOLD------- 1956-30029 1956 Ad Hotpoint HiVi TV Portable TV
------SOLD------- 1956-30026 1956 Ad International Sterling Prelude 5 piece service
------SOLD------- 1956-64 1956 Ad International Sterling Silver Ware Melody, Iris, Joan of Arc, Prelude, Rhythm, Danish
------SOLD------- 1956-3 1956 Ad Jayson Whitehall Shirt. Win a mink
1956-23 1956 Ad Joy Dishwashing Liquid Walking Doll Promotion
1956-67 1956 Ad Kellogg's Variety Pack Breakfast cereal Choose it yourself
1956-30036 1956 Ad Kennecott Copper Corporation. In lighting, no substitute can do what copper does
1956-56 1956 Ad Kraft Italian Dressing Yogi Berra
1956-4004 1956 Ad Kraft Italian Dressing. Yogi Berra. Sure makes swell salads
1956-18 1956 Ad Lady Borden Ice Cream Holiday Bisque
1956-4001 1956 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes You get a lot to like
1956-82 1956 Ad Marlin High Powered Rifle Les Bowman
1956-26 1956 Ad Melmac Dinnerware Santa Theme
1956-7 1956 Ad Mido watches. You don't have to wind
1956-16 1956 Ad Milton Bradley Board Games
1956-12 1956 Ad Miss Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese
1970-100 1970 Ad Marine Midland Master Charge So safe wife can't use
1970-113 1970 Ad Master Charge Very cool cartoon style 2 page ad
------SOLD------- 1956-15 1956 Ad Nash Auto World's finest travel car
1970-43 1970 Ad NFL Football 1970 Schedule ad & 28 pg book
1954-5006 1954 Ad DelMonte Catsup Ketchup Finish it off with flavor
1955-2001 1955 Ad Thrill of the year is Buick Automobiles Cars. Great way to go places
------SOLD------- 1956-43 1956 Ad Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Unmistakable
------SOLD------- 1956-4006 1956 Ad Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. This one has the touch
1956-36 1956 Ad Pearson Sakrin Sugar Substitute
1970-86 1970 Ad Sesame Street Santa Claus lives on Sesame Street
1956-1001 1956 Ad Phillip Morris Tobacco Cigarettes Hunter theme
1956-68 1956 Ad Pontiac Custom Catalina Much more than a hard top
1970-9001 1970 Ad Singer Sewing Machines. Give her the best. Christmas theme
1956-66 1956 Ad Py O My Ice Box Pie Mix Graham cracker crust & filling
1952-47 1952 Ad New Parker 52 Pen Decades ahead in design
------SOLD------- 1956-9 1956 Ad REO Power Mower lawnmowers
------SOLD------- 1956-88 1956 Ad Ruger Arms Sturm Ruger and Co Mark 1 Target Model
------SOLD------- 1956-78 1956 Ad Savage 340 high powered rifle AND Lyman Gun sight Corp
------SOLD------- 1952-177 1952 Ad Pond's Angel face cosmetics in mirror case
------SOLD------- 1956-11 1956 Ad Schenley Whiskey Skyline decanter
------SOLD------- 1956-59 1956 Ad Scott Atwater Boat Motors 16 hp Outboard SLIGHT RIP RIGHT SIDE
1956-74 1956 Ad Sears Higgins shotgun and rifles Rugged knock down power
1952-48 1952 Ad Rancho Notorious Marlene Dietrich Arthur Kennedy Mel Ferrer
------SOLD------- 1956-81 1956 Ad Shotgun Poly Choke Duck Hunting Theme
1952-184 1952 Ad Smith Corona Typewriter with page gauge First time on any portable
1952-41 1952 Ad Squirt Soda Pop Never an afterthirst
1956-60 1956 Ad Squirt Soft Drink Soda Pop Never an afterthirst 1/2 page
1956-75 1956 Ad Stoeger Arms Shooters Bible AND National Rifle Association
1956-35 1956 Ad Studebaker Station Wagons Craftsmanship with a flair
------SOLD------- 1956-14 1956 Ad Sunbeam golden glide shavemaster
1952-164 1952 Ad The Watchmakes of Switzerland A specialist in pleasant surprises
1956-5 1956 Ad Swingline Household Stapler
------SOLD------- 1956-49 1956 Ad Texaco Havoline Motor Oil Missile Theme
1956-39 1956 Ad Texcel Cellophane Tape Circus Theme
1956-30035 1956 Ad The Travelers Insurance Co It takes more than brains to go to college
1952-33 1952 Ad United States Steel Philadelphia Electric
1956-30033 1956 Ad Viceroy filter cigarettes Only Viceroy has 20,000 filters
1952-63 1952 Ad Victor adding machine Over 54% quieter
1956-80 1956 Ad Weatherby Rifles and scopes John Wayne
1956-89 1956 Ad Whitney 22 Caliber Postold AND Winchester Model 50 shotgun
1956-83 1956 Ad Winfield Arms Corp Pistols Shotguns Rifles
------SOLD------- 1956-13 1956 Ad Wonder Brown and serve rolls
1956-30031 1956 Ad Woodbury beauty soap. Inside the new foil wrapper.
1953-106 1953 Ad Aquamatic Croton Nivada Grenchen Watch 6 kisses
------SOLD------- 1956-46 1956 Ad Woolworth's Christmas Toyland 2pg toy ad
1957-30046 1957 Ad 1847 Rogers Bros. Brothers Springtime. First silverplate with hand cut look
1957-30015 1957 Ad 1847 Rogers Brothers Bros Silverware Heritage of lasting beauty
1957-94 1957 Ad 1957 Ford Truck Modern Plusses Everywhere
1957-129 1957 Ad 57 Dodge Swept Wing Hurricane of power Air force Airplane theme
1957-136 1957 Ad 7 Up Soda Pop Fresh clean taste Pizza theme
1957-42 1957 Ad 7UP Real thirst quencher High school ball theme
------SOLD------- 1957-33 1957 Ad 7UP Real thirst quencher Teen theme
1926-4007 1926 Ad The Hoover Vacuum. Positive agitation. It pays
------SOLD------- 1957-54 1957 Ad AC Filter Oil Refinery theme
1926-4008 1926 Ad Chandler automobiles. 19 Brilliant models
1957-118 1957 Ad Admiral TV Radio Charlton Heston Glenn Ford
1957-30020 1957 Ad Aetna Casualty Insurance PS Personal service makes the difference
1926-4009 1926 Ad Gruen Guild watches. Diamonds that carry their own certification
------SOLD------- 1957-30025 1957 Ad Ancient Age bourbon. If you can find a better bourbon, buy it
------SOLD------- 1957-30029 1957 Ad Ancient Age bourbon. If you can find a better bourbon, buy it
------SOLD------- 1957-30031 1957 Ad Aqua Velva after shave lotion. Something about that man
------SOLD------- 1957-8 1957 Ad Aqua Velva Ice Blue Aftershave
1926-4010 1926 Ad Royal Electric cleaner. Kunderd Gladiolus book. Wessell Nickel and Gross Campbells automatic electric cooker range
1926-4011 1926 Ad Dollar Steamship Line. Asheville North Carolina. Pelouse postage meter.
1957-30047 1957 Ad Arrow mens dress shirts First in fashion. Valentines theme
------SOLD------- 1957-56 1957 Ad Avis Rent A Car Extra days of fun
1957-11 1957 Ad Ballantine Ale Brewers Gold Beer
------SOLD------- 1957-115 1957 Ad Beech Nut Chewing Gum Be chewsy Military theme
1957-3 1957 Ad Beech Nut Gum Be Chewsy Little Girl
------SOLD------- 1957-111 1957 Ad Bell Telephone System 50 year employee list and photos
1957-76 1957 Ad Big Thrills Buick Dynaflow 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1957-64 1957 Ad Bissell Grand Rapids Push floor sweeper
1957-46 1957 Ad Black and White Scotch Scottie Dogs Camping TEAR ON LEFT SIDE
------SOLD------- 1957-83 1957 Ad Boeing 707 600 miles per hour
------SOLD------- 1957-75 1957 Ad Boeing 707 American Jetliner 2pg
------SOLD------- 1957-38 1957 Ad Borg Warner Automatic Transmissions Robin Theme
------SOLD------- 1957-34 1957 Ad Borg Warner Nuclear Power
1957-5009 1957 Ad Bubble Up corporation. Pop Soda Drink Bubble Up
------SOLD------- 1957-63 1957 Ad Budweiser Beer Poker Theme
------SOLD------- 1957-130 1957 Ad Budweiser Beer Where there's life, there's Bud
1947-71 1947 Ad Pontiac You'd like it from any standpoint
1947-178 1947 Ad Prell Radiant Cr�me Shampoo in a tube
1947-113 1947 Ad Pullman Standard Railroad Cars Competive Industry
1926-5024 1926 Ad DuPont Duco Just Brush it On
1926-6001 1926 Ad Johnsons Polishing Wax Rent it $2 per day
1947-185 1947 Ad Red Heart 3 Flavor Dog Food Lassie Theme MGM Pictures
1947-41 1947 Ad Red Heart Dog Food Lassie
1926-6002 1926 Ad Maytag aluminum washer. Only obligation is the one you owe yourself
1947-183 1947 Ad Revere 70 Magazine Camera Curvamatic Splicer 8mm Movie Equipment
1947-118 1947 Ad Revere Metals are out in front Kids car theme
1947-170 1947 Ad Rexall Drugs DrugstoreNew Parents Baby Theme
1947-204 1947 Ad Rock Island Railroad The Golden Rocket Super luxury AND American Express Nova Scotia
1947-159 1947 Ad RPM Motor Oil Calso Supreme Saxon Six Auto
------SOLD------- 1947-116 1947 Ad RPM Motor Oil Cousin Quincy's Cars
1947-222 1947 Ad Sam Landau Inc Tula Dress Store Listing
1955-2003 1955 Ad Buick Automobiles Made for springtime and the young at heart
------SOLD------- 1947-19 1947 Ad Schenley Reserve Whiskey Rooster ad
------SOLD------- 1947-101 1947 Ad Schlitz Beer Backyard Barbeque theme
------SOLD------- 1955-2004 1955 Ad Schlitz Beer. Your thirst can feel the difference
1926-6003 1926 Ad American Fork and Hoe Co. True Temper. Garden Forks
1926-6004 1926 Ad Judd Bluebird Curtain Rods Formal Elegance
1947-150 1947 Ad Shotwell's Hi Mac Candy Bar Big Yank Shur Mac
1926-6005 1926 Ad Mohawk Rugs Treasure Trove
------SOLD------- 1947-179 1947 Ad Sparton Radios Sparks Withington Co Jackson Michigan
1947-215 1947 Ad St. Moritz on the Park Hotel NY AND Richardson Boats Express Cruiser
------SOLD------- 1947-154 1947 Ad Stahly Live Blade Razor Sailfish Fishing Theme
------SOLD------- 1947-182 1947 Ad Stinson Airplane Plane Newspaper publisher Theme
1947-52 1947 Ad Stinson Airplane Works for a living
------SOLD------- 1947-1 1947 Ad Stinson Voyager Airplane Plane
1947-169 1947 Ad Studebaker Auto Car Post War Studebaker
1942-5006 1941 Ad Stewart Warner Corporation. I'm a little restless son. War theme
1947-12 1947 Ad Swans Down Cake Flour Win a gas refrigerator
1947-127 1947 Ad Texaco Havoline Motor Oil Top Performance
1947-115 1947 Ad Texaco Marfak Chassis Lubrication dealers in 48 states
1947-156 1947 Ad Texaco Oil Gas Stations The Texas company Checkup
1941-45 1941 Ad Union Carbide Storms that save lives Stainless Steel
1941-3004 1941 Ad United aircraft corporation. How about propellers
1941-3002 1941 Ad Veedol Motor Oil. Diving or driving war theme
------SOLD------- 1947-61 1947 Ad The Newest Chevrolet Lowest Cost
1947-78 1947 Ad The Newest Chevrolet More Value
1955-2006 1955 Ad Chevrolet Chevy OK used cars. Who can afford to love a women that much.
1941-3007 1941 Two page editorial spread. How are we doing in defense. War theme
1947-209 1947 Ad Thomas Shirt Co From California
1947-160 1947 Ad Timken Tapered Roller Bearings Train Theme Roller Freight
1942-2 1942 Ad Kaywoodie Briar Tobacco Pipe Rainbow
1947-119 1947 Ad Upjohn Pharmaceuticals For those born not quite perfect
1947-43 1947 Ad US Royal Golf Ball Balls
------SOLD------- 1947-108 1947 Ad US Royal Master Tires Back again Hunting Theme
1943-34 1943 Ad Benefax Vitamins you can trust No more shots in the dark
------SOLD------- 1947-213 1947 Ad Wardman Park Hotel Washington DC AND National Bank Travelers Checks
1947-172 1947 Ad Warrens Mint Cocktail Chewing Gum Lady Iris Mountbatten
------SOLD------- 1947-8 1947 Ad Welch's Jelly and Juice. Rockwell like picture
1947-99 1947 Ad Welch's Juice Jam For Pure Enjoyment
1947-87 1947 Ad White Trucks Trucking Beef Theme
1947-79 1947 Ad Whitman's sample chocolate Easter Theme
1947-39 1947 Ad Whizzer Motorcycle Bike Scooter
1947-161 1947 Ad Wilsonite Sunglasses Willson Products Inc Reading PA
------SOLD------- 1947-40 1947 Ad Winchester Batteries Flashlight Bullet Fast
1947-38 1947 Ad Winchester Hi Power Flashlight and Batteries
1955-2007 1955 Ad Atlas Tires Batteries and Accessories
------SOLD------- 1947-83 1947 Ad Wurlizter Jukebox Music Easter Parade
------SOLD------- 1947-147 1947 Ad Zenith Radios Twin Triumphs in Tone Cobra Tone Arm
------SOLD------- 1949-114 1949 Ad '49 Ford Dream Wagon Station Wagon Heart of Steel
------SOLD------- 1949-54 1949 Ad 7 Up Fresh Up Boating boat theme
1949-73 1949 Ad Allied Van Lines Good Housekeeping seal
------SOLD------- 1949-105 1949 Ad American Greetings Cards Easter Parade
------SOLD------- 1949-115 1949 Ad American Optical Cool Ray Sunglasses Summer Beach theme
1955-2009 1955 Ad Brylcreem. The smart look hair cream. Not greasy not messy
1955-2010 1955 Ad Kent cigarettes For those who really care. Engagement ring theme
1949-98 1949 Ad Beech Nut Gum Peppermint Flavor makes all the difference
1949-42 1949 Ad Bell Telephone Guess the name of this city
1949-46 1949 Ad Black and White Scotch Scotty Dogs Scotties
1949-118 1949 Ad Bon Ami Glass Gloss For glass and silver
1949-53 1949 Ad Bostitch Stapler Cut Costs
------SOLD------- 1949-44 1949 Ad Bristol Golf Clubs 1/2 page
1908-012 1908 Ad Weber Piano co Paderewski's choice of pianos
1909-023 1909 Ad Bankers Trust Co Administration of Estates
1949-36 1949 Ad Carling's Red Cap Ale Beer Baseball Theme
------SOLD------- 1909-016 1909 Ad Columbia Fonotipia Grand Opera Records AND The Edison Phonograph
------SOLD------- 1949-116 1949 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Styleline Deluxe 2 Door Sedan
------SOLD------- 1949-70 1949 Ad Chevrolet Seeing is believing Driving is deciding
1909-005 1909 Ad Farrand Co Cecilian Player Pianos AND The Howard Watch Co Boston
1928-56 1928 Ad Bunting Bushing Bearings Phosfhor bronze
------SOLD------- 1949-6 1949 Ad Desoto The car designed with you in mind
1949-58 1949 Ad Dodge Car First in value Dollar bill theme 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1949-26 1949 Ad Douglas Super DC3 Airplane plane
1928-60 1928 Ad Clipper No 8 Speed Lacer AND Blackhawk Jacks
------SOLD------- 1949-8 1949 Ad Employers Mutual Group Insurance of Wausau
------SOLD------- 1949-11 1949 Ad Esterbrook Fountain Pens
1949-24 1949 Ad Eveready battery Nine Lives
1949-48 1949 Ad Firestone Tires Service Center GREAT 2 PG AD
1949-76 1949 Ad Ford Auto Parts 2 pg AND Red Goose Shoes
1949-85 1949 Ad Forstmann Woolen Company Passaic Yellow Dress
1949-107 1949 Ad Fresh Up 7 UP Family Gardening Theme
1970-9003 1970 Ad Sofette LA Z BOY Lazyboy recliners Jim Backus
1953-52 1953 Ad Ayds Weight loss Zsa Zsa Gabor It happened to me
1949-14 1949 Ad Hamilton Watches First Gold Star
1949-106 1949 Ad International Harvester Refrigerators AND Scotties Tissues
------SOLD------- 1949-60 1949 Ad Jarman bold soles shoes Look smarter feel better
1946-133 1946 Ad RPM Motor Oil AND and US Royal Golf Balls
------SOLD------- 1949-23 1949 Ad Johnson and Johnson Band Aid Little boy and girl
------SOLD------- 1946-146 1946 Ad Scripto Wordmaster long lead pencils Harry Conover
1949-37 1949 Ad Kelloggs Corn Flakes Variety Pack
1949-102 1949 Ad King Edward Silverplate Natikonal Silver Co Romantically yours
1949-86 1949 Ad Lady Buxton Wallets Polka Dot See the spots
1949-31 1949 Ad Lewyt Vacuum Cleaner No bag to empty
1946-25 1946 Ad Shell Research. The cat comes back
1949-74 1949 Ad Loafer Socks Sox by Ripon Mickey Mouse
------SOLD------- 1949-113 1949 Ad Lotus colorful new perfume by Yardley Cologne sachet powder
------SOLD------- 1949-83 1949 Ad Lucky Strike Cigarettes Woman fishing theme
1949-117 1949 Ad Make your next car a Mercury Irish Jig theme
1949-110 1949 Ad Manhattan Mens Shirts Easter Parade
1949-21 1949 Ad Mayflower Warehouses Moving Bridgeport to Dallas
------SOLD------- 1949-119 1949 Ad Miller High Life Champagne of bottled beer Wedding Waikiki
------SOLD------- 1949-51 1949 Ad Mobil Mobiloil Triple Action Oil Mobilgas
------SOLD------- 1949-75 1949 Ad Movie Command Decision (2) 1/2 page ads Clark Gable
1949-3 1949 Ad Movie Easy Living Lucille Ball Victor Mature
------SOLD------- 1949-43 1949 Ad Movie John Loves Mary Ronald Reagan
------SOLD------- 1949-40 1949 Ad Movie Take me out to Ballgame Sinatra Kelly Williams
1955-2014 1955 Ad Kelloggs Corn Flakes Cereal. Two don't forgetters. Kids theme
1949-12 1949 Ad Movie Walt Disney Ichabod, Mr Toad Bing Crosby
1949-22 1949 Ad Nabisco Shreded Wheat 2 in 1 Breakfast buy
1949-120 1949 Ad Nash Airflyte Automobile Girter built body and frame
1949-64 1949 Ad Nash Airflyte Car Auto More than 25 miles per gallon
1949-93 1949 Ad National Lead Co Dutch Boy Wonsover Gay to stay
1970-9013 1970 Ad The Book of Knowledge Encyclopedias. Kids theme
1970-19 1970 Ad Valle's Steak Houses Northeast location list 1/2 page
1949-38 1949 Ad Pabst Blue Ribbon Warren Pershing
------SOLD------- 1949-62 1949 Ad Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Pay my bill with corn
------SOLD------- 1949-112 1949 Ad Permaglas A Smithway Water Heater Hot water heaters
------SOLD------- 1949-7 1949 Ad Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Mother along
------SOLD------- 1949-15 1949 Ad Coca Cola Coke Along the Highway Anywhere Some wear, back page
1949-55 1949 Ad Pontiac Powered by the worlds sweetest engine
1949-96 1949 Ad Post's 40% Bran Flakes Post Tens Wheat Cereal
1949-2 1949 Ad Prestolite battery Motorcycle cop on Harley
1970-9011 1970 Ad Wurlitzer Pianos. Where there's a wish, there's a way
1977-30 1977 Ad Chinook camper The convertible wagon AND Sitmar Cruises
1949-82 1949 Ad Ritz Crackers Nabisco Soup and crackers
1977-49 1977 Ad Conoco Nature doesn't explore just one path
1949-78 1949 Ad Ronson Lighters Adonis Lighter side of fashion
1949-103 1949 Ad Royal Crown Cola RC Gail Russell El Paso Paramount
------SOLD------- 1949-57 1949 Ad Sanforized clothing Noah's Ark theme Noahs' Irk
1949-79 1949 Ad Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil Army Jeep Theme
------SOLD------- 1949-25 1949 Ad Slaymaker Solid Cast Brass padlocks 1/8 page
------SOLD------- 1949-95 1949 Ad Slip Magic Corette All Nylon Lacy Slip
------SOLD------- 1949-47 1949 Ad Spalding Golf Balls
------SOLD------- 1949-67 1949 Ad Texaco Havoline Motor Oil Power - Elephant
1949-72 1949 Ad Texaco Havoline Oil Bear AND Florida Orange Juice
1949-65 1949 Ad Texcel Tape Candy Stripe Cellophane Tape
1949-99 1949 Ad The all new Desoto Designed with you in mind
------SOLD------- 1949-5 1949 Ad The new Zenith Sovereign TV television
1977-33 1977 Ad Delta Airlines Captain John Richards DC-3
1949-80 1949 Ad Union Oil Co of California Aviation Gas for Autos
------SOLD------- 1949-87 1949 Ad Union Oil Co of California Fewer products Increase taxes
1949-59 1949 Ad Universal Vacuum cleaner We'll prove by test
------SOLD------- 1949-66 1949 Ad US Army Air Force Recruiting Life of an Aviation Cadet
------SOLD------- 1949-68 1949 Ad Van Raalte Nylon Stockings Love nice things
1977-2 1977 Ad Eastern Airlines Walt Disney World Goofy We've got your sunshine
1949-90 1949 Ad White Look Wembley Ties A smart name
1949-100 1949 Ad Whitman's Sampler Candy Easter Sunday Spring Theme CUT UPPER RIGHT
1950-208 1950 Ad 1847 Rogers Bros Daffodil Silverware Silverplate Remembrance, Eternally Yours, First Love, Adoration
1950-210 1950 Ad 1847 Rogers Bros Fine Silverplate Wedding Theme Adoration, First Love, Eternally Yours, Remembrance
1950-215 1950 Ad 1847 Rogers Bros Fine Silverplate Wedding Theme Adoration, First Love, Eternally Yours, Remembrance
1950-194 1950 Ad 1847 Rogers Bros Silverplate Sliverware Adoration, First Love, Eternally Yours, Remembrance
1950-88 1950 Ad 7 Up Fresh Up Scores with all the family
------SOLD------- 1950-100048 1950 Ad A & P Supermarkets Coffee Just plain good
1946-52 1946 Ad Columbia Records Harry James
------SOLD------- 1950-128 1950 Ad ABC Chesterfield Cigarettes Ben Hogan Ruth Roman
1950-201 1950 Ad ABC Chesterfield Cigarettes Marta Toren Deported Movie
1950-152 1950 Ad Adam Hats We challenge Comparison
1950-206 1950 Ad Adams Cheese Korn Kurls One handful leads to another
1950-92 1950 Ad Alemite lubrication Life insurance for only $15 per year
------SOLD------- 1950-11 1950 Ad Amalie Motor Oil Oilier motor oil
1950-100003 1950 Ad Amalie Motor Oil The oilier motor oil
------SOLD------- 1950-62 1950 Ad American Airlines Flagship 2 pg
1946-89 1946 Ad Conoco Nth Motor Oil Home life of the Sea Life
------SOLD------- 1950-171 1950 Ad American Express Travelers Checks AND Budweiser
1950-147 1950 Ad American Express Travelers Checks AND Pabst Blue Ribbon Mr Mrs Edward G Robinson
------SOLD------- 1950-26 1950 Ad American Express Travelers Checks Jaunt or Journey
1946-51 1946 Ad Electric light and power companies 48 states
------SOLD------- 1950-34 1950 Ad Anaconda Copper Help freedom Ring Liberty Bell
1950-250 1950 Ad Arrow Arazephyr Dress shirts Thar she blows
------SOLD------- 1950-276 1950 Ad Arrow Dress Shirts Lightweight Living Fathers day theme
1950-47 1950 Ad Arrow Shirt Co. Henry Fonda 2 pg
------SOLD------- 1950-154 1950 Ad Artemis Lingerie Matched Set 1/2 pg
------SOLD------- 1950-142 1950 Ad Artemis Slips Lingerie For your summer dresses 1/2 pg
1950-103 1950 Ad Aunt Jemima Pancakes Buckwheats Waffles
1950-53 1950 Ad Ballantines Ale Beer Eskimo Theme
1950-181 1950 Ad Beer America's beverage Douglass Rockwell Art
1950-185 1950 Ad Beer Douglass Rockwell Art AND Texaco Sky Chief
------SOLD------- 1950-100023 1950 Ad Bell Telephone System She makes us a nation of neighbors
------SOLD------- 1950-146 1950 Ad Blatz Beer Hank Marino Match Game Bowling Champion
1950-198 1950 Ad Brentwood Men's clothing Fathers day You bet it's good
------SOLD------- 1950-10 1950 Ad Cadillac Beautiful Jewelry themed ad
1950-30 1950 Ad Cadillac Beautiful Jewelry themed ad Emerald
------SOLD------- 1950-148 1950 Ad Camel Cigarettes Willie Mosconi Willie Hoppe Pool
------SOLD------- 1950-86 1950 Ad Campbells chicken soup Wish for a favorite dish
------SOLD------- 1950-242 1950 Ad Campbell's Soup. Soup for lunch Mother daughter theme
1950-264 1950 Ad Cannon Combspun percale sheets If you had a million how would you sleep
1950-195 1950 Ad Carling's Red Cape Ale Beer Cary Middlecoff Golf Champ
1946-41 1946 Ad Greyhound Bus lines Only by highway
1946-171 1946 Ad Hat Research Foundation Wear a new hat for Easter
------SOLD------- 1950-222 1950 Ad Carter Trigs Mens Underwear Men and boys look good
------SOLD------- 1950-191 1950 Ad Catalina Swimwear Swimsuit taro vine
------SOLD------- 1950-17 1950 Ad Caterpiller Diesel One life to late
------SOLD------- 1950-23 1950 Ad Caterpiller Heavy Equipment Accident looking to happen
1950-100008 1950 Ad Celanese corporation of America Woman's undergarment theme
------SOLD------- 1950-257 1950 Ad Champion Spark Plugs Be a Champion Airplane theme
------SOLD------- 1950-69 1950 Ad Champion Spark Plugs Scotty Dog (2) 1/2 pgs
------SOLD------- 1950-51 1950 Ad Chesterfield Cigarettes Bing Crosby
------SOLD------- 1950-49 1950 Ad Chevrolet First and finest at lowest cost 2pg
------SOLD------- 1950-236 1950 Ad Chevrolet First in performance with economy Finest driving
1950-100042 1950 Ad Chrysler Corporation. It's a frame up
------SOLD------- 1950-15 1950 Ad Coca Cola Coke Woman shadow Pause refreshes
------SOLD------- 1950-143 1950 Ad Cole of California Velvet Swimsuits
------SOLD------- 1950-105 1950 Ad Cole of California Velvet Womens Swimwear
------SOLD------- 1950-74 1950 Ad Colt Handgun Hunting & Lyman Gun Sight 1/2 pg
------SOLD------- 1950-209 1950 Ad Coronado Mens Dress Suits Fresh from Freezer Blue
------SOLD------- 1950-100015 1950 Ad Cory Corporation Chicago Ill. Glass coffee brewer
------SOLD------- 1950-180 1950 Ad Coty Shakti bath preparations Deodorant Powder
------SOLD------- 1950-240 1950 Ad Crosley Ultra Fidelity TV Television Howdy Doody theme
------SOLD------- 1950-175 1950 Ad Cut - Rite Wax Paper More women choose it
1950-100055 1950 Ad Cutler Hammer Motor control. Where experienced engineers decide
------SOLD------- 1950-197 1950 Ad Dan River Sheets Dress Fabrics Danville Va
1950-112 1950 Ad Dayton Koolfoam Pillows Wedding theme
------SOLD------- 1950-169 1950 Ad Delsey Kleenex Tissues AND WestClox Clocks
------SOLD------- 1950-130 1950 Ad Derby Peter Pan Peanut Butter
------SOLD------- 1950-225 1950 Ad Desoto Car Automobile Drive a Desoto before you decide
------SOLD------- 1950-99 1950 Ad Dial Soap Stops odor before it starts
------SOLD------- 1950-80 1950 Ad Disston Saw For Fathers day and Graduation 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1950-79 1950 Ad Disston Saw Give him a lift with a practical gift
1950-232 1950 Ad Dixie Cups Lifeguard theme Quench a summer thirst
1950-200 1950 Ad Douglas Airplans 30th Anniversary Stretch travel dollars
1950-100026 1950 Ad Drive the new Desoto before you decide
1946-77 1946 Ad Bristol Fishing Rods Reels Lines
1946-158 1946 Ad Caterpillar Diesel Grand Canyon of the Mesabi
------SOLD------- 1950-267 1950 Ad Dumont Hanover Television TV A standard by which televisions will be judged
1950-66 1950 Ad Dupont Peters Shotgun Shells Hunting theme
------SOLD------- 1950-71 1950 Ad Dupont Remington Ammunition 22 shells
1950-100022 1950 Ad Dutch Masters Cigars Band Night.
1950-100038 1950 Ad Eagle Picher Paint An extra ounce of protection. Pure pigment paint
1950-100052 1950 Ad Eastman Kodak Co. Your snapshots tell the story best. Boat fishing theme
1950-110 1950 Ad Elgin Watches Ann Blyth Graduation theme
1950-141 1950 Ad Elgin Watches Ann Blyth Lord Elgin and Lady Elgin
1950-253 1950 Ad Embassy Cigarettes Inhale to your hearts content
1950-100054 1950 Ad Emerson Electric Window fans. Cool comfort
1950-120 1950 Ad Esquire socks Colorfixt Argyles California Weight
1950-75 1950 Ad Evinrude Boat Motors Fishing 2 pg
1950-10002 1950 Ad Fatima Turkish Cigarettes. The best of long cigarettes
1950-70 1950 Ad Federal Cartridge Corp Shotgun Clay Pigeons
1950-100043 1950 Ad Firestone Tires Super balloons. John R Peters. Most miles per dollar
------SOLD------- 1950-100027 1950 Ad Firestone Tires. 27 Consecutive Indianapolis Champions. List of Indy Champs
1950-275 1950 Ad Firstone Tires 27 Consecutive Indianapolis Photos of winners since 1911 Johnny Parsons
------SOLD------- 1950-7 1950 Ad Fisk Tires Get the facts Air borne 1/2 page
1950-100041 1950 Ad Ford IT feels like America's costliest cars. Quiet whisper quality
------SOLD------- 1950-239 1950 Ad Ford It's a Ford for '50 There's a Ford in future Crystal ball
1950-20 1950 Ad Ford Trucks last longer Economy run
1950-100002 1950 Ad Ford Tudor Sedan Now thousands own two fine cars
1945-31 1945 Ad Western Electric War theme Battle
1945-5027 1945 Ad Yales Materials handling machinery. Handling costs headed for trouble
------SOLD------- 1950-107 1950 Ad GE General Electric color styled portable radios
1950-243 1950 Ad General Motors GM Key to growing value
------SOLD------- 1950-100053 1950 Ad General Tire Annual vacation tire sale. Elephant circus theme
------SOLD------- 1950-100012 1950 Ad Genuine Dairy Queen ice cream. Love at first bite
1950-155 1950 Ad Gibson Get Well Cards You be the doctor
1950-131 1950 Ad Glidden Spred Satin AND Williams Lectric Shave
------SOLD------- 1950-4 1950 Ad GM The newest General Motors Diesel Train
------SOLD------- 1950-100013 1950 Ad Gold Bond insulation board Build or remodel better with Gold Bond
------SOLD------- 1950-122 1950 Ad Grapette Grape Soda Pop Buy a carton today
------SOLD------- 1950-57 1950 Ad Green Giant Peas Corn Art Linkletter
1950-123 1950 Ad Greyhound bus tours
------SOLD------- 1950-14 1950 Ad Greyhound Bus Tours Paul Bunyon
1946-124 1946 Ad Alemite Oil Lubrication Product of Stewart Warner
1950-100035 1950 Ad Gulf No Nox Gasoline Gas Designed for todays powerful new engines
------SOLD------- 1950-100006 1950 Ad Hanes Fig Leaf brief mens underwear From Adam and Eve
1950-29 1950 Ad Havoline Motor Oil Golfer Sam Snead Golf theme
1950-100014 1950 Ad Heineke and Co power lawnmowers and JB watch bands
1950-262 1950 Ad Herbert Tarryton Cigarettes Golf Theme Discriminating People
------SOLD------- 1950-241 1950 Ad Herbert Tarryton Cigarettes Something about them you'll like
1950-36 1950 Ad Heritage Henredon Furniture A new idea
------SOLD------- 1950-13 1950 Ad HFC Household Finance Corp Loans Borrow
------SOLD------- 1950-179 1950 Ad Hi C Fresh Orange ade AND Barbasol Shaving cream 1/2 pgs
1950-233 1950 Ad Holmes and Edwards Silverware Sterling Silver
------SOLD------- 1950-100 1950 Ad Holmes and Edwards Sterling Inlaid Silver Wedding
1950-245 1950 Ad Hormel Chili Con Carne Ray Milland's Favorite buffet supper
------SOLD------- 1950-117 1950 Ad Howard Johnsons Landmark for hungry Americans
1950-188 1950 Ad Hudson Car Automobile Recessed floors
1950-254 1950 Ad Industrial Rayon Corporation Spun Lo slim slim slim
1950-170 1950 Ad Interwoven Socks Fathers day Very colorful ad
1950-95 1950 Ad Iron Fireman Fuel Saving radiant fire furnace
1950-140 1950 Ad Jantzen Figuremaker Lastex Swiimsuits
------SOLD------- 1950-214 1950 Ad Jantzen Lastex powered swim trunks sunclothes
------SOLD------- 1950-118 1950 Ad Jantzen Swimsuits and Lane Cedar Hope Chests
------SOLD------- 1950-109 1950 Ad Jarman shoes for men Look smarter feel better
------SOLD------- 1950-3 1950 Ad Jeep Willy's station wagon Power up
------SOLD------- 1950-94 1950 Ad John Hancock He fought for our right to learn
1950-89 1950 Ad John Hancock Insurance Woolworths Happiness for Nickels and dimes
------SOLD------- 1950-1 1950 Ad Johnson and Johnson Band Aid Little boy and girl
1950-228 1950 Ad Kellogg's Corn Soya Great new protein Cereal
------SOLD------- 1950-207 1950 Ad Kellogg's Rice Krispies Snap Crackle Pop 9 minute
------SOLD------- 1950-230 1950 Ad Kellogg's Rice Krispies Why simmer this summer
1945-4022 1945 Ad VMMS Vitamins Get that VMS Feeling
------SOLD------- 1950-129 1950 Ad Knott Hotels 8043 rooms in New York City NYC
1950-177 1950 Ad Kool Aid Drink AND Wrisley Bath items 1/2 pgs
------SOLD------- 1950-183 1950 Ad Lane Cedar Hope Chest Love Gift Values
1950-100040 1950 Ad Lincoln First and foremost fine cars. Nothing could be finer
------SOLD------- 1950-211 1950 Ad Lingerie by Artemis Slips and matching rosebud gown
1950-102 1950 Ad Log Cabin Maple Syrup Real Maple Flavor
------SOLD------- 1950-5 1950 Ad Longines Winnauer Prize winning watches
1950-213 1950 Ad Lucky Strike Cigarettes Lilli Palmer Milder than others
1950-189 1950 Ad Lucky Strike Cigarettes Marlene Dietrich
1950-202 1950 Ad Lucky Strike Cigarettes Rex Harrison Rich taste of tobacco
1950-100044 1950 Ad Lucky Strike Cigarettes. It's the tobacco that counts
1950-21 1950 Ad Lumbermans Mutual Casualty Insurance Co
------SOLD------- 1950-85 1950 Ad Manhattan shirts Polynesian Print Palm beach to palm springs
1950-100020 1950 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes. Baby theme. Darn tootin my dad smokes Marlboro
------SOLD------- 1950-93 1950 Ad Masonite corporate Hardboards Furniture theme
1950-178 1950 Ad Maxwell House Coffee Art by Binghorn Bingham ?
1950-83 1950 Ad Mayflower movers warehouses Over the threshold 1/2 pg
1950-9 1950 Ad Mayflower Warehouses Movers Packed with pride
1950-35 1950 Ad Mayflower warehouses Movers Wedding Couple
------SOLD------- 1950-252 1950 Ad Mido Multifort Watches Self winding
------SOLD------- 1950-260 1950 Ad Midway Men's underwear by Jockey Feel like a million
------SOLD------- 1950-56 1950 Ad Mobil Gas Flying Horse
------SOLD------- 1950-48 1950 Ad Mobilgas Mobil Care Socony Vacuum 2 pg
1950-272 1950 Ad Mobilgas Mobil Tires Quality every time Close by with a swell buy
1950-33 1950 Ad Mopar Auto Parts Chrysler Plymouth Dodge etc
1950-119 1950 Ad Morton Salt When it rains it pours
1950-244 1950 Ad Morton Salt When it rains it pours With Morton Girl
1945-4013 1945 Ad Ron Merito Puerto Rican Rum Mountain rum
1945-5010 1945 Ad Stewart Warner Radios What's ahead in radio
1950-58 1950 Ad Movie Annie Get your Gun Betty Hutton
1950-8 1950 Ad Movie Annie Get your Gun Betty Hutton
1950-199 1950 Ad Movie Born to be Bad Joan Leslie Mel Ferrer Man Bait
1950-184 1950 Ad Movie Broken Arrow James Stewart
1950-151 1950 Ad Movie Fathers Little Dividend Spencer Tracy Liz Taylor
------SOLD------- 1950-192 1950 Ad Movie Walt Disney Treasure Island 2 page WRINKLES IN MIDDLE
1950-24 1950 Ad Movie Walt Disney's Treasure Island
------SOLD------- 1950-187 1950 Ad Movie Winchester 73 James Stewart Shelley Winters
------SOLD------- 1950-139 1950 Ad Nash Airflyte Ambassador Statesman Landau
1950-249 1950 Ad Nash Airflyte Automobile Auto Now meet all 3 Nash Airflytes
------SOLD------- 1950-173 1950 Ad Nash Airflyte Much of tomorrow in all Nash does today
1950-90 1950 Ad Nash Cars Airflyte Are you in this picture?
1950-235 1950 Ad Nesbitt Orange Soda Colt Handgun Theme
1950-135 1950 Ad Nesbitt's Orange Drink AND Red Heart dog food
1950-41 1950 Ad Nesbitts Orange Soda and Colt Hand Guns 1/2 pg
1950-100039 1950 Ad New Parker 51 Pens Violin theme Perfection speaks for itself
1950-100009 1950 Ad Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Tell all the facts Donald S Gilmore
1950-231 1950 Ad Noxzema Sunburn Preparation Don't fool with sunburn
1950-273 1950 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes America we love you for the largest sales in Old Gold history
------SOLD------- 1950-259 1950 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes Nothing but the companionship of fine tobacco
------SOLD------- 1950-237 1950 Ad Old Gold cigarettes We don't try to scare you with medical claims Pumpkin Halloween theme
------SOLD------- 1950-138 1950 Ad Olds Oldsmobile 88 Make a date with a Rocket 8
------SOLD------- 1950-132 1950 Ad Olds Oldsmobile 88 Rocket 8 Make a date
------SOLD------- 1950-248 1950 Ad Olds Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Make a date with a Rocket 8
1950-274 1950 Ad Olds Oldsmobile Rockets ahead Glamorous new futuramics
------SOLD------- 1950-217 1950 Ad Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Ben Hogan Golfer PGA Champ
1950-172 1950 Ad Packed with Power Mobil Gas Mobilgas Flying Horse
1945-50 1945 Ad Parker Quink Ink Solv-x protects pens
1950-266 1950 Ad Paul Jones Whiskey The best buy in Texas or anywhere
1950-156 1950 Ad Pepsi Cola Soda Gives more bounce to the ounce
1950-271 1950 Ad Pestmaster Aerosol Insect bomb Baby and fly theme
1950-247 1950 Ad Pestmaster Flower Garden Insecticide AND Carling's Red Cap Ale Golfer Cary Middlecoff
------SOLD------- 1950-158 1950 Ad Peter Paul Almond Joy Mounds AND 7 Up Soda Cola
------SOLD------- 1950-82 1950 Ad Planters cocktail peanuts Great for outings
------SOLD------- 1950-42 1950 Ad Planters Cocktail Peanuts Taste so good Picnic
------SOLD------- 1950-46 1950 Ad Planters Peanuts with a Coke 1/2 pg
1950-100021 1950 Ad Plasticote automobile polish contains Kelvex
------SOLD------- 1950-96 1950 Ad Plumb Tool Ball Peen Hammer
1950-238 1950 Ad PM Deluxe Blended Whisky Clear Clean taste Sheep theme
------SOLD------- 1950-101 1950 Ad Pontiac Dollar for Dollar You can't beat a Pontiac
1950-28 1950 Ad Post Sugar Crisp Cereal Bears theme
1950-100001 1950 Ad Presto-Lite Hi level battery Barbara Ann Scott
1945-5015 1945 Ad RCA Radio Corporation. Sound systems for churches
------SOLD------- 1950-100056 1950 Ad Priestley's Nor East Non Crush Summer Suits
------SOLD------- 1950-144 1950 Ad Quaker State Oil Finest Easter Gift give your car Bunny
1950-165 1950 Ad RC Royal Crown Cola Soda Gene Tierney
------SOLD------- 1950-174 1950 Ad RC Royal Crown Cola Soda Ginger Rogers Legal Bride
1950-204 1950 Ad Reed and Barton Sterling Silverware Marlborough Francis First Burgundy Pointed Antique French Renaissance
------SOLD------- 1950-76 1950 Ad Remington Ammunition Guns 2 pg Hunting
1950-193 1950 Ad REO Motors Lawnmower AND Pabst Beer Ben Hogan
------SOLD------- 1950-59 1950 Ad REO Mower Power Lawnmower Deluxe Trimalawn
1950-186 1950 Ad Ritz Crackers AND Pabst Beer Johnny Weissmuller
1950-168 1950 Ad Robt Burns Cigarillos Cigars New idea in smoking
1977-29 1977 Ad Grumman Sunstream Solar Energy Answer to rising energy costs
1950-100004 1950 Ad Rock Island Railroad The Golden State Now timed for you greater travel convenience
1950-145 1950 Ad Santa FE Railroad Hospitality
1950-166 1950 Ad Santa FE Railroad Super Chief Turquoise Room Dining 1/2 pg
1950-255 1950 Ad Santa Fe railroad Train Privacy as you like it
1950-268 1950 Ad Santa Fe Railroad Train See people and places Young Indian theme
1950-55 1950 Ad Schlitz Beer Halloween Theme Scarecrow
1950-224 1950 Ad Schlitz The beer that made Milwaukee famous
------SOLD------- 1950-227 1950 Ad Sealtest Ice Cream Summer fun
1977-37 1977 Ad Grumman Sunstream Solar Energy Invest in the sun
1977-52 1977 Ad Grumman Sunstream Solar Energy Own your own utility
------SOLD------- 1950-256 1950 Ad Serviset by Sutherland Paper Company Paper plates
1950-100057 1950 Ad Shell Gasoline Velvet hand in an iron glove
------SOLD------- 1950-134 1950 Ad Shell X-100 Motor Oil Incomparable
1950-216 1950 Ad Sherwin Williams Dealer Paint Weatherated Kem Glo Tone
------SOLD------- 1950-18 1950 Ad Shopsmith Woodworking Machine 1/2 page
1955-2019 1955 Ad Forstmann 100% Virgin Wool
1950-45 1950 Ad Simoniz Car Wax lasting beauty 1/2 page
1950-10004 1950 Ad Simplicity Garden Tractor Mow lawn, cut weeds
1950-263 1950 Ad Singer Sewing Centers Vacuum cleaners For greater dirt getting action
1976-2 1976 Ad BankAmericard A celebration says the things you can't find words for
1976-9 1976 Ad Gulf Oil Corporation National Geographic season on PBS
1950-100036 1950 Ad Sniders Catsup and Chili Sauce. Grandma Snider
1950-176 1950 Ad Sparkling Canada Dry Orange Grape Lemon Cola
1950-43 1950 Ad Stanley Yankee Screwdriver
------SOLD------- 1950-113 1950 Ad Stardust Insured Bra Guaranteed
1950-100011 1950 Ad State Farm insurance. If your bankbook looks like this we have a plan
------SOLD------- 1950-2 1950 Ad Stetson Hats Straw Vote
------SOLD------- 1950-100016 1950 Ad Story and Clark Pianos. World's first sounding board that can't be broken or split
1950-25 1950 Ad Studebaker Car Only $1487.50
------SOLD------- 1950-39 1950 Ad Studebaker Trucks Automatic overdrive
1950-212 1950 Ad Swank Jewelry Cufflinks, tie chain, more Fathers day
1950-108 1950 Ad Texaco Skychief gas gasoline
1950-63 1950 Ad The 1951 Kaiser Car Triumph of Anatomic Age
1950-100051 1950 Ad The 1951 Kaiser One mile behind the wheel
1950-223 1950 Ad The Texas Company Texaco Marfax Chassis Lubrication
1953-48 1953 Ad Emerson TV Television Clear and Sharp
1953-87 1953 Ad Kaywoodie Tobacco Pipe Pipes Christmas Theme
1950-100019 1950 Ad Timken Axles. Wise truck buyers look under the truck
1950-10003 1950 Ad Timken tapered roller bearings Roller freight railroad theme
1950-38 1950 Ad Tools Stanley Rules rulers Every Inch 1/4 page
1950-84 1950 Ad Travelers Insurance wedding theme Man get off too easy
1953-164 1953 Ad PAL Hollow ground razor Your best blade buy
1950-52 1950 Ad Turkey Red Cigarettes
1953-35 1953 Ad Parker 51 Pen Something miraculous
1953-121 1953 Ad Philadelphia Electric Company Valley of Opportunity
1953-79 1953 Ad Polaroid land camera Christmast picture in 60 seconds
1950-91 1950 Ad United Aircraft Corp Airplane family theme
1953-133 1953 Ad Post Corn-Fetti Magic Sugar Coat Captain Jolly
------SOLD------- 1950-205 1950 Ad US Rubber Co US Keds Sneakers Booster Mary Jane Archking Gamestser
------SOLD------- 1950-269 1950 Ad Use 100% Pennsylvania Motor Oil Keep the power you bought
------SOLD------- 1950-106 1950 Ad Van Raalte Color quartet in nicest of nylon
------SOLD------- 1950-159 1950 Ad Van Raalte Slips AND Schlitz Beer Backyard scene
1950-270 1950 Ad Veedol Motor Oil Found wherever fine cars travel
1950-98 1950 Ad Vermont Maid Syrup Real Maple Sugar
1950-100025 1950 Ad Vinylite plastics Big as all outdoors. Pool theme
1950-220 1950 Ad Vitalis Hair and Scalp lotion 60 second workout
------SOLD------- 1950-100024 1950 Ad Webster Cigars Nut Brown, a fine cigar color too. Pool theme
------SOLD------- 1950-100017 1950 Ad Webster Cigars. A good host never forgets
------SOLD------- 1950-73 1950 Ad Western Auto Boat Motors Wizard
------SOLD------- 1950-67 1950 Ad Western Expert Shotgun Shells Olin Hunting
------SOLD------- 1950-100005 1950 Ad Wheaties Cereal The breakfast of Champions
1950-133 1950 Ad White Rock Sparkling Water Ginger Ale Fairy theme
1950-182 1950 Ad White Rock Sparkling Water Ginger Ale Fairy theme 2nd of 2
------SOLD------- 1950-100046 1950 Ad Whitehouse Cherry Ice Cream. For the magic month of February
------SOLD------- 1950-100007 1950 Ad Whitmans Chocolate Sampler Did you ever hear a sampler talking for you?
1950-6 1950 Ad Whizzer sportsman motor bike motorcycle 1/4 pg
------SOLD------- 1950-68 1950 Ad Winchester Arms Gun Shotgun Olin Industries
1950-31 1950 Ad Yale Locks Can you imagine? 1/2 page
1976-4 1976 Ad J Osawa and Co Ltd Mamiya Camera The ultimate camera
1953-32 1953 Ad Quip The cream that won't sour
------SOLD------- 1951-27 1951 Ad Acme Quality Paints Modern Colors Detroit
1951-18 1951 Ad Bell Telephone System Switchboard Operators
------SOLD------- 1951-26 1951 Ad Crosley Shelvador Refrigerators No Defrosting
1951-2002 1951 Ad Cutter Cravat Ties Artist orginals
1951-20 1951 Ad DeSoto No other car rides like a Desoto
------SOLD------- 1951-28 1951 Ad Gold Seal Glass Wax Dry clean windows
1951-21 1951 Ad Green Giant Brand Peas 60 day wonders
1951-5 1951 Ad Kentucky Tavern Whiskey Bottled in Bond
------SOLD------- 1951-9 1951 Ad Kodak Your snapshots tell the story best
1951-11 1951 Ad Lee Work Clothes Jeans
1951-4 1951 Ad Lifesavers stik o pep. Father son Candy cane
1945-5014 1945 Ad New Departure Ball Bearings Nothing rolls like a ball
1951-17 1951 Ad Movie My Forbidden Past Robert Mitchum and Ava Gardner
------SOLD------- 1951-6 1951 Ad Nesbitt Orange Soda
1951-24 1951 Ad Old Gold cigarettes Ted Mack Amateur Hour
1951-13 1951 Ad Oldsmobile Olds 88 Ride the rocket
------SOLD------- 1951-22 1951 Ad Pall Mall Cigarettes Mildness you can measure
1951-3 1951 Ad Par T Pak Ginger Ale. America's party drink
1951-2 1951 Ad Parker Pens Preview for Fall
1951-1 1951 Ad Planters Peanuts Mr. Peanut
------SOLD------- 1951-12 1951 Ad Robert Burns Cigarillos Cigars Humphrey Bogart
1951-25 1951 Ad Singer Sewing Centers Vacuum Cleaners
1951-10 1951 Ad Sunkist Oranges Best for Juice
1951-8 1951 Ad TWA Airlines Magic Carpet
1951-23 1951 Ad Veedol Motor Oil Bradford Pennsyvania
1951-2001 1951 Ad Yami Yogurt. Cultured milk you eat with a spoon
1952-173 1952 Ad '52 Ford Automobile Car Good news travels fast
1943-58 1943 Ad Dorothy Gray Beauty AND Kinsey Blended Whiskey
1943-4002 1943 Ad Dromedary quality foods. Dates, nuts, mixes, etc
------SOLD------- 1943-50 1943 Ad Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue New York
------SOLD------- 1943-4013 1943 Ad Fisk tires.war theme AND Reis mens clothing
1943-4014 1943 Ad Fleers Fleer chewing gum. A fine old firm
1945-5003 1945 Ad Jones and Lamson Machine Company Springfield Vermont
1943-4009 1943 Ad Goodyear Chemigum. Farmers win battle with synthetic rubber hose
1943-6 1943 Ad Hoover Vacuum Cleaner War Bonds
------SOLD------- 1943-9 1943 Ad InterWoven Socks Can't Beat
------SOLD------- 1943-56 1943 Ad Jantzen Panties and Girdles Lastex and rayon Risque ad
------SOLD------- 1952-4 1952 Ad Philadelphia Electric Company
------SOLD------- 1943-59 1943 Ad Joyce Shoes Pasadena Ca AND Peck & Peck Dresses
------SOLD------- 1943-62 1943 Ad Kayser Lingerie AND Max Factor Pan-Cake Makeup
------SOLD------- 1943-10 1943 Ad Keepsake Diamond Ring
------SOLD------- 1952-5 1952 Ad Campbells Soup Little Girl��..other side of last one?
1943-44 1943 Ad Lentheric Soft Focus Makeup AND Vad Cream Cosmetic
1943-16 1943 Ad Lux Soap Veronica Lake
1943-20 1943 Ad Lysol with baby. More precious than ever
------SOLD------- 1943-11 1943 Ad Movie Girl Crazy Mickey Rooney Judy Garland
------SOLD------- 1943-27 1943 Ad Movie Tonight and every night Rita Hayworth
------SOLD------- 1952-104 1952 Ad The Texas Company Texaco Fire Chief Dalmation pups
1943-4001 1943 Ad Ovaltine Chocolate Drink. Extra vitamins and minerals you need
1943-4008 1943 Ad Packard Autos. War theme. Engines need oxygen masks too
1943-18 1943 Ad Palmolive Soap Luscious skin may soon be yours
------SOLD------- 1943-28 1943 Ad Pennsylvania Railroad. Power to pace the future
------SOLD------- 1943-19 1943 Ad Ponds cold cream. She's engaged
------SOLD------- 1943-61 1943 Ad RosePoint Sterling Silverware by Wallace
1943-38 1943 Ad Santa Fe Railroad Working for Victory
------SOLD------- 1943-4004 1943 Ad Seaforth for men. Cologne, etc. Miss Manning pinup model for man
------SOLD------- 1943-21 1943 Ad Singer Sewing Centers
1943-7 1943 Ad Sniders Catsup City Folks Country Style
1943-37 1943 Ad Sperry Corp Battleship sinks enemy ship 18 miles away
1943-4003 1943 Ad Spry. Aunt Jenny Shamrock Chiffon Pie
1943-39 1943 Ad Swank Jewelry Distinction Ahoy Buy War Bonds
1943-66 1943 Ad Tabu Perfume AND DuBarry Beauty Preparations
1943-4 1943 Ad Texaco Gas Smoke means trouble
------SOLD------- 1943-63 1943 Ad Tussy Creamy Masque AND Henri Bendel NY Dresses
1976-10 1976 Ad Olivetti Lexikon 82 Typewriter Interchangeable typing balls
1943-65 1943 Ad Vitality Shoes St. Louis AND Bonwit Teller Clare Potters Dresses
------SOLD------- 1943-4005 1943 Ad War advertising council. Keep prices down. Pitch in and get it done
------SOLD------- 1943-64 1943 Ad Warner's Le Gant Girdles Panties AND I Magnin Co Dresses
------SOLD------- 1964-20 1964 Ad Cadillac quiet engine & New York Life "Trump Card"
1943-67 1943 Ad Yardley English Lavender Perfume
1976-6 1976 Ad Parker 75 Pen Every Collector's item was young once
1976-11 1976 Ad Smith Corona Typewriter Spake as a child understood as a child
------SOLD------- 1944-36 1944 Ad AAF Army Air Forces Enlistment recruiting ad Pilots Navigators
1944-32 1944 Ad American Airlines AND PM Deluxe Rye and Bourbon
1944-35 1944 Ad Armament by Fisher War
1944-28 1944 Ad Bell & Howell Opti-Onics AND Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
1944-16 1944 Ad Bell Telephone Welcome hand to War Vets
1977-28 1977 Ad Aer Lingus Irish Airlines Flying to London Seven Wonders of Irleand
1977-55 1977 Ad Arco The Cousteau Odyssey
------SOLD------- 1944-5007 1944 Ad Bond Street Pipe Tobacco Slow as a turtle
------SOLD------- 1944-26 1944 Ad Camel Cigarettes Don't mail them�Military theme
1944-33 1944 Ad Chesterfield Cigarettes War AND Schenley Royal Reserve Whiskey
1977-67 1977 Ad BankAmericard Visa Why changing its name
1977-44 1977 Ad Beechcraft Lift your holiday spirits
1944-42 1944 Ad ESNA Elastic Stop Nut Corp
1977-18 1977 Ad Braniff Airlines South America flying colors
------SOLD------- 1944-54 1944 Ad Fairchild engine and airplane corp Milestone in Metallurgy
------SOLD------- 1944-20 1944 Ad Fisk Tires Whose picture is that Grandpa 1/2 pg
1944-51 1944 Ad Ford Motor Co This little trial engine sputtered to life
1953-102 1953 Ad Roblee Royal Grains Shoes New 1954 styles
1944-31 1944 Ad Imperial Whiskey AND North American Aviation B-25 Plane
1953-94 1953 Ad Schenley Reserve fabulous decanter
1944-5010 1944 Ad Jergens lotion. Marjorie Reynolds with hands alluring
1953-95 1953 Ad Shulton Old Spice Glamour and Quality at Christmas
1944-53 1944 Ad Kodak research Pictures carry him back Rochester NY
------SOLD------- 1944-5002 1944 Ad Listerine Tooth powder.Caring for baby. For busy people
------SOLD------- 1964-11 1964 Ad Beechcraft Aircraft #15 in "patterns of flight" series
1944-17 1944 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes Woman in Dress
1953-114 1953 Ad Union Carbide and Carbon Corp From head to toe Glycols
1944-13 1944 Ad Movie Madame Curie Greer Garson
------SOLD------- 1944-34 1944 Ad Nash Kelvinator Autos Refrigerators Ranges War theme Parade
------SOLD------- 1968-170 1968 Ad Chrysler Corporation Car Line Military boats trucks rocket 2 pg
1944-3 1944 Ad New York Central Railroad Mohawks
------SOLD------- 1944-30 1944 Ad Old Forster Bottled Bond Kentucky Bourbon Whisky
------SOLD------- 1944-29 1944 Ad Old Taylor Kentucky Bourbon AND Whitmans Chocolate Sampler
1944-5006 1944 Ad Philip Morris Cigarettes. Medical Authorities know this one is superior
1944-5008 1944 Ad Philip Morris Marlboro Cigarettes High class Woman theme
1944-5005 1944 Ad Piper Cub airplanes. Rosedale is ready to fly
------SOLD------- 1944-11 1944 Ad Prestone Anti Freeze War Theme
------SOLD------- 1968-171 1968 Ad Schaeffer Beer America's oldest lager beer Eagle theme 2pg
1944-39 1944 Ad Revere Copper and Brass Inc Packaged Air is fine for babies
1944-24 1944 Ad Royal Crown Cola RC Cola Sonja Henie Tastes best
1953-47 1953 Ad Waldorf Tissue Baby Theme Softer
1953-26 1953 Ad Watkins Products. A better report card
1944-8 1944 Ad Sniders Catsup Ketchup Tastes like home
1944-40 1944 Ad Spud Imperials Cigarettes Throat says switch to ..
------SOLD------- 1944-27 1944 Ad Stetson Hats Betty Hutton Musette Montezuma Pensacola
1944-22 1944 Ad Studebaker Weasel warfare AND WK Kellog Corn Flakes Kellogs
------SOLD------- 1944-55 1944 Ad The Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York City
1954-20 1954 Ad Allis Chalmers 2 pg "Live Better"
1944-1 1944 Ad US Cadet Nurse Corps Sponsored by Kodak
1944-5004 1944 Ad Vermont Maid Syrup AND Spur Cola Drink
1926-6006 1926 Ad Mueller Furnaces. Tons of coal cheaper. Beautify your home with the coal you save
------SOLD------- 1944-4 1944 Ad Wing Sections by Desoto War Theme Plane
------SOLD------- 1945-4006 1945 Ad 167 Light and power companies. Alice in Wonderland theme
------SOLD------- 1945-34 1945 Ad 1946 Ford Car Auto Crystal Ball Theme
------SOLD------- 1945-22 1945 Ad 7 UP Fresh Up Keep Smiling
1945-5006 1945 Ad Aetna Insurance Group Inflation
1945-5008 1945 Ad Alcoa Aluminum foil. Little girl candy theme
1926-6007 1926 Ad Wurlitzer Studio Grand Piano. A joy forever
1930-2001 1930 Ad Kalman Steel Co. Faster safer more rigid fireproof construction
1945-32 1945 Ad Aunt Jemima Buckwheats Pancakes
1945-12 1945 Ad Bell Telephone Rocket 800 MPH
1930-2002 1930 Ad Lupton Casements. Step up sales and rentals
1930-2003 1930 Ad Idaho white pine. Still pass through the welcoming doorway
1945-19 1945 Ad Chevrolet Conserve your car or truck
------SOLD------- 1945-40 1945 Ad Chrysler Airtemp AND Perfect Circle Piston Rings
------SOLD------- 1970-21 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Taste of your life
1945-5018 1945 Ad Clapp's baby foods What every well fed baby ought to know
------SOLD------- 1945-5012 1945 Ad Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. The best location in the country
------SOLD------- 1945-42 1945 Ad Community Silverplate Coronation Design Home for keeps
1930-2004 1930 Ad Universal Atlas Cement. Concrete for permanence
1930-2005 1930 Ad John Brown General building contractor. Building costs are down.
------SOLD------- 1945-25 1945 Ad Desoto Father Son Snow theme
1930-2006 1930 Ad Creo Dipt stained shingles. Win builders approval
------SOLD------- 1945-5017 1945 Ad Drene shampoo with hair conditioner
------SOLD------- 1945-11 1945 Ad Elgin Watches Hold Fast
------SOLD------- 1945-4016 1945 Ad Enna Jetticks Womens shoes
1945-5022 1945 Ad Erie Railroad The hardest working horses in the land
1945-4019 1945 Ad Fleer's Gum for finer flavor AND Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco
1945-5001 1945 Ad Four Roses Whiskey. The postman says no
1945-17 1945 Ad General Tire Blue Ribbon
1945-4010 1945 Ad Girard Perregaux Watches Fine watches since 1791
1945-4023 1945 Ad Goodyear Aircraft Cruise the world in a flying hotel. Zeppelin
1968-14030 1968 Ad Marine Midland Card. Only thing you can't charge on our card is the tip for the paperboy
1968-14031 1968 Ad Eastman Kodak. Instamatic movie camera
1968-14032 1968 Ad The Electric Timex Anything less than an electric watch is just that
1945-5 1945 Ad Gruen Watches Graduation Theme
1945-39 1945 Ad Harvel Diamond Watches One of the World's finest
1945-5004 1945 Ad Hewitt Rubber of Buffalo. Replace your worn out hose
1968-14033 1968 Ad Arrow shirts. The Colorful white shirt company
1968-14034 1968 Ad Wide Track Pontiac Bonneville. Break away from the hum drum
1945-5028 1945 Ad Hotel Commodore. New York's best located hotel . Rest on whosee laurels
1945-5026 1945 Ad Hotel Pennsyvania. Dollars urgently needed for Victory bonds
1945-5023 1945 Ad Hotel Taft Times Square at Radio City
1968-14035 1968 Ad Caravelle by Bulova. Comparison to Kiddie watch and Timex
1968-14036 1968 Ad Killy skin conditioner. Jean Claude Killy skier
1968-14038 1968 Ad Joseph Y. Resnick for US senator. Fighting liberal. Fighting congressman
1945-5007 1945 Ad Kentucky Tavern Whiskey. In harmony with hospitality
1945-3 1945 Ad Mallory Hats A Mark of Distinction
1968-14039 1968 Ad New York State association of insurance agents. ABC's golf galaxy.
------SOLD------- 1945-43 1945 Ad Max Factor Pancake Makeup Judy Garland The Harvey Girls
------SOLD------- 1970-44 1970 Ad Schlitz beer Sailboat theme 2 page
1945-14 1945 Ad Movie China Sky Randolph Scott
1945-4009 1945 Ad Movie Colonel Blimp in Technicolor
1945-13 1945 Ad Movie Hotel Berlin Warner Bros
------SOLD------- 1945-4 1945 Ad Movie Love Letters Joseph Cotten
------SOLD------- 1945-15 1945 Ad Movie Walt Disney Pinnocchio 1/4 pg
------SOLD------- 1970-48 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola It's the real thing Cans 2 page ad
1968-14040 1968 Ad Chiquita Banana. Banana seal deal
1945-5009 1945 Ad Old Everholt whiskey. 135 years have passed
1945-5002 1945 Ad Old Forrester Whiskey. There is nothing better on the market
1945-20 1945 Ad Oldsmobile General Motors In 1903�.
1945-4014 1945 Ad Park and Tilford reserve. Finest Whiskey
1968-14041 1968 Ad Cadillac Choice seats. Memorable command performance
1945-4007 1945 Ad Philip Morris Cigarettes Proven less irirtating to nose and throat
1945-4012 1945 Ad Philip Morris Cigarettes. An ounce of prevention
1945-5021 1945 Ad Piper Cub Airplane Points the way to wings for all americans
1945-47 1945 Ad Prince Oxford Shirts Dan River fabric Wilson Bros NY SanFran chicago
1945-38 1945 Ad Pullman Motor Car Railroad Thank you folks
1945-48 1945 Ad Pullman Train Cars
1968-14042 1968 Ad Campbells soup. Can Bag offer.
1945-4017 1945 Ad Regent Cigarettes. Check your choice with Scott Buck Templeton
1945-36 1945 Ad Rinso Laundry Detergent Gets out dirt fast
1968-14043 1968 Ad Smirnoff Vodka. Smirnoff blizzard. Fresca and lime.
1968-14044 1968 Ad Foster Grant Sunglasses. Is that Raquel Welch behind those Foster Grants?
1945-49 1945 Ad Ronson Lighters AND Guide HeadLamp Headlights
1945-5020 1945 Ad Rustless Stainless Company Victory in your gardent. Auto valve theme
1945-1 1945 Ad Schenley Whiskey Hunting Theme
1945-4004 1945 Ad Seagrams VO Canadian Whiskey Men who plan beyond tomorrow
1945-4021 1945 Ad South Wind Heaters. War theme. Icy battle skies
------SOLD------- 1945-18 1945 Ad Stetson Hat Hats The Whippet
1968-14045 1968 Ad Nationwide Insurance Agent listing.
1945-5011 1945 Ad Synthane plastics. Using strength and good dielectric properties
1945-4018 1945 Ad Tavern Home Products. Floor wax. Quick easy long wearing
------SOLD------- 1945-26 1945 Ad Texaco Gas Dealers Ex Service Man
------SOLD------- 1945-2 1945 Ad Texaco Gas Havoline Motor Oil
------SOLD------- 1945-4003 1945 Ad Three Feathers Whiskey Finest amoung fine
------SOLD------- 1944-10 1944 Ad RCA Corporation War Bonds
1968-14046 1968 Ad New Jersey tourism. Boardwalk.
1945-46 1945 Ad Van Heusen Shirts AND Hiram Walker's London Dry Gin
1945-4008 1945 Ad Van Raalte Stockings Sheepdog theme
1968-14048 1968 Ad how do Coleman jugs keep their cool? Same as a $500 refrigerator
1945-9 1945 Ad Western Electric New Telephones for you
1945-16 1945 Ad White Trucks Farm theme
1945-8 1945 Ad Wilson Golf Balls Clubs War theme
1977-3 1977 Ad Caterpillar There are no simple solutions That mine sure is messed up
------SOLD------- 1946-92 1946 Ad Aeronca airplane plane Anybody can fly Low Cost
1954-72 1954 Ad American Airlines Coast to Coast Great ad 2PG
------SOLD------- 1946-101 1946 Ad American Airlines John Falter Golf Art
------SOLD------- 1946-93 1946 Ad American Broadcasting ABC Radio Town Meeting of the Air
------SOLD------- 1946-56 1946 Ad American Locomotive Company 2 pg
1946-143 1946 Ad American Locomotive Train
1946-159 1946 Ad American Meat Institute Beautiful Ham
1946-50 1946 Ad American Railroads All day and night
1946-12 1946 Ad American Railroads Bring the world to my door
1946-153 1946 Ad Arrow Dress Shirts House comparison Architect
1945-5016 1945 Ad International Correspondence Schools
1946-155 1946 Ad Bayer Aspirin Pilot theme AND Zippo lighter
1946-48 1946 Ad Bell The Telephone hour Bing Crosby, more
------SOLD------- 1946-161 1946 Ad Bendix Aviation Corp AND Winthrop Shoes Klomp
1946-87 1946 Ad Bendix better tomorrow AND Timken Automatic Heat
------SOLD------- 1946-44 1946 Ad BF Goodrich A tire Bargain $793.95
------SOLD------- 1969-48 1969 Ad Fresca & Smirnoff Vodka Johnny Carson
------SOLD------- 1946-72 1946 Ad Big Ben Westclox Worth Waiting for
1946-83 1946 Ad Blatz Beer Brewer of better beer
------SOLD------- 1946-166 1946 Ad Boeing Airlines Airplane Plane Trumps in air travel
1946-85 1946 Ad Borg Warner Every American Benefits every day
1946-167 1946 Ad Botany 500 Suits AND Pennsylvania Crude Oil
1946-168 1946 Ad Botany Ties Easter AND Pratt Lambert Floor Varnish
------SOLD------- 1946-147 1946 Ad Briggs Bathroom fixtures Bathroom design
------SOLD------- 1946-80 1946 Ad Campbells Chicken noodle soup One hot dish
------SOLD------- 1946-79 1946 Ad Campbells chicken soup Courted Angel Married Cook
------SOLD------- 1946-20 1946 Ad Canada Dry Enjoy life
------SOLD------- 1946-35 1946 Ad Canadian Club Whiskey The fox pd a million
1946-148 1946 Ad Canadian Pacific Railroad North of the Border
------SOLD------- 1946-31 1946 Ad Carter's Stylewriter pens
------SOLD------- 1946-130 1946 Ad Casite Sludge Solvent AND Raybestos Brake Lining
1968-179 1968 Ad Bancardchek The other side of your checking account
1968-122 1968 Ad Bulova Watch If you want something done right do it yourself
1946-54 1946 Ad Chevrolet 2 pg America's most proved engine
1946-119 1946 Ad Chrysler Airtemp Air Cond AND Timken Roller Bearings
1946-70 1946 Ad Chrysler Airtemp Air conditioner
1946-164 1946 Ad Cinco American Cigar AND Federal Mogul Bearings
1946-62 1946 Ad Clicquot Club Pale Dry Ginger Ale
1968-183 1968 Ad Calvert Gin 100% Dry Gin Finally
1968-9009 1968 Ad Campus Menswear A Septober kind of wardrobe
1946-136 1946 Ad Crane Plumbing Heating AND Champion Spark Plugs
------SOLD------- 1946-74 1946 Ad Dalglish Lawnmower Mower
------SOLD------- 1945-6 1945 Ad Chrysler Auto War Theme
------SOLD------- 1946-98 1946 Ad Dow Chemical Subury Xantates Great Western division
------SOLD------- 1946-118 1946 Ad Dow Dowmetal Magnesium Lighter make products move
1946-49 1946 Ad Electric light and power companies
1968-9016 1968 Ad Canada Atlantic Provinces Your change of pace place
1946-17 1946 Ad Ethyl Gasoline Gas Can you pass this test?
------SOLD------- 1946-82 1946 Ad Eveready Mini Max Batteries
------SOLD------- 1946-3 1946 Ad Eversharp 64 Pen and Pencil set
------SOLD------- 1946-132 1946 Ad Farnsworth Capehart Television and radios
------SOLD------- 1946-27 1946 Ad Fisk Tires Time to Re Tire
1946-129 1946 Ad Ford Trucks mean business AND Columbia Sun Glasses
1946-21 1946 Ad Ford. Ford's out front in town and country
------SOLD------- 1946-4 1946 Ad Ford. Ford's out front with the young at heart
------SOLD------- 1946-95 1946 Ad General Electric Radio Self Charging Frank Sinatra
------SOLD------- 1946-173 1946 Ad Goodall Fabrics Design concept car theme Auto
------SOLD------- 1946-55 1946 Ad Goodyear 2 pg Two ways to pick the best tire
1946-53 1946 Ad Goodyear 2 pg you don't stay first unless best
1968-103 1968 Ad Caravelle Watch by Bulova jeweled lever movement
1946-172 1946 Ad Gooyear Tires If you don't give a hoot Read this�
1968-207 1968 Ad CBS Radio Dallas Townsend and Robert Trout Republican Convention
------SOLD------- 1946-125 1946 Ad Gulf Gulfpride Oil AND Exide Car Batteries
------SOLD------- 1946-137 1946 Ad Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes AND Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils
1955-2020 1955 Ad Bostonian Cordovans shoes. And there you are in famous
1946-94 1946 Ad Honeywell heating control system FM in Heating
1946-14 1946 Ad International trucks Lady truck line
1946-71 1946 Ad International Trucks Logger Logging Theme
1946-160 1946 Ad International Trucks Truck Service by Truck Specialists
------SOLD------- 1946-2 1946 Ad Jacques Kreisler Jewelry
------SOLD------- 1946-111 1946 Ad Jantzen Swimsuits AND Stahly Razor Fishing theme
1945-44 1945 Ad Green Giant Niblets Fresh Corn off the cob Very colorful ad
1946-156 1946 Ad Jeep Willys New Chapter AND Atlantic Val A Pak Luggage
1946-107 1946 Ad Johnson's Car Nu Auto Wax Fibber McGee and Molly
------SOLD------- 1946-126 1946 Ad Kaiser Frazer Autos AND Sealright Milk Bottle hoods
------SOLD------- 1946-65 1946 Ad Kelly Springfield Tires Terrier Dog
------SOLD------- 1946-123 1946 Ad Kelly Tires Proved and Improved for 52 years
1945-23 1945 Ad Greyhound Bus lines War Theme
1945-4020 1945 Ad Hires R & J Root Beer Happy moments new baby theme
1946-99 1946 Ad Kodak Reflex Movie Camera Flash color black/white
1946-165 1946 Ad Lincoln Automobile AND ABC Radio Dick Tracey More
1946-134 1946 Ad Lockheed Constellation Airplane AND Smith Corona Typewriter
1946-109 1946 Ad Martin Aircraft Airplane Plane Ten years into future
------SOLD------- 1946-115 1946 Ad Maxwell House Coffee Circus Fairgrounds theme
------SOLD------- 1946-5 1946 Ad Mennen Skin Bracer. Woman in lingerie
1946-117 1946 Ad Mercury Auto Luxury Storage Roadability
1946-28 1946 Ad Mercury More of everything you want
1946-120 1946 Ad Mobil Hydrotone Mobilgas Gas Incredible Radiator
1946-13 1946 Ad Mott's apple and prune juice
1946-81 1946 Ad Movie Duel in the Sun Gregory Peck Jennifer Jones
------SOLD------- 1946-104 1946 Ad Movie Gregory Peck Duel in the Sun AND DeBeers Diamonds
------SOLD------- 1946-45 1946 Ad Movie Notorious Cary Grant Ingrid Bergman
------SOLD------- 1946-33 1946 Ad Movie The kid from Brooklyn Danny Kaye
------SOLD------- 1946-34 1946 Ad Movie The Stranger Orson Welles Loretta Young
1946-40 1946 Ad Movie Walt Disney Song of the South
1946-6 1946 Ad Nash Cars. How does it do it?
1946-61 1946 Ad National Confectioners Council Candy is Dandy
1968-10021 1968 Ad Coleman Coolers Heat in Thermal California 116 degrees in shade
------SOLD------- 1946-97 1946 Ad Oldsmobile Hydramatic Drive Post war driving no clutch
1968-159 1968 Ad Craig tape recorders AND Dr Grabow Pipes
1946-23 1946 Ad Packard auto Announcement ad
1946-100 1946 Ad Packard Custom Super Club Sedan Never before..
1946-139 1946 Ad Pan American Airlines Plane
1968-9020 1968 Ad Dreyfus Fund Inc Lion theme Mutual fund make your money grow
1946-68 1946 Ad Pennsylvania Railroad 100 years
1968-10012 1968 Ad Electric Timex Watch You don't wind it up, you turn it on
------SOLD------- 1946-30 1946 Ad Pepsodent toothpaste with Irium
1968-10003 1968 Ad Gordon's distilled London Dry Gin What will the English think of next
1946-128 1946 Ad Phillips Milk of Magnesia AND Mobil Gas flying horse
1946-46 1946 Ad Piper Airplanes plane Better costs less
1968-112 1968 Ad Gulf Pride Formula G Motor Oil Lots of Muscle cars 2pg
1946-64 1946 Ad Plymouth Dodge Desoto Chrysler Comfort
1968-11007 1968 Ad IBM computers Meteorologist studies starlight
------SOLD------- 1946-7 1946 Ad Primitive Red Lipstick Horse - Farm Scene
1946-36 1946 Ad Pullman Standard Winter Trip Train
------SOLD------- 1946-78 1946 Ad Reliance Yank Jr Clothes for boys of all ages
------SOLD------- 1946-15 1946 Ad Rensie Watches. Love at first sight half page
------SOLD------- 1946-135 1946 Ad Rexall Drugs Drugstore AND Bostonian Setter Red Shoes
------SOLD------- 1946-106 1946 Ad Rheem Plumbing As about Water softener
1946-1 1946 Ad Ronson lighters
------SOLD------- 1946-43 1946 Ad Ronson lighters Worlds greatest light
------SOLD------- 1946-19 1946 Ad Royal Crown Cola RC Lucille Ball in bathing suit
1968-10029 1968 Ad International Paper Company Corn on the cob theme
1968-138 1968 Ad Killy Skin Conditioner Series Jeane Claude Killy Ski Skiiing
------SOLD------- 1946-110 1946 Ad Samsonite Luggage AND US Royal Golf Balls
------SOLD------- 1946-112 1946 Ad San Francisco visitors book Russian Hill
------SOLD------- 1946-170 1946 Ad Sea Bee Republic Aviation Mighty Thunderbolts
------SOLD------- 1946-84 1946 Ad Sealed Power Piston Rings Winter Scene
------SOLD------- 1946-149 1946 Ad Shell Oil Tomato and Orange theme Odd lookng ad
1954-38 1954 Ad Bronson Fishing Fish Reels Jet 500
------SOLD------- 1946-10 1946 Ad Speidel Watch Bands Give father years of enjoyment
1946-154 1946 Ad Studebaker Trucks Able Bodied
1946-169 1946 Ad Swank Jewelry Tie clips. The neckline is the eyeline
1946-157 1946 Ad Swingline No 4 Stapler and staples Rabbit theme
1954-7 1954 Ad Burroughs Sensimatic Accounting machine & Bohn Alum
------SOLD------- 1946-116 1946 Ad Texaco Fire Chief Gas AND Palmolive Soap
------SOLD------- 1946-18 1946 Ad Texaco Fire Chief Gas Different hats
1946-60 1946 Ad The General Tire Company
1946-66 1946 Ad There's a Ford in your future Car Cars
1954-14 1954 Ad Greyhound Vacation Destinations & Millers Falls Drill
1946-8 1946 Ad United States Rubber Company Tire
1954-36 1954 Ad Hires Root Beer For thirst and pleasure
------SOLD------- 1946-103 1946 Ad US Steel Mother Daughter bath theme
------SOLD------- 1946-59 1946 Ad White Trucks Construction Theme
1946-131 1946 Ad US United States Rubber Co U.S Royal tire
1954-65 1954 Ad IBM Electric typewriter The saving touch
1954-15 1954 Ad International Harvester & Casite Oil Additive
1946-47 1946 Ad Vitalis summerproof your hair
1954-13 1954 Ad National Bookkeeping Machine & Glidden Spred Satin
1946-127 1946 Ad Wayne Gasoline Pumps Honest Measure Gas Pump AND Fram Oil Filters
1954-27 1954 Ad Sinclair Extra Duty Motor Oil 63 Million Mile Taxi test
1946-38 1946 Ad Webster Cigars Dine in the pump room
1946-122 1946 Ad Western Electric Bell System Telephones
1946-162 1946 Ad Western Union Telegram Wedding Theme
------SOLD------- 1946-73 1946 Ad Western Union Telegraph
------SOLD------- 1946-150 1946 Ad White Motor Company Farm Truck theme
------SOLD------- 1946-63 1946 Ad Bicycle Playing Cards Men who know cards
1946-96 1946 Ad Whitman's Chocolates Woman never forgets
------SOLD------- 1946-152 1946 Ad Willard Automotive Batteries Rugged Dependability
------SOLD------- 1946-67 1946 Ad Dodge Trucks Moving Theme
1947-33 1947 Ad Bell Telephone Phone 3 E's
1947-137 1947 Ad Bendix Automatic Washer clothing washer
------SOLD------- 1947-2 1947 Ad Columbia Records Frank Sinatra
1968-98 1968 Ad King Size Pedigree Pencil Write better longer 1/2 page
1947-120 1947 Ad Smart dressers prefer Socks by Holeproof
1947-129 1947 Ad 3 Great Packards for 1948 Out of this world 2page ad
1947-171 1947 Ad 7 Up Fresh Up Family Pool Theme Share fun
1947-76 1947 Ad 7 UP Fresh Up Football theme
1947-63 1947 Ad 7 Up You like it, it likes you
------SOLD------- 1947-163 1947 Ad ABC Chesterfield Cigarettes Ann Sheridan Nora Prentiss
------SOLD------- 1946-75 1946 Ad Willy's 4 in 1 Jeep Does more jobs 2 pg
1954-63 1954 Ad Watermans Sapphire Jewel Writer pen
1947-207 1947 Ad Alcoa Steamship Co Caribbean Cruise AND Zenith Radio Holiday
------SOLD------- 1947-34 1947 Ad American Airlines Leads the Way
------SOLD------- 1949-28 1949 Ad Army Day April 6th Soldier
1947-206 1947 Ad American Optical Calobar Sunglasses
1947-153 1947 Ad American President Lines Cruise Ship India Theme
------SOLD------- 1947-123 1947 Ad American Standard AND Canadian National Railraod Jasper
------SOLD------- 1947-126 1947 Ad American Standard Heating Plumbing Radiant Heating
------SOLD------- 1947-110 1947 Ad Angel Face makeup by Ponds Goes on without water
1945-29 1945 Ad General Electric Judy Garland
------SOLD------- 1947-148 1947 Ad Auto Lite Spark Plugs For the Long Run
------SOLD------- 1947-102 1947 Ad Ballantines Beer America's largest selling Ale
------SOLD------- 1949-30 1949 Ad Ballantines Ale Beer Frog Theme
------SOLD------- 1947-7 1947 Ad Beau Cake Hillary Brooke
1947-13 1947 Ad Beer America's beverage of moderation
1947-49 1947 Ad Bell Telephone Cooking up service
1947-75 1947 Ad Bell Telephone Crystals for conversation
1947-202 1947 Ad Bermuda Tourism Ad Honeymoon letter theme
1947-180 1947 Ad Blatz Beer Milwaukee's First Bottled Beer Valentin Blatz
1947-5 1947 Ad Blatz Beer.Brewer of better beer
1947-166 1947 Ad Bond Olin Flashlights and Batteries Fool Proof protection
1947-3 1947 Ad Borden's instant coffee
------SOLD------- 1947-210 1947 Ad Bur-mil Rayon Crepe Blouse Travel Theme Old Phone
------SOLD------- 1949-33 1949 Ad Camel Cigarettes Gene Sarazen Golf Theme
------SOLD------- 1949-35 1949 Ad Pontiac Car Bridal Theme
------SOLD------- 1947-122 1947 Ad Canadian Pacific Railroad AND Cleveland Electric Co
1947-35 1947 Ad Carling's Red Cap Ale Beer Largest Selling
------SOLD------- 1947-93 1947 Ad Caterpillar Diesel Wheat Farm Theme
1947-177 1947 Ad Champion Spark Plugs Harry Wismer's sportscast Plane theme
------SOLD------- 1947-117 1947 Ad Chase Brass and Copper The nations headquarters
------SOLD------- 1947-104 1947 Ad Chesterfield Cigarettes Bob Hope
1947-200 1947 Ad Chrysler Marine Engines Classic looking wood boat
------SOLD------- 1947-167 1947 Ad Cinco Cigars Havana Webster Tobacco Co NY Basketball theme
1947-26 1947 Ad Cinco The Sunday Cigar at Weekday Price
1947-112 1947 Ad Clark's Teaberry Gum Packed with good taste
------SOLD------- 1947-70 1947 Ad Congress Playing Cards
1947-184 1947 Ad Corette Slips Lingerie Madison Ave NY
------SOLD------- 1947-124 1947 Ad Cutler Hammer Motor Control Protection for production
1945-4011 1945 Ad Briggs Pipe tobacco. Pipe types by VIP
------SOLD------- 1947-37 1947 Ad Dr Pepper Cola For active people
------SOLD------- 1947-218 1947 Ad Dr. Pepper Soft Drink Pop Smart Lift for active people
------SOLD------- 1947-128 1947 Ad Dutch Boy House Paint By Makers of Dutch Boy white lead
1947-145 1947 Ad Flint Vanadium Knives Precision made by Ecko
------SOLD------- 1947-4 1947 Ad Florida Grapefruit Juice
------SOLD------- 1947-74 1947 Ad Ford Bird Theme Peacock Rooster Owl more
1947-225 1947 Ad French Lick Springs Hotel French Lick Indiana AND Mont Tremlant Lodge AND Luxor Leffingwell Campers
1947-58 1947 Ad Frigidaire General Motors Refrigerator
------SOLD------- 1947-221 1947 Ad Frontier Company Dallas Texas clothing AND Belgrade Hotel Belgrade Lakes Maine
------SOLD------- 1945-35 1945 Ad Coty Air Spun Makeup Fall Beauty in four acts
1945-4001 1945 Ad Delco Batteries. Hunting dog theme
1945-5005 1945 Ad Dowmetal Magnesium The metal of motion
1947-155 1947 Ad Gibson Refrigerator Company Freezr Locker
------SOLD------- 1947-24 1947 Ad Movie Golden Earrings Marlene Dietrich
1947-72 1947 Ad Hamilton Watch Watches Dream Man
1947-138 1947 Ad Hanes Windshield Sport Shirt Baby Kid theme
------SOLD------- 1947-220 1947 Ad Hertz Car Rental AND Main Line Trailer Coach
1947-217 1947 Ad Holiday in a Chevrolet Car AND Domar Products sun clip sunglasses
------SOLD------- 1947-60 1947 Ad Plymouth Measure Value
1947-176 1947 Ad Hood Tires Division BF Goodrich More Safe Mileage
1947-226 1947 Ad Hotel Ads: SkyLine Inn Pocono PA; Oakledge manor; Crestmont Inn; Jasper in Quebec; Allenwood Inn; Alisal Ranch
1947-80 1947 Ad Hudson Motor Car Master of the highway
------SOLD------- 1947-91 1947 Ad Hudson motor Car Superb Driving
1947-223 1947 Ad Indian Motorcycles AND Zipper lighters AND Enger Kress Wallets
------SOLD------- 1949-41 1949 Ad Movie The Window RKO Pictures
1947-11 1947 Ad International sterling
------SOLD------- 1947-121 1947 Ad Jacques Kreisler Jewelry Watch Neatest trick up sleeve
1945-5019 1945 Ad American seating company. Theater. One feature you'll always enjoy
------SOLD------- 1943-52 1943 Ad Leeds Ltd Coats NY AND Helena Rubinstein Makeup
------SOLD------- 1947-6 1947 Ad Kinsey Blended Whiskey April Calendar
------SOLD------- 1947-111 1947 Ad Lifebuoy soap Men like their women healthy
1947-85 1947 Ad Lincoln Auto Car Nothing could be finer
1947-208 1947 Ad Lord and Taylor A portrait of perfection Blan's candy
1947-224 1947 Ad Lost Valley Resort Hotel Texas AND Lake George Camping Canoeing
1947-14 1947 Ad Lucky Strike Cigarettes Fine tobacco
1947-152 1947 Ad Lucky Strike Fine Tobacco Cigarettes Farm Theme
1947-165 1947 Ad Macmillan Motor Oil Automobile
1947-81 1947 Ad Mall Tool Company Electric Saw
1947-212 1947 Ad Martin Aircraft Airplane Plane The airlines gain you time time time
------SOLD------- 1947-68 1947 Ad Martin Aircraft Gain you time, time, time
1947-131 1947 Ad Matson Cruise LineCornel Wlde SS Lurline AND Dictaphone
------SOLD------- 1947-18 1947 Ad Mennen Brushless Shave Cream Sexy woman
1947-23 1947 Ad More of Everything you want with Mercury Car
1947-97 1947 Ad Movie Crossfire Robert Mitchum Young and Ryan
1952-23 1952 Ad 7 UP "You like it�it likes you
1952-106 1952 Ad A & P Super Markets Fruits You Can't make a mistake
------SOLD------- 1952-54 1952 Ad Aero Willys and Station Wagon A double hit
------SOLD------- 1952-52 1952 Ad Aero Willys Car Automobile Like Flying
------SOLD------- 1952-36 1952 Ad Air France "Going to Europe?" & Republic Steel
1952-165 1952 Ad Alexander Smith Twin Broadloom Carpeting
------SOLD------- 1952-8 1952 Ad Allis Chalmers "Storing Coal in 30 ton Shovelfuls"
1944-15 1944 Ad Smith Corona Typewriter War theme
------SOLD------- 1952-24 1952 Ad American Airlines 2 pg Woman in Bikini, Couple fishing
------SOLD------- 1952-75 1952 Ad American Chain and Cable Co Weed V Bars Tires
------SOLD------- 1952-66 1952 Ad American Standard Bathroom fixtures Pink
------SOLD------- 1952-78 1952 Ad Auto Lite Bullseye automotive car headlights
1952-151 1952 Ad Barbasol Shaving cream When whiskers are shaved
------SOLD------- 1952-12 1952 Ad Burroughs Sensimatic Accounting Machine
1952-180 1952 Ad Camel Cigarettes Not a single case of throat irratation due to smoking Camels Eva Gabor
------SOLD------- 1952-67 1952 Ad Campbells Clam Chowder soup Soup of the sea
------SOLD------- 1952-72 1952 Ad Campbells Soup for Lunch Little Girl
------SOLD------- 1945-10 1945 Ad Meadors Peanut Brittle
1944-41 1944 Ad Thermo Anti-Freeze Safe protection Snowman Theme
------SOLD------- 1952-115 1952 Ad Caterpillar Equipment Chow Line Military theme
1944-58 1944 Ad Union Carbide Corp Butadiene For Govt synthetic rubber program
------SOLD------- 1952-76 1952 Ad Chase Brass and Copper Co Wired for comfort
1952-113 1952 Ad Chesterfield Cigarettes Dale Robertson Lydia Bailey
------SOLD------- 1952-2 1952 Ad Chris Craft
1952-101 1952 Ad Chrysler Imperial Car AND Jell-o puzzled man trying to cook
------SOLD------- 1952-17 1952 Ad Clary Accounting Machine
1952-175 1952 Ad Coffee Coffee Always gives you a break Baseball theme
1952-43 1952 Ad Coke Coca Cola Old Style Vending machine
1944-23 1944 Ad Westinghouse Art of better living AND Airstep shoes
1952-79 1952 Ad Convair airplanes Water based Navy Aircraft Planes
------SOLD------- 1952-161 1952 Ad Corby's Whiskey If you judge by good taste. Gavel and Parrot theme
1952-26 1952 Ad Cutler Hammer "Name it and Get it"
------SOLD------- 1952-143 1952 Ad Dickies Shirts and Pants Wear Dickies Look even better on any job
------SOLD------- 1947-100 1947 Ad Movie Dear Ruth William Holden Joan Caulfield
1947-29 1947 Ad Movie Forever Amber 20th Century Fox
------SOLD------- 1956-24 1956 Ad Falstaff Beer Fireplace, Gun scene
1947-162 1947 Ad Movie RKO Pic-Tour Sinbad Sailor Farmers Daughter The Locket Trail Street
1947-15 1947 Ad Movie Stairway to Heaven David Niven Ray Massey
1947-140 1947 Ad Movie The Fugitive John Ford Henry Fonda
1947-96 1947 Ad Movie The Perfect Marriage David Niven Loretta Young
1947-47 1947 Ad Movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Danny Kaye
1947-98 1947 Ad Movie Walt Disney Fun and Fancy Free Edgar Bergen Dina Shore
1944-52 1944 Ad Great Northern Railway Lighter faster Freight cars of plywood
1947-86 1947 Ad Nash Automobiles Auto Oh Happy Day
1947-16 1947 Ad Nash Autos Oh Happy Day
1947-241 1947 Ad National Dairy Products Corp A shell of our former selves AND The Cavalier Hotel Virginia Beach
1944-6 1944 Ad Greyhound Bus lines War I fought for this
------SOLD------- 1947-142 1947 Ad Naylon Nail Enamel Applicator by LaCross Nail Polish
1947-219 1947 Ad New Dodge Its a ship
------SOLD------- 1947-22 1947 Ad New York NY Central Railroad Pacemaker
1947-139 1947 Ad Old Crow Kentucky Straight Whiskey Clipper ships
------SOLD------- 1947-17 1947 Ad Old Grand-dad Bourbon Bottled in Bond
1944-5003 1944 Ad J.R. Woods and Son Artcarved rings AND Nesbitts soda
------SOLD------- 1947-25 1947 Ad Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Armchair Quarterbacks
1947-151 1947 Ad Pacific Mills Cotton and Rayon shirts Hunting Theme
1947-186 1947 Ad Packard Post War Convertible Auto Car Console Key control panel
1947-10 1947 Ad Palmolive Soap. Lovelier skin in 14 days
1944-37 1944 Ad Kaywoodie Brian Tobacco Pipes Rudolph Wetterau art
------SOLD------- 1944-57 1944 Ad Motorola Galvin Handie Talkie AND Waldorf Astoria AND Staigreen Lawn Seed
1947-88 1947 Ad Pennsylvania Railroad 1906 and Today
1947-105 1947 Ad Pennsylvania Railroad Single Coach $90,000
1947-158 1947 Ad Philip Morris Cigarettes Circus Theme Johnny on the spot
------SOLD------- 1947-164 1947 Ad Phillips Milk of Magnesia Skiing Theme Scotty Dog
1947-203 1947 Ad Plymouth Car Auto Plymouth Has it
------SOLD------- 1956-42 1956 Ad SOS Pads clean whitewall tires Volkswagen Bug
1920-033 1920 Ad Chateau Frontenac Quebec Canada Canadian Pacific Hotels
1920-017 1920 Ad Crane Plumbing Co. Valves Pipes Fittings
1920-019 1920 Ad Curtice Brothers Rochester NY AND The Franklin Sedan Syracuse NY
1968-10007 1968 Ad Lufthansa Vacationland Germany. Woodcarvers of Oberammergau
1952-4004 1952 Ad National Life of Vermont From forest trees to fighting ships
1920-011 1920 Ad Goodrich Silvertown Finest Cord Tire AND Sonora Phonograph Company
1952-4005 1952 Ad Lederle laboratories. How the rabbit protected the pig
1952-4010 1952 Ad Junket Freezing Mix Sherbet Mix. The worlds easy to make
1920-032 1920 Ad Hartman Wardrobe trunks Travelers value luxury
1920-024 1920 Ad Haynes Character Cars Tourister AND Paige Detroit Motor Car Co
1953-10003 1953 Ad Zenith Radio. High Fidelity
1920-034 1920 Ad Hudson River Day Line AND Hotel Lenox Niagara Falls
1920-005 1920 Ad Indestructo clothing trunks AND W J Sloane A treasure house of wedding gifts
1920-002 1920 Ad Ivory Soap Baby theme AND American Bankers Association Travelers Cheques
1953-10007 1953 Ad Florida Oranges For the vitamin C you need every day. Space Ace child theme
1920-039 1920 Ad Kellogg's Shredded Crumbles Cereal AND Standard Eight A powerful Car Standard Steel car Co
1920-023 1920 Ad Kelly Springfield Tires Chauffer theme
1920-022 1920 Ad La Boheme Arly Paris Perfume AND Ahmo Baby Clothing American Hosiery Company
------SOLD------- 1920-035 1920 Ad Lake Windemere Camp Lake Louise Bigwin Inn Highlands of Ontario
1920-010 1920 Ad Lowe's The Lowe Brothers Co Paints AND Murphy varnish Co
1920-014 1920 Ad Marmon 34 automobile AND Deltah Perles L Heller and Sons
1953-10009 1953 Ad Parker 51 Graduate pen graduates in 8 hours
1953-10010 1953 Ad Canadian National Railways. To make your Canadian vacation even more wonderful
1968-173 1968 Ad Phillps 66 Motor Oil Trop Artic Anti pollution motor oil 2pg
1910-009 1910 Ad Dwinnel Wright's Co Whitehouse Coffee AND The Berkshire Hills Sanitorium
1968-10031 1968 Ad Polaroid Camera The 60 second excitement
1968-81 1968 Ad Project Hope Hike for hope How do you make an ocean
1968-180 1968 Ad S & H Green stamps Flower Power
1910-001 1910 Ad E Morgan Sons Sapolio Soap Halley's Comet
1910-020 1910 Ad Eastman Kodak Co 2A folding Pocket Brownie AND Equitable Life Insurance Brain Fag and Carking Care
1910-025 1910 Ad EL Rowe and Son Gloucester Bed Hammock
1910-003 1910 Ad Gold Medal Flour A Woman's answer AND Tiffany & Co Fifth Ave NY NY
1910-027 1910 Ad Gray Motor Co Boat Motors Detroit Michigan
1910-017 1910 Ad Hampshire Paper Co AND Esterbrook Steel Pens AND ATT American Telephone and Telegraph Co
1910-006 1910 Ad Hart Schaffner and Marx Clothing AND Peter's Milk Chocolate Uncle Sam
1910-024 1910 Ad J Stevens Arms and Tool Co Shotgun AND Glidden's Green label Varnishes
1910-008 1910 Ad Londonberry bottled table water AND Pape's Diapepsin
1955-99 1955 Ad Lifesavers Five Flavor Sweet and Low
1910-004 1910 Ad Packard Motor Car Co AND National Biscuit Co Nabisco Sugar Wafers
1955-33 1955 Ad Lifesavers rainbow flavors Bingo Theme
1910-022 1910 Ad Stevens Duryea Car Co Chicopee Falls , Mass AND Nordyke and Marmon Co Autos Cars
------SOLD------- 1955-44 1955 Ad Mars Toasted Almond Bar 2pg 3 Bears Theme
1910-014 1910 Ad The Edison Amberola AND The Grand Rapids Furniture Co
1955-19 1955 Ad Max Factor Electrique fragrance
1955-6 1955 Ad McGregor Cros Season Drizzler Jacket
1910-015 1910 Ad W.K Cowan Co Cabinet Work AND Postum Cereal Co
1910-016 1910 Ad Weir Stove Co Taunton Mass Cabinet Glenwood AND Howard Watch Co
1910-018 1910 Ad Western Electric Co Telephones AND National Lead Co Plain words from a painter to a homeowner
------SOLD------- 1925-15 1925 Ad Jello Jell-0 Stranded on Beach Theme Angie MacDonald
------SOLD------- 1925-17 1925 Ad Jello Jell-O Goldilocks 3 Bears Theme Angie MacDonald Art
1925-18 1925 Ad Jello Jell-O Kids theme AND Colgate's Dental Cream Spike Webb Boxing
1925-22 1925 Ad Jello Jell-O Old King Cole merry old soul Art by L Ball
1955-15 1955 Ad Melmac Dinneware Break resistant half pg
1955-100 1955 Ad Perfect Circle Chrome Piston Rings
1955-93 1955 Ad Rival mfg Kansas City Ice O Mat - Can O Mat
1968-163 1968 Ad S & H Green Stamps Guitar Theme
1925-2 1925 Ad Kingsbury Toys AND Remington Portable Typewriter
1955-12 1955 Ad Timex Watch $12.95 is all you pay
------SOLD------- 1925-7 1925 Ad Montgomery Ward Mail Order House Seven Great Houses
1944-21 1944 Ad Ethyl Corporation More Ethyl going overseas War theme
------SOLD------- 1925-3 1925 Ad Pillsbury flour Lincoln Logs and D & M Sporting Goods
1925-4 1925 Ad Sandy Andy Toys and Games Round the world fliers
------SOLD------- 1925-5 1925 Ad The new Erector Set w/coupon for AC Gilbert book
------SOLD------- 1925-19 1925 Ad US Rubber Keds AND American Flyer Mfg Co
1925-13 1925 Ad US Rubber Keds AND Iver Johnson Bicycle
1926-171 1926 Ad PET Evaporated Milk In the making
1926-182 1926 Ad Alaska Cork Wall Refrigerator Muskegon Michigan
------SOLD------- 1926-138 1926 Ad Amplion Radio Patrician Dragon AND Brunswick Panatrope
1926-71 1926 Ad Anchor Line Cruise Scotland AND Frigidaire Refrigerator
1926-86 1926 Ad Banister Shoes A canvas AND Prudential Life Insurance critical illness insurance lapse
1926-158 1926 Ad Beech Nut Food Bacon Beans Chili AND Wesson Oil
1926-105 1926 Ad Bell Telephone System Alexander Graham Bell
------SOLD------- 1926-106 1926 Ad Bell Telephone System The telephone and the farm
1926-196 1926 Ad Blabon's Linoleum AND Lloyd Furniture Baby Carriages
1926-175 1926 Ad Boone Kitchen Cupbard Campbell Smith Company Lebanon Indiana AND Mirro Aluminum Pans
1926-69 1926 Ad Boyce Moto Meter Heat indicator 10,000,000 drivers prove it.
------SOLD------- 1926-68 1926 Ad Brambach Baby Grand Piano $650 Mark Campbell President mailer�.6 1/2 x 4 3/4
------SOLD------- 1926-15 1926 Ad Brambach Baby Grand Piano AND Zeiss Binoculars
------SOLD------- 1926-140 1926 Ad Brunswick Panatrope Marvelous Music Invention
1926-46 1926 Ad Eastman Kodak Co AND The New Chrysler Imperial
------SOLD------- 1926-7 1926 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Bring along a Brownie Camera
1926-12 1926 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Camera Have your Kodak Ready
------SOLD------- 1926-143 1926 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Take a Kodak with you Rochester NY
1926-142 1926 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Vacation AND The National City Co
1943-48 1943 Ad Your face + Campus makeup = Beauty
1944-5009 1944 Ad 160 Light and Power Companies. 110,000 post war plans
1944-38 1944 Ad Bituminous Coal Institure Whats your question?
1926-152 1926 Ad Fels Naptha Soap Hiring Help
------SOLD------- 1926-26 1926 Ad Florida East Coast Map AND Marmon Coupe Roadster
------SOLD------- 1926-184 1926 Ad Flytox Moth Killer AND Welch's Grape Juice Waldorf Astoria
------SOLD------- 1926-19 1926 Ad Freed Eisemann Radio AND Oshkosh trunks
1944-50 1944 Ad Boeing Airlines Another Boeing Superfortress starts for Japan
1926-67 1926 Ad General Cord Tire and Rubber Co Pass the word along
------SOLD------- 1926-107 1926 Ad General Electric GE Amherst NY Highway Lights
1926-50 1926 Ad General Motors and the railroads Freight Cars and Bill
------SOLD------- 1926-51 1926 Ad General Motors Labor 1909 1925 AND Santa Fe Xcursions Railroad
------SOLD------- 1926-94 1926 Ad Gillette Safety Razor 76 of 100 Govt Executives Agree
------SOLD------- 1926-37 1926 Ad Gillette Safety Razor New Improved Christmas Theme
1926-95 1926 Ad Gillette Safety Razor Railroad AND Williams Shaving Stick
------SOLD------- 1926-177 1926 Ad Gold Medal Flour AND Theodore Haviland China The Eden
1926-145 1926 Ad Graflex Cameras Eastman Kodak Folmer Graflex Corp
1926-156 1926 Ad Grape Nuts Cereal Post Health Products AND Maxwell House Coffee
1926-42 1926 Ad Greatest Buick ever build Only 4 oil changes a year
1944-25 1944 Ad Douglas Shoes Captains inspection AND Mennen Baby Oil
1926-154 1926 Ad Heinz Ketchup 1/2 pg AND Lifebuoy Health Soap
1926-114 1926 Ad Heisey's Glassware for your table His Thrill no greater than yours
1926-197 1926 Ad Herati Rugs A & M Karagheusian NYC
------SOLD------- 1926-183 1926 Ad Hickory Female Belts with Secura Clasp AND Wamsutta Percale Sheets
1926-180 1926 Ad Houbigant Paris Perfumes Art Deco Look
------SOLD------- 1926-124 1926 Ad Ideal Power Lawnmower AND Myers self oiling water systems
1926-127 1926 Ad P & F Corbin Hardware Screen Door Checks
1926-85 1926 Ad Packard at home in any environment SKIP KEYSTONE PHOTO, TOO DARK
1926-70 1926 Ad Packard Auto Horse theme AND Boyce Moto Meter Heat
1926-60 1926 Ad Packard Mile Costs Less AND Great Northern Railroad
------SOLD------- 1926-28 1926 Ad Packard The restful car AND The Howard Watch
1926-150 1926 Ad Palmolive Soap Natural Loveliness Mother daughter
1968-141 1968 Ad S & H Green Stamps What price beauty
1968-9011 1968 Ad S and H Greenstamps With this little square you swing Guitar theme
1926-5 1926 Ad P-G Procter Gample Soap AND Burgess and Parker DuoFold
1968-11006 1968 Ad US Forestry department Only you can prevent forest fires
------SOLD------- 1926-125 1926 Ad Pittsburgh Plate Glass AND Long Bell Lumber Fir Pine
1926-136 1926 Ad Pittsburgh Plate Velumina Paint AND Seeger Refrigerators
1926-157 1926 Ad Post Brand Chocolate AND Real Silk Lingerie Hosiery
1926-167 1926 Ad Premier Duplex Vacuum Cleaner Cleveland Ohio
------SOLD------- 1926-109 1926 Ad Prudential Insurance Orphan Asylum Theme
1926-166 1926 Ad Quaker Oats AND Carnation Instant Milk
1926-100 1926 Ad Quaker Oats Pettijohn's whole wheat cereal Chicago Ill
1968-79 1968 Ad USPS Post Office Snail Mail Zip Code 1/2 page
1968-196 1968 Ad Warners bra Bosom Thigh measurements incompatible
1968-9021 1968 Ad Warners Bra If nature didn�t Warners will
1968-11005 1968 Ad Western Union. Help run America. Congress theme
------SOLD------- 1926-186 1926 Ad Reid Murdoch Monarch Coffee AND Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour
1968-74 1968 Ad Zippo 7 Beautiful ways to master the gift season
1969-73 1969 Ad Apollo 11 Exhibition Time Life Bldg Rockefeller Ctr
1969-10002 1969 Ad Automatic Signal. Charleston South Carolina gets space age traffic control system
1926-91 1926 Ad Rock of Ages Boutwell Milne Varnum 1st Parish Unitarian Kennebunk Maine First bell by Paul Revere installed 1804
1926-93 1926 Ad Rock of Ages Boutwell Milne Varnum Congregational Church Stratham New Hampshire Built 1837
1969-10011 1969 Ad Bache & Co. Municipal Bond Department. School opens at 9am
1926-130 1926 Ad Russwin Russell Erwin Hardware Hotel Manger NY US national bank Portland Oregon
1926-131 1926 Ad Russwin Russell Erwin Hardware Park Ave Bldg NY NY New York Furniture Exchange Bldg NY NY
------SOLD------- 1926-190 1926 Ad Vanta Baby Garments AND Old English Wax
------SOLD------- 1926-147 1926 Ad Victrola The new OrthoPhonic Rhythms of an old race
1926-169 1926 Ad Vollrath Ware Coffee Pot Sheboygan Wisconsin
1926-22 1926 Ad Waterman Ideal Fountain Pen AND Chrysler Imperial 80
1969-11006 1969 Ad Bank America Give your checks a breath of fresh air
1969-159 1969 Ad Caeser's Palace The King Says. Frank Sinatra Where it's at
1926-162 1926 Ad Wheatena Grain Cereal AND Roper Gas Electric Ranges BOTH HALF PAGES
1926-81 1926 Ad White Star Line Cruise Ship Sail on the Homeric
1926-99 1926 Ad Whitman's Chocolates America's most famous box of candy
1926-119 1926 Ad Williams Oil O Matic Heating AND Royal Vacuum Cleaner
1926-118 1926 Ad Williams Oil O Matic Heating Men buy coal women clean
1926-38 1926 Ad Williams Oil O Matic Heating No Coal Shovel
1926-62 1926 Ad Wills Sainte Claire Automobile Harley Motorcycle cop
1926-63 1926 Ad Wills Sainte Claire The new Vogue Brougham
1926-64 1926 Ad Willys Knight Automobile AND Seeger Refrigerator
------SOLD------- 1926-153 1926 Ad Willy's Knight Six Automobile Car Mrs Olivery Harriman
------SOLD------- 1926-18 1926 Ad Winter Ahead Enjoy it in a Buick
1969-11009 1969 Ad Calvert Manhattan mixers. Give a friend something he can call his own
------SOLD------- 1927-14 1927 Ad American Flyer Electric Trains Recommended by 6 million boys
------SOLD------- 1927-1 1927 Ad Babe Ruth Home Run Specials Baseball Gloves
------SOLD------- 1927-3 1927 Ad Black Jack Blackjack Licorice flavored gum
------SOLD------- 1927-11 1927 Ad Erector Set No 7 1/2 AC Gilbert Co Trumodel features
------SOLD------- 1927-13 1927 Ad Flexible Flyer Sled The sled that really steers
------SOLD------- 1927-2 1927 Ad Jello Jell-O Knights of the wooden court Basketball theme
1927-10 1927 Ad Kingsbury Motor Driven Toys 3 motor monoplane AND new departure coaster brake
------SOLD------- 1927-12 1927 Ad Kingsbury Motor Driven Toys Airplanes AND Winslow's Skates
1951-2003 1951 Ad Nabisco Shredded Wheat. The merry McParlands Quintuplets
------SOLD------- 1927-5 1927 Ad Remington Scout Knives Jack knife 1/4 page
------SOLD------- 1927-7 1927 Ad Royal Portable Typewriter Everybody wants one
1928-45 1928 Ad P & F Corbin Locks Supreme security 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1928-32 1928 Ad 1929 REO Flying Clouds Automobile Car 2 pg
1909-009 1909 Ad Knox Hats AND The Keeley Cure for liquor and Drug using
1909-004 1909 Ad Kranich Bach Piano's AND Coopers original spring needle underwear
1943-24 1943 Ad Gerbers baby
1909-006 1909 Ad Mitchell's office furniture AND Congress - Bicycle playing cards AND Eastman Kodak Co
------SOLD------- 1909-024 1909 Ad National Biscuit Co Nabisco sugar wafers AND Mott's Plumbing JL Mott Iron Works
1943-4006 1943 Ad Ink O Graph Pens Inks The passion of great purpose
1969-10012 1969 Ad Cameo Porcelain enamel aluminum signs Porcelite street signs
1909-008 1909 Ad Old English Floor wax AND McCray refrigerators AND Gray motors AND Blookers' Cocoa AND Electro Silicon
1909-001 1909 Ad Packer's Tar Soap you cannot begin too early
1909-018 1909 Ad Pape's Diapepsin Relieves Dyspepsia Candy like
------SOLD------- 1909-003 1909 Ad Prudential Life Insurance Co Rock of Gibraltar
1909-013 1909 Ad REO Touring car AND AT@T ATT American Telephone and Telegraph
1969-5 1969 Ad Caravelle Watch "Better than Timex"
1909-021 1909 Ad Rubdry bath towel AND Peter Moller's Cod Liver Oil
1909-025 1909 Ad Standard Sanitary Mfg Co Baths and Lavatories AND Hart Schaffner and Marx Clothing
1909-019 1909 Ad The American Vacuum Cleaner Co. The Ideal vacuum cleaner
1969-106 1969 Ad Carters Marks A Lot Marker Mark it for keeps
1909-015 1909 Ad The National Lead Company Dutch Boy Paints
1909-014 1909 Ad The White Co. White Steamer Car Distinctively American Design
1969-10031 1969 Ad Caterpillar Loaders The Cat 920 and 930 are here.
1910-026 1910 Ad A Stein and Co Paris Garters AND Worthington Co Tricycles for cripples AND Kleinerts Dress shields AND NJ Zinc Co
1910-005 1910 Ad American Bankers Association Travelers Checques AND Ivory Soap Cowboy theme It floats
1969-88 1969 Ad Christmas Seals Emphysema Tuburculosis Air pollution
1969-10033 1969 Ad Crouse Hinds Traflo buys you more street. Street lights and traffic control
------SOLD------- 1928-5 1928 Ad Heywood Wakefield Fiber Furniture
------SOLD------- 1928-25 1928 Ad Hood Tires We built tires for the car owners
1928-34 1928 Ad Hudson Motor Car Essex Super Six 2 pg
1969-90012 1969 Ad Dial antiperspirant. Releases its special power slowly
------SOLD------- 1928-3 1928 Ad Ingersoll Pens Bakelite Oversize Junior and Ladies
1928-6 1928 Ad International Trucks Tall Timber and Hamilton Watches Railroad
------SOLD------- 1928-21 1928 Ad Interwoven Socks Whatever the Weather
1928-37 1928 Ad Johns Mansville Asbestos Shingles
1969-10024 1969 Ad Duncan Industries Parking Meters The Golden Circle
1969-89 1969 Ad Eastern Air Airlines The sun of Puerto Rico
1928-51 1928 Ad Johnstons Chocolate Bellboy theme CHECK CUT TIGHT NEAR LOGO
------SOLD------- 1928-14 1928 Ad Knox Hats for Women Fifth Ave New York
1955-29 1955 Ad Vought Aircraft Worlds fastest navy fighter
1956-4002 1956 Ad A-1 Barbeque sauce steak sauce
------SOLD------- 1928-53 1928 Ad Mallory hats sold by stylists not mere store keepers
1928-62 1928 Ad McCray Refrigerators Cooler Kendalville Indiana
------SOLD------- 1928-48 1928 Ad National Association of Ice Industries Save with Ice
------SOLD------- 1928-52 1928 Ad New Hupmobile relies on Autolite starting lighting ignition
1928-46 1928 Ad Ovaltine Picks you up instantly
------SOLD------- 1928-31 1928 Ad Packard Ignition Cable Sets Improve performance 2 pg
1928-61 1928 Ad Pflueger fishing tackle AND Bristol Golf Shaft
------SOLD------- 1928-17 1928 Ad Piggly Wiggly Stores Supermarkets Grocery
1928-26 1928 Ad Pontiac Six 3 door sedan New Series
------SOLD------- 1928-50 1928 Ad Real Silk Mens Socks AND Sealright Milk bottle caps
------SOLD------- 1928-2 1928 Ad Remington Arms Co Boy Scout Knife AND Wrigley's Gum
1956-30042 1956 Ad AC Oil filter 144,000 quarts of oil gush through your filter every 5,000 miles
------SOLD------- 1928-19 1928 Ad Ross Cam Lever Steering Women of America
------SOLD------- 1928-8 1928 Ad Scripps Howard Newspaper Noisy Streetcar
1956-27 1956 Ad AC Oil Filter Ship Oil Barrel Theme
------SOLD------- 1928-9 1928 Ad Spur Tie Bow Tie Man and Woman All Tied for you
1928-4 1928 Ad The 1928 Stewarts Motor Truck
------SOLD------- 1928-44 1928 Ad Timken Tapered Roller Bearings attentionless electric motors
------SOLD------- 1928-49 1928 Ad Traub Mfg Orange Blossom Engagement wedding ring rings
------SOLD------- 1928-33 1928 Ad Vacuum Oil Co Gargoyle Mobil Oil 2 pg
1956-38 1956 Ad Canada Dry 19th Hole Golf Theme
------SOLD------- 1928-41 1928 Ad Weed Automobile tire chains Devil of indifference
------SOLD------- 1929-2 1929 Ad Akro Agate Co Marbles Conn Band Instruments and Winslow's skates
1956-30032 1956 Ad Chef Boy Ar Dee Beefaroni New taste, new treat
------SOLD------- 1929-5 1929 Ad Chico's New Spanish Peanuts Now Senores
1956-30038 1956 Ad CIT plan. Discover new horizons
1929-16 1929 Ad Coyne Electrical School Paulina Street Chicago Ill
------SOLD------- 1929-1 1929 Ad Curtiss Baby Ruth Candy Bar It's 4 O'Clock Don't forget�
1929-3 1929 Ad Curtiss Baby Ruth Candy Bar Swimmer Edwin Manley
1956-86 1956 Ad Colt Arms Woodsman Revolver Jam Free Magazine
------SOLD------- 1955-2022 1955 Ad New York Life You'll wish your father could have bought one for you
1929-7 1929 Ad Metropolitan Life Insurance Rip Van Winkle
1956-57 1956 Ad Dale Carnegie Courses A good look at your real self 1/2 pg
1929-8 1929 Ad Oklahoma Natural Gas Corporation. Oklahoma stands out
1929-17 1929 Ad Old Dutch Cleanser AND St. Joseph's Hot Springs Arkansas
1929-11 1929 Ad Packard Luxurious Transportation Automobile Ad
1929-4 1929 Ad Remington Arms Co Rifle AND Wrigley's Spearmint Gum
------SOLD------- 1929-15 1929 Ad Spiegel Yarn Woven Rug. The rug of the century AND Spear and Company Furniture
1950-221 1950 Ad Yardley Big news A completely new lipstick
1951-7 1951 Ad RCA Victor Alice in Wonderland Sound track
1929-26 1929 Ad Yellowstone Park Tourism ad
1930-8 1930 Ad 1847 Rogers Brothers Silverware Viande Knife and Fork
1930-1013 1930 Ad American Floor Surfacing Machine Co. American floor sanders.
1930-12 1930 Ad American Walnut Furniture Before I buy furniture
1930-1012 1930 Ad Bakelite. The material of a thousand uses. Banks find molded switchplates a sound investment
1930-1003 1930 Ad Bridges and Graves Co. Dwellings faced with brick sell more readily
1930-1017 1930 Ad Brixment for cold weather masonry
1930-19 1930 Ad Capitol Boilers and Radiators That place called home
1930-17 1930 Ad Chalfonte Haddon Hall Atlantic City AND Old Hickory furniture
1930-1015 1930 Ad Crawford Door Company. Detroit Michigan. Crawford overhead door
1930-20 1930 Ad Dutch Boy white lead paint Rainbow colors
1930-2 1930 Ad Firestone Tires Save all that time and money too
1930-16 1930 Ad Genasco Latite Shingles Roofing Color begins with the roof
1930-1006 1930 Ad General Electric All steel Refrigerator. Why we bought over 1,000 Harry S Oneal
1930-7 1930 Ad General Electric all steel refrigerators AND Standard Sanitary Mfg bathroom
1930-1009 1930 Ad Hart and Hegeman division. H H bakelite convenience outlets. Hartford Conn
1930-15 1930 Ad Hotels Statler Boston Detroit Buffalo St Louis Cleveland NY
1930-1004 1930 Ad Indiana Limestone Co Mr. Buckner Ok's Stone for residences
1930-1014 1930 Ad International Steel and Iron Co. Evansville, Indiana. Marquise
1930-6 1930 Ad Johns Mansville Insulating Board Use it to widen the comfort zone
------SOLD------- 1930-1016 1930 Ad Joseph Pondelik Jr. Construction Co. Cicero and Lawndale
1930-13 1930 Ad Kellogg's Corn Flakes AND Shevlin Pine Log Siding
1930-4 1930 Ad Listerine Mouthwash Gets rid of Dandruff!
1930-1011 1930 Ad Ludowici Celadon Co. Roofing shingle tiles for English and French Type houses
1930-1010 1930 Ad Pennvernon window glass. See things as they really are.
1930-11 1930 Ad Philadelphia Lawn Mower Co See your dealer
------SOLD------- 1969-10017 1969 Ad General Electric mobile radio Royal professional police fire radio
1930-9 1930 Ad Premier electric cleaning unit vacuum cleaner
1969-10021 1969 Ad Harley Davidson motorcycles Solo squadrons decrease accidents
1930-18 1930 Ad SanFrancisco California tourism ad Lake Tahoe
1930-10 1930 Ad Standard Gas Equipment Co Smooth top gas range
1930-1002 1930 Ad Stanley Electric Tools. Ask these fellows. Stanley stone saw
1930-3 1930 Ad Swift's Premium Hams and Bacon Appetizer and Entree too
1969-11 1969 Ad KABC Radio "Teach Sex in L.A. Schools"
1930-1008 1930 Ad The Philip Carey Co. Carey Asfaltslate shingles. The roof
1930-1018 1930 Ad Thermax Corporation Seattle Washington. Fireproofing insulation board
1930-14 1930 Ad Thor electric laundry equipment Clothes washer and ringer
1930-1 1930 Ad Vigoro lawn and flower fertilizer. Swift and Company
1931-6 1931 Ad Armstrong's Linoleum floors Softly twilight steals across the floor
1969-11021 1969 Ad KLAC 57 Radio Station. Would your boss fire you for listening to the radio
1969-90032 1969 Ad Lilly Pharmaceuticals For four generations making medicines
1931-3 1931 Ad Hogson Houses AND Kane Mfg Window treatments
1969-84 1969 Ad Manpower Temporary Services Playboy Club
1931-2 1931 Ad Kittinger Distinctive furniture The hall speaks in welcoming tones
1931-4 1931 Ad Linen Damask Tableclothes and Napkins Lovely Linen
------SOLD------- 1931-13 1931 Ad Northstar Wool Blankets AND W Atlee Burpee Seed Co
1969-31 1969 Ad McDonalds introduces the Big Mac Meal Disguised as sandwich
1969-11016 1969 Ad Norman Rockwell's portrait of the first men on the moon order offer
1931-1 1931 Ad Shevlin Pine Flooring. Pine room costs little more than plaster
1931-12 1931 Ad The Van Dusen Nurseries Dwarf Fruit Trees AND Hart - Vick Seeds
1934-1 1934 Ad Peters Wimbledon Match 22 Ammunition gun
------SOLD------- 1934-3 1934 Ad Winchester ammunition Champtionships in Ct
------SOLD------- 1934-2 1934 Ad Winchester Model 52 Target Rifle Thurman Randall , Robert W Hughs Youngstown Ohio AND Colt 38 Handgun Mass State Police
------SOLD------- 1935-8 1935 Ad Camel Cigarettes Famous sports figures Rip Collins; Jennie Rooney; James Bausch; Bruce Barnes; Willie MacFarlane; J.A. Brooks
1935-5 1935 Ad General Dual Balloon Tires Blowout proof
1956-30034 1956 Ad Hertz car rental. Back so soon. He's got the Hertz idea
1956-30043 1956 Ad Mobil. MobilOil special. Year round protection
1937-1005 1937 Ad Blackhawk Porto Power Flex Heads AND Van Norman Machine Tool Co Valve Wagon Springfield Mass
1956-30027 1956 Ad Motorola TV that really tunes itself. Remote control
1937-1009 1937 Ad General Electric GE Tungar shop equipment Automotive Chargers, testers, arc welders, heat gun AND Sunnen Products Co
1956-32 1956 Ad Old Crow Historic Portraits Mark Twain and more
1956-51 1956 Ad Pedigree Pencils Cheaper buy the dozen Five Pak
------SOLD------- 1937-1008 1937 Ad Thompson Products Automotive. Cleveland Detroit Patchwork Pete and TP Tim AND American Hammered Piston Rings
1956-4003 1956 Ad Post Raisin Bran Post maked for happy eating. Little girl
1956-20 1956 Ad RCA Victor Color TV $495
1938-2 1938 Ad Goodyear tires Built of Rayotwist
1956-77 1956 Ad Savage Stevens 77 SC Super Choke with Recoil pad
1938-3 1938 Ad Pullman Rail Railroad Cars Convertible single occupancy section
1938-1 1938 Ad Sheafer's dry proof desk sets Pen Pens White dot
------SOLD------- 1939-9 1939 Ad 1940 Packard $867 Great Things Happened
------SOLD------- 1939-11 1939 Ad American Airlines Not everyone in hurry
1956-19 1956 Ad Sheaffer's Pens White Dot
1939-1010 1939 Ad Autolite spark plugs. Cleaner and merchandiser dealer ad AND Carter Carburetor Ceramic Fuel filter
1939-7 1939 Ad B&M Baked Beans Brick Oven baked
1939-1001 1939 Ad Blackhawk wrench specialist Speedlined workin tools
1939-1005 1939 Ad Bonney Forge and Tool Works Finest money can buy
1939-1007 1939 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Dealers announce New discount schedule and selling agreement
1939-1003 1939 Ad Commercial Credit Company Commercial Bankers
1939-6 1939 Ad Dentyne Gum What is your Smile Like
1956-30040 1956 Ad Silver A new standard of quality. Service for 8
1956-25 1956 Ad Smith Corona Typewriter Holiday Ornament
1939-4 1939 Ad Kalamazoo cabinets, furnaces, more
1956-30041 1956 Ad Swift Premium franks. Hot dogs. Cowboys
1939-2 1939 Ad Log Cabin Syrup Price come down
1939-13 1939 Ad Longer Wide 1940 Plymouth Luxury Ride
1939-8 1939 Ad Nash Automobiles Adventure rides road again
1939-1002 1939 Ad Sealed Power piston Rings. Ring Sets for Fords
1939-12 1939 Ad The beautiful Chrysler for 1940
------SOLD------- 1939-1008 1939 Ad Thermoid custom built brake lining sets Trenton, NJ
------SOLD------- 1939-5 1939 Ad White Owl Cigars Havana Richard Armstrong
1939-3 1939 Ad Zenith Radiorgan
1940-7 1940 Ad Birds Eye. I'm the gal who knows her beans
------SOLD------- 1940-9 1940 Ad Mercury 8 Appreciate your Mercury
------SOLD------- 1940-4 1940 Ad Mimeograph Duplicator Machine
1940-2001 1940 Ad Blackhawk Auto service jacks More for your money service equipment AND Hall Synchronized Valve Servicing Equipment
1940-2004 1940 Ad Carter Carburetor. Carburetor repair package. St. Louis Missouri AND Sioux abrasive disc Albertson and Co
------SOLD------- 1940-10 1940 Ad Chase and Sanborn Radio City Music Hall Rockettes
------SOLD------- 1940-5 1940 Ad Dobbs Field and Stream Hats
1940-3005 1940 Ad dole Pineapple Juice.Kids taste test
1940-2006 1940 Ad Ernest Holmes Co. Duro Flex Creeper Automotive
------SOLD------- 1940-17 1940 Ad Ethyl Gas Signs of Improved Gasoline Gas Pump
------SOLD------- 1940-1 1940 Ad Ford Watch the Fords go by
1940-3004 1940 Ad General Motors Installment Plan. Know what you pay for financing
------SOLD------- 1968-13001 1968 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Camaro Beach Theme with Corvette OR 69 Chevelle SEE NOTES
1940-15 1940 Ad Kodak Film Great snapshots are made on Kodak Film
1940-13 1940 Ad Nash Automobile Auto Weather Eye Magic
1940-2005 1940 Ad National Oil and Grease seals Heat treated AND Snap-On Auto Tools
1940-2002 1940 Ad Permatex Company Sheepheads Bay NY Form a gaskets
------SOLD------- 1940-3006 1940 Ad Prince Albert Tobacco 'Ol Judge Robbins
------SOLD------- 1940-11 1940 Ad Pullman Alexander Woolcott I value my comfort
1968-13002 1968 Ad Saab of Sweden. You should see the car we make. Fighter jet theme
1968-13003 1968 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Why the competition is losing sleep
1940-2003 1940 Ad Sunnen Bushing Grinder Auto. I want a job in your shop AND Sealed Power Piston Rings
1940-14 1940 Ad The People of Hawaii Tourism Ad
1940-2 1940 Ad Time marches on movie newsreel
1968-13004 1968 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Camaro SS. Vote for the queen of your choice contest
1941-7 1941 Ad Chevrolet Trucks with Load Master Engine
1941-2 1941 Ad Kodak Film. Snapshots from home
1941-52 1941 Ad American Standard Bathroom - Kitchen fixtures
------SOLD------- 1941-47 1941 Ad Anaconda Copper & Brass Brass Band Tuba Theme
------SOLD------- 1941-28 1941 Ad Anaconda Copper & Brass Tribute to Dependability
------SOLD------- 1941-43 1941 Ad Anaconda Copper and Brass Indispensable family tree
1941-62 1941 Ad Armco Stainless Steel Cookware
1942-5004 1941 Ad Arrow Harmony Stripes Mens clothing Sweet Arrowline
1941-6 1941 Ad BF Goodrich tires. Cops ad. "look O'Malley"
1942-5003 1941 Ad Blackstone Cigars Extra pleasure. 17% extra smoking
1941-38 1941 Ad Buick Battle Song of the Liberators Buy War Bonds
1969-11017 1969 Ad Old St Croix The two ounce vacation
1941-16 1941 Ad Chris Craft Boats Runabout Buy war bonds today
1941-59 1941 Ad Chrysler Autos Fluid Drive Why shift gears
1941-58 1941 Ad Coke Coca Cola Flower Arranging Book offer
------SOLD------- 1941-61 1941 Ad Dole Pineapple Juice Tennis theme NO PHOTO
------SOLD------- 1941-55 1941 Ad Dutch Boy White Lead Paint Home Defense
1941-17 1941 Ad Fisher Car bodies Armament war theme War bonds
1942-5002 1941 Ad Fleer's Dubble Bubble chewing gum. Should girls be told
1941-3005 1941 Ad French's worcestershire sauce. Best tomato juice cocktain
1941-10 1941 Ad General Tire Prize winning show dog theme
1941-31 1941 Ad General Tire Recap AND Stromberg Carlson FM Radio Telephone
------SOLD------- 1941-18 1941 Ad General Tire Romance Military theme
------SOLD------- 1941-49 1941 Ad GM Diesel Boston Main Marlboro Railroad AND Magnavox Jascha Heifetz
1941-37 1941 Ad GM Diesel Milwaukee Rail line Electro Motive Division
1941-13 1941 Ad GM Diesel Power Baltimore & Ohio Rail Lines War Bonds
------SOLD------- 1941-44 1941 Ad GM Diesel Power Engine # 100,000 Fighting engines War
1941-30 1941 Ad GM Diesel Western Pacific Rail AND Bell & Howell Opti-onics
1956-30037 1956 Ad Tonette The glamour girl of the grade school
1950-150 1950 Ad TWA Airlines Grandma leads a fast life
1941-21 1941 Ad Gruen Watches Jewelry AND USF&G Fidelity Guaranty Insurance
------SOLD------- 1941-46 1941 Ad Inter woven Socks War them AND New York Central Railroad
------SOLD------- 1941-4 1941 Ad International Trucks These trucks have em
1950-100010 1950 Ad U.S. Airforce Looking ahead to a great career. Aviation cadets
1950-60 1950 Ad United Jewish Appeal
1941-54 1941 Ad Kraft Mayonnaise Fresh Lemon Juice
1941-42 1941 Ad Matson Cruise Lines AND Rohr Aircraft Corporation
1941-15 1941 Ad Milwaukee Railroad AND Forstner Chain Corp Jewelry
1969-81 1969 Ad Pacific Palm Swimming Pools with coupon
1941-32 1941 Ad Milwaukee Road Rail Line Railroad Military and civilians
1941-39 1941 Ad New York Air Brake Co Hycon Hydraulics P-38 Airplane
1941-12 1941 Ad New York Central Railroad AND AGWI Lines Cuba Mail Line
1941-24 1941 Ad New York Central Railroad AND Argus Int'l Jewels of Today
1941-27 1941 Ad Pennsylvania Railroad Fighter Weighs 8 tons Military theme
1941-14 1941 Ad Pennsylvania Railroad Land of Plenty Military theme
1969-42 1969 Ad Pedigree King Size Pencils For people who have a lot to say
1941-3003 1941 Ad Prudential Insurance Company. See clearer in a shaded room
1969-90013 1969 Ad PHP Institute Panasonic China Congratulations on Apollo moon Flight
1941-25 1941 Ad Pullman Rail Cars Cow & Ass'n of American Railroads
1969-11023 1969 Ad Polaroid cameras. This is the season to know which one does what
------SOLD------- 1941-11 1941 Ad Pullman Rail Cars Military AND Stromberg Carlson FM radio
------SOLD------- 1941-40 1941 Ad Pullman Rail Railroad Cars AND Dictaphone Corp NY NY
1942-5007 1941 Ad Raleigh Cigarettes. Free seats on the 50 yard line. Football theme
1941-33 1941 Ad Santa Fe Rail Lines Railroad Fixing 'em on the fly for victory
1969-10005 1969 Ad Porter Get a complete refractory package for incinerators
1969-10013 1969 Ad Sarasota engineering co inc. Traffic policeman Printed circuit boards Mark 15 inductive vehicle detector
------SOLD------- 1941-60 1941 Ad Seth Thomas Clocks Wedding Theme
------SOLD------- 1941-1 1941 Ad Shell Gasoline Watermelon
1941-57 1941 Ad Shredded Ralston Breakfast Cereal
1969-12 1969 Ad Southern California Edison. "Power Struggle in Ca" 2pg
1941-41 1941 Ad Studebaker Wright Cyclone Engines M-29 Weasel Hinkles boys
1941-3006 1941 Ad Swift Premium Prem Sugar cured canned ham
1941-35 1941 Ad The General Tire Long Mileage tire Military theme
1941-36 1941 Ad Union Carbide Chemistry Lesson AND Bell & Howell Film
1969-10028 1969 Ad St. Joe. Taxpayers will love this galvanized steel bridge
1941-29 1941 Ad Union Carbide trimethylcyclohexanol AND Coca Cola Panama
1969-60 1969 Ad Starcraft Sebring Snowmobile One good blizzard
1969-10019 1969 Ad The asphalt institute Improve safety protect your roads
1969-10010 1969 Ad The Heil Co. Trash collection So your crews work more and ride less
1950-261 1950 Ad Thor Spinner Washer Clothes washing machine Suds to spin dry in a single porcelain tub
1942-7 1942 Ad American Railroads Teamwork for Victory
------SOLD------- 1942-6 1942 Ad Bell Telephone Swtichboard
------SOLD------- 1942-5 1942 Ad Big Ben Westclox War Plane
------SOLD------- 1942-4 1942 Ad Campbells Tomato Juice One taste tells you why folks are keen about it
------SOLD------- 1942-14 1942 Ad Censored Electric Companies Under American management
------SOLD------- 1942-15 1942 Ad Community Silverplate Silverware Lady Hamilton War theme
------SOLD------- 1942-3 1942 Ad International Harvester Battle Machines
------SOLD------- 1943-3 1943 Ad Western Electric Aviator Airplane War Ad
1950-164 1950 Ad Tropic Nitey Night Sleepers Cool as a cloud
1942-13 1942 Ad Mennen Brushless Shave Lather Shave
------SOLD------- 1942-11 1942 Ad Motor Bus Lines of America Vital Power
------SOLD------- 1942-10 1942 Ad Palmolive Soap Luscious Skin
1942-22 1942 Ad Savage Automatic 22 Rifles Use it 3 ways
1942-12 1942 Ad Scotch Tape 1516 Wires Assembly Line
1942-16 1942 Ad Swan Pure White floating Soap Gracie Allen Uncle Sam says
------SOLD------- 1942-9 1942 Ad Texaco Fire Chief Gas Gasoline Fred Allen 1/2 page
------SOLD------- 1943-5 1943 Ad Jeep Willys Wartime Theme
1942-18 1942 Ad Van Heusen Shirts Give his neck a break
------SOLD------- 1942-20 1942 Ad Wembley Ties First Christmas after victory
------SOLD------- 1943-8 1943 Ad Nestles Chocolate Solder theme
------SOLD------- 1942-1 1942 Ad White Trucks Oil for Engines of Victory
------SOLD------- 1942-21 1942 Ad Winchester 22 Long Rifle Ammunition EZXS
------SOLD------- 1943-15 1943 Ad Camel Cigarettes Women Aviator
------SOLD------- 1943-13 1943 Ad Lux Saves on stocking runs
------SOLD------- 1943-14 1943 Ad Max Factor Make Up Loretta Young
------SOLD------- 1943-40 1943 Ad New York Dress Institute Where young ideas begin
------SOLD------- 1943-22 1943 Ad US Army WACS America has her heroines
------SOLD------- 1943-2 1943 Ad 7 Up Fresh up and Smile
1943-30 1943 Ad 7up Fresh up keep smiling
------SOLD------- 1943-41 1943 Ad Angostura Bitters Buy War Bonds Buy War Stamps
------SOLD------- 1943-23 1943 Ad Aunt Jemima Pancakes half page ad
------SOLD------- 1943-33 1943 Ad Autocar Deadly War Theme Multiple gun motor carriage
------SOLD------- 1943-29 1943 Ad Autocar trucks. Heavy hauling By George
1943-55 1943 Ad Balalaika Perfume Lucien Lelong
1943-53 1943 Ad Barbara Gould Makeup AND Wimbledon hats more, Popover Lord and Taylor and Slimtite Western underwear
1943-49 1943 Ad Barbara Gould New York Skylark Perfume
1950-125 1950 Ad Shulton Early American Old Spice Rockefeller Ctr NY
1943-4015 1943 Ad Bestform womens undergarments girdles AND Holeproof fine stockings
1943-4010 1943 Ad BF Goodrich tires. The truck that beat the boats to Sicily
1943-4011 1943 Ad Bicycle and Congress Playing cards. Want a share of the showdown. Buy war bonds
1943-60 1943 Ad Botany Lanolin Makeup AND Chesterfield Cigarettes War theme
1943-43 1943 Ad Bourjois Perfume Courage Half page ad
------SOLD------- 1943-51 1943 Ad Bourjois Perfume Evening in Paris AND Lentheric Perfumes
------SOLD------- 1943-36 1943 Ad Buick War Ad Buy Bonds The Liberator
------SOLD------- 1943-54 1943 Ad Burlington Mills Rayon Fabric AND Charles of the Ritz face powder
------SOLD------- 1943-1 1943 Ad Cadillac Warplane Ad
------SOLD------- 1943-42 1943 Ad Chanel Perfume Fragrant Enchantment
1943-46 1943 Ad Chantilly Perfume AND Marlboro Cigarettes Elegant Woman
1950-229 1950 Ad Skol Tanning Lotion for a glorious tan
1943-4007 1943 Ad Chrysler Corporation Saga of the USS South Dakota War theme
1943-45 1943 Ad Ciro Perfume The way to say remember me
------SOLD------- 1943-57 1943 Ad Cole of California Swimsuits AND B Altman & Co NY NY
------SOLD------- 1943-35 1943 Ad Coty perfume Give her a thousand fragrant hours
------SOLD------- 1943-26 1943 Ad Desoto 7 out of 10 still running
------SOLD------- 1896-21 1896 Ad Athletic Training Vino - Kolafra Blocks Strength without reaction Johnson and Johnson Brunswick Pharmacal Co.
------SOLD------- 1896-6 1896 Ad Bicycle Ads Richmond Hunter Arms Sager Fowler Marlin Firearms Vino Kolafra�..BLACK MARK ON HUNTER AD
1896-27 1896 Ad Black Diamond Express Lehigh Valley Railroad Canadian Atlantic and Plant Line
1950-258 1950 Ad Skol Tanning Lotion for a glorious tan World's largest selling suntan lotion
1896-28 1896 Ad California Fig Syrup Gladness Comes
------SOLD------- 1896-17 1896 Ad Chicago Great Western C H D Burlington Railroad Stonington Line Michigan Central Ocean Publishing Co
------SOLD------- 1896-30 1896 Ad Cluett Coon Co Shirts Winslow Bros Iron Daugherty Typewriter Steel Clad Bath co BATH CO AD IS CUT SHORT IN PHOTO
1950-19 1950 Ad Standard Oil Co RPM Delo Diesel Engine Lube Oil
1896-3 1896 Ad Crescent Bicycles AND Majestic Bicycles; Bridgeport brass, Monarch Bicycles Albani Bicycle Skirt
------SOLD------- 1896-12 1896 Ad F P Corsets Cupid Hair Pin Hammond Typewriter Bay State Insurance Smith Typewriter
1896-18 1896 Ad Franco American Soups Ready for use Clean Honest appetizing
1896-1 1896 Ad Hartford Single Tube Tires AND Eastman Kodak Co Pocket Kodak
------SOLD------- 1896-7 1896 Ad Hodgman Rubber Le Waterman Sterling Remington Barler Schuman Dean Tire
1896-5 1896 Ad Hulbert Air Brake Erie Imperial Windsor Orient Palmer Tires Discon Chain bicycle
1896-4 1896 Ad Indiana Bicycles Co The Waverly AND Pope Mfg Columbia Bicycles
1896-2 1896 Ad Ivory Soap AND Pearline Bike Bag AND Lyon's automatic Fertilizer
------SOLD------- 1896-24 1896 Ad Lakeshore and Michigan Southern rail The St Denis Hotel Rock Island Route Monon Route Big 4 route railroad
1896-13 1896 Ad Larkin Soaps Standard Mfg Bathtub North Bros Freezer Globe filing cabinets Pasteur Filter White mountain freezer
1896-8 1896 Ad Libbey Glass C.D. Peacock Jewelry Howard Co Globe vapor lamp Buckeye camera Autoharp Carbutts Waterloo Wagon
1950-246 1950 Ad Prestone Anti Freeze You're safe when it's cold
1950-104 1950 Ad Quaker State Motor Oil Don't forget your change
------SOLD------- 1926-155 1926 Ad Buick The Better Buick Never the least trouble
------SOLD------- 1926-6 1926 Ad Jello Jell-O Well behaved child Linn Ball Art
1896-15 1896 Ad Pabst Malt Extract Beer Van Camps Pork Beans Great Western Champagne Hires root beer
1896-26 1896 Ad Packer's Tar Soap Shampooing Day
------SOLD------- 1896-20 1896 Ad Pears Soap w/Testimonial from Bernhardt from Hoffman House NY
------SOLD------- 1896-16 1896 Ad Rieger's Transparent Crystal Soap Carmel Soap Buttermilk Toilet Soap Geo Scott Electric Hair brush Lowney Chocolate Curtice Bros Ketchup Durkee's spices
1896-19 1896 Ad Sozodont Hall Ruckel Palisade Soap Royal Baking Powder Walter Baker Breakfast Cocoa The rambler
1950-81 1950 Ad Rochester 4 Jet Carburetors Rochester Products 1/2 pg
1950-161 1950 Ad Selby Shoes Arch Preserver Star Performance week
------SOLD------- 1896-22 1896 Ad Sulphume Sulphur Bath Mott Iron Works Capitol Heaters Acme Water Heaters Pease Furnace Co Syracuse NY
1896-11 1896 Ad Typewriter Remington Yost Columbia American Devoe Paint Barber architects
------SOLD------- 1896-9 1896 Ad Vin Mariani Sibylline Higgins Seiter Waldorf Spaulding Co
------SOLD------- 1896-25 1896 Ad Woodbury's Facial Soap Dr H Sanche Oxydonor Victory Browns Dentrifice
1908-003 1908 Ad Bensdorp's Royal Dutch Cocoa AND Whitman's Instant Chocolate
1908-007 1908 Ad Chalfonte Hotel Atlantic City New Jersey NJ The Leeds Co
1908-010 1908 Ad Colt Firearms Co. Automatic Pistol Eight shots in 1 3/5 seconds. AND Cluett Peabody Shirts
1908-002 1908 Ad Evan's Ale AND Blue Label Soups Curtice Burns Rochester NY
1908-006 1908 Ad H Franklin Mfg Co Franklin Scales Don't buy your auto without weighing
1908-001 1908 Ad Kellogg MacKay Kellogg Co Klymax Boilers AND Majestic Coal Chute AND Ad White House Coffee Teas Electro Silverware
1908-008 1908 Ad Packard Thirty 08 AND Locomobile company of America
1908-011 1908 Ad Pearline modern soap
1908-005 1908 Ad Racine Boat Mfg Racine Boats The best money can buy
1926-129 1926 Ad Russwin Russell Erwin Hardware Provident Bldg Chatanooga TN University of Washington Seattle
1969-10020 1969 Ad The rust engineering co. Von Roll Ltd. Incinerator is going full blast
------SOLD------- 1928-42 1928 Ad Williams Shaving Cream Aqua Velva Bigwigs now
1929-21 1929 Ad Metropolitan Life Insurance Rip Van Winkle
------SOLD------- 1942-19 1942 Ad Traub Orange Blossom Engagement Wedding Rings 5 1/4 x 13 1/2
1969-11018 1969 Ad The Sony 92OU Television. TV I can take it or leave it
1969-11004 1969 Ad Thrifty Drug and discount stores. Dr. Grabow pre smoked pipes
1909-026 1909 Ad Blue Label Ketchup Curtice Brothers Rochester NY
1909-012 1909 Ad Cluett Shirts AND Northern Pacific Railway Yellowstone park Third annual rose festival
1969-90020 1969 Ad Toastmaster products Better than mistletoe
1969-10009 1969 Ad Transairco Inc. Aerial lift equipment. 60 second quiz
1909-011 1909 Ad Hotel Majestic Seventy Second St NY AND The Tampa Bay Hotel
1969-10030 1969 Ad Trojan loaders construction equipment. Reliable
1909-002 1909 Ad House of Kuppenheimer clothing AND Grape Nuts Postum Cereal Co
1928-40 1928 Ad Armstrong Linoleum Floors Renew the cheer
------SOLD------- 1928-22 1928 Ad Auburn Autos Straight 8 Powered by Lycoming
1928-11 1928 Ad Automatic Toastmaster Toaster 1/2 page
1928-39 1928 Ad Barrett Specification Roofs No back talk for 20 years
1969-10022 1969 Ad Union Metal Monogard poles provide the extra margin of safety
------SOLD------- 1928-27 1928 Ad Cadillac A notable product of General Motors Art Deco look
------SOLD------- 1928-29 1928 Ad Campbells The glow of Tempting tomato soup
------SOLD------- 1928-7 1928 Ad Caterpillar Twenty Tractor 2 ton
------SOLD------- 1928-35 1928 Ad Chevrolet Thrilling Performance Bigger and Better
1928-20 1928 Ad Chrysler Imperial - Royal Sedan AND RCA Radiola
1950-203 1950 Ad Kotex Sanitary Napkins Very personally yours
1928-13 1928 Ad Coke Coca Cola A little minute for a big rest
1928-57 1928 Ad Creo Dipt Stained Shingles Coupon for photos
------SOLD------- 1928-1 1928 Ad Curtiss Baby Ruth Candy Bar Good food Good fun
1928-16 1928 Ad Dodge Brothers Victory 6 AND Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil
1928-59 1928 Ad Drano Drain cleaner AND Pennsylvania Oil
1928-38 1928 Ad Ford Motor Company Through the Night Airplane theme
------SOLD------- 1928-18 1928 Ad Franklin Airman Series Car AND Robt Burns Cigars Cuba
1928-54 1928 Ad General Electric Refrigerator Quietness
1950-167 1950 Ad Motorola Portable Radios Gift of fun for everyone
1950-16 1950 Ad Motorola portable radios It's Spring
1910-010 1910 Ad White Rose Glycerine Soap AND Harper Brothers War of the World HG Wells AND New York City Car advertising Co
1913-014 1913 Ad AGWI Steamship Lines AND Rock Island Railroad California
1913-011 1913 Ad ATT Seven Million watch towers in Bell system American Telephone and Telegraph Co
1913-012 1913 Ad Atwood Grape Fruit Co AND Esterbrook steel pens AND Ostermoor Mattress
1913-016 1913 Ad Blue Label Ketchup Curtice Brothers AND Kodak Vest Pocket Camera
1950-163 1950 Ad Nemo Circlet Womans Girdle
1913-003 1913 Ad Electric Storage Battery Co Exide AND Bailey Blanks and Biddle Co Jewel Exhibit
1969-90033 1969 Ad United airlines Come fly with me. Fly the friendly skies
------SOLD------- 1913-001 1913 Ad Ivory Soap Any athlete theme. Two men in locker room
1913-004 1913 Ad Max Sauer Hewitt Trucks International Motor Co AND The Travelers Insurance Co Family loss theme
1913-002 1913 Ad Pears Soap Weather Wisdom
1913-005 1913 Ad Peters Milk Chocolate AND Berkey and Gay Furniture
1913-013 1913 Ad Santa Fe Railroad Deluxe California Limited AND Hotel Galvez Galveston Texas
1913-015 1913 Ad Southern Pacific Steamships Mardi Gras AND Southern Railway Panama
1913-006 1913 Ad Studebaker Corporation AND Eastman Kodak Co Rochester NY
1969-58 1969 Ad USA Christmas Seals Fight Emphysema Tuberculosis
1969-10014 1969 Ad Weld instruments Just like any other Wild RDS
1920-020 1920 Ad Adler Clothes Rochester NY AND Onyx hosiery Silk with Pointex heel
1920-003 1920 Ad Aetna Insurance Company One hundred and One years of service
1920-016 1920 Ad Apperson Automobile Car AND Nabisco National Biscuit Co
1969-90019 1969 Ad Westclox Avocado, blue, woodtone alarm clocks
1969-90 1969 Ad White Satin Gin American and British
1920-018 1920 Ad Nunnaly's The candy of the South Atlanta AND Grinnell Company Automatic Sprinkler System
1969-10006 1969 Ad Wisconsin Motor 2 and 4 cycle . Now more powerful reasons to specify Wisconsin
------SOLD------- 1920-042 1920 Ad Olivilo Olive Eye Lo Soap Soap that will not dry your skin AND Cliquot club Ginger Ale
1970-37 1970 Ad Berkey color computer photo pictures
1960-54 1960 Ad Northern Tissue Co American Beauty Prints offer
1920-043 1920 Ad Pyrene Mfg fire extinguishers Motorboat fire
1920-046 1920 Ad Red Gum America's finest cabinet wood
1920-047 1920 Ad Steger & SonsPiano Mfg Co AND Miller lighting fixtures AND Haynes Stellite Co Knives Pocket Knives
------SOLD------- 1960-33 1960 Ad Republic Steel Space Theme AND Pitney Bowes Postage Meter
1960-16 1960 Ad Roblee shoes Brown shoe company Indian theme
1956-30 1956 Ad Wearever Ball or Fountain Pen
1920-009 1920 Ad The Dayton Fan and Motor Co AND ATT American Telephone and Telegraph Co
1920-004 1920 Ad The Gorham Silver company The day before her wedding
1956-53 1956 Ad Woolworth's back to school bargains 2 page
1920-038 1920 Ad The Jordan Silhouette Auto car AND Mohawk Quality Tires
1957-10 1957 Ad A1 Steak Sauce Griller Diller
1920-008 1920 Ad Vudor ventilating porch shades AND Fuller Building construction
1957-7 1957 Ad AC Spark Plug Operation Deep Freeze
1957-4001 1957 Ad Allis Chalmers D-17 Tractor New exclusive power director
1924-2 1924 Ad Daisy Air Rifles Happy Daisy Boy 1/2 pg AND Eastman Kodak TEAR AT TOP OF PAGE
------SOLD------- 1925-12 1925 Ad American Flyer Toy Train AND Daisy Air Rifle
------SOLD------- 1925-16 1925 Ad Colgate Ribbon Dental Cream Leon Tuck Dartmouth Hockey coach
------SOLD------- 1925-20 1925 Ad Cream of Wheat Dan Beard Boy Scout Theme
------SOLD------- 1925-10 1925 Ad Crosley Radio The Little Giant of Radio Crosley Pup $9.75
1925-6 1925 Ad Daisy Air Rifles 1/2 page The Happy Daisy Boy
------SOLD------- 1925-14 1925 Ad Eastman Kodak Co Brownie Camera Rochester NY
1925-11 1925 Ad Ingersoll Watch Yankee Junior Radiolite Midget
1926-41 1926 Ad Buick To be as good as Buick a could would need to have
1926-101 1926 Ad Burrough's Corp 1 Millionth Machine AND Capitol Boilers
1957-5003 1957 Ad Argus C-3 only $55. Beautiful color pictures your very first try
1926-88 1926 Ad BVD Underwear Fishing AND 70 Willy's Knight Automobile
------SOLD------- 1926-24 1926 Ad Cadillac 50 body styles 500 color combinations
1926-43 1926 Ad Cadillac 50 body styles 500 color combinations Fleetwood
1926-36 1926 Ad Campbells Tomato Soup One Taste and Appetite is awake
1926-149 1926 Ad Campbells Vegetable soup Tempting and Delicious
1926-72 1926 Ad Canadian National Railroad AND Frigidaire Refrigerator
------SOLD------- 1926-27 1926 Ad Carl Fisher Hotel Hotels Miami Beach Florida
1957-52 1957 Ad Arrow Blackberry Brandy half page
1957-5001 1957 Ad Arrow Casual Wear First in fashion
1957-86 1957 Ad Avis Rent A Car Goes home by itself
------SOLD------- 1926-198 1926 Ad Cheramy Perfume Cappi April Showers
1926-165 1926 Ad Chevrolet Quality at a low cost Take a ride in a Chevrolet
------SOLD------- 1926-200 1926 Ad Chipso laundry Detergent
1926-45 1926 Ad Chrysler 70 comparison aside AND Watermans Fountain Pen
------SOLD------- 1926-47 1926 Ad Chrysler 70 Sets todays pace in price and performance
------SOLD------- 1926-40 1926 Ad Cine Kodak Movie Camera Rochester NY
1960-55 1960 Ad Scotkins Napkins Now in color Yellow Pink Sandalwood
1947-181 1947 Ad RCA Victor Golden Throat Robert Merrill Radio Show
1950-10005 1950 Ad Guide Combination Spotlamp and outside mirror
1950-126 1950 Ad Hanes Fathers day baseball theme
------SOLD------- 1926-139 1926 Ad Crebe Synchrophase AND Elgin Watches Treasure theme
------SOLD------- 1926-137 1926 Ad Curtis Institute of Music AND Prudential Insurance Lifeboat
------SOLD------- 1926-2 1926 Ad Daisy Air Rifles A message from Jack Holt
1926-8 1926 Ad Daisy Air Rifles Real Man AND White House Coffee
------SOLD------- 1926-110 1926 Ad Davey Tree Surgeons AND Packard Navy Army Semi Nude man
1926-48 1926 Ad Dodge Brothers Bros motor cars Better than ever
1926-49 1926 Ad Dodge Brothers Bros Motor Cars Sources of long life
------SOLD------- 1926-23 1926 Ad Dodge Brothers Inc Motor Cars Detroit
1926-115 1926 Ad Dutch Boy White Lead Let it Rain Sheds like ducks back
1926-116 1926 Ad Dutch Boy White Lead Sky high or cottage low all weather
1926-164 1926 Ad Johnson's Liquid Wax AND Packer's Liquid Shampoo
1926-163 1926 Ad Karpen Furniture More important than price tag Namplate
1926-65 1926 Ad Kelly Springfield Tires AND Elgin Watches Auld Lang Syne
------SOLD------- 1926-66 1926 Ad Kelly Springfield Tires AND Elgin Watches Bon Voyage
1926-176 1926 Ad Kelvinator Refrigerator AND Chase Velmo Mohair Velvet
------SOLD------- 1926-148 1926 Ad Kewpie dolls Kewpieville cartoon MAY NOT BE AN ACTUAL AD
1950-190 1950 Ad Harley Davidson 125 Fun For all Coupon
------SOLD------- 1926-135 1926 Ad Keystone Rust Resisting Copper Steel Roofing tin plates
1926-1 1926 Ad Keystone Standard Watches Welcomed for a reason
1926-4 1926 Ad Keystone Watches The watches the nation has wanted
1926-11 1926 Ad Kingsbury Motor driven toys Bus About to leave
1926-195 1926 Ad Kleinert's Female Personal Hygiene Rubber Goods
1950-12 1950 Ad Frehauf Trailers Food in stainless
1926-25 1926 Ad Lincoln Motor Company Car Art deco look
1926-55 1926 Ad Lincoln Motor Company Div of Ford Distinction Hunting dogs
1926-56 1926 Ad Lincoln Motor Company Div of Ford Distinction Sailboat
1926-57 1926 Ad Lincoln Motor Company Div of Ford Judkins Coupe
1926-54 1926 Ad Lincoln Motor Company Div of Ford Lebaron Sedan 4 passenger
------SOLD------- 1926-53 1926 Ad Lincoln Motor Company Div of Ford Sport Phaeton Brunn
1926-58 1926 Ad Lincoln Motor Company Div of Ford Sport Roadster Locke
1926-52 1926 Ad Lincoln Motor Company Div of Ford Sport Touring Brunn
------SOLD------- 1926-32 1926 Ad Louisville and Nashville Railroad Gulf Coast Pan American
1926-73 1926 Ad Louisville Nashville Railroad AND Rock of Ages Monuments
1926-161 1926 Ad Lux Clothing Soap AND Phenix Cheese Philly cream
1926-39 1926 Ad Metropolitan Met Life Insurance Company
1926-151 1926 Ad Movies Paramount Pictures Policy is Big pictures Harold Lloyd Greg Nissen thomas Meighan Gloria Swanson Adalphe Menjou Richard Dix
------SOLD------- 1926-188 1926 Ad Mum Femail Deodorant AND Bird's Neponset Rugs
------SOLD------- 1926-191 1926 Ad Nachman Spring Units AND Printzess Coats Suits
1926-44 1926 Ad New 90 Degree Cadillac Division of General Motors
------SOLD------- 1926-113 1926 Ad Nokol Automatic Oil Heating This instead of a coal shovel
1926-174 1926 Ad Oldsmobile Six Auto AND Kleenex Cold Cream Remover
------SOLD------- 1926-31 1926 Ad Santa Fe Railroad California Chief Indian theme
------SOLD------- 1926-75 1926 Ad Santa Fe Railroad Indian AND Buick Triple Sealed Engine
1926-74 1926 Ad Santa Fe Railroad Summer Xcursions West Coast destinations
1926-120 1926 Ad Seeger Refrigerator AND Burroughs Business Machines
1926-121 1926 Ad Seeger Refrigerator AND Pittsburgh Plate Glass Spar Varnish
------SOLD------- 1926-172 1926 Ad Simmons Beautyrest Mattress AND Columbia Window Shades and rollers
------SOLD------- 1926-126 1926 Ad Southern Cypress Wood AND Coldwell Electric Lawnmower
1926-77 1926 Ad Southern Pacific and Rock Island Railroad Golden State Ltd
------SOLD------- 1926-76 1926 Ad Southern Pacific Railroad Sunset Limited Route California
------SOLD------- 1926-78 1926 Ad Southern Pacific Railroad Sunset Limited Route California #2 SECOND OF SAME AD
1926-34 1926 Ad Southern Pacific Railroad Sunset Route California
1960-29 1960 Ad Shell X-100 Premium Motor Oil 30 seconds
1960-20 1960 Ad Tide Laundry Detergent Bassett hound
1926-117 1926 Ad Speakman Showers and fixtures Cover up the shower
1960-49 1960 Ad United Airlines DC-8 Mother Daughter baby theme
1961-54 1961 Ad Baby Ruth Family Theme "A Tastier Baby Ruth for you"
------SOLD------- 1926-3 1926 Ad Stanley Tools Make your own chest
1926-193 1926 Ad Sun-Maid Raisins AND Warner's Spring Womens Underwear
------SOLD------- 1926-133 1926 Ad Te Pe Co AND Whiting Adams Brushes - Moto Mower Postum Bldg NY City
1926-132 1926 Ad Te Pe Co Plumbing Fixtures AND Coldwell Lawnmowers Strauss Bldg Chicago
1926-134 1926 Ad Te Pe Co Trenton Potteries Co Clay Plumbing Fixtures Hotel Ambassador Atlantic City NJ
1961-76 1961 Ad Golden Sovereign Bow Hunting Deer theme Ben Pearson Inc
1926-59 1926 Ad The new Marmon Car Touring AND Dutch Boy White Lead
1961-126 1961 Ad Gulf Gulfpride Oil Cold proof Heat Proof Oil
1961-80008 1961 Ad Hardwick blazers provide uniform distinction for any group
1926-30 1926 Ad Thos Cook and Son Mediterranean Cruises Homeric Ship
1926-185 1926 Ad Utica Sheets Pillow Cases AND Endicott Johnson Shoes
1961-80032 1961 Ad Intimate by Revlon Cherished as one of the worlds seven great fragrances. Angel cherib theme
------SOLD------- 1955-68 Ad 1955 Manger Hotels NY Boston Cleveland Washington more
1961-38 1961 Ad Lot of 2 WNAC 680 radio ads Boston
------SOLD------- 1955-76 Ad 1955 Piper Aircraft Apache Airplane Plane Twin engine
------SOLD------- 1955-75 Ad 1955 Southern Pacific Railroad AND WR Grace & Co
------SOLD------- 1955-79 Ad 1955 Sports Illustrated Fast facts for advertisers Indy 500 race
------SOLD------- 1955-84 Ad 1955 The Chase Manhattan Bank Indispensable man
------SOLD------- 1955-72 Ad 1955 US Independent Telephone Association Big Job
1955-66 Ad 1955 Wilson Strata Bloc Woods Golf Club Cary Middlecoff
------SOLD------- 1946-91 Edward G Budd Mfg Rail Railroad cars Allsteel Shotweld
1927-8 Pass on the Jello and Kodak ad, too many marks, need to remove from SD IMAGE
------SOLD------- 1947-28 1947 Ad Santa Fe Railroad Grand Canyon
------SOLD------- 1947-51 1947 Ad Servi Cycle Motor Cycle Scooter Bike
1947-84 1947 Ad There's a Ford in your future
------SOLD------- 1947-36 1947 Ad Winchester Hi Power Flashlight and Batteries 1/2 pg
------SOLD------- 1947-45 1947 Ad ABC Radio Bing Crosby Abbott Costello more
------SOLD------- 1947-90 1947 Ad American Airlines Operator Call me anytime
------SOLD------- 1947-31 1947 Ad Ballantyne Ale Beer 3 Rings
------SOLD------- 1947-92 1947 Ad Cadillac Auto Car Cars Automobile
------SOLD------- 1947-27 1947 Ad Calvert Whiskey Collies Dog theme
------SOLD------- 1947-67 1947 Ad Chris Craft Boats Boat Make a date for 48
------SOLD------- 1947-42 1947 Ad Clark Candy Bar Baseball Theme 1/2 pg
------SOLD------- 1947-94 1947 Ad Curtiss Peppermint Gum 2 pg Very Cool Ad
------SOLD------- 1947-57 1947 Ad Dewalt Radial Power Saw
------SOLD------- 1947-69 1947 Ad Eljer Plumbing Fixtures Bathroom
------SOLD------- 1947-62 1947 Ad Ford Woody Station Wagon Line
------SOLD------- 1947-48 1947 Ad Fruehauf Trailers Truck Motor Transport
1947-82 1947 Ad Gulf Gulfpride Motor Oil
------SOLD------- 1947-77 1947 Ad Honeywell Themostat Chromotherm
------SOLD------- 1947-64 1947 Ad International Harvester Truck Trucks
------SOLD------- 1947-56 1947 Ad Kendall Motor Oil Lifeguard theme
------SOLD------- 1947-30 1947 Ad Kroger Supermarket 65 year anniversary
1955-2038 1955 Ad Corn Kix cereal. High Puff corn. Tasty golden flavor
1955-2039 1955 Ad Childrens Pajamas. Say nitey night to mommy
1955-2040 1955 Ad Shell X-100 Premium Motor Oil. Boat theme. Dyna Mo
1955-2041 1955 Ad Carnation Chocolate drink discovery. No need to add milk
1961-80035 1961 Ad Munsingwear Ban-Lon and RCA Victor. Perfect gift play for fathers day
1950-162 1950 Ad Du Barry Richard Hudnut Beauty Preparations
1955-2044 1955 Ad Fertilene liquid fertilizer. Luxurious carpet of grass. Dealer list
1950-234 1950 Ad DuBarry Richard Hudnut Makeup
1955-2047 1955 Ad Gulistan Carpet . Durable all wool Carpet
------SOLD------- 1955-2048 1955 Ad Kelloggs variety pack cereals. Breakfast in one shake
1955-2049 1955 Ad Old Taylor 86 Bourbon. Each the finest of its kind
1955-2050 1955 Ad Bigelow carpeting. Lucille and Desi Arnez. Lucille Ball
1955-2051 1955 Ad Mercury Automobiles. Auto. Introduces new hardtop with 4 door convenience
------SOLD------- 1958-10001 1958 Ad Chef Boy Ardee Spaghetti and meatballs
1958-10002 1958 Ad Automatic Electric How to keep track of 6,000,000 airplane seats
1961-151 1961 Ad Panagra Airlines Jet Fares to South America
------SOLD------- 1958-10004 1958 Ad For Automobiles. World's most beautifully proportioned cars
1961-9001 1961 Ad Robin Hood Muffler shops. Location dealer list
1958-10006 1958 Ad L & M Cigarettes Gunsmoke TV Show theme
1958-10007 1958 Ad Tarreyton Cigarettes New Dual Filter. Boating theme
1958-10008 1958 Ad Foremost milk fresh from the dairy kitchens
1958-10009 1958 Ad Goodyear tires New Hi Miler Cross Rib.
1958-10010 1958 Ad Campbells Tomato Soup. Have you had your soup this week
1958-10011 1958 Ad Pure Pak packaging for milk. Help make life more fun
1961-80023 1961 Ad Shakespeare push button wondercast fishing pole - reel AND Papermate pen. Capri Mark IV
1961-80026 1961 Ad Society of American Florists How to say I love you.
1958-10014 1958 Ad Pure Oil Gas Station Truckstop. Sure sign of good food
1958-10015 1958 Ad Bostitch stapling. Slash your shipping room costs.
1958-10016 1958 Ad Nut Shelf Peanuts. King size family treats. Cashews and mixed nuts
1958-10017 1958 Ad Flint stainless steel cookware. Makes eating great
1961-80031 1961 Ad South Bend tackle company. Rods and reels. A free gift for dad.
1961-132 1961 Ad St Louis Globe Democrat Would you keep your money in this bank
1958-10020 1958 Ad Mopar auto parts and accessories. Protecting your investment
1958-10021 1958 Ad Great American Insurance company. Whose on whose back
1958-10022 1958 Ad Hammond Chord Organ Easy to play. Worthwhile
1961-80011 1961 Ad Wide-Lite High efficiency flood lights. Whey black out the receiver? Football
1958-10024 1958 Ad Salem Cigarettes Refreshes your taste
1958-10025 1958 Ad Bell Telephone System Have a good trip and don't forget to call me each night
1958-10026 1958 Ad Toro Lawnmowers. Toro builds the right Power mower for your needs
1958-10027 1958 Ad Hammond Chord Organ Stop wishing, start playing
1962-8006 1962 Ad AC oil filters. Cleans your engine every 30 seconds
1958-10029 1958 Ad Bell Telephone System. Putting more than 2 Billion Dollars in new facilities
1958-10030 1958 Ad Sano Cigarettes. Announcing new soft smoke King Sano
1958-10031 1958 Ad Western Auto Davis Nylon Cord Tires. Years biggest tire sale
1947-141 1947 Ad RCA Victor Records Erskine Hawkins Beryl Davis Tex Beneke
1958-10033 1958 Ad Metropolitan Life Insurance Why did you buy a house
1958-10034 1958 Ad Sioux Power hand saw. Albertson and company
1947-211 1947 Ad Regal Tie Co Ancient Oriental Crests
1947-157 1947 Ad Seven Up Freshen Up Family Baseball theme
1958-10037 1958 Ad Employers Mutual of Wausau Insurance. Wausau story with the Green Bay Packers
1958-10038 1958 Ad Du Maurier Cigarettes. If you have a taste for luxury.
1947-103 1947 Ad Sheaffer's Threesomes Pen and Pencil Sets
1958-10040 1958 Ad Borden's Half Gallon Ice Cream Elsie the cow
1958-10041 1958 Ad Pendleton Clothing. Best in field. Hunting theme
1947-173 1947 Ad Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil Alan Hale Cheyenne Warner Bros
1958-10043 1958 Ad Western Union Telegraphic Money orders AND Spalding Golf Balls
1947-240 1947 Ad Southern Railway system How can we tell when we get to the South
1958-10045 1958 Ad Red Devil Tools. What in the world is a Grady Wedge
1958-10046 1958 Ad Sexton Quality foods. Diamond anniversary.
1958-10047 1958 Ad Trim Nail clippers, knives, pocket trim set.
1947-66 1947 Ad Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixer
1958-10049 1958 Ad Borden's Chocolate Almond Ice Cream. Imported Dutch Cocoa
1947-216 1947 Ad The Mistral Beret Stetson Millinery
1947-149 1947 Ad The National Guard of United States A Part Time Widow
1947-20 1947 Ad The New National Guard 2 pg
1958-10053 1958 Ad DeBeers Consolidated Mines. A diamond is forever. Loves sweet universe photo by Donald Mack
1958-10054 1958 Ad Four Roses Whiskey. The Four Roses Society
1958-10055 1958 Ad Winston Cigarettes It's whats up front that counts
1958-10056 1958 Ad Sealtest Ice Cream Choc O Nut. Select buttered almonds
1958-10057 1958 Ad Gleem Toothpaste For people who can't brush after every meals
1958-10058 1958 Ad Bell Telephone System. Pink bedroom phone
1958-10059 1958 Ad DeBeers Consolidated Mines. A diamond is forever. Magic Messenger Photo by Bert Stein
1958-10060 1958 Ad Hertz car rental. Hertz has the new 1959 Chevrolet. Impala
------SOLD------- 1958-10061 1958 Ad Munsingwear double strength briefs Underwear. Sportscaster Tom Harmon
1909-010 1909 Ad New Castle Light heat and power Public Service bonds AND Fidelity and Casualty co AND Southern Pacific Sunset Route
1958-10064 1958 Ad Capitol Phonographs. Man from Tennessee pleased. Tennesse Ernie Ford
1958-10065 1958 Ad Zippo lighters. The incredible story of the Zippo lighter
1937-1002 1937 Ad Wagner Hydraulic Brake Service. Wagner electric corp AND Carter Carburetor Corporation
1937-1004 1937 Ad Weatherhead Armatures Cleveland Ohio
1958-10068 1958 Ad Dutch Masters Cigars. What an empty box can be
1938-4 1938 Ad Greyhound Bus Rolling in wealth
1958-10070 1958 Ad Crown Shirt Pocket Radio AND Paddle and Saddle sportswear
1958-10071 1958 Ad Campbells Tomato Soup. Have you had your soup today
1958-10072 1958 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Station Wagons. The most wished for wagons
1958-10073 1958 Ad NAPA Auto parts. Parade of Parts. NAPA Jobbers
1959-9001 1959 Ad Lucky Strikes Cigarettes. Get the honest taste
1939-1011 1939 Ad ARO lubricating equipment. Senior, Junior, Standard
1939-1004 1939 Ad Holmes Wrecker Ernest Holmes Co. Chatanooga Tennesee
1959-9004 1959 Ad Listerine. Germs go to school, reach for Listerine
1939-1 1939 Ad International Trucks Rogers Oil Co
1959-9006 1959 Ad Goodyear tires. Even on the night beat. ONC So Cal Freight Lines
1959-9007 1959 Ad Karo Syrup . Wonder how they make it so good
1959-9008 1959 Ad Pontiac perfect poise stems from wide track wheels
1939-1006 1939 Ad Lion Oil Refining Co. Eldorado, Arkansas. Naturalube increases motor Oil sales
1939-10 1939 Ad Step out with a Stetson Hat Hey Darlin
1940-3003 1940 Ad Harriet Hubbard Ayer Cosmetics Pink clover
1959-9012 1959 Ad Campbells Soup. Scotch Broth. Scotttish theme
1940-3001 1940 Ad Spirellla womens undergarments girldles
1959-9014 1959 Ad The 1959 Buick. You own a lot of future when you buy a buick
1959-9015 1959 Ad Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup. Newly improved
1959-9016 1959 Ad Foremost Big Dip iced milk. Ice cream. Fun to watch your weight
1959-9018 1959 Ad Pontiac Greets you with pleasing lines. Comforts you with wide track wheels
1959-9019 1959 Ad Bird Roofs. Blow's over, roofs tight
1959-9021 1959 Ad Bulova Watches. Graduates deserve the Bulova Difference
1959-9022 1959 Ad Owens Speedships. Boats, boating. Why families leave home
1941-3 1941 Ad Ductilite Wheeling Steel
1941-8 1941 Ad Fleischmann Standard Brands Incorporated
1959-9025 1959 Ad Kodak Movie camera and projector
1959-9026 1959 Ad Florida Grapefruit. Natures goldmine of Vitamin C
1959-9027 1959 Ad Pontiac becomes you wherever its wide track takes you
1941-22 1941 Ad Burlington Route Rail Line AND Argus Int'l Camera Optical Radio
1959-9029 1959 Ad Four Roses Whiskey. The Diamond Decanter
1959-9030 1959 Ad Eastman Kodak Company Give and take christmas. Movie cameras and projectors
1942-5008 1941 Ad Goodyear Aircraft O'er the ramparts we watched. Patriotic war theme
1941-26 1941 Ad Greyhound Bus Lines Military theme To speed that day
1959-9033 1959 Ad Morris Automobile. This little car goes to the market
------SOLD------- 1959-9034 1959 Ad Seagrams 7 Whiskey From here to Golden Gate. Statue of liberty theme
1959-9035 1959 Ad Yuba Power Products. Double play chore master mowers and tillers
1959-9036 1959 Ad REO Lawnmowers Mow a thon Chance to share $10,000
1959-9037 1959 Ad Cummins double action sander. Two sanders in one
1959-9038 1959 Ad Instant Simoniz Car Wax. Real Simoniz job without the hard work
1959-9039 1959 Ad Chevrolet More car than this is very hard to find.
1959-9040 1959 Ad Chevrolet More Even the price is no object people are paying more
1960-5001 1960 Ad Jesse Crow Bourbon
1960-5002 1960 Ad Body by Fisher Fabric Magic
1941-34 1941 Ad Jacobs Aircraft Engines Pottstown Pa Heavens and Earth
1960-5004 1960 Ad Vigoro Lawn Food Fresh green look of springtime
1941-3001 1941 Ad Jewelrite toothbrushes Prophylactic
1941-20 1941 Ad Milwaukee Road Rail Line AND Martin Mariner Aircraft War
1941-56 1941 Ad Pittsburgh Plate Glass Mirrors Living room
1960-5009 1960 Ad Chevrolet Corvair. Named Car of the year.
1960-5010 1960 Ad Scott's Outboard Marine Motors. Scott's Got It.
1961-10001 1961 Ad Dodge Lancer Automobile. Parentage
1961-10002 1961 Ad AMF Christmas gift idea ads Voit, Roadmaster, Bowling, more
1961-10004 1961 Ad Chef Boy Ardee Spaghetti Dinner with Smushrooms
1961-10005 1961 Ad Rambler 1962. The only proved and improved
1943-47 1943 Ad Chen Yu Enduring lacquer for your nails
1896-29 1896 Ad Booth's Hayfever Pocket Inhaler Hartshorns Rollers Jackson Sanitorium Dansville NY Ivers and Pond Piano Clauss Shears and Scissors Dr Hayes Hayfever Relief Buffalo NY
1910-011 1910 Ad White Rock Table Water AND Dupont Brushes AND Mennen's toilet powder
1961-10009 1961 Ad Smirnoff Vodka Moss Hart gives a Smirnoff party for the cast of Camelot
1961-10010 1961 Ad Nobodyy beats Valiant for value. Valiant automobile
1961-10011 1961 Ad Teen rooms by Bassett furniture
------SOLD------- 1961-10012 1961 Ad A & P Supermarkets red circle, Bokar Coffee
1961-10013 1961 Ad Fruit of the Loom Socks. Bob Hope Win a free scholarship for your child
1961-10014 1961 Ad Food Club Peaches, Peas, Tomato Juice
1961-10015 1961 Ad Scotts 850,000 lawn owners have licked their crabgrass problems
1961-10016 1961 Ad King Sano Cigarettes. America's purest tobacco taste
1961-10017 1961 Ad Franklin peanuts, club mix and cashews. Be sure to invite the Franklins
1920-012 1920 Ad National Jewelers Publicity association
1961-10019 1961 Ad Dial Soap. Aren't you glad you use Dial.
1928-55 1928 Ad Alpha Brass Pipe The Wallops Intermission
1961-10021 1961 Ad Bissell Carpet sweeper The new Champion model
1961-10023 1961 Ad Metropolitan Life Insurance. When your blood pressure goes up
1961-10025 1961 Ad Early Times Bourbon. Old style Kenucky bourbon
1961-10026 1961 Ad Campbells Soup. Good things begin to happen.
1961-10027 1961 Ad Ford All new 61 Ford Big Six 262 Inch Engine. America's toughest two tonners
1961-10028 1961 Ad Movie Our very own. Joe Dimaggio and Ted Williams. Samual Goldwyn
1961-10029 1961 Ad The classic Ford look. The look that will live as long as the car that's built to take care of it.
1961-10030 1961 Ad 1962 Mercurys. In which size car do you want your smooth ride
1961-10031 1961 Ad Humble Gasoline. Runs second to Old Sol in supplying Americas energy
1962-9001 1962 Ad Seagrams 7 Whiskey. Look what can happen to the Manhattan
1962-9002 1962 Ad Appian Way cheese pizza. Old world flavor
1962-9003 1962 Ad Ronson lighters Takes care of your entire Hair em
1962-9005 1962 Ad Keebler Honey Grahams. Prize recipe
1962-9006 1962 Ad Ford A finer deeper more durable finish.
1962-52 1962 Ad Arbor Homes Waterbury Ct Win $5,000 contest GE Alsco Aluminum
1962-9008 1962 Ad Pine Bros Cough medicine drop
------SOLD------- 1926-4001 1926 Ad Tiffany and Co 89 years one standard
1945-6002 1945 Ad Bordens Hemo. Get your vitamins the Hemo way
1968-13005 1968 Ad Chevrolet Chevy and Coleman get together for outdoor fun
1968-13006 1968 Ad Firestone tires. The safe tire. Construction theme.
1947-144 1947 Ad Thermo Antifreeze Publicker Industries Philadelphia
1968-13007 1968 Ad New Ford Econoline Vans. Talk about better ideas
1968-13008 1968 Ad Nabisco snacks. Mister Salty Doo Dads Cheese Nips
1952-5067 1952 Ad American Airlines. Use the plane auto plan. Hertz Drive Ur Self System 2 Page Ad
1952-5062 1952 Ad Sexton Foods. Sherman Blend Coffee.
1968-13009 1968 Ad Zenith Television 14 inch color portable tv
1950-40 1950 Ad Carter Carbureter Power center 1/2 page
1950-100049 1950 Ad Champion Spark Plugs Be a champion driver
1968-13010 1968 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Nova. Long hood short price
1968-13011 1968 Ad Chrysler Corporation. This rear window just washed itself
1968-13013 1968 Ad Singer prize rush of '69. 1969 Dodge Charger SE
1968-13014 1968 Ad Ford Fairlane - Torino. Official pace car of the Indy 500
1952-5065 1952 Ad American Airlines Golden Anniversary 2 Page Ad
1968-13015 1968 Ad Dodge American Football League Scatpack.
1968-13016 1968 Ad 1969 Buick Electra 225. Private jet theme
1968-13017 1968 Ad Oldsmobile Olds Delta 88 Royale
1952-5066 1952 Ad Youngstown kitchens Latest advances in modern living. National Home 2 Page Ad
1950-100033 1950 Ad American Airlines Vacations are for father but Mother makes the plans
1950-251 1950 Ad American Iron and Steel Quiz show theme
------SOLD------- 1950-127 1950 Ad Avon Cosmetics 64th anniversary
1968-13018 1968 Ad Pontiac 1969 Grand Prix The great breakaway
1968-13019 1968 Ad Presenting 1969 Cadillac. Masterpiece from master craftsmen
1968-13020 1968 Ad RCA color preview days. Get Smart Maxwell Smart
1968-13021 1968 Ad Clairol Hair color. Does she or doesn't she. Mother with children theme
1962-7008 1962 Ad Dinky Toy Co Durable cast metal scale models that last
1962-8008 1962 Ad Fruehauf Tractor Trailers. ATA Foundation.
1969-13031 1969 Ad Mobil Gas. You can actually slow down how fast your engine wears out.
1962-54 1962 Ad Revlon touch and glow moisturizing liquid
1969-13032 1969 Ad 700 Bahama Islands Tourism. Let's assume I'm an Island
1952-5063 1952 Ad Announcing the new Firestone 500 Modern Tubeless Construction 2 Page Ad
1952-5064 1952 Ad DuMont Televisions Harvest of 21 years of pioneering 2 Page Ad
1962-60 1962 Ad Rexall Drug Stores 1 cent sale Golden Anniversary
1969-13033 1969 Ad Savings Banks. Look what their savings accounts did in 1968
1969-13034 1969 Ad Chevy Fleetside Pickup truck. Isn't just the best looking on the road
1969-13035 1969 Ad Ford Cortina Auto. Cuter'n a bugs rear
1962-8002 1962 Ad Yellow Pages. Christmas theme. Santa. Let your fingers do the walking
1969-13036 1969 Ad Buick Open Kadett The family mini brute. Elephant theme
1963-016 1963 Ad General Dynamics. The sea doesn't change, the subs do
1963-004 1963 Ad McGraw Edison Company Work with wood, shine shoes
1945-6003 1945 Ad V-8 Vegetable Juice. Juices of the tastier fresh vegetable
1969-13037 1969 Ad Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. Recognize any of these people. Agent listing
1969-13038 1969 Ad International Harvester lawnmower. Cadet 60. Tough enough to do so many jobs
1963-011 1963 Ad Only the all new Friden Postage machine has these 9 features
1949-104 1949 Ad Toni Hom Permanent Wave gives natural look
1969-13039 1969 Ad Texaco gas and service stations. A message to Jack Benny
1969-13040 1969 Ad Sears Crown Fabric Simplicity. Join the sew it yourself neatniks
1969-13041 1969 Ad Toyota Mark II A luxurious economy car at a shade more price
1949-10 1949 Ad Utica Bodyguard sleepers Jolly Jumping Bean
1949-111 1949 Ad Weather Bird Shoes Boys Girls Babies Peters Division
1916-003 1916 Ad White Custom Built Autos Cleveland Ohio
1949-71 1949 Ad RCA Victor Portable Radio won't let it out of her sight
1984-001 1984 ad Sunkist Lemons. Measuring tape theme 2 page ad
1945-6004 1945 Ad Swan Soap. Pure Swan the hit of the year. Baby theme
1945-6005 1945 Ad Carnation instant milk. A star is born. Little girl theme
1945-6006 1945 Ad Pontiac General Motors. Building for Joe, Tommy, Ivan and Chang. War theme
1916-001 1916 Ad Simplex Automobile Co.
1947-46 1947 Ad Underwood All Electric Typewriter
1916-005 1916 Ad Havone Cigarette Case. Marmay monogram cigarettes. Watermans fountain pen
1944-6001 1944 Ad Shell Research More and better rubbers. Puppy theme
1944-6002 1944 Ad Wyeth Pharmacuticals Lucky kids. Doctor child theme
1944-6003 1944 Ad Bendix. War Airplane theme. Visibility unnecessary
1944-6004 1944 Ad AAF Army Air Force 5 Zekes. DFC and silver star
1944-6005 1944 Ad Eastman Kodak Co. Army War theme. Visit him in snapshots
1944-6006 1944 Ad Green Giant Peas. How to eat like a patriot. War theme
1944-6007 1944 Ad Western Electric. End of an enemy. War plane theme
1944-6008 1944 Ad Ovaltine. Stop worrying about vitamins and minerals
------SOLD------- 1944-6009 1944 Ad AAF Army Air Force Training and teamwork
1944-6010 1944 Ad National Confectioners Association. Candy. Food for work.
1944-6011 1944 Ad Chevrolet. Volume for victory. Buy war bonds.
1944-6012 1944 Ad Canada Dry Water. Listen. Guaranteed for life
1944-6013 1944 Ad Brer Rabbit Milk Shakes. A new drink
1944-6014 1944 Ad BestForm Bras AND Mojud Hosiery AND Silex coffee pot
1944-6015 1944 Ad Bordens Milk. Elsie the cow
1944-6016 1944 Ad Campbells Tomato Soup. Summers goodness and health
1945-6001 1945 Ad Sniders Catsup. The legend of the Super Tomato
1963-015 1963 Ad Sheaffer's Pens and Pencils. Merry Christmas to a client
1963-014 1963 Ad St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper. The hundreds of thousands of people
1964-10 1964 Ad American President Lines
1964-8006 1964 Ad B Altman and Co. 300 Birthday candles. New Jersey's 300th Anniversary
1964-8035 1964 Ad Bermuda NT Butterfield Calypso AND Tom Moore's Tavern VeloSolex Bermuda Cottages
1964-9015 1964 Ad CBS Radio network Bob & Mike Iron Men
1964-9001 1964 Ad Connecticut General Losing key men to your competitors
1964-22 1964 Ad Connecticut map of country, Yacht and beach clubs
1964-8003 1964 Ad Cooper Coutre Bonwit Teller Nan Duskin Sakowitz
1964-8031 1964 Ad David Weiss Importers Kent Costilyan
1964-8021 1964 Ad Faberge for men. For men who like women. Jaguar theme
1964-21 1964 Ad Goodyear 49 cars from 1915 thru 1963 shown. 2 pg
1964-8037 1964 Ad Harrowby Kennels Miniature Donkey Registry
------SOLD------- 1964-9011 1964 Ad Hughes Aircraft Telecraft, television, NASA Space satellite
1964-9010 1964 Ad ITT Worldwide electronics and communications
1964-8015 1964 Ad Kentucky club tobacco derby day contest. Win a prize colt horse
1964-8046 1964 Ad Mannheim Galleries William Mary Walnut Chest AND Smith Watson
1964-53 1964 Ad Multiple Pet Boarding ads Harrowby Kennels Lewisfield Arabian Horses Danby Farm
1964-8044 1964 Ad National State bank of Newark Mayfair Farms Essex Sussex AND Wiss Jewelers
1964-8012 1964 Ad RCA Victor stereo. After the concert is over.
1964-3 1964 Ad RCA Victor with Nipper & Princess Pembroke Bermuda
1964-9009 1964 Ad Square D company. Wherever electricity is distributed and controlled
1964-47 1964 Ad The Howard Savings Institution New Jersey
1965-20007 1965 Ad Ducati Motorcycles Looking for fun or trophies?
1965-3017 1965 Ad Gaffers and Sattler Things like this keep happening to Maggie Douglas
1965-3014 1965 Ad H & R HR Block Income tax Federal and State for $5
1965-3013 1965 Ad Hack's Cough drops. In the damp raw chill of Britain
1965-3008 1965 Ad Investors Diversified Services Buy stock fund for $20 per month
1965-20020 1965 Ad Mister Donut. Meet the Misters. Owner Franchise listing. We put our heart in it
1945-6007 1945 Ad Listerine. Keep kissable. Wedding theme
1945-6008 1945 Ad Milkbone dog biscuits AND Schrader shaving blades
1945-6009 1945 Ad Twitchell automobile seat covers. Textilene sunsure
1945-6010 1945 Ad Absorbine Jr. kills athletes foot bugs on contact.
1945-6011 1945 Ad Beechcraft Bonanza Airplane. Take in a new working partner
1945-6012 1945 Ad Middishade clothes. Mens suits. You look your best
1945-6013 1945 Ad Gotham Watches. History of quality since 1868
1945-6014 1945 Ad Camillus pocket knife AND Pepto Bismal
1945-6015 1945 Ad Dexter twin tub. Triumph of washer responsibility
1945-6016 1945 Ad Shoes by Stetson. Child tricycle theme
1945-6017 1945 Ad Wayne Gasoline Gas pumps. Honest measure.
1946-6001 1946 Ad Williams shaving cream. Actors faces. Bobby Clark
1946-6002 1946 Ad Fleers Gum. Diana Lynn. How to have more fun on dates
1946-6003 1946 Ad Ray O Vac leakproof flashlight batteries. Stay fresh
1946-6004 1946 Ad Gaby Sun tan lotion. She has a Gaby tan.
1946-6005 1946 Ad Johnnie Walker Red Scotch. Horse Polo theme
1946-6006 1946 Ad Troll Mints. Richer Taste AND Marvin Watches
1946-6007 1946 Ad Howland Hair dry Swim Cap AND Teachers Scotch
1946-6008 1946 Ad Berkeley windproof lighter. Light up the faces
1946-6009 1946 Ad Van Raalte Gloves. Because you love nice things
1946-6010 1946 Ad Westminster Socks. You're asking for a good sock. Hunting theme
1946-6011 1946 Ad Parker Bros. Famous Parker Games. Monopoly Rich Uncle Pigskin
1946-6012 1946 Ad virginia Dare Wine. Add romance to your evenings
1946-6013 1946 Ad Richardson Mints AND Mojud Hosiery AND Hammond World Atlas AND Merilone Phonograph Needles
1946-6014 1946 Ad Unguentine burn cream. The first thought on burns
------SOLD------- 1946-6015 1946 Ad Palmolive Soap. Lovelier skin in 14 days
1946-6016 1946 Ad Dupont Comb. Lovely hair deserves fine care.
1946-6017 1946 Ad Community Silverplate Silverware. This is for keeps
1946-6018 1946 Ad The Travel Association of Great Britain and Ireland
1946-6019 1946 Ad Artcarved Rings by Wood. Beloved by brides
1946-6020 1946 Ad Statler Hotels. Cleveland Buffalo Boston New York Pittsburgh
1946-6021 1946 Ad Bell and Howell Movie Projector. Graduation theme
1946-6022 1946 Ad Bergamot Gentleman grooming aids AND Orange Blossom wedding rings
1946-6023 1946 Ad Lester Betsy Ross Spinet Piano
1946-6024 1946 Ad Berkeley windproof lighter. Glowing jeweltone colors
1946-6025 1946 Ad Nescafe Coffee. Joan Davis just adds hot water
1946-6026 1946 Ad Haspel Searsucker and Cords Mens suits
1946-6027 1946 Ad Orange Crush Carbonated Beverage AND Omega Watches
1946-6028 1946 Ad Sutra Sun Tan Lotion. Tan gloriously in a single day
1946-6029 1946 Ad Watson Sterling silver. Colonial Fiddle
1946-6030 1946 Ad Lucky Strike tobacco Means fine tobacco
1946-6031 1946 Ad Balanced Pacific Sheets. Solid sender. Girl sleepover theme
1946-6032 1946 Ad Canon Towels. Something new privacy for two
1946-6033 1946 Ad Golden Wedding Blended whiskey. Choice of a lifetime
1946-6034 1946 Ad Zigfield Girl. Presents show girl storage
1946-6035 1946 Ad Wundatowl dish towel by Starcross. Twice as aborbent
1946-6036 1946 Ad Penthouse Platforms Naturalizer shoe
1946-6037 1946 Ad Community Silverplate This is for keeps. Wedding theme
1946-6038 1946 Ad Pullman Rail cars. The safest most comfortable
1946-6039 1946 Ad Scripps Howard Newspapers, The power that stopped a neighborhood brawl
1946-6040 1946 Ad RCA Victor Records. Allan Jones, William Primrose, Thomas L Thomas
1946-6041 1946 Ad Movie. I've always loved you. Frank Borzage Director
1946-6042 1946 Ad Union Oil Company. Portrait of a Capitalist.
1947-7001 1947 Ad Time Magazine Report from the World. Cleveland Ohio. Jan 9, 10, 11 1947
1947-7002 1947 Ad Movies RKO Pictures. The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, The Long Night, They Won't Believe me, Fun and Fancy Free
1947-7003 1947 Ad X Super Flush The spirit of spring for your car
1947-7004 1947 Ad The United Jewish Appeal. I sink in deep Mire. Mine eyes fail me while I wait
1947-7005 1947 Ad Playtex Living Girdle. Revolutionary Amazingly different
1947-7006 1947 Ad Di-Nicotea Crystal filter cigarette holder. Do you inhale?
1947-7007 1947 Ad RCA Victor Records. Records for April. Horowitz, Rousevitzky, Shaw
------SOLD------- 1947-7008 1947 Ad Kayser Fit all proportions. Hosiery lingerie, underwear
1947-7009 1947 Ad Martini Rossi Vermouth AND Sylvania Radio Tubes
1947-7010 1947 Ad Watson Sterling. Modern Silver.
1947-7011 1947 Ad Prince Albert Tobacco. The national joy smoke
1947-7012 1947 Ad Berkshire Stockings. Palomino. The stocking color for 47
1947-7013 1947 Ad General Electric GE Clock Radio. Rise and shine
1947-7014 1947 Ad Brown Formans King Black Label Blended Whiskey from Kentucky
1947-7015 1947 Ad PM Bourbon Theater theme
1947-7016 1947 Ad Wadsworth powder cases AND Hires Root Beer
1947-7017 1947 Ad Indian Motorcycles
1947-7018 1947 Ad Pacquins Cream. Lynn Fontanne
1947-7019 1947 Ad Hood Tires. Here's the tire for extra wear. Rabbit theme
1947-7020 1947 Ad Lin-X Wax. Antislip floor wax. Sherwin Williams
1949-6001 1949 Ad Packard Golden Anniversary
1949-6002 1949 Ad Old Gold Cigarettes. Wedding theme.
1949-6003 1949 Ad Kelloggs PEP Whole Wheat Flakes Cereal Variety Pack
1949-6004 1949 Ad Artcarved wedding rings. Thanks for making my dreams come true
1949-6005 1949 Ad Webster Cigars. Golden Wedding. H Roy Hamey
1949-6006 1949 Ad Arrow Mens Dress Shirts. The linesman
1949-6007 1949 Ad American Fore Insurance Group. A bargain for peace of mind
1949-6008 1949 Ad Rutland Patching Plaster. Repair broken plaster
1949-6009 1949 Ad Arvin Good things for the home. Christmas theme
1949-6010 1949 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes. Nobody can smoke a better cigarette
1949-6011 1949 Ad Marlboro Shirts Sportswear. Plaidorama sports wear
1949-6012 1949 Ad American Trucking Industry. Todays 7 League Boots
1949-6013 1949 Ad Wilson Wear Back to school skipper sportswear
1949-6014 1949 Ad American Airlines. Do you travel as well as your letters
1949-6015 1949 Ad Fatima Turkish Cigarettes. Doubled its smokers
1949-6016 1949 Ad Elgin Watches Wonderful to have that and Elgin Styling too
1949-6017 1949 Ad Webster Cigars. The cigar of men who have earned the best. Efrem Kurtz
1949-6018 1949 Ad Iron Fireman. Automatic heating with gas.
1949-6019 1949 Ad Wagner Automotive Parts. For safetys sake
1949-6020 1949 Ad De Vilbiss Spray painter. Made painting fun
1949-6021 1949 Ad Fatima Turkish Cigarettes. Basil Rathbone. First quality for 30 years
1949-6022 1949 Ad ASR Lighter M.D. Loves ASR
1949-6023 1949 Ad Johnsonian Mens shoes. New for spring
1949-6024 1949 Ad Welsh Company Baby - Child Buggies swings cradles
1949-6025 1949 Ad Swanson Canned Chicken and Turkey
1949-6026 1949 Ad Planters Cocktail Peanuts Guests love them
1949-6027 1949 Ad Swanson Chicken and Turkey AND Fleischmanns Distilled Dry Gin
1949-6028 1949 Ad NAPA Auto Parts. Remember the NAPA seal
1949-6029 1949 Ad Arrow Mens Shirts Scholars Collars college theme
1949-6030 1949 Ad DuMont Television TV. Lifesize television.
1952-5001 1952 Ad Wilson Sports Equipment Championship performance
1952-5002 1952 Ad Gulf Gulfpride Motor Oil The older it is or the newer it is
1952-5003 1952 Ad Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Diabetes. Roman Chariot theme
------SOLD------- 1952-5004 1952 Ad Chesterfield Kings. The mask is off. First to name all its ingredients
1952-5005 1952 Ad Buck Skein Joe. Mens Winter Jackets
1952-5006 1952 Ad Shell Research. Wasp nest in East Hartford.
1952-5007 1952 Ad AC Spark Plugs Used in every Buick since 1908
1952-5008 1952 Ad Republic Steel. Say, Peg we have a date
1952-5009 1952 Ad Mercury Cant be beaten for economy. Wont be dated for years
1952-5010 1952 Ad Gould National Auto Batteries. MR Big
1952-5011 1952 Ad Kelly Tires. Go worry free. Yankee Stadium
1952-5012 1952 Ad Malarkey doors. The Marlarkey house.
1952-5013 1952 Ad Kromex Sealed Power Piston Rings. Save gas and time
1952-5014 1952 Ad Shell X-100 Motor Oil. Engine makes this much acid every day
1952-5015 1952 Ad Dayton Rubber. Robert I Lee. Dayton Thorobreds Give me that extra insurance
1952-5016 1952 Ad Pittsburgh Paints. Wallhide rubberized satin finish
1952-5017 1952 Ad Universal Kitchen appliances. Design for better living
1952-5018 1952 Ad Crane kitche NO NOT USE..
1952-5019 1952 Ad Parke Davis Co. Something can be done for the child with Epilepsy
1952-5020 1952 Ad Dutch Boy paints. Home brought so much luck and happiness
1952-5021 1952 Ad National Homes. It's new, easy to own
1952-5022 1952 Ad Ritz Crackers. It pays to buy Ritz
1952-5023 1952 Ad Atlas Tires and Batteries. Atlas can take it. William Decker Pine Bush NY
1952-5024 1952 Ad Americas Cyanamid company. Theres magic in color.
1952-5025 1952 Ad Mobil Mobiloil special. Adds Octanes to gasoline.
1952-5026 1952 Ad General Electric GE Easy ways to better vacation pictures.
1952-5027 1952 Ad Viceroy filter tip cigarettes. Double the filtering action
1968-14049 1968 Ad Sugar Information. If your diet needs willpower take a little sugar for your appestat
1968-14050 1968 Ad Exhibition Center Time Life building. A science tune in Fish. Thru Sept 8, 1968
1968-14051 1968 Ad Speidel calendar Watchband. This is how it works
1968-14052 1968 Ad Taylor New York State Lake country White wine.
1968-14053 1968 Ad US Army OCS. Management calls a meeting. Infantry theme
1968-14054 1968 Ad Winston Cigarettes. Flavor your fun with Winston
1968-14055 1968 Ad Wonder Bread and Hostess Fruit pies. Make most of their wonder years
1968-14056 1968 Ad 1969 Dodge Polara. Totally new it is. Expensive it isn't. Dodge fever.
1968-14057 1968 Ad The great new Chrysler. Announcing your next new car.
1968-14058 1968 Ad Windsor Canadian Whiskey. Smoothest ever to come out of Canada
1968-14059 1968 Ad Pepperidge Farm. Pineapple cheese strudel.
1968-14060 1968 Ad Savings and Loan Association. Want a second income that goes on and on and on
1968-14061 1968 Ad Quaker State oil. An oil for cars that stay out all night.
1968-14062 1968 Ad American Gas association. The Gas range, what has it done for you lately?
1968-14063 1968 Ad Ski Doo Snowmobile. So lightfooted it floats over waist high snow.
1968-14064 1968 Ad Prior the uncommon beer. Uncommonly smooth uncommonly light.
1968-14065 1968 Ad GMAC Plan. For people who don't want to waste time when they buy a car
1968-14066 1968 Ad Gulf Gulfpride motor oil Anything over 289 cubes better have more than mouse milk in his crankcase.
1968-14069 1968 Ad Holland House cocktail mixes. Shake 'em up tonight
1968-14071 1968 Ad Plymouth. The biggest reason for getting a station wagon.
1968-14072 1968 Ad Ford Torino wins Rebel 400. Success car '68. The record speaks for itself.
1968-14073 1968 Ad Mayflower moving. Air ride vans protect your possessions on any road.
1968-14074 1968 Ad Right Guard antiperspirant spray. Cover up no more.
1968-14075 1968 Ad Swanson meatloaf TV dinner. How do you like your meatloaf.
1968-14076 1968 Ad What's a Dodge white hat special? Take a Polara add options and cut price
1968-14077 1968 Ad Ramada Inn. Until you've tried it, Luxury doesn't mean much
1968-14078 1968 Ad The Minute Man Companies. Did you first admire your insurance agent for his solo work?
1968-14079 1968 Ad Elaine Powers Figure Salons. Free one week guest membership. Location list.
1968-14080 1968 Ad Sprite. Open a bottle and springtime breaks loose
------SOLD------- 1968-14081 1968 Ad Champale is unfair to champagne.
1968-14082 1968 Ad The Smirnoff Vodka Screwdriver. The big squeeze is on
1968-14083 1968 Ad Sparking extra dry Champale. The big mix up.
1968-14084 1968 Ad Alpine cigarettes. The free gifts come faster.
1968-14085 1968 Ad Vermont Tourism. Have you ever wished you could be in Vermont?
1968-14086 1968 Ad True Temper Hardware. $100,000 Eager Beaver Sweepstakes.
1968-14087 1968 Ad Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. Put a little muscle in your washer.
1968-14088 1968 Ad Best Western Motels. Don't turn off the vacation fun when the sun goes down.
1968-14089 1968 Ad Pepperidge Farm. Pineapple cheese strudel.
1968-14090 1968 Ad Pontiac Wide Track. A vintage year for wide tracking
1968-14091 1968 Ad Morton foods. $1,000,000 in sterling silver in Morton you've got it made sweepstakes.
1968-14092 1968 Ad Windjammer Avon for men. A moment of adventure.
1968-14093 1968 Ad Lestoil cleaner. Martian space theme
1968-14094 1968 Ad Autolite oil filter. Ford spent $250,000 on experimental car.
1968-14095 1968 Ad Campbells Noodle O's soup. Two souper soups
1968-14096 1968 Ad Chrysler Corp Boats and outboards.
1968-14097 1968 Ad Pontiac Wide Track. Station wagon. Horse stables theme.
1968-14098 1968 Ad Noxzema skin clinic. Mee the life changer.
1968-14099 1968 Ad Mercury autos. Premier coupe, Cougar, golf balls theme
1968-14100 1968 Ad Sucaryl. This year lose with Sucaryl and get lost for a month anywhere in the world.
1968-14101 1968 Ad Mobil. All gasolines are not created equal.
1968-14102 1968 Ad Swanson frozen 3 course dinners. Everything from soup to dessert.
1968-14103 1968 Ad Savings and Loan Association. Want a second income that goes on and on and on
1968-14104 1968 Ad Occidental Life Insurance. What you need is death insurance
1968-14105 1968 Ad Volkswagon VW Volkswagen. The no shift shift vs the one shift shift
1968-14106 1968 Ad Zippo Lighters. Our guarantee usually goes to waste
1968-14107 1968 Ad Kelvinator refrigerators. The hottest thing on ice
1968-14108 1968 Ad Taylor Wine Claret and Lake Country Red
1968-14109 1968 Ad The New Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia. The kind of help he needs on his homework
1968-14110 1968 Ad Foster Grant Sunglasses. Is that Raquel Welch behind those Foster Grants?
1968-14111 1968 Ad Schenly XL Extra Light All America Whiskey
1968-14112 1968 Ad Glaspar Boats. Tough but beautiful
1968-14113 1968 Ad Bull Durham cigarettes. Don't Rush me. Cowboy lasso theme
1968-14114 1968 Ad Dreyfus Fund Inc. Lion theme
1968-14115 1968 Ad American Standard toilet. The fresh one.
1968-14116 1968 Ad Plymouth Satellite is having the hottest year in history. And the beat goes on. Balloon theme
1968-14117 1968 Ad Miller Beer. Miller makes it right. Draft beer
1968-14118 1968 Ad One hour Martinizing. The worlds most popular dry cleaner
1969-13042 1969 Ad Fame Chunk light tuna. The finest tuna the sea has to offer.
------SOLD------- 1969-13043 1969 Ad National Association of Real Estate Boards. Still no sale. Family theme
1969-13044 1969 Ad Sony clock radio. The first clock you don't have to set the night before.
1969-13045 1969 Ad American paper co. Announcing the end of the 4 cold family. Disposable paper cups
1969-13046 1969 Ad Radio Free Europe. The in sound from outside.
1969-13047 1969 Ad Bayer aspirin for colds and flu.
1969-13048 1969 Ad Sparkling Champale Champagne. Celebrate nothing with it.
1969-13049 1969 Ad Oldsmobile Olds Vista Cruiser station wagon. Keeps sharp lookout with 11 windows
1969-13050 1969 Ad ABC evening news with Frank Reynolds. Understand today tonight.
1969-13051 1969 Ad Buick Accudrive Never more command of the road
1969-13052 1969 Ad Paisano Wine. Basic Red. The wine you don't have to learn to like
1969-13053 1969 Ad Campbells Soup. Campbell up a sandwich for lunch today. Campbells kids
1969-13054 1969 Ad Ideal Games. February is good game month. Battling tops, Go Gin, Kaboom, Hide n Seek and many more
1969-13055 1969 Ad Chevy pickup truck. First thought is Chevy is a good looking truck
1969-13056 1969 Ad ATT AT@T Telecommunications. Mr Isomura what do you like most about the states?
1969-13057 1969 Ad Paisano Wine. Basic Red. The wine you don't have to learn to like
1969-13058 1969 Ad United Cerebral Palsy. He was born 3 1/2 hours ago, The problem is he'll live
1969-13059 1969 Ad Nabisco Appeteasers are people pleasers
1969-13060 1969 Ad Admiral Console TV television. 3 year warranty on the picture tube.
1969-13061 1969 Ad Sears sports center. The super light ski.
1969-13062 1969 Ad Canadian Lord Calvert announces triplets
1969-13063 1969 Ad Timex Watches. Other watches with an automatic calendar . But they cost a lot more than $50
1969-13064 1969 Ad Victor Personal Adding Machines. Till Debt do us part.
1969-13065 1969 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Caprice. More expensive cars would rather not be seen with it
1969-13066 1969 Ad Toshiba TV Television. Let us color your choice.
1969-13067 1969 Ad Kool Aid it has no Cyclomates. Taking presweetened Kool Aid off shelves
1969-13068 1969 Ad Dodge A new model Charger at a lower price. $3001.
1969-13069 1969 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes. Come to Marlboro Country
1969-13070 1969 Ad Campbells soup Campbell up a sandwich for lunch today
1969-13071 1969 Ad Oldsmobile Olds 98 Ninety Eight. The grand luxury car.
1969-13072 1969 Article Blind Faith Geneology of a super group. Eric Claption, Ginger Baker, Nick Green, Steve Winwood
1969-13073 1969 Ad Campbells soup. When you have a sandwich, Campbell up
1969-13074 1969 Ad Sachs New York Sealy Posturepedic sleep system
1969-13075 1969 Ad Ski Doo Snowmobiles Snow machines. Go one better
1969-13076 1969 Ad Sears Sports Center Bicycle. Took a wheel from a racing car and put it on a hot new bike
1969-13077 1969 Ad Pontiac Bonneville. Big strong and stylish
1969-13078 1969 Ad Maytag Washers and dryers. Mr Walsh sold his wife a Maytag
1969-13079 1969 Ad Toyota Corona hard top. Feminine comfort.
1969-13080 1969 Ad Arctic Cat snowmobiles snow machines. Trusty Cat
1969-13081 1969 Ad Moto Ski Snowmobile Snow machine. The right track
1969-13082 1969 Ad National Association of Real Estate boards. Shopping spree
1969-13083 1969 Ad Broxodent from Squibb. Automatic toothbrush. Avoid middle age gums
1969-13084 1969 Ad IDS insurance. Investors stock fund and Investors Accumulation plan
1969-13085 1969 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Station wagons. Chevrolet's walk in wagon
1969-13086 1969 Ad Pacific Palm Pools. The easy to own pool your family can enjoy
1969-13087 1969 Ad Johnson and Johnson First Aid kit. Don't buy it a day too late
1969-13088 1969 Ad Johnson 25hp Seahorse boat. Lightest 25 ever built
1969-13089 1969 Ad Schlage lock company. This is but one reason I feel our home is more secure
1969-13090 1969 Ad Nova Scotia Tourism. Morning mists, sounds of the sea.
1969-13091 1969 Ad Sunkist oranges. This could be your losing number.
1969-13092 1969 Ad The Phoenix Companies Financial services. Take you under its wing
1969-13093 1969 Ad Listerine. Strong stuff. Kills germs by the millions
1990-002 1990 ad The Prudential Health Insurance Terminally Ill
1990-003 1990 ad American Intercultural Student Exchange. Become a host family
1984-002 1984 ad Plymouth Voyager Mini Van Magic theme. 2 page ad
1984-003 1984 ad International Paper Company Help someone read and write better
1984-004 1984 ad Mazda 626 Sport Coupe Experience
1984-005 1984 ad Movie Gorky Park William Hurt Lee Marvin Brian Dennehy
1984-006 1984 ad Association of American Railroads. Freight railroads are on the move
1984-007 1984 ad Lands End Lady Oxford shirts as well made as a man's
1984-008 1984 ad Bailey's Irish Cream For major celebrations and minor victories
1984-009 1984 ad Chevrolet Chevy Chevette Built for A.J. Jones and sons
1984-010 1984 ad Amtrak. All aboard Amtrak
1984-011 1984 ad Lederle Laboratories Centrum Vitamins. Winter Olympics
1984-012 1984 ad Nestle Milk Chocolate bar with almonds Victory is sweet. Olympic theme
1984-013 1984 ad The Sixties. Relive the way it was with Walter Cronkite
1984-014 1984 ad Sony The only cassette deck in America endorsed by 258,000 experts on sound
1984-015 1984 ad Oldsmobile 1984 Cutlass Supreme America's most popular midsize
1984-016 1984 ad Heineken Lager Beer Brewed in Holland
1984-017 1984 ad Jeep. Two page ad. Only in a Jeep. Sunset theme
1984-018 1984 ad Kahlua and Coffee Recipe book
1984-019 1984 ad Army be all you can be. Take something valuable to college
1984-020 1984 ad Toyota Corolla Family Sedan Brilliantly redesigned
1984-021 1984 ad Dodge Daytona The American sports car has just grown up
1984-022 1984 ad Hang Ten Clothing. Our status symbol is built in, not on
1984-023 1984 ad Seiko Quartz clocks for special times, special places, special people
1986-001 1986 ad AT&T communications. Do you still see us the same way your grandmother did
1986-002 1986 ad Revlon We have loved life for 50 years. Two page ad
1986-003 1986 ad 50 Years of Life Magazine. An 11 page timeline of 50 years 1936 to 1986
1986-004 1986 ad Bacardi Superior Rum. Bacardi and OJ. An orange is an orange
1986-005 1986 ad Heineken Beer. Come to think of it, I'll have a Heineken
1986-006 1986 ad Smirnoff Vodka Friends are worth Smirnoff
1986-007 1986 ad AT&T communications. Sing her to sleep again, call Italy
1986-008 1986 ad Reed St. James mens clothing. You'll find us all over
1970-10164 1970 Ad RCA TV Television. Brightest big screen color TV picture you can buy
1970-10165 1970 Ad Quebec tourism. Come to Quebec get the feeling
1970-10166 1970 Ad Gas heat is a better deal. Money left over
1970-10167 1970 Ad Travelers Insurance company. Insurance for the seventies. Lunar lander theme
1970-10168 1970 Ad Greenland Studios. Dupont Neoprene. Custom fit any dress you make guaranteed
1970-10169 1970 Ad Borateem laundry detergent. You know what bleach does to your hair
1970-10170 1970 Ad Calvert Whisky. It's a hard world, you deserve a soft whiskey. Cars stranded snowstorm theme
1970-10171 1970 Ad Wrangler Sportswear. This is the way it is. We're into it.
1970-10172 1970 Ad Pan Am Airlines travel card. A dozen travel cards in one.
1970-10173 1970 Ad Fashion Institute of America. Break away from the hum drum
1970-10174 1970 Ad Far Out America. United State Department of the Interior
1970-10175 1970 Ad Pedigree king size pencils. When you've got a lot of important things to say
1970-10176 1970 Ad Delmonte Catsup Ketchup. Your standards are up to ours
1986-009 1986 ad Isuzu The Turbo Impulse faster than a speeding bullet train theme
1986-010 1986 ad Cracker Barrel natural cheddar cheese. The fine art of snacking
1986-011 1986 ad Head and Shoulders shampoo. You'll want it even after the flakes are gone
1986-012 1986 ad Martini and Rossi Add ice and stir emotions.
1986-013 1986 ad Subaru Turbo. Father son farm theme.
1986-014 1986 ad E & J Brandy I stand by my brandy.
1986-015 1986 ad Gerber Strained Peas baby food. The complete recipe
1986-016 1986 ad Vantage Cigarettes. Same great taste in an exciting new pack
1986-017 1986 ad Smith Corona XD 6500 typewriter. Auto spell. Introducing this years hot button
1986-018 1986 ad Metropolitan Life Met Life. Snoopy and Woodstock theme. Get Met it pays
1986-019 1986 ad Wheaties Cereal. Energy Milk it for all its got AND RCA Camcorder
1986-020 1986 ad Pop Secret popcorn. Flopcorn vs popcorn.
1986-021 1986 ad AT&T Communications. When NOW Travel Calling card
1986-022 1986 ad ERA Real Estate. Making the dream a reality.
1986-023 1986 ad Honda Accord LXi4 door sedan. A three quarter view of the future
1986-024 1986 ad Pontiac Bonneville Sophisticated sport sedan.
1986-025 1986 ad Lifesavers Hole Lotta Fresh. Less than 10 calories each
1986-026 1986 ad Chevrolet Chevy Corvette. Artistry Balances line dimension. 2 page ad
1986-027 1986 ad Olsten Temporary services. An honest days work every day
1986-028 1986 ad Maxell The tape that lasts as long as the legend. Marilyn Monroe
1986-029 1986 ad Nissan 87 Sentra Bye bye basics
1986-030 1986 ad Korbel Champagne Uncork the magic
1986-031 1986 ad Benneton The united colors of Benneton. Jewish Arab theme. 2 page ad
1986-032 1986 ad Guess Clothing. Georges Marciano.
1986-033 1986 ad Nutrasweet Another good place to see what's in Nutrasweet
1986-034 1986 ad Golden Almond solitaires Chocolate. Treasured works of an old master
1986-035 1986 ad Morton Salt. Morton Girl. She was there when life was created.
1986-036 1986 ad Crest toothpaste. 50 years of life Magazine theme. Look Mom, old ad
1986-037 1986 ad Timex Water colors watches. A splashy new rainbow.
1986-038 1986 ad The Guardian Life Insurance. Sailboat theme.
1986-039 1986 ad Movie. An American Tail Steven Spielberg. Universal pictures and Amblin entertainment
1986-040 1986 ad Michelob beer. The difference is day and night.
1986-041 1986 ad Mattel Barbie Dream doll. The doll dreams are made of
1986-042 1986 ad Reebok sneakers. Because life is not a spectator sport
1986-043 1986 ad Ivory Soaps. A part of Americas life for over 100 years.
1986-044 1986 ad Grape Nuts Flakes Cereal. The simple care and feeding of your body
1986-045 1986 ad E.F. Hutton. Innovators of todays technology lsten to me. I listen to EF Hutton
1986-046 1986 ad Mattell My child doll. Loves to play with all day long
1986-047 1986 ad Pulsar Watches. Elegance transcends time.
1986-048 1986 ad Alfred Hitchcock's shock value. Classic thrillers on video cassette.
1986-049 1986 ad Movie Brighton Beach Memoirs.
1986-050 1986 ad Oldsmobile Cutlass. Public envy #1. Black cat eyes theme.
1986-051 1986 ad Maxwell House Instant coffee. Instant sophistication. Brooke Shields
1986-052 1986 ad Movie. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Now in videocassette
1986-053 1986 ad Movie . Karate Kid II Ralph Macchio Pat Morita.
1986-054 1986 ad Hertz Rent a Car. Counter intelligence.
1987-001 1987 ad Smith Corona typewriter. We just deleted the competition
1987-002 1987 ad IBM We're also interestesd in computers.
1987-003 1987 ad Kodak Supralife batteries. Built better than a copper top
1990-004 1990 ad Jack Daniels whiskey. Life is slower in the Tennessee Hills
1987-004 1987 ad Renault GTA Skidpad. The one to watch. Two page ad.
1987-005 1987 ad Haagen Dazs Ourmost exciting flavor We call it vanilla
1987-006 1987 ad Phillips 66. The Eagle has landed. Eagles nests
1987-007 1987 ad Minolta AF-Tele For all the standard reasons.
1987-008 1987 ad Toyota Camry. America's most trouble free car moves closer to perfection
1987-009 1987 ad Kahlua and Cream. Frrrsssshhh
1987-010 1987 ad Casio keyboards sound. Find the drums in this picture
1987-011 1987 ad Subaru Get away from it all Get away with it all
1987-012 1987 ad Tasters Choice coffee. The choice for taste
1987-013 1987 ad Chevrolet Chevy 1988 Corsica. The winds of change are blowing 2 page ad.
1987-014 1987 ad Walt Disney World. All out all aAmerican celebration
1987-015 1987 ad Milk Duds and Whoppers Half page
1987-016 1987 ad Norwegian Carribbean lines. Can't stop the world but for a week get off it. 2 page ad
1987-017 1987 ad JC Penney The Worthington collection
1987-018 1987 ad Christian Brothers Brandy. Chuck Berry in orange.
1987-019 1987 ad The Prudential Insurance. You can move mountains
1987-020 1987 ad Mastercard Master the possibilities. Voyager astronauts Dick Rutan. Jeana Yaeger
1987-021 1987 ad Kohler. The bold look of Kohler. Bathroom sink fixture
1987-022 1987 ad Phillips 66. A declaration of Interdependence
1987-023 1987 ad FILA Footwear. Functional Fashionable Formidable.
1987-024 1987 ad Army National Guard. America needs a hero for every age.
1987-025 1987 ad Sunkist Fruit rollup. Think Twice
1987-026 1987 ad Sunkist Fruit rollup. Think Twice Again
1987-027 1987 ad Dannon Yogurt. The fastest growing takeout food isn't Pepperoni Pizza
1987-028 1987 ad Mercury Tracer. 68 standard features.
1987-029 1987 ad Waldenbooks. We the people�Non fiction let's keep it that way.
1987-030 1987 ad U.S. Postal Service. Are you still collecting the same old stuff?
1987-031 1987 ad Passport radar detector. Most expensive radar detector in the world.
1988-001 1988 ad Sanyo Blast off with Sanyo super VHS Hi Fi 2 page ad
1988-002 1988 ad Cobra radar detector The striking new cobras 1/2 page
1988-003 1988 ad Winston Cigarettes Real people, real taste Hunter and dog theme
1988-004 1988 ad Met Life Insurance. Get Met it pays. 3/4 page ad
1961-10022 1961 Ad Beech Nut black cough drops AND New Yashica U-Matic zoom
1961-10024 1961 Ad Quaker Oats and Mother Oats Oatmeal. Done my job as a mother
1962-9004 1962 Ad AC Oil filters cleans your engine oil every 30 seconds
1962-9007 1962 Ad Sharon Steel Gift reminder
1916-010 1916 Ad Rameses Cigarettes The aristocrat of cigarettes
1926-4012 1926 Ad Krementz Co. Asheville North Carolina. Stumpp and Walter Tulips
1926-4013 1926 Ad Banister Shoes. Leeds. A summer weight shoe
1926-4014 1926 Ad Davey Tree Experts. Bell and Howell Co. Max Schling Flowers. Panama Mail Line
1926-4015 1926 Ad Hawaii tourist bureau. Davey Tree Expert
1926-5001 1926 Ad Armstrong's Linoleum. Color Pattern
1926-5002 1926 Ad Colgates Ribbon Dental Cream
1926-5003 1926 Ad Fisher Auto Bodies. Body by Fisher
1926-5004 1926 Ad Borden's Eagle Brand condensed milk
1926-5005 1926 Ad Packard Automobile Ask the man who owns one
1926-5006 1926 Ad Squibb Cod Liver Oil. On guard against threat of cold
1926-5007 1926 Ad Listerine For Halitosis use Listerine. Was this a hint?
1926-5008 1926 Ad Footsaver The Julian and Kokenge Co
1926-5009 1926 Ad Lysol Disinfectant Innocent lips close to danger
1926-5010 1926 Ad Yardleys Old English Lavendar Soap. London
1926-5011 1926 Ad Kolynos Dental Cream Will you reach old age with all your teeth
1926-5012 1926 Ad Oh Henry Toast. Williamson Candy Co. Delicious tea time dainty
1926-5013 1926 Ad Bananas. Taste the better flavor that ripeness adds
1926-5014 1926 Ad Quaker Oats Co. Puffed Wheat. Food value and digestion
------SOLD------- 1926-5015 1926 Ad Bakers Coconut Southern Style. In airtight tins
1926-5016 1926 Ad Lorraine hair nets. FW Woolworth Co
1926-5017 1926 Ad Martex Turkish Towels. Martex will appeal to you too
1926-5018 1926 Ad Lane Bryant Stout Womens Clothing AND Rengo Belt Corsets
1926-5019 1926 Ad Nestle's Circuline Process. An invention that reads your hair
1926-5020 1926 Ad Elizabeth Arden treatment makes skin healthy
1926-5021 1926 Ad RIT Dye Change winter drabness into joyous Easter colors
1926-5022 1926 Ad Jack Tar Togs and BM Fish Flakes Fish Balls
1926-5023 1926 Ad Federal Land Bank Bonds Charles E Lobdell Fiscal agent
1930-2007 1930 Ad Andersen Frames. Locked sill joint for leak proof construction
1930-2008 1930 Ad The Ruberoid Co. Brick style siding. Home improvement profit maker
1930-2009 1930 Ad Dahlquist Turbo Aquatherm AND Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Co
1930-2010 1930 Ad National Equipment Corp AND Cabot's quilt
1930-2011 1930 Ad American Saw Mill Machinery AND Fort Wayne Engineering Paul Water System AND Ackerman Johnson screw anchors
1930-2012 1930 Ad Portable Cable Hutchinson Corp Speedmatic saw AND Wright Rubber Tile AND Allmetal Weatherstrip
1930-2013 1930 Ad RCA centralized radio AND W L E Gurley Troy NY
1930-2014 1930 Ad Olean Metal Cabinets AND Syntron Company motorless electric hammer
1930-2015 1930 Ad DeWalt woodworking AND Burlington Venetian Blinds
1938-2001 1938 Ad Plymouth Automobile. Plymouth's got it.
1938-2002 1938 Ad Eveready Prestone Anti freeze. National Carbon Company
1938-2003 1938 Ad RCA Victrola Nelson Eddy, Jeanette McDonald
1939-2001 1939 Ad Blackhawk Porto Power They'll all make money for you
1939-2002 1939 Ad Hastings Steel Vent Piston Rings
1939-2003 1939 Ad Wagner Hydraulic Brake Repairs
1939-2004 1939 Ad Sioux direct drive flexible shaft. Albertson and Company.
1939-2005 1939 Ad Hall synchronized valve servicing equipment
1939-2006 1939 Ad Delco Remy Coil Assortment. That means business
1939-2007 1939 Ad Colliers and Life Magazine. The new National ads
1939-2008 1939 Ad Globe Batteries. Make more money
1939-2009 1939 Ad Simplex Piston Rings.
1939-2010 1939 Ad McQuay Norris Mfg. Engineered Set piston rings
1939-2011 1939 Ad Auto Lite Starting Ignition Lighting I woke up
1939-2012 1939 Ad Chevrolet dealers of America. Chevy dealer is your friend
1939-2013 1939 Ad Ernest Holmes Co. Wreckers. Chatanooga Tennessee
1939-2014 1939 Ad Permatex Toon Oyl Sheepshead Bay N.Y.
1939-3001 1939 Ad Hawaii Tourism Each island is a reason for happiness
1939-3002 1939 Ad General Tires The peace of mind is free
1939-3003 1939 Ad Olds Oldsmobile Get more go from every gallon
1939-3004 1939 Ad Goodyear tires. A beauty and a brute
1939-3005 1939 Ad Oldsmobile Olds The new Rhythmic ride
1939-3006 1939 Ad Greyhound Buslines. Southern sunshine by Greyhound
1939-3007 1939 Ad Plymouth autos Functional design. Plymouth builds great cars
1939-3008 1939 Ad Bermuda Pleasure Island. Tourism Ad
1939-3009 1939 Ad Bell Telephone System. Ever seen your telephone switchboard?
1940-4001 1940 Ad Goodyear Lifeguard Tires. Life is precious
1940-4002 1940 Ad West Virginia Executive Dept. Governor Homer A Holt
1941-4001 1941 Ad General Electric GE FM Radio
1941-4002 1941 Ad Bell Telephone System Courteous calm and competent
1941-4003 1941 Ad Magnavox Radio. Out of the storm a ghost opera
1941-4004 1941 Ad Union Pacific Railroad. The driving of the golden spike
1941-4005 1941 Ad Fisher auto body. Hands across the sky. War theme
1941-4006 1941 Ad Hamilton Watches. Making a wish come true tomorrow
1941-4007 1941 Ad Nash Kelvinator. Can't keep a good man down. War theme
1941-4008 1941 Ad The Airlines of the United States. How great the promise
1941-4009 1941 Ad General Motors GM Diesel power. America's fighters. War theme
1941-4010 1941 Ad Studebaker autos. The Connells of South Bend are traveling. War theme
1941-4011 1941 Ad Kodak Research. Beautiful mini color prints.
1941-4012 1941 Ad Bell Telephone System Her biggest job is war
1941-4013 1941 Ad Magnavox Radios. The stormy beginning of Tonight we love
1941-4014 1941 Ad Fisher Auto Body. On every fighting front. Buy war bonds
1941-4015 1941 Ad Union Pacific Railroad. The man with the thousand track mind
1941-4016 1941 Ad Pullman Railroad Cars. Maybe you're the guy I'm grateful to
1941-4017 1941 Ad Union Carbide Co. Hands that command the nation
1941-4018 1941 Ad Gruen watch Co. The watch that aimed at the stars
1941-4019 1941 Ad The Milwaukee Road. Railroad. A trout stream in the front yard
1941-4020 1941 Ad Body by Fisher. Finish fight. Buy war bonds
1941-4021 1941 Ad Bell Telephone Co. The big battle wagons are run by telephone
1941-4022 1941 Ad Union Pacific Railroad. The sleepless giants.
1941-4023 1941 Ad Kodak. Cine Kodak flies with the Memphis Belle
1941-4024 1941 Ad Hamilton Watches. Helping planes fight today.
1941-4025 1941 Ad Nash Kelvinator. I see the hills of home
1941-4026 1941 Ad Air Reduction Co. New York, NY. Cleaning steel with brushes of flame
1941-4027 1941 Ad Bell Telephone System. What's the rush?
1941-4028 1941 Ad MacMillen ring free motor oil. Buy ring free where you see this sign
1941-4029 1941 Ad Union Pacific Railroad. They keep 'em rolling.
1941-4030 1941 Ad Kodak Research. Kodak mini color make a big hit over there
1941-4031 1941 Ad The General Tire Co. 4,000 New York Cabs get top mileage
1941-4032 1941 Ad Bell Telephone System. We'd rather say Yes
1941-4033 1941 Ad Body by Fisher. Strato Flak Buy War Bonds war theme
1941-4034 1941 Ad The Milwaukee Road. Railroad. Dad, where do the tracks go?
1942-6001 1942 Ad Delco Remy Exchange Plans Anderson Indiana
1942-6002 1942 Ad Chevrolet Car Conservation Plan. Leader in administering
1942-6003 1942 Ad Studebakers 90th Anniversary. Grant E Hayes
1942-6004 1942 Ad Claswon and Bals Inc. Chicago. Acid Proof bearings
1942-6005 1942 Ad Purolator Oil filters. In your razor.
1942-6006 1942 Ad Packard Certified rewiring. Working for victory
1942-6007 1942 Ad Federal Mogul oil control bearings.
1942-6008 1942 Ad United Motors service. National advertising support
1942-6009 1942 Ad Black and Decker portable electric tools
1942-6010 1942 Ad Simoniz Car Wax. In greater demand than ever
1942-6011 1942 Ad Dupont no 7 line. National advertising. For home and auto uses
1942-6012 1942 Ad Wausau auto savr rings. Wausau auto parts company
1942-6013 1942 Ad Thompson Repair and tune up manual
1942-6014 1942 Ad Carter Carburetor repair package
1942-6015 1942 Ad Raybestos brake lining. You can count on
1942-6016 1942 Ad Willard safety fill batteries. Quality
1942-6017 1942 Ad Sunnen Products Company. Two speed bushing grinder
1942-6018 1942 Ad Sioux Tools. Albertson and Company. Keep 'em rolling
1942-6019 1942 Ad Auto lite plug check indicator. The mountain boys cartoon book
1942-6020 1942 Ad Auto Lite spark plugs. Building deal. Advertising package
1942-6021 1942 Ad Colliers and Saturday Evening Post. Wagner Ads.
1942-6022 1942 Ad Texaco Marfak Oil How I get more business
1942-6023 1942 Ad Fram oil filters. Watch for the Fram Fantom Cars
1942-6024 1942 Ad Ramco 10 Up Piston Rings. 10 up has two lives
1942-6025 1942 Ad Snap On Service Tools. Break service bottlenecks.
1942-6026 1942 Ad Bear auto equipment. Save rubber save cars
1942-6027 1942 Ad Johns Manville J M Red Bak break lining
1942-6028 1942 Ad Deluxe Oil Filter Prevent piston failure
1942-6029 1942 Ad Casite cleans out motors. Tune up time for lazy horsepower
1942-6030 1942 Ad Blackhawk Jacks and porto power. Multiply Americas Man Power
1942-6031 1942 Ad Grey Rock Balanced Breaksets. You get extra help
1942-6032 1942 Ad Armstrong Victor Cork Gaskets Where Line-up counts.
1942-6033 1942 Ad Champion Spark plugs. Wake up sleepy motors
1942-6034 1942 Ad Auto Lite Batteries got me on the right foot
1947-8001 1947 Ad Magnificent Magnavox radio phonograph
1947-8002 1947 Ad Southern California tourism ad
1947-8003 1947 Ad Canadian National Railroad. Jasper vacation in the Canadian Rockies
1947-8004 1947 Ad Florida Tourism Ad. You are invited too.
1947-8005 1947 Ad GM General Motors Electro Motive Division On Time
1947-8006 1947 Ad General Electric GE Automatic sleeping blanket
1947-8007 1947 Ad Bell Telephone Co. How much does the telephone company earn?
1947-8008 1947 Ad Greyhound bus lines. All weather travel pleasure
1947-8009 1947 Ad Canada Vacations Unlimited. Lucky People. Tourism ad.
1947-8010 1947 Ad Kodak Kodachrome film. Double reward
1955-3001 1955 Ad North Coast Limited Railroad. Vista Dome
1955-3002 1955 Ad Champagn Cognac Liqueur. Cointreau Remy Martin
1955-3003 1955 Ad Southern Comfort Whiskey. Steamboat theme
1955-3004 1955 Ad Western Pacific Railroad. California Zephyr. To California
1959-10001 1959 Ad Surge Babson Bros. Cow Milking
1959-10002 1959 Ad Life Cycle Feeding Pfizer. Farm feeding
1959-10003 1959 Ad Allis Chalmers 3 All new tools
1959-10004 1959 Ad Massey Ferguson Grassland Minute Men
1959-10005 1959 Ad GMC Trucks Operation High Gear
1959-10006 1959 Ad John Deere Tractors and Equipment. Bulging with quality hay
1959-10007 1959 Ad Singer Sewing Center. Sewing Machines
1959-10008 1959 Ad Caterpillar Tractors Bigger and Better farm in your future
1959-10009 1959 Ad Gallimycin antibiotic medication. Abbott laboratories
1959-10010 1959 Ad Cunningham Haytime is the time for experience. Worlds number one
------SOLD------- 1959-10011 1959 Ad Oliver Tractors and Balers Teamed Power.
1959-10012 1959 Ad Ford mowers and harvesters. The haying line that's ahead of its time
1959-10013 1959 Ad Butler Stor N Dry. Butler Manufacturing Co
1959-10014 1959 Ad All American Life and Casualty Co. A plan to keep your farm running
1959-10015 1959 Ad New Holland Baler cuts your 3 biggest baling costs
1959-10016 1959 Ad Speed Queen Stainless Steel washers and driers
1959-10017 1959 Ad Red Rambler Riding Mower. Gambles The friendly store
1959-10018 1959 Ad Hudson Sprayers and Dusters.
1961-11001 1961 Ad Lincoln Continental. Pure elegance. 2 year 24,000 mile pledge of excellence
1961-11002 1961 Ad Parke Davis. Great moments in medicine
1961-11003 1961 Ad Goodyear tires. Turnpike proved
1961-11004 1961 Ad Coke Coca Cola Zing. Refreshing new feeling.
1961-11005 1961 Ad Morton Salt Company. Industrial division
1961-11006 1961 Ad Bell Telephone system. Girl talk
1961-11007 1961 Ad Eastman Kodak Co. Changes slides by itself.
1964-10001 1964 Ad Kemper Insurance. This hot little number is for adults only
1964-10002 1964 Ad CBS radio network. Vote First know first
1964-10003 1964 Ad Chrysler motors corp. '65 Dodge Dart.
1964-10004 1964 Ad American Medical Association. Medicare Tax. Health care for the elderly
1964-10005 1964 Ad Bayer Aspirin and Aspirin for children. For colds and flu
1964-10006 1964 Ad Kiwi boot polish and Chap Stick Golfer Ralph Terry
1964-10007 1964 Ad Hughes Aircraft. And men shall speak through this hanging star. Satellite
1969-12013 1969 Ad Motorola total fire communications. IN case of fire.
1969-12014 1969 Ad Lead industries Assoc. Stands the test of time on the Delaware River Bridges
1969-12015 1969 Ad Union Metal Dual Purpose Poles. Street lighting and traffic control
1969-12016 1969 Ad Duncan Industries parking meters. New York City uses Duncan Reliable Exclusively.
1969-12017 1969 Ad General Electric GE 450 MHz Royal Executive Radio
1969-12018 1969 Ad Fourth International conference on urban transportation. Pittsburgh, PA March 10-12 1969
1969-12019 1969 Ad Miracle Equipment Company Playground equipment.
1968-14001 1968 Ad GM General Motors. Test drive a new stereo
------SOLD------- 1968-14002 1968 Ad Gulf Gulfpride oil. Mustang
1968-14003 1968 Ad Chrysler autos. The great new Chrysler
1968-14004 1968 Ad Miller Beer. Miller makes it right. Draft beer
1968-14005 1968 Ad Mayflower moving. Care package
1968-14006 1968 Ad Campus Sportswear. A Septober type of wardrobe
1968-14007 1968 Ad Marine Midland Card. This is how expressions like the honeymoon is over get started
1968-14008 1968 Ad Jolly Jumper. Baby jumper. Dealer list
1968-14009 1968 Ad Morton Fried Chicken Dinner. TV dinner.
1968-14010 1968 Ad Avon for Men. Timely Christmas aftershave.
1968-14011 1968 Ad Campbells Vegetable soup. Name your own bowl offer
1968-14012 1968 Ad Ford trucks. Better idea Fords can do what your car can't
1968-14013 1968 Ad Utica Mutual. We hope you never have to see how good we can be. Car crashed off parking garage roof
1968-14014 1968 Ad Gulf Gulfpride oil. Mustang big V8, 4 on the floor
1968-14015 1968 Ad Arrow shirts. The Colorful white shirt company
1968-14016 1968 Ad Quaker State motor oil. A health plan for cars
1968-14017 1968 Ad Polaroid instant land camera. The 60 second excitement
1968-14018 1968 Ad Harry Irwin Inc. Vista Clothing. If you don't wear this coat you're all wet
1968-14019 1968 Ad Aetna Life and Casualty. Ask the men who built the worlds biggest building
------SOLD------- 1968-14020 1968 Ad Tiparillo Cigar. LP the long playing cigar.
1968-14021 1968 Ad The new book of knowledge encyclopedia. The gift that�s meant to be cracked
1968-14022 1968 Ad Calvert Extra soft whiskey. Don't gulp
1968-14023 1968 Ad Volkswagon VW Volkswagen. Mrs. Carson Brooks, Oxford Alabama.
1968-14024 1968 Ad Life magazine. Christmas without hangups
1968-14025 1968 Ad Ski Doo The only snowmobile tough enough to conquer the arctic
1968-14026 1968 Ad Kodak photos. Photo greeting cards
1968-14027 1968 Ad Plymouth. Shutdown the new electric drag racing game . Just $14.95 only at Chrysler Dealers
1968-14028 1968 Ad American tourister luggage. Nobody knows you've been around
1968-14029 1968 Ad Beechnut Gum. Free gifts for wrappers
1968-12001 1968 Ad Savings and Loan associations. The next president of the United States
1968-12002 1968 Ad Hilton International Hotels. 20th Century
1968-12003 1968 Ad 1969 Buick Electra 225. Buick owners keep selling Buicks for us
1968-12004 1968 Ad Oppenheimer Fund Investment Co.
1968-12005 1968 Ad Stouffers Escalloped Chicken and Noodles.
1968-12006 1968 Ad Lincoln Mercury Marquis. Most dramatically styled.
1968-12007 1968 Ad Dodge Chrysler. 1969 Dodge Charger. Just look
1968-12008 1968 Ad Kodak Film. Little Devils make wonderful pictures
1968-12009 1968 Ad RCA Color TV consoles. Bing Crosby
1968-12010 1968 Ad Bethlehem Steel. Commuters will whisk under San Francisco Bay at 80 MPH
1968-12011 1968 Ad IBM Computers What it costs to write it down
1968-12012 1968 Ad Remington Rand office machines. $1400 worth of calculator for $970
1968-12013 1968 Ad Union Camp. Little boy and puppy theme
1968-12014 1968 Ad Francis I Dupont Co. IVT. Evaluated 2,086 stocks
1968-12015 1968 Ad New York Stock Exchange. High standards in the public interest.
1968-12016 1968 Ad Chevrolet Chevy Camaro. Some rugged tough smaller than others
1968-12017 1968 Ad United Aircraft Fly now sell sooner. Nikon Camera
1969-12001 1969 Ad Mack Fire Trucks. Designed for tomorrow Allentown PA The fire truck capital of the world
1969-12002 1969 Ad The Cole Nursery 21 Maples Superior form and quality
1969-12003 1969 Ad J.I. Case Co Racine, Wisconsin. Case W26. Public Servant No 1
1969-12004 1969 Ad Rockwell Mfg Corp. SR Water meter
1969-12005 1969 Ad Smith Air Compressors. The rugged breed
1969-12006 1969 Ad Crouse Hinds. Traflo. No bigger than breadbox. Level congestion computer
1969-12007 1969 Ad Lawson Ultimate in litter control. Poodle theme.
1969-12008 1969 Ad Automatic Signal speeds up roadway traffic flow at Kennedy airport.
1969-12009 1969 Ad Clow Eddy fire hydrants. Now better than ever
1969-12010 1969 Ad St. Joseph Lead Company. St. Joe. Lead asbestos cushions at Penn Station
1969-12011 1969 Ad Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Special police squadrons decrease accidents.
1969-12012 1969 Ad The FE Myers Brother and Company McNeil. Sewer cleaner models
1969-13001 1969 Ad Ford Maverick Best selling car of the 70's still priced in the 60's
1969-13002 1969 Ad Birdseye cool and creamy pudding
1969-13003 1969 Ad Duo Boats. Wide world of boating. Dealer listing
1969-13004 1969 Ad Jim Beam Kentucky straight bourbon whisky
1969-13005 1969 Ad SBLI Life insurance investment plan
1969-13006 1969 Ad New York Life. Make sure your youngster has funds for college
1969-13007 1969 Ad Ronson Lighters. The him to her, her to him, him to him
1969-13008 1969 Ad Savings banks. Her savings bank account is helping build a hospital
1969-13009 1969 Ad John Deere Lawn tractor. Weekend freedom machine. It can still save your weekend
1969-13010 1969 Ad Fame tomato juice. Famous for quality.
1969-13011 1969 Ad Bolens lawnmowers yard machines. Makes the unit to meet your need
1969-13012 1969 Ad First National City Travelers Checks. Cookie jar money
1969-13013 1969 Ad ATT AT@T Telecommunications. Mr Dixon what do you miss about the states?
1969-13014 1969 Ad Book. The arms of Krupp. William Manchester. Little Brown.
1969-13015 1969 Ad Campbells soup. Official pro baseball book offer
1969-13016 1969 Ad Polaroid land camera The all new colorpack II. Eyeball theme
1969-13017 1969 Ad Quaker State Motor Oil. Before you buy a used car, look for this sticker.
1969-13018 1969 Ad Water Power eye shadow by Max Factor
1969-13019 1969 Ad Exquisite Form Panty hose. Need an in deal?
1969-13020 1969 Ad Exquisite Form womens undergarments. Every figure isn't perfect. Naked women
1969-13021 1969 Ad Spartan Pools. Because you want carefree home pool enjoyment
1969-13022 1969 Ad Bahamas tourism. Look what you would have missed
1969-13023 1969 Ad ABC evening news with Frank Reynolds. Understand today tonight.
1969-13024 1969 Ad Smith Corona Adding machines. Free labeling kit
1969-13025 1969 Ad Back Care Beautyrest by Simmons. Now, a new kind of back care
1969-13026 1969 Ad Ford automobiles. We throw our cars in the river.
1969-13027 1969 Ad 1969 Buick Electra 225. Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick
1969-13028 1969 Ad National Association of Real Estate Boards. Private investmentin the public interest
1969-13029 1969 Ad DeKuyper The dawn of something new and beautiful for cordial lovers.
1969-13030 1969 Ad Lincoln Mercury Marquis. Medium priced car
1970-10001 1970 Ad Kendall GT-1 motor oil. High performance cars need a special oil.
1970-10002 1970 Ad Midland Federal Savings. Live in all 50 states and 35 foreign countries
1970-10003 1970 Ad Power Ride. The perfect toy for all parents. It recharges its own battery
1970-10004 1970 Ad Arctic Cat snowmobile snow machine. This is the year you win.
1970-10005 1970 Ad Boeing 747 Airplane. Take one and become one in a million
1970-10006 1970 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes. Cowboy theme.
1970-10007 1970 Ad Advertising Council.Smokey the bear. Only you can prevent forest fires
1970-10008 1970 Ad Hit Tru golfers aid. Best doggoned thing you can do to develop a good swing
1970-10009 1970 Ad Chevy Vega. Our little new car with get 25MPG more or less.
1970-10010 1970 Ad Heineken Beer. There is beer and then there is Heineken
1970-10011 1970 Ad Sears Sports Center. Bicycle. The lightweight Spyder 500
1970-10012 1970 Ad Big Yank clothing. Fortifies them with Fortrel
1970-10013 1970 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes. Come to where the flavor is.
1970-10014 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola. It's the real thing
1970-10015 1970 Ad TV Show. Lee Marvin in It couldn't be done.
1970-10016 1970 Ad Nova Scotia. Warmly invites you to Canada's playground
1970-10017 1970 Ad Westclox Shades of a decorating revolution
1970-10018 1970 Ad American Gasoline gas. What can one man do
1970-10019 1970 Ad Parker Pens. Sure it's expensive but look what you don't get
1970-10020 1970 Ad Shape Meal substitute. One way to lose weight, stop eating
------SOLD------- 1970-10021 1970 Ad John Deere Lawn Tractor. Weekend Freedom ma------SOLD------- 1970-10022 1970 Ad Maidenform bras and panties. Great vanishing------SOLD------- 1970-10023 1970 Ad VW Volkswagon. Where are they------SOLD------- 1970-10024 1970 Ad Sears sports center. Sleeping bags and t------SOLD------- 1970-10025 1970 Ad Ford Maverick. It's not a superbomb, more of a jazzy firecracker
1970-10026 1970 Ad Chevy Trucks. A lot of other pickups would like to trade spots with us.
1970-10027 1970 Ad VW Volkswagon. It can manage the whole team.
1970-10028 1970 Ad Sports Illustrated. How to catch the worlds fastest bear. Gale Sayers
1970-10029 1970 Ad Alcoa Aluminum Today Aluminum is something else.
1970-10030 1970 Ad American Express Card. Burt Bacharach.
1970-10031 1970 Ad Audi autos. Designed by orthopedic surgeons
1970-10032 1970 Ad Marlboro cigarettes. Beach towel offer.
1970-10033 1970 Ad American Express Space Bank. Free vacation reservations. White water rafting theme
1970-10034 1970 Ad Coke Coca Cola. It's the real thing Railroad tracks theme
1970-10035 1970 Ad US Ski team. Part of you is riding with him.
1970-10036 1970 Ad FTD florists. Flowers. Send a loveBundle for valentines week
1970-10037 1970 Ad Toyota Corona Hardtop. Much like a beautiful woman.
1970-10038 1970 Ad Campbells Tomato Soup. About 5 cents a 7 oz serving
1970-10039 1970 Ad VW Volkswagon. Sometimes we get the feeling we're being followed
1970-10040 1970 Ad CFH Mother, in your hands it's medicine, in your childs�.
1970-10041 1970 Ad Gas heat. It's a dirty shame to run out on the team. Child baseball team in bathtub
1970-10042 1970 Ad Maidenform bras and panties. First get into this bra, then get into your clingy thing
1970-10043 1970 Ad Borden Snows clam chowder. Only the juiciest clams
1970-10044 1970 Ad The bankers life, Des Moines Iowa. Confused by insurance talk?
1970-10045 1970 Ad Allis Chalmers lawn tractor. Great outdoor escape contest
1970-10046 1970 Ad Toyota Mark II is a puzzlement. Priced as a second car
1970-10047 1970 Ad Gas heat. 8 out of 10 homeowners. Playing card theme
1970-10048 1970 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Camaro. Sports holiday drawing
1970-10049 1970 Ad Listerine. Potent. Kills germs that can cause bad breath.
1970-10050 1970 Ad Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance. Agents award listing
1970-10051 1970 Ad Buick LeSabre Custom. Something to believe in.
1970-10052 1970 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Pickup trucks. Home, sweet riding home.
1970-10053 1970 Ad Farmers and Traders Life Insurance. We've put the HEX on cigarette smoking
1970-10054 1970 Ad Chevy Chevrolet Nova. A few smaller cars cost less.
1970-10055 1970 Ad Sears sports center. Fishing boats. The Gamefisher.
1970-10056 1970 Ad Listerine. Strong Stuff. Kills germs by millions.
1970-10057 1970 Ad Sports Illustrated. Ted Williams and Gil Hodges Baseball
1970-10058 1970 Ad Farmers and Traders Life Insurance. We've put the HEX on cigarette smoking
1970-10059 1970 Ad Huffy Lawn Tractors. All new 8HP electric start
1970-10060 1970 Ad Campbells Home Style Pork and Beans. What more can we add
1970-10061 1970 Ad Heineken Beer. There is beer and then there is Heineken
1970-10062 1970 Ad The new Toyota Corolla. Left rear window its most beautiful feature. $1,798
1970-10063 1970 Ad Buick Opel 1900. Buick's foreign economy car.
1970-10064 1970 Ad Norelco Shavers. Noelco.Christmas theme
1970-10065 1970 Ad Mayflower moving. Delicate electronics, computers systems moving
1970-10066 1970 Ad Fame womens toiletries. For head to toe beauty
1970-10067 1970 Ad Multifilter cigarettes. Lower in tar than 95% of cigarettes sold.
1970-10068 1970 Ad Black and White Scotch. For people who know the difference
1970-10069 1970 Ad Texaco Havoline Motor Oil. Announces an oil change.
1970-10070 1970 Ad Black Velvet. Imported Canadian. Nobody beats our drum for Christmas
1970-10071 1970 Ad Sharp Portable radio. Tune in to the unusual
1970-10072 1970 Ad Pipers Scotch Whisky. Two things for which a man is grateful. His woman and his scotch
1970-10073 1970 Ad Inglenook wine is our only competition.
1970-10074 1970 Ad Inver House Rare Scotch Whisky. Soft as a kiss.
1970-10075 1970 Ad Parker Pens. A Parker gift fits down any chimney
1970-10076 1970 Ad Mercury Montego. Better ideas make better cars
1970-10077 1970 Ad Festival at Ford's Theatre. Andy Williams, James Stewart, Pearl Bailey, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Bobby Gentry, Henry Mancini, Dionne Warwick, The Supremes
1970-10078 1970 Ad The new Toyota Corolla. Most cars under $1,800 are for people under six feet.
1970-10079 1970 Ad Craig Cassette recorders. Control ear pollution
1970-10080 1970 Ad New Leaf Cigarettes. It gives you a tingle.
1970-10081 1970 Ad Chrysler Autos. An introductory offer.
1970-10082 1970 Ad L & M Filter kings Cigarettes. Relax, unwind.
1970-10083 1970 Ad Emerson TV television. Competitors pictures, not their prices.
1970-10084 1970 Ad Inglenook wine. Our reputation could put us out of business.
1970-10085 1970 Ad Maryland 100's Cigarettes. Made for menthol blend
1970-10088 1970 Ad Wurlitzer Pianos. Where there's a wish, there's a way
1970-10089 1970 Ad Savings banks are people banks helping you grow.
1970-10090 1970 Ad Diamonds make a gift of love.
1970-10091 1970 Ad Lejon Cold Duck The two and only
1970-10092 1970 Ad Lark Cigarettes. Stop smogging.
1970-10093 1970 Ad Panasonic Stereo system. A stereo now and a system later.
1970-10094 1970 Ad Hertz Rent a car. Fords answer to VW is Hertz' answer to bargain rent a car companies.
1970-10095 1970 Ad New Leaf Cigarettes. It gives you a tingle.
1970-10096 1970 Ad Sharp TV television. Not a simulated picture.
1970-10097 1970 Ad Hunt Wesson. Tough feeding family on a budget.
1970-10098 1970 Ad American Express Card. Arthur Ashe Tennis Pro
1970-10099 1970 Ad Marlboro Cigarettes. Come to where the flavor is.
1970-10100 1970 Ad Mott's snack jars. Snacks better inside and out.
1970-10101 1970 Ad Datsun Autos. Beware the asterisk.
1970-10102 1970 Ad Atos Campana Corp. Weight loss. Marie Van Billard as told to Ruth McCarthy
1970-10103 1970 Ad Panasonic Stereo. A new direction in stereo
1970-10104 1970 Ad Buick Opel 1900. Buick's foreign economy car.
1970-10105 1970 Ad 1971 Plymouth Sebring. No other car like it.
1970-10106 1970 Ad Jim Backus La Z Boy recliners. Reclina rocker.
1970-10107 1970 Ad Gas heat gives you a better deal. Lots of these left over for spending
1970-10108 1970 Ad RCA solid state accucolor TV Television. Built to last and backed in writing
1970-10109 1970 Ad Awake orange juice. Wake up a cider with awake
1970-10110 1970 Ad Seagrams 100 Pipers Scotch Whisky.
1970-10111 1970 Ad Toyota Corolla Left rear window
1970-10112 1970 Ad Gas heat gives you a better deal. $100 bill theme
1970-10113 1970 Ad Zenith Chromacolor TV television. No bigger breakthrough
1970-10114 1970 Ad Inver House Rare Scotch Whisky. Soft as a kiss.
1970-10115 1970 Ad Far Out America. United State Department of the Interior
1970-10116 1970 Ad Quaker Oats King Vitamin Cereal. 100% vitamin and iron.
1970-10117 1970 Ad Master Charge from Marine Midland. Her face could stop a thief
1970-10118 1970 Ad Westclox. Dainty, feminine, petite alarm clock at a whale of a price
1970-10119 1970 Ad Avon Avon's all man Christmas Gifts
1970-10120 1970 Ad Boa Ski Snowmobile snow machine. Mark O Mark I mark II Cobra
1970-10121 1970 Ad Toastem. A simple solution to breakfast nutrition
1970-10122 1970 Ad 1971 Mercury Montego. Better ideas make better cars
1970-10123 1970 Ad Slim Gym Stretch your imagination exercising with a sly gym.
1970-10124 1970 Ad Coleman Skiroule snowmobile snow machine Chip off the old block
1970-10125 1970 Ad Hohner Harmonica. Johnny Cash. The hot sound of Hohner
1970-10126 1970 Ad Alcoa Aluminum Today Aluminum is something else.
1970-10127 1970 Ad Synchronex. If a picture could talk it would be a Synchronex home movie
1970-10128 1970 Ad Iberia Airlines. The most romantic restaurant in the world is on its way to Madrid, Paris, Rome
1970-10129 1970 Ad Emerson console TV television. Look at a name, not a picture
1970-10130 1970 Ad The Hide A Bed by Simmons For the way we live now.
1970-10131 1970 Ad Toyota Mark II. Examine carefully but don't let it fool you
1970-10132 1970 Ad Florida tourism. Did summer run out on you. Catch up with it in Florida
1970-10133 1970 Ad Johnnie Walker Red Scotch. The luck of the Scotch
1970-10134 1970 Ad US Army Recruiter. He just can't keep a secret about the Army
1970-10135 1970 Ad Tobacco. Copenhagen, Skoal, Happy Days. Rich tobacco flavor with out the smoke.
1970-10136 1970 Ad American Express Card Arthur Ashe Tennis Pro
1970-10137 1970 Ad Jeno's snack logs. How to eat a snack log.
1970-10138 1970 Ad Ford Pinto. Ford's new Pinto, the little carefree car.
1970-10139 1970 Ad Farmers and Traders Life Insurance. We've put the HEX on cigarette smoking
1970-10140 1970 Ad Essence Magazine. Subscribe to blackness.
1970-10141 1970 Ad Marine Midland Master Charge Card. You can't have her face
1970-10142 1970 Ad Awake orange juice. Wake up a cider with awake
1970-10143 1970 Ad Listerine. Charge. Watch out germs
1970-10144 1970 Ad Shell Gas Gasoline Lexington Mass Service station of the people, by the people for the people
1970-10145 1970 Ad Gas heat gives you a better deal. Save me�money theme
1970-10146 1970 Ad Minute Maid Orange Juice Bing Crosby signature
1970-10147 1970 Ad Gas heat 8 out of 10 homeowners. Playing card theme
1970-10148 1970 Ad DelMonte Canned tuna. Your standards are up to ours
1970-10149 1970 Ad The Toyota Corona. You loved it the way it was for five fantastic years
1970-10150 1970 Ad Florida tourism. This fall enjoy a lot more Florida for a lot less
1970-10151 1970 Ad Sony Trinitron Color TV Television. My wash is not just brighter
1970-10152 1970 Ad National Automobile Dealers Association. Girl in phone booth after accident
1970-10153 1970 Ad Kendall GT-1 motor oil. High performance cars need a special oil.
1970-10154 1970 Ad Seagrams VO Very smooth Very special Very Canadian
1970-10155 1970 Ad Sony All Weather Radio. Singin' in the rain.
1970-10156 1970 Ad General Telephone and Electronics. GTE. You might never miss another flash picture
1970-10157 1970 Ad Pan Am Airlines. Pan Am tours on tape.
1970-10158 1970 Ad Emko Contraceptive. Limiting family to two children, make the world a place they can live in
1970-10159 1970 Ad Alcoa Aluminum and Life Magazine. Duel in the wind Sailing. America's Cup
1970-10160 1970 Ad Sylvania console TV's Once a year ultimatum
1970-10161 1970 Ad Sugar information. The fat time of day. Ready to eat two of everything. Sugar can help
1970-10162 1970 Ad Kool Cigarettes. Disturbed by dull taste?
1970-10163 1970 Ad Premium saltine crackers. Crunch
1988-005 1988 ad Jeep King of the Hill $8,995. Chrysler Motors 7/70
1988-006 1988 ad Movie Sunset. Bruce Willis James Garner Now available on Videocassette
1988-007 1988 ad American Express Helen Hayes Cardmember
1988-008 1988 ad Plymouth Dodge Colt a horse of a different color
1988-009 1988 ad Korbel Champagne. Find a moment, make it magic
1988-010 1988 ad V-Tech Video Technology Introducing the computer age for ages 9 and up. Half page
1988-011 1988 ad Wool. Long live American traditions
1988-012 1988 ad Movie Cinderella. Walt Disney now on videocassette
1988-013 1988 ad Disneyland The picture perfect vacation 2 page ad
1988-014 1988 ad The Disney channel. America's family network.
1988-015 1988 ad Disney Licensing. Disney clothing. Kids clothing
1988-016 1988 ad National Car Rental. Take our Mini to see Mickey
1988-017 1988 ad Walt Disney World. A whole new land of fun at Walt Disney World 2 page ad
1988-018 1988 ad American Express. Walt Disney Magic Kingdom Castle theme
1988-019 1988 ad Walt Disney World Grand Floridian Beach Resort
1988-020 1988 ad The Magical world of Disney only on NBC
1988-021 1988 ad Disneyland. Focus in on a Southern California vacation
1988-022 1988 ad Disney videocassettes Fill your home with magic. Mickey Mouse
1988-023 1988 ad Delta Airlines. We treat you like a big cheese. Disney Mickey mouse theme
1988-024 1988 ad For all life's celebrations a diamond is forever
1988-025 1988 ad Magnavox hand held mobile TV. View
1988-026 1988 ad Magnavox Computer. Very Very smart.
1988-027 1988 ad Camel Cigarettes. Joe Camel. Fighter pilot theme
1988-028 1988 ad Georgia Pacific. NOW. Paneling, molding, other building products
1990-007 1990 ad Pontiac Trans Sport Mini Van
1990-008 1990 ad Bailey's Irish Cream The Bailey's Dream Shake
1990-009 1990 ad Haggar clothing. A feel for America
1990-010 1990 ad Prudential Life Insurance Terminally Ill
1990-011 1990 ad Gone with the Wind Miniature Portrait Sculptures Metro Goldwyn Mayer
1990-012 1990 ad Canon Photura Camera. A smooth operator
1990-013 1990 ad The Childrens Health Fund. Some of the finest medical care in NY
1990-014 1990 ad Salem Cigarettes. The Refreshest
1990-015 1990 ad Maxwell House Coffee now the first to ever win real nationwide fame
1990-016 1990 ad Maxwell House Coffee Made with stubborn old fashioned pride
1990-017 1990 ad Jack Daniels Whiskey. We rarely hurry here
1990-018 1990 ad Parker Duofold Roller Ball Pen
1990-019 1990 ad Degree antiperspirant. It's parent teacher day
1990-020 1990 ad Diamond Sweets. A diamond is forever
1990-021 1990 ad Pentax SF camera. Catch a cat nap
1990-023 1990 ad Movie Memphis Belle Brave young men who rode on the wings of victory
1990-024 1990 ad Pioneers Multiplay CD changer and Walt Disney's Fantasia
1990-025 1990 ad Buick Trank in the top 10 in initial quality
1990-026 1990 ad Bugle Boy Mens pants. Why so many men call in sick on Fridays
1990-027 1990 ad Canon personal copier. Can save a marriage
1990-028 1990 ad Movie Switch Ellen Barkin Jimmy Smits JoBeth Williams Lorrain Bracco
1990-029 1990 ad Kahlua and Cream Everything it touches turns delicious
1990-030 1990 ad Jolly Rancher Candy. The great taste of fruit squared. NYC Twin Towers World Trade Center buildings
1990-031 1990 ad Hyundai The special editions
1990-032 1990 ad Lifesavers candy. Isn't it delicious
1990-033 1990 ad Mastercard Master values for summer
1990-034 1990 ad Kodak Photo by Karen Maassen Golden California
1990-035 1990 ad Stolichnaya vodka Stoli the Russion phenomnon
1990-036 1990 ad Kelloggs Mini Buns Cereal Eating 70 can be nutritious
1990-037 1990 ad Met Life Sail On. Snoopy
1990-038 1990 ad Manhattan Clothing The perfect gifts for fathers day
1990-039 1990 ad Kodak Funsaver 35 flash camera
1990-040 1990 ad Corning glasses. Protecting your eyes without moving a muscle
1990-041 1990 ad PHILLIP MORRIS bill of rights tour double page

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