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About Vintage-Ads.com

Located in Upstate NY we have been providing Vintage Magazine Advertisements and Antique Tools for over 5 years.

Approximately 2 years ago, the focus was changed from antique tools to devote more time and attention specifically to Vintage Magazine ads. We will be working towards developing a sister site in the coming year that will feature vintage tools.

Selling originally started through our E-Bay store. Click here for our feedback page.

From that store, we launched our first website (A Blast From the Past and More) which basically pointed to the Ebay store. After approximately one year, we moved to creation of the current site.

By creating the current site, we can offer a much larger and diverse selection of ads since we are no longer tied to listing fees and sales commissions. We will continue to add to this site to reach our goal of being the first source that buyers check for classic and vintage ads.

There are a few simple rules we follow to provide a quality product with excellent customer service. In this day and age, customer service seems to be a foreign concept to many businesses.

The way we provide excellent customer service is as follows:
  1. Provide quality items.
  2. Be clear and accurate in the item description.
  3. Provide consistent communication with our customers through the sales process.
  4. Ship promptly and pack securely.
  5. All ads are originals, no reproductions.
  6. Ads are packed in a magazine poly bag with an acid free cardboard insert and shipped flat, no rolling into a tube here!

Contact Us

We are always interested how people found our site as well as what they think of it.

Do you collect certain items and want to see more related ads? We try to have a wide variety of vintage ads for those of you collecting items such as beer, autos, travel and tourism, cigarettes, etc.

We even have great ads for some obscure items related to food, vintage scooters, insurance companies and many, many more.

Even with this large assortment, we are always looking for feedback and categories to expand. If you have ideas, feel free to email us and we will try to find more great ads!

To contact with any questions or site suggestions, please email: questions@Vintage-Ads.com

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