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1913 Ad Southern Pacific Steamships Mardi Gras AND Southern Railway Panama11.22 Details
1920 Ad Pyrene Mfg fire extinguishers Motorboat fire11.67 Details
1926 Ad Thos Cook and Son Mediterranean Cruises Homeric Ship9.99 Details
1926 Ad White Star Line Cruise Ship Sail on the Homeric 9.99 Details
1943 Ad Sperry Corp Battleship sinks enemy ship 18 miles away9.99 Details
1947 Ad Alcoa Steamship Co Caribbean Cruise AND Zenith Radio Holiday9.99 Details
1947 Ad American President Lines Cruise Ship India Theme9.99 Details
1950 Ad Evinrude Boat Motors Fishing 2 pg 9.99 Details
1954 Ad 7 Up & Johnson Sea Horse Outboard Boat Motors9.99 Details
1954 Ad Chris Craft Boats & Heubleins Cocktails9.99 Details
1959 Ad Chris Craft Boat Boats 1/4 page9.99 Details
1959 Ad Evinrude Outboard Boat Motors 2 months vacation play9.99 Details
1959 Ad Johnson Sea Horse Dynautical Design Boat motor9.99 Details
1959 Ad Johnson Seahorse Boat Motor Dynautical Design9.99 Details
1959 Ad Owens Speedships. Boats, boating. Why families leave home9.99 Details
1961 Ad Evinrude motor Boat engine outboard Quieter9.99 Details
1961 Ad Home Lines cruise ships Queen Frederica and Stella Maris 9.99 Details
1961 Ad Now is the time to get your boat. List of boats´┐Ż.may not be an ad12.5 Details
1961 Ad Trojan boats Cruisers Sport Fisherman Tops them all9.99 Details
1964 Ad Mercury outboard marine motors9.99 Details
1968 Ad Chrysler Corp Boats and outboards. 9.99 Details
1968 Ad Chrysler Marine Products. The Chrysler crew has more that's new9.99 Details
1968 Ad Duo Funabout Motor boat Duo Boats9.99 Details
1968 Ad Glaspar Boats. Tough but beautiful9.99 Details
1968 Ad Glaspar Motor Boats Boat Strength of blue water safety9.99 Details
1969 Ad Duo Boats. Wide world of boating. Dealer listing9.99 Details
1969 Ad Johnson 25hp Seahorse boat. Lightest 25 ever built9.99 Details
1970 Ad chrysler Marine Makes it happen captain9.99 Details
1970 Ad Chrysler Marine Outboard Boat Motor Fastbacks10.45 Details

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