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1909 Ad Cluett Shirts AND Northern Pacific Railway Yellowstone park Third annual rose festival11.11 Details
1913 Ad Everstick invisible rubber AND Hinds Cream for chapping<9.99 Details
1926 Ad Barcley Custom Corsets Fifth Ave NY 1/4 page9.99 Details
1926 Ad BVD Underwear Fishing AND 70 Willy's Knight Automobile
9.99 Details
1926 Ad H.W. Gossard Co Womens undergarments Hosiery 2 Page<9.99 Details
1926 Ad Lane Bryant Stout Womens Clothing AND Rengo Belt Corsets
9.99 Details
1926 Ad Phoenix Hosiery Three Sixty Eight 368
9.99 Details
1926 Ad Simplex Flexies shoes AND Heywood Wakefield Baby Stroller9.99 Details
1931 Ad Linen Damask Tableclothes and Napkins Lovely Linen
12.25 Details
1940 Ad Spirellla womens undergarments girldles
9.99 Details
1940 Ad Style Eez Womens Clothing Win $500 complete wardrobe9.99 Details
1943 Ad Barbara Gould Makeup AND Wimbledon hats more, Popover Lord and Taylor and Slimtite Western underwear
12.11 Details
1945 Ad Middishade clothes. Mens suits. You look your best
9.99 Details
1945 Ad Van Heusen Shirts AND Hiram Walker's London Dry Gin
9.99 Details
1946 Ad Arrow Dress Shirts House comparison Architect<9.99 Details
1946 Ad Haspel Searsucker and Cords Mens suits
9.99 Details
1946 Ad Hat Research Foundation Wear a new hat for Easter
9.99 Details
1946 Ad United States Rubber company Keds sneakers9.99 Details
1946 Ad Van Raalte Gloves. Because you love nice things9.99 Details
1947 Ad Bendix Automatic Washer clothing washer9.99 Details
1947 Ad Smart dressers prefer Socks by Holeproof9.99 Details
1947 Ad American Optical Calobar Sunglasses
9.99 Details
1947 Ad Berkshire Stockings. Palomino. The stocking color for 47
9.99 Details
1947 Ad Hanes Windshield Sport Shirt Baby Kid theme<9.99 Details
1947 Ad Pacific Mills Cotton and Rayon shirts Hunting Theme
9.99 Details
1947 Ad Sam Landau Inc Tula Dress Store Listing
9.99 Details
1947 Ad The Mistral Beret Stetson Millinery
9.99 Details
1947 Ad Thomas Shirt Co From California
9.99 Details
1947 Ad Wadsworth powder cases AND Hires Root Beer9.99 Details
1947 Ad Wilsonite Sunglasses Willson Products Inc Reading PA
9.99 Details
1949 Ad Forstmann Woolen Company Passaic Black Stripe
9.99 Details
1949 Ad Jolene Shoes Yvonne De Carlo Calamity Jane9.99 Details
1949 Ad Lady Buxton Wallets Polka Dot See the spots<9.99 Details
1949 Ad Loafer Socks Sox by Ripon Mickey Mouse
9.99 Details
1949 Ad Manhattan Mens Shirts Easter Parade
9.99 Details
1949 Ad Marlboro Shirts Sportswear. Plaidorama sports wear
9.99 Details
1949 Ad Utica Bodyguard sleepers Jolly Jumping Bean<9.99 Details
1949 Ad Weather Bird Shoes Boys Girls Babies Peters Division
9.99 Details
1949 Ad Wilson Wear Back to school skipper sportswear
9.99 Details
1950 Ad Arrow Arazephyr Dress shirts Thar she blows<9.99 Details
1950 Ad Arrow Shirt Co. Henry Fonda 2 pg
9.99 Details
1950 Ad Brentwood Men's clothing Fathers day You bet it's good
9.99 Details
1950 Ad Interwoven Socks Fathers day Very colorful ad
12.55 Details
1950 Ad Nemo Circlet Womans Girdle
9.99 Details
1950 Ad Selby Shoes Arch Preserver Star Performance week<9.99 Details
1951 Ad Lee Work Clothes Jeans
9.99 Details
1952 Ad Buck Skein Joe. Mens Winter Jackets
9.99 Details
1952 Ad Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes Discriminating People Boat Tuxedo Dressy theme
9.99 Details
1952 Ad Maidenform Bra I dreamed I opened the World Series
9.99 Details
1952 Ad Nor East Mens Suits. You have arrived
9.99 Details
1952 Ad VanHeusen Mens Dress Shirts Century Won't wrinkle ever
9.99 Details
1953 Ad Arrow dress shirts for Valentines day
9.99 Details
1953 Ad Buck Skein Joe all wool shirts Cold weather comfort
9.99 Details
1953 Ad Marshall Falls Co. new tiara pillbox hat. 9.99 Details
1953 Ad Prince Gardner Wallets and Key holders
9.99 Details
1953 Ad Roblee Royal Grains Shoes New 1954 styles9.99 Details
1953 Ad Spun Lo Panties. Pennies saved Pennies earned9.99 Details
1954 Ad The Irish Linen Guild Mens clothing
9.99 Details
1955 Ad Bostonian Cordovans shoes. And there you are in famous<9.99 Details
1955 Ad Forstmann 100% Virgin Wool
9.99 Details
1955 Ad Holeproof socks. Long wearing soft spun argyles
9.99 Details
1956 Ad Kraft Italian Dressing Yogi Berra
9.99 Details
1956 Ad Kraft Italian Dressing. Yogi Berra. Sure makes swell salads
9.99 Details
1957 Ad Hanes Stockings Mermaid theme
9.99 Details
1957 Ad Hanes underwear. Two winning pairs
13.41 Details
1957 Ad JC Penney's Girls in dresses 2 pg
9.99 Details
1957 Ad Manhattan Span mens dress shirts. Span collar wardrobe9.99 Details
1957 Ad Naturflex bras girdles. Don't pay more
12.23 Details
1958 Ad Carters sleepwear childrens pajamas Way we go to bed
9.99 Details
1958 Ad Pendleton Clothing. Best in field. Hunting theme
9.99 Details
1958 Ad Robert Hall Clothing Women's and Child clothing9.99 Details
1960 Ad Florsheim Shoes Pleasure and leisure
9.99 Details
1960 Ad Hats Neiman Marcus AND Saks Fifth Avenue 9.99 Details
1960 Ad Roblee shoes Brown shoe company Indian theme9.99 Details
1960 Ad Williams Shoes Wake up your spring wardrobe<9.99 Details
1961 Ad Catalina menswear. Boat theme. Seafaring man9.99 Details
1961 Ad Champ hats Head in the right direction 1/2 page
12.5 Details
1961 Ad Fruit of the Loom Socks. Bob Hope Win a free scholarship for your child
9.99 Details
1961 Ad Kuppenheimer clothes What you can't see is the fine fit<9.99 Details
1968 Ad Campus Sportswear. A Septober type of wardrobe
9.99 Details
1968 Ad York Air Borg Warner AND Jockey Briefs Underwear<9.99 Details
1969 Ad Exquisite Form womens undergarments. Every figure isn't perfect. Naked women9.99 Details
1971 Ad Swedish Army officers coat. Send no cash, charge to your Mastercharge
9.99 Details
1974 Ad Interwoven Socks Peter Duchin makes beautiful music
9.99 Details
1986 ad Reebok sneakers. Because life is not a spectator sport
9.99 Details
1988 ad Jockey Women's underwear. Just Jockey for her. The Broadway Emporium Capwell
9.99 Details
1990 ad Bugle Boy Company Few things will make you want to take them off
9.99 Details
1990 ad Kelloggs Mini Buns Cereal Eating 70 can be nutritious
9.99 Details
Ad 1955 Mallory To sew a fast seam in steel by the mile