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1910 Ad A Stein and Co Paris Garters AND Worthington Co Tricycles for cripples AND Kleinerts Dress shields AND NJ Zinc Co11.11 Details
1910 Ad Anheuser Busch Co Malt Nutrine Bloom of Health AND JL Mott Iron Works Bath Tubs14.99 Details
1910 Ad Bausch and Lomb Zeiss Tessar Lens Rochester NY AND The Fox Typewriter9.99 Details
1910 Ad Columbia double disc records Campanari AND new Victor Records by Homer16.77 Details
1910 Ad Columbia Grafanola Elite AND Leo Slezak as Rhadames in Aida National Phonograph Co17.01 Details
1910 Ad Eastman Kodak Co 2A folding Pocket Brownie AND Equitable Life Insurance Brain Fag and Carking Care15.35 Details
1910 Ad EL Rowe and Son Gloucester Bed Hammock 14.77 Details
1910 Ad Hampshire Paper Co AND Esterbrook Steel Pens AND ATT American Telephone and Telegraph Co9.99 Details
1910 Ad Hart Schaffner and Marx Clothing AND Peter's Milk Chocolate Uncle Sam13.89 Details
1910 Ad J Stevens Arms and Tool Co Shotgun AND Glidden's Green label Varnishes13.44 Details
1910 Ad Londonberry bottled table water AND Pape's Diapepsin 12.66 Details
1910 Ad Neostyle Co Self Inking copy machine11.11 Details
1910 Ad Packard Motor Car Co AND National Biscuit Co Nabisco Sugar Wafers13.66 Details
1910 Ad Pond's Extract improves the lather 9.99 Details
1910 Ad The Edison Amberola AND The Grand Rapids Furniture Co13.44 Details
1910 Ad The Starr Piano Co AND William Knabe and Co Pianos14.33 Details
1910 Ad The Steinway Pianola Piano Aeolian Co 4 page foldout ad17.82 Details
1910 Ad W.K Cowan Co Cabinet Work AND Postum Cereal Co12.99 Details
1910 Ad Weir Stove Co Taunton Mass Cabinet Glenwood AND Howard Watch Co11.55 Details
1910 Ad White Rock Table Water AND Dupont Brushes AND Mennen's toilet powder 9.99 Details
1913 Ad ATT Seven Million watch towers in Bell system American Telephone and Telegraph Co9.99 Details
1913 Ad Atwood Grape Fruit Co AND Esterbrook steel pens AND Ostermoor Mattress9.99 Details
1913 Ad Blue Label Ketchup Curtice Brothers AND Kodak Vest Pocket Camera9.99 Details
1913 Ad Buffalo Lithia Springs Water AND J M Huber Printing inks11.44 Details
1913 Ad Crystal Domino Sugar AND Reeco Water systems9.99 Details
1913 Ad Electric Storage Battery Co Exide AND Bailey Blanks and Biddle Co Jewel Exhibit 11.44 Details
1913 Ad Everstick invisible rubber AND Hinds Cream for chapping11.11 Details
1913 Ad Max Sauer Hewitt Trucks International Motor Co AND The Travelers Insurance Co Family loss theme15.66 Details
1913 Ad Peters Milk Chocolate AND Berkey and Gay Furniture 12.55 Details
1913 Ad Santa Fe Railroad Deluxe California Limited AND Hotel Galvez Galveston Texas 14.44 Details
1913 Ad Southern Pacific Steamships Mardi Gras AND Southern Railway Panama11.22 Details
1913 Ad Studebaker Corporation AND Eastman Kodak Co Rochester NY12.99 Details
1913 Ad The Howard Watch Co 11.11 Details
1916 Ad Arrow Collars and Perrier natural table water9.99 Details
1916 Ad DuPont Fabrikoid Company Rayntite Material9.99 Details
1916 Ad Great Western Champagne Tareyton London Cigarettes Old Overholt Rye Universal Landers Frary and Clark9.99 Details
1916 Ad Havone Cigarette Case. Marmay monogram cigarettes. Watermans fountain pen9.99 Details
1916 Ad Listerine Antiseptic. Deodorant cooling after bath solution9.99 Details
1916 Ad Rameses Cigarettes The aristocrat of cigarettes9.99 Details
1916 Ad Simplex Automobile Co.9.99 Details
1916 Ad Velvet Joe Pipe Tobacco Leggett Myers9.99 Details
1916 Ad White Custom Built Autos Cleveland Ohio9.99 Details

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