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1920 Ad Goodrich Silvertown Finest Cord Tire AND Sonora Phonograph Company12.22 Details
1926 Ad General Cord Tire and Rubber Co Pass the word along9.99 Details
1930 Ad Firestone Tires Save all that time and money too9.99 Details
1935 Ad General Dual Balloon Tires Blowout proof9.99 Details
1938 Ad Goodyear tires Built of Rayotwist9.99 Details
1939 Ad General Tires The peace of mind is free9.99 Details
1939 Ad Goodyear tires. A beauty and a brute9.99 Details
1940 Ad Goodyear Lifeguard Tires. Life is precious9.99 Details
1941 Ad General Tire Prize winning show dog theme9.99 Details
1941 Ad The General Tire Co. 4,000 New York Cabs get top mileage9.99 Details
1941 Ad The General Tire Long Mileage tire Military theme9.99 Details
1943 Ad BF Goodrich tires. The truck that beat the boats to Sicily11.22 Details
1943 Ad Goodyear Chemigum. Farmers win battle with synthetic rubber hose9.99 Details
1945 Ad General Tire Blue Ribbon9.99 Details
1946 Ad Goodyear Don't stay first 1915 and 19469.99 Details
1946 Ad Gooyear Tires If you don't give a hoot Read this�9.99 Details
1946 Ad The General Tire Company9.99 Details
1946 Ad United States Rubber Company Tire9.99 Details
1946 Ad US United States Rubber Co U.S Royal tire9.99 Details
1947 Ad Hood Tires Division BF Goodrich More Safe Mileage9.99 Details
1947 Ad Hood Tires. Here's the tire for extra wear. Rabbit theme9.99 Details
1949 Ad Firestone Tires Service Center GREAT 2 PG AD9.99 Details
1950 Ad Firestone Tires Super balloons. John R Peters. Most miles per dollar17.55 Details
1950 Ad Firstone Tires 27 Consecutive Indianapolis Photos of winners since 1911 Johnny Parsons9.99 Details
1950 Ad Mobilgas Mobil Tires Quality every time Close by with a swell buy9.99 Details
1952 Ad Atlas Tires and Batteries. Atlas can take it. William Decker Pine Bush NY9.99 Details
1952 Ad Dayton Rubber. Robert I Lee. Dayton Thorobreds Give me that extra insurance9.99 Details
1952 Ad Kelly Tires Part of "pictures of America Series" & Sylvania9.99 Details
1952 Ad Kelly Tires. Go worry free. Yankee Stadium9.99 Details
1952 Ad Lee Tires Every Extra except cost Got Cat's Eyes9.99 Details
1952 Ad Sieberling tires. 21,800 pounds at 125 MPH. Plane theme9.99 Details
1952 Ad US Royal Tires. Totally new silence. Totally new styling9.99 Details
1953 Ad Armstrong Rhino Flex Premium Tires 700% more gripping edges9.99 Details
1953 Ad Atlas Batteries Tires and accessories Auto Parts9.99 Details
1954 Ad General Tire Two powerful NY Harbor Tugs couldn't break General Nygen9.99 Details
1955 Ad Atlas Tires Batteries and Accessories9.99 Details
1955 Ad Goodyear 2 pg Tubeless tires9.99 Details
1957 Ad Firestone Truck Tires More miles you go9.99 Details
1958 Ad Goodyear tires New Hi Miler Cross Rib. 9.99 Details
1958 Ad Kelly Tires Explorer Worry free all winter long9.99 Details
1959 Ad Armstrong tractor tires. Big Bite tires work more acres per hour9.99 Details
1959 Ad Goodyear tires. Even on the night beat. ONC So Cal Freight Lines9.99 Details
1961 Ad Goodyear tires. Turnpike proved9.99 Details
1964 Ad Goodyear 49 cars from 1915 thru 1963 shown. 2 pg9.99 Details
1965 Ad Firestone tires The Firestone Nylon 5009.99 Details
1968 Ad Firestone tires. The safe tire. Construction theme.9.99 Details
1969 Ad Kelly Springfield tires. Brute. Double the mileage9.99 Details

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