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1896 Ad Booth's Hayfever Pocket Inhaler Hartshorns Rollers Jackson Sanitorium Dansville NY Ivers and Pond Piano Clauss Shears and Scissors Dr Hayes Hayfever Relief Buffalo NY9.99 Details
1896 Ad Ivory Soap AND Pearline Bike Bag AND Lyon's automatic Fertilizer9.99 Details
1896 Ad Larkin Soaps Standard Mfg Bathtub North Bros Freezer Globe filing cabinets Pasteur Filter White mountain freezer9.99 Details
1908 Ad Pearline modern soap 9.99 Details
1909 Ad Mennen's Borated Talcum Toilet Powder AND Best and Co Children's clothing12.22 Details
1910 Ad Pond's Extract improves the lather 9.99 Details
1916 Ad Listerine Antiseptic. Deodorant cooling after bath solution9.99 Details
1920 Ad La Boheme Arly Paris Perfume AND Ahmo Baby Clothing American Hosiery Company15.54 Details
1925 Ad Ivory Soap How Beauty Baffled the Marquis AND Knapp Electric Toys9.99 Details
1926 Ad Elizabeth Arden treatment makes skin healthy9.99 Details
1926 Ad Fels Naptha Soap Hiring Help9.99 Details
1926 Ad Heinz Ketchup 1/2 pg AND Lifebuoy Health Soap9.99 Details
1926 Ad Houbigant Paris Perfumes Art Deco Look9.99 Details
1926 Ad Kelvinator Refrigerator AND Chase Velmo Mohair Velvet9.99 Details
1926 Ad Lorraine hair nets. FW Woolworth Co9.99 Details
1926 Ad Lux Clothing Soap AND Phenix Cheese Philly cream 9.99 Details
1926 Ad Lysol Disinfectant Innocent lips close to danger9.99 Details
1926 Ad Nestle's Circuline Process. An invention that reads your hair9.99 Details
1926 Ad P-G Procter Gample Soap AND Burgess and Parker DuoFold9.99 Details
1926 Ad RIT Dye Change winter drabness into joyous Easter colors9.99 Details
1926 Ad Squibb Cod Liver Oil. On guard against threat of cold9.99 Details
1926 Ad Yardleys Old English Lavendar Soap. London9.99 Details
1930 Ad Listerine Mouthwash Gets rid of Dandruff!11.23 Details
1940 Ad Harriet Hubbard Ayer Cosmetics Pink clover9.99 Details
1940 Ad Woodbury Facial. Cholly Knickerbocker12.25 Details
1943 Ad Balalaika Perfume Lucien Lelong 9.99 Details
1943 Ad Barbara Gould New York Skylark Perfume9.99 Details
1943 Ad Bourjois Perfume Courage Half page ad9.99 Details
1943 Ad Ciro Perfume The way to say remember me9.99 Details
1943 Ad Yardley English Lavender Perfume9.99 Details
1943 Ad Your face + Campus makeup = Beauty12.22 Details
1944 Ad Jergens lotion. Marjorie Reynolds with hands alluring9.99 Details
1945 Ad Absorbine Jr. kills athletes foot bugs on contact.9.99 Details
1945 Ad Listerine. Keep kissable. Wedding theme9.99 Details
1946 Ad Dupont Comb. Lovely hair deserves fine care. 9.99 Details
1946 Ad Howland Hair dry Swim Cap AND Teachers Scotch9.99 Details
1946 Ad Sutra Sun Tan Lotion. Tan gloriously in a single day9.99 Details
1946 Ad Williams shaving cream. Actors faces. Bobby Clark9.99 Details
1947 Ad Gaby Greaseless suntan lotion Mother Daughter theme9.99 Details
1947 Ad Lord and Taylor A portrait of perfection Blan's candy9.99 Details
1947 Ad Pacquins Cream. Lynn Fontanne 9.99 Details
1947 Ad Prell Radiant Cr�me Shampoo in a tube9.99 Details
1949 Ad Coty Creamy Lipstick Smooth easy to apply never smears12.25 Details
1949 Ad Little Lulu Kleenex Tissues America's favorites9.99 Details
1950 Ad Du Barry Richard Hudnut Beauty Preparations9.99 Details
1950 Ad DuBarry Richard Hudnut Makeup9.99 Details
1950 Ad Glidden Spred Satin AND Williams Lectric Shave9.99 Details
1950 Ad Kleenex Tissues Little Lu Lu Oh say can you see9.99 Details
1950 Ad Kotex Sanitary Napkins Very personally yours12.35 Details
1950 Ad Parke Davis & Co. Do you know these symbols9.99 Details
1950 Ad Skol Tanning Lotion for a glorious tan9.99 Details
1950 Ad Skol Tanning Lotion for a glorious tan World's largest selling suntan lotion12.55 Details
1950 Ad Vitalis Hair and Scalp lotion 60 second workout9.99 Details
1950 Ad Yardley Big news A completely new lipstick12.55 Details
1952 Ad Samson foldaway furniture card table and chairs America's living styles9.99 Details
1952 Ad Tide dishwashing soap Cuts grease like no soap can 14.25 Details
1953 Ad Chanel No 5 Most treasured name in perfume9.99 Details
1953 Ad Chatham Purrey Blanket Warmer than blankets nearly twice the price9.99 Details
1953 Ad PAL Hollow ground razor Your best blade buy9.99 Details
1953 Ad Shulton Old Spice Glamour and Quality at Christmas9.99 Details
1953 Ad Watkins Products. A better report card9.99 Details
1954 Ad Duz laundy soap Duz a wash like no detergent can15 Details
1954 Ad Rinso Soap White or blue The choice dear lady is up to you9.99 Details
1955 Ad Ayds weight loss diet supplement. Lose weight Mrs Bob Hope9.99 Details
1955 Ad Molle brushless shaves Shaving cream Sheer luxury9.99 Details
1955 Ad Tangee Lipsticks for the woman alive 9.99 Details
1956 Ad Tonette The glamour girl of the grade school 9.99 Details
1956 Ad Woodbury beauty soap. Inside the new foil wrapper.9.99 Details
1957 Ad Dr. Wests germ fighting toothbrush9.99 Details
1957 Ad Phillips Milk of Magnesia New addition9.99 Details
1958 Ad Avon Calling Preview of Christmas Gifts Fragrance news9.99 Details
1958 Ad New Yardley Bond Street Spray Mist Perfume9.99 Details
1958 Ad Ronson electric shaver Arthur Godfrey 9.99 Details
1959 Ad Alka Seltzer Speedy Character AND Caterpillar Equipment New Haven Ct9.99 Details
1959 Ad Chapstick For chapped cracked lips9.99 Details
1959 Ad Dial Soap Like People? You'll like Dial Soap9.99 Details
1959 Ad Dial Soap Not a worry in the world Aren't you glad you use Dial Soap9.99 Details
1959 Ad Listerine. Germs go to school, reach for Listerine9.99 Details
1959 Ad Rybutrol's Vita Minder Easy way to remember vitamins at mealtime9.99 Details
1959 Ad Watkins Vitamins Vacation sweepstakes Northwest Airlines9.99 Details
1960 Ad Alka Seltzer Liquid Pain Reliever9.99 Details
1960 Ad Band Aid New Extra Large Plastic Strips Baseball mitt9.99 Details
1960 Ad Lanvin My Sin Black cat theme9.99 Details
1960 Ad Old Spice Shulton Deodorant cologne shampoo9.99 Details
1960 Ad Vi Aspirin More effective way to fight a cold9.99 Details
1961 Ad Beech Nut black cough drops AND New Yashica U-Matic zoom9.99 Details
1961 Ad Dial Soap. Aren't you glad you use Dial.9.99 Details
1961 Ad Intimate by Revlon Cherished as one of the worlds seven great fragrances. Angel cherib theme9.99 Details
1962 Ad Ronson lighters Takes care of your entire Hair em9.99 Details
1964 Ad American Medical Association. Medicare Tax. Health care for the elderly9.99 Details
1964 Ad Bayer Aspirin and Aspirin for children. For colds and flu9.99 Details
1964 Ad Chanel No 5 Most treasured name in perfume9.99 Details
1964 Ad Chant D'Aromes Guerlain Perfume9.99 Details
1964 Ad Chevy Chevrolet 65 Chevelle Beautiful Shape AND 65 Corvair Knock off your chair9.99 Details
1964 Ad Contac cold medicine. How can you imitate them when no two are alike9.99 Details
1964 Ad Cue toothpaste. Cavity preventative. 9.99 Details
1964 Ad Elizabeth Arden perfume. Memoire Cherie9.99 Details
1964 Ad Faberge for men. For men who like women. Jaguar theme9.99 Details
1964 Ad Jean D Albret Ecusson Perfume 9.99 Details
1965 Ad DuPont Cantrece. Stocking as sheer as anything you've ever worn9.99 Details
1965 Ad Hack's Cough drops. In the damp raw chill of Britain9.99 Details
1967 Ad Phase III Deodorant bath soap bar 21.5 Details
1967 Ad Reef mouthwash Breathtaking offer9.99 Details
1968 Ad Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. Put a little muscle in your washer.9.99 Details
1968 Ad Avon for Men. Timely Christmas aftershave.9.99 Details
1968 Ad Clairol Hair color. Does she or doesn't she. Mother with children theme9.99 Details
1968 Ad Clairol Psssssst instant shampoo Cleans hair fast9.99 Details
1968 Ad Crest Toothpaste Now only 26 flavors behind Howard Johnsons9.99 Details
1968 Ad Dixie bathroom towels. Bathrom towel you throw away. 2 page ad9.99 Details
1968 Ad Elaine Powers Figure Salons. Free one week guest membership. Location list.9.99 Details
1968 Ad Killy Skin Conditioner Series Jeane Claude Killy Ski Skiiing9.99 Details
1968 Ad Killy skin conditioner. Jean Claude Killy skier9.99 Details
1968 Ad Listerine Stubborn Kills germs9.99 Details
1968 Ad Noxzema skin clinic. Mee the life changer.9.99 Details
1968 Ad Psssssst Instant Shampoo by Clairol 2 PG ad9.99 Details
1968 Ad Sperry Rand Remington cordless shaver coupon9.99 Details
1968 Ad Wind Song Perfume Prince Matchabelli 9.99 Details
1968 Ad Windjammer Avon for men. A moment of adventure.9.99 Details
1969 Ad Bayer aspirin for colds and flu. 9.99 Details
1969 Ad Broxodent from Squibb. Automatic toothbrush. Avoid middle age gums9.99 Details
1969 Ad Colorfast shampoo by Clairol Washing instructions9.99 Details
1969 Ad Crest toothpage astronaut theme The astronaut dental care program9.99 Details
1969 Ad Crest Toothpaste. The Astronaut dental program9.99 Details
1969 Ad Dial antiperspirant time release9.99 Details
1969 Ad Dial antiperspirant. Releases its special power slowly12.25 Details
1969 Ad Johnson and Johnson First Aid kit. Don't buy it a day too late9.99 Details
1969 Ad Lady Sunbeam mist and sauna hair dryer. Powertools for girls9.99 Details
1969 Ad Lilly Pharmaceuticals For four generations making medicines9.99 Details
1969 Ad Listerine. Strong stuff. Kills germs by the millions9.99 Details
1969 Ad Miss Clairol Chestnut Brown Hair Color. Does she or doesn't she12.5 Details
1969 Ad Sea and Ski Lipsaver. Lime for chapped lips12.5 Details
1969 Ad Tampax Tampons9.99 Details
1969 Ad Tampax Tampons Free to be you9.99 Details
1969 Ad Water Power eye shadow by Max Factor 9.99 Details
1970 Ad Atos Campana Corp. Weight loss. Marie Van Billard as told to Ruth McCarthy9.99 Details
1970 Ad Avon Avon's all man Christmas Gifts9.99 Details
1970 Ad CFH Mother, in your hands it's medicine, in your childs�.9.99 Details
1970 Ad Emko Contraceptive. Limiting family to two children, make the world a place they can live in9.99 Details
1970 Ad Listerine. Charge. Watch out germs9.99 Details
1970 Ad Listerine. Potent. Kills germs that can cause bad breath.9.99 Details
1970 Ad Listerine. Strong Stuff. Kills germs by millions.9.99 Details
1970 Ad Norelco Shavers. Noelco.Christmas theme9.99 Details
1970 Ad Shape Meal substitute. One way to lose weight, stop eating9.99 Details
1970 Ad Slim Gym Stretch your imagination exercising with a sly gym.9.99 Details
1971 Ad Bayer Aspirin Proven the best quality aspirin9.99 Details
1971 Ad Delfin Contaceptive Foam What if you don't take the pill?9.99 Details
1971 Ad Johnson baby powder Your touch tells him everything9.99 Details
1971 Ad Love Cosmetics by Manley and James. Give something fresh for Christmas9.99 Details
1971 Ad Mist hot air comb from Remington. Puts moisture in hair. Man using 9.99 Details
1971 Ad Pampers diapers. If you could remember what a wet diaper felt like. 9.99 Details
1972 Ad Crest toothpaste. Nature gave you 32 teeth. Cavities can take away 69.99 Details
1972 Ad Crest toothpaste. Nature gave you 32 teeth. Cavities can take away 69.99 Details
1972 Ad Delfin contraceptive foam. Ortho When are they going to come out with a modern contraceptive for men9.99 Details
1972 Ad Faberge fragrances. Do unto mothers. 9.99 Details
1972 Ad Fabulous Sauna Belt Trim Jeans. Hilarious old ad 9.99 Details
1986 ad Crest toothpaste. 50 years of life Magazine theme. Look Mom, old ad9.99 Details
1986 ad Head and Shoulders shampoo. You'll want it even after the flakes are gone9.99 Details
1986 ad Ivory Soaps. A part of Americas life for over 100 years.9.99 Details
1988 ad InterPlak electric toothbrush. A sophisticated weapon in the war against plaque9.99 Details
1989 Ad Upjohn Prograine Shampoo. Thinning hair. Ideal conditions9.99 Details
1990 ad Degree antiperspirant. Bosses office now note.9.99 Details
1990 ad Degree antiperspirant. It's parent teacher day9.99 Details
1990 Ad Dial soap. The gold standard. 9.99 Details
1990 ad Johnson and Johnson. AcuVue First disposable contact lens9.99 Details
1990 ad Salon Selectives from Helen Curtis Like you just stepped out of a salon9.99 Details
1991 ad Salon Selectives. Like you just stepped out of a salon9.99 Details

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